Sunday, February 17, 2019

Democrats DELIBERATELY argued with state immigration process

They argued with plane logic(legal immigration) just as Obama and his Black lives matter argued with laws to produce Trump...

Real America needs to wake up as is really is driven insane and if people wont stand for justice/truth, it will be too late any moment is dyeing before our eyes.
World is collapsing just as this very towers begun to collapse in 2001...can it be stopped !!????


I cite fascistoid(little 911 Hitler which is becoming real threat to US and world) in progress, "Ann Coulter. I don't know her. I hardly know her. I haven't spoken to her in way over a year but the press loves saying Ann Coulter, probably if I did speak to her, she would be very nice,"

Lets see...ZioNazi google gestures 30+ million personal google + had over 10 million views in 2011. Google kept me at number 200.000 for no less than 8 years. If you multiply 30 with at least 10 is what real numbers would indicate for her...
Little Hitler Kaczynski have something over 3 millions...why not ask Trump if he ever heard for him...

FAKE REPORTER AND FAKE YAHOO NEWS: Reporter glorified for wrong reasons allows to be treated like trash

As an reporter when given the opportunity by the White house via press conference, you have same rights(DUTIES ACTUALLY AS AN REPORTER TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR) as White House representative for as long as you respect code of comunication ethics of civilised world, to ask questions in a same form as all other human beings have....YOU DO NOT ALLOW AGRESSIVENES FROM THE OTHER SIDE AS THE CASE WAS YET AGAIN WITH DONALD TRUMP WHO AGRESSIVELY HAVE REPEATEDLY INTERRUPTED YOU AND THEN YET AGAIN ORDER FOR YOU TO SEAT LIKE A DOG(USED OVER AND OVER AGAIN)...YAHOO SHOULD KNOW BETTER AS WELL BECAUSE EVERYTHING BUT CONFRONT IS WHAT THIS REPORTER DID...reporter and news were both used to brainwash other reporters to comply with unseen US abuse/disrespect of democracy(journalism).This is how reporters were treated in USSR and its time for someone to explain this(such journalist doesnt get to parcitipate on WH conference do as is all staged) very fact into Trump's face. DISGRACE FOR JOURNALISM - both of you.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

If I had a lots lots of money


As an first investement...who agrees with me !!??? Jeff ;)) anyone ??

Jeff "Bozo" leaves "great chief commander" in dust within a single year - Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018

Here is what Jeff made within a single year and what Trumpet at age 72 is worth
Seems like strategy on treating life time partner equaly rather than being burdained in advance with divorce issues works OK for some...congrats to Amazon chief.

Anybody can have great interpersonal skills but very few can survive dehumanisation methods used to deprive individual from them

Video can be also seen at
This was also one of the core issues I was faced with in this very process(gestured with scorn about writings on my resume whenever I dared to expose or confront hypocrisy), but didn't give in even millimeter and never ever will...interpersonal skills are most important part of life and one must fight for their recognition by also taking credit for them regardless of ups and downs which we all have.

I am proud about it all and stand tall.

How far did Polish immigration process arrived in ordeal against me

Filmed in uniform ONLY because I am in the will not see me elsewhere in durable uniform other than in forest or if cleaning arround the house LOL...just want to ensure you all understand this issue.
Video can be seen also at

Not priest but instead old time terrorist who even life threatened Poroshenko

Poroshenko a real heroe. My favorite of all times. Someone to admire. Man who made nation out of scratch.

What Eric trump looked like in 2004/2005(when MKultra almost already ended). For that too I was guilty...Trump gestured others in my presence that he would love to strangle me.
Donald Jr. was obedient(both were MKultra tested) and wouldnt resist, but Eric did...his own daddy was willing to whack him for that matter according to own words...HOW IS MY MEMORY DOING DONNIE !!??? You claimed others on how you want to have a proof of one, so I hope you got instead a great taste of one.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Russia not enough funny to vote for commedian on newest Ukrainian elections - Poroshenko did outstanding job in the background of the political arena

Russian fascists(G(K)REMLINS) hate him for a reason. He is fearless and have shown real virtues from which other politicians could learn.
Gets international attention in respect to Russian terrorism in Ukraine !!! The one you need !!!

I was in Lodz and still am here

She is not a very decent crowd of people arround herself(lots of people love her)...Lodz is her city, Poland her country. No way out of this one I admit.

Appointment with immgration schduled for 21st at 9am.

Bostjan is on a dead bed heart broken

Revolt against this particiular psychologist didn't last not even 14 hours....I am under her spell in Poland as she was along all the time everywhere. Inloved like 16 years old. God help.

@J....If I dont see you soon my mind will go blank. I miss you :(((((

Lets go and see immigration in Lodz

Very late as explained, but not too late to set appointment in person as requested by border guard...

