Sunday, March 22, 2020

Update on destroyed property

Battery from laptop woulnd't only charge and stop charging what as result would kill battery and drive individsual(not me) insanbrie with sceen bright and deemed bright deamed..., whenever I left for work, repair and inventory count of my property would take place on daily bases - one of the tasts was to kill battery - leave laptop turned on till battery would die.

Okay, few days ago I begun taking laptop batery with me t work and now what you see they destroyed me charging ability on laptop - so batter is as good as waste while inddicating me its charging. Now charging of battery on laptop is destroyed - all planned in advance.

Case with Fujitsu's gift - puch destroyed within day/two - they played with them already in the past as Americans worked and few still work in there...cut top fabrics lead into total decy of puch - same was done to my backpacks, puches etc...all pocket knives stollen or multi tools stolen, but they allways make sure they would leave huge ass knives arround me. From Grotniki to this very location same situation(they left everywhere knives with 20/30 or more centimeters long blades, but have stolen me pocket knives). Beautiful Fujitsu pouch was destroyed within 2/3 days.

Glass frames bent completelly - don't have them here with me, third pair of high quality headphones ended second day by being destroyed infront of present roomate by inbility to plug one inside device as it would play 20% loud and would be forced to move one in and out of audio port to point one would play normally but could at any time fell out leaving me with laptop speakers play loud infront of roomate who is justv waiting to her anything that would suggest someone was audio recorded in hostel so I would be thrown out.

Destroyed power banks had purpose of destruction - it should serve accortding to MKultra(GIVE IMMEDIATELY) as parts factory(for phone repair) for Ukrainian who came forward to help me out and pushups were discouraged infront of group by envious Russian infront of the rest of the group two days prior to directed energy attack who suggested after seeing me, "THEY HAVE THAT THING DON'T WORRY HAHAHAHA".

Seems to me lost of people in agreement without me on board.

Primary purpose of directed energy attack was to control myb ophysical routines - healthy way of life.

Mentioned psychologist who worked inside of the prison loved and loves healthy life - nothing wrong with that other than I love one myself s well. As many health wise advices she gave out when subjected to MKultra(all this was supported with p;resence of children/dogs - ongoingly), she stated at the end of MKultra that she didn't agree with last portion of MKultra when they begun to implement extreme violence in one. This off course is great to know even that it doesn't make me any difference now. 

I think as healthy as she is(eat only 100% natural - exercise daily live happily), she needs young man(or men) who will also keep her in this fassion and not someone unquaalified for such job who is with broken spine, cardio problems, pressure issues etc. 

Facebook's final message was inline with today's expectations"to jak sie zachowałeś przekreśla wszystko"(@Justka - its not how you treat friendly puppies either, but okay).

Yeah shoes ripped appart, and other items...Poles gestured me way out of Poland unless I would stick arround mentioned psychoist. They designed all kinds of path/roads life scenarios tralalala...

Trust me, its just tralalala because here is no tralala. Tralala either like this(you will work with them - Russian or against Russian issues involved - if not with us you dead from all sides) or will be tralalala waas also from Western politicians. You will...

What this tells me !!???? That they were all in agreement with one another from beginning to the end. All for one and one for all.

As much as I wished to help, they chartered their road. They were stronger and have in the end beaten up themselves.

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