Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Rigged Russian 2016 Elections Exposed !!! Could This 70 Years Old News Repeat Also in USA !!? Russian People Are Now Held Hostage By Communist Oligarchs !!!


Related video about Putin's Russia....Part 2: Donald Trump won the 2016 elections, but civil war and WWIII are here !!!

It must be hard for Melania Trump who is by the way from the same country as myself and almost same town...This is what have had happened in Slovenia to the preferred presidential candidate who opposed to Slovenian Oligarchs/Tycoons/Apparatchiks... Melania is same age as I am, so she knows about it very well...Roger Stone have had also expressed his concerns in respect to this subject and the corrupt(criminal) Washington's syndicate that can't be trusted(specially talking about you CIA) !!! PRAY FOR MR. TRUMP !!!

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