Here is what it looked like at 830am

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at
Probablynot bestvthing tgat can happen along all other stuff they have is also related directly to insomnia and hypertension.
This thing was regularly boosted in early morning hours...if there was internet during day time in room one was almost gone along with my roomate who would temporary exut doesnt have anything to do with number of users as seen, but instead other forms of abuse...along with all other stuff that went on, this too contributed to situation.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

With 4 hous of sleep

Day after day for 5 months, I am half dead...cant go walk 30 kilometers like this. Its suicidal

Wifi radiation in room at 0500am

I have no idea what it means if anything at all, but here it is measured inside if the room in early morning hours...woke up at 0430am and no longer could sleep. All exhausted from whatever they use for so many months.
Video can be also seen at 

Video can be also seen at

All I ever get are nasty looks as "why dont you wake up earlier and study and so on", but they know very well about sleep deprivation torture that goes on.

I decline to see myself as a Jew

Related to

I would not consider to become one because as an conscios European human being(well aware of myself) I dislike foremost physical and cultural differences which exist between us and yourself. Your violent non appologetic behavior(23 years Netanyahu), however, takes whole thing on another level...unfortunatelly Hitler question reopens again to many(not to me - no longer I should say as I did overcome innitial anger somehow and realized that life have much more to offer to one than what issues crazy politician Netanyahu alike is challanged with) at this point, and does as such to you and to myself more harm than good.

Hope news wont hurt decent Jewish people wherever you are because many many of you exist.

Google(on behalf of Netanyahu) goes as far as violently pointing me out Holocaust issues via hijacking my main youtube account for almost a month

I sincerely hope Jewish people worldwide observe violent behavior from Israeli side in respect to my case. Off course this is racism...pushy violent behavior on behalf of Israel with idea for me to see myself as one is how I see it as.

Was brought here under MKultra and compelled to observe Jewish remnants...

PERFECT VALENTINE GIFT TO ME: Warszawskies place inside of the room(as the second roomate) a Belarus "Pet Shop Boy" who was with me already in Denbak near Warszaw

This is not a joke. I am serious(you can see me laughing bellow, but am not kidding). As of Today, Mr(whose name I will not state), have found his way into my room in this very immigration center.
He(not the one seen here lol) is a long time friend of KGB(police officer) individual from Minsk and was also used under MKultra for intimidation purposes in the future. 

This is why - Poland is a wealthy country for few and super super super >>poor<< for others

Video can be also seen at

US to deliver Poland 400 something million $$ worth rocket launchers and restitution bill on behalf of Israel

There will be no war between Poland and Israel...
No sight from Polish side about whatsoever in return as there is nothing to say. 

Lavish politics as seen here my dear Mr. Duda/Morawiecki(Kaczynski) are either for super wealthy(if stupid) or losers(weaklings). For others(those who have tasted life and have walked extra miles for a single Dollar as I am about again tomorrow - NOT)

Regional Polish immigration office in Lodz declines to schedule appointment with me via telephone wants to schedule one with me instead in person

They wouldn't make appointment on my behalf via telephone even with state employee stationed in bureau inside of the immigration center in Grotnikih. To make appointment with them, I have to make an appointment in person.
Video can be also seen a

Just as the case is with Russia(its where journalism is already dead dead), Serbia is becoming under chetnik extremist Vucic increasingly dangerous for journalists and the opposition as well

Serbian investigative journalist Milan Jovanovic, 70, survived an assassination attempt just two months ago. Assailants threw Molotov cocktails and fired guns into his home. He and his wife barely made it out alive.

Belgrade Fascism meets full resistance - Serbian Opposition Announces total Parliament Boycott, Calls For Snap Elections/democracy in Serbia

Serbian opposition parties say they have begun boycotting the national parliament in a show of solidarity with a wave of protests against President Aleksandar Vucic.

Warsaw stages apple circus on behalf of Putan Putanowich - Gives him moral support in crucial moment for war against Ukraine

Kaczurinskis(Dudeki and Moraweckis) stage clown circus in Warsaw...point🔫🔫give me give me ahhhh🔫🔫 rotten apples into Western Europe and demand for Poland to either rape EU anti Russian sanctions(what core idea is - just ask yourself who is financing whole circus as seen here) or "get"(how the hell will you get same when you are trying to sell and Germans are opposite from you buying which is just as bad for EU or I should say even worse) "same" as Germany. 

World gets idea about what is happening in the backgroud very fast

My last video titled "Poland doesn't want US nukes but instead US troops" a succes in field of international intellegence.

Lukashenko...yet another Soviet scammer in Putin's sleeve.

Related to

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Russia deploys 12 nuclear-capable ballistic missile launchers near Ukraine border

By so called refugees in this Polish immigration center, I am called American spy ;))))

Tourism is terrorism and terrorism is tourism.

Related to

Its not because they wouldnt do the job

Fact is that Russia has a very different face compared to the one from 70 years ago...

Not nostalgic for USSR, but neither am I crazy about what one represents more and more.

Explanation for their replacement as you see, never was given....

