Friday, March 6, 2020

Trumpet dreamed about Coronavirus so much, he placed me in room with UPS(United Parcel Service) guy with idea to get me out of this very Polish hostel

I am in a room with individual from Ukraine who was involved in MKultra and knew all about Coronavirus some 10 years ahead of what you is happening today.

Americans wouldn't take that chance, but there are lots of people who were involved in MKultra right in this hostel and idea was again to create panic and get me out of one via one....

Written on this news site are facts only.

Donald Trump and his family are neonzi bandits looking to murder only. I don't think these people do anything other than contemplate on whom to murder next.

That Coronavirus is a product of US, I will prove you beyond any doubt. Related to

@Trumpet...before elections, something will come out for people in millions to knock on your door at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave...

HINT: they re not gonna be happy with you and your family.

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