Monday, March 16, 2020

MKULTRA: Greek crew involved in MKultra identified in Lodz Poland at Fujitsu

Ohhh my God how loud !!!! Anyhow, thank you guys :)))

I love Fujitsu because company hires people regardless of their racial backgrounds, sexual orientations, gender and so on...and I love to watching diversity of young people working together with one another to advance their personal goals while bringing world closer to all of us.

You have to know what you are talking about when asking for something I have done today, and be ready to face all sorts of situations...will this finally prompt investigators to the point that delayed truth about the worst yet act of genocide in modern world will finally surfaced out(this is much much more than just high profile MKultra case)  !!?????

Regarding front portion of the video...I know how to catch and make moment/photo immortal. I am really good at what I do. All my videos were done on the go(idea born, and then turned one into the real project - single photo no problem - even that one can look just as seen here)/very very fast. In some videos, I went out there to catch even tents of second with super detail to make it look as it you know what you get here if you hire. Director/producer/editor all in one.

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