Related to

Why Poland would need nukes, I have no idea

Related to

Poland doesnt need US nukes

Related to

Poland doesn't want US nukes, but instead US troops

Video can be also seen at

Over 10.000 murdered in Ukraine...huge parts of country stolen away from one and as Russia prepares itself for even bloodier conflict(they just stationed nukes along Ukrainian border as well), Poland seems to be in no hurry to protect interests of any one - including own if those exist at all.

Partner you can count on NOT. Actions talk louder than blah blah which we see in case with Sweden and in case of my own...

Poland rightfully discredited in Sweden/Norway

First clean your own stall(you still have Stalinist era apparatchiks at fork at factories across the Poland who are used to police Ukrainian and even in some cases Belarus workers who immigrated to Poland due to Russian aggression) and then point at foreign issues. Have you folks also noticed lately how Poland no longer is requesting compensation from Germany for WWII !!????? Trust me, you never ever will hear about this issue again. It became a dead cause just as country itself. Was used by Warsaw as a temporary trade option only which started to develop a bit prior to my arrival to Poland. Wonder not why...

Cracking the Rose Code - For Valentines day 11(not 12) roses or something like that...

Pay for 12 and keep 11 ;) says professor at Western Illinois University 😄😁 he failed to mention white is for marriage.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

How to Spot and Stop Manipulators

Great article and something to consider in life either as the case my be in your private life or work place. I thought I do post this since tomorrow is a Valantines day...not stated in article is fact that manipulators allways have a second or third or whatever plan even in what should be most honest relationship known as love between two partners...people who manipulate in such circumstances are in my eyes seen as mentally sick people(these are foremost people with criminal charcter as even most basic codes of ethics are violated in their victims)....anyhow, happy Valentines day to all of you dear readers.

Psychological manipulation can be defined as the exercise of undue influence through mental distortion and emotional exploitation, with the intention to seize power, control, benefits, and privileges at the victim’s expense.

This is not a joke! Ukrainians want to join their country with Poland. Even referendum possibililty exists for that matter.

Chciałbym, żeby tak się stało ... oba narody są piękne i obie potrzebują więcej pewności siebie. Gdybym był Ukraińcem lub Polakiem, głosuję za tą opcją. Niestety mój czas w Polsce dobiegł końca. Piękne są Ukraina i Polska. I wish both prosperity. In unity is power.

Na ukraińskich stronach internetowych pokazały się materiały, które zachęcają do tego, by przyłączyć Ukrainę do Polski. Są to nazwy użytkowników, którzy nie są członkami Unii Europejskiej.

Not for everyone is the same in Polish immigration system

Russian immigrants are subject to different regulations...DO NOT FILE FOR PROTECTION IN POLAND, SLOVAKIA, CZECH REP. IF YOU HAVE ISSUE WITH RUSSIAN GOVERNMENT...they will kill you.
Video can be also seen at

It was revolt as I filmed these few fridges only(downstairs huge freges are loaded with 10 x of what you see here and halal meat)...this people are loaded with food of all kinds and gesture on how one was purchased via childrens money which Polish state gives...its a lie. They also have cars and so on...most work and get super miney assured to them via pro Russian employers and get free food here and lodging and so on....

Never ever got a single joughourt or glass of milk(they destroyed me things so I couldt buy myself even bus ticket or glass of milk)...worst was when I walked so much...

Luxury vr starvation and tortue...both at the same place ;) and they are victims(unknown Russian losers against single very well known me)...

Roomate who talked tonight yet again at 0200am, have lost his temper(exploded) this morning because two bags of tea were left on his bed accordibg to him

Not his first time you know...this Warsaw agent lost temper before as well...for instance day after I returned from Warsaw where told how I have no right to audio video record even ongoing death threats - they hoped I would reliese audio tape related to what you see here and this way throw me out of the political asylum procedure. I still didn't...

Video can be also seen at

How funny(opposite of roomate who drinks nothing, but heavily sugared tea) that I amost never drank tea, but some 200/300 bags of tea disappeared from 3 packages...something I have never even mentioned to my "roomate".

Because they decline to deliver Slovenian passport to Lodz vicinity from Warsaw

and since I am financially broke, I am left without choice other than to first ask for transfer to Warsaw where I can retrieve one and this way move out of the beautiful Poland at age 47.

Far more dangerous even than Ted Kaczynski

Man who murdered repeatedly for Moscow those which praised one, have sold Jesus, and his entire country to devill(time and again) for fist handful of Dollars.
Is a beast along with his two helpers(its more than just two). 

God knows I tried as hard as I could for you Poland. Went walking at times even as far as 40 kilometers a day - loaded with some 15/20 kg in my backpack...just publish news on here just get job...

Monday, February 11, 2019

"The man who changed entire world with his subconscious mind"

Was what secret admierer told me I am...

What Poland hoped for with its criminal immigration procedure against me in 2019

Video can be also seen at

At my age and with ammount of curruption on international stage, it should be very easy for Poland to close the dead deal on me - but we shall see what they will have to say about it all West of the Oder river. It can turn into extremelly costly game for someone who played God for way too long and for very very wrong reasons.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

If I were Ukrