Thursday, March 19, 2020

Hard drive eventually came back to life after 1.5 hours of self repairing

Damage was caused by most likely bye my pulling out power cable last night without turning one off - yet have to learn more about it, but

they brainwashed for this UNAVOIDABLE issue SINCE CHARGING OF LAPTOP WAS MODIFIED AND FOR ONE TO BE POWERED BY BATTERY EACH TIME BATTERY HAS TO BE DRAINED TO ZERO OR SCREEN IS BLINKING ON AND OFF(not only telephones where charging was destroyed, but laptop the same) extremely well too with heavy idea to create panic once experiencing this type of issue - done same as situation was with a car(they gestured deletion of data from hard drive - instructed on how they waited for hard drive to self repair for two hours on what nothing happened that they eventually had to transport one to local shop for repair pay money to repair one lost data blah blah) alone which however truly has and have had engine problem. Telephones were modified(the same in hostel as in Grotnikah when it comes to Bluetooth data transmission - they watch all activities on telephone). POUCH WITH TELEPHONES AND HARD DRIVE WAS PLACED AS I STATED NEXT TO MY HEAD ON RIGHT SIDE OF PILLOW AFTER ONE WAS TAKEN FROM MY ABDOMEN AREA - PLACED ON LEFT SIDE TOWARD WALL AND COVERED WITH BEDDING.

Ukrainian government didn't have right nor grounds to perform any of here mentioned...destruction of cables, watches, glass frames, clothing and so on -  all went on indifferent from previous locations. 

Bullying involving attitude issues and their involvement in my situation as per MKultra from day A of my stay here made me decide yesterday I do not want any sorts of testimonies(help) from these people. They can take their truth/justice back to Ukraine or Russia or wherever. 

Its a disgrace that I fought for Ukraine like no Ukrainian president or Ukrainian soldier/journalist publishing news(with psychiatrists in Slovenia threatening me 24/7) about what went on in Ukraine and why for no less than 9 years and this is what I got. If anything, this brainwash gimmick was used to deflect directed energy play which affected my cardiovascular health - now for the second night on the raw.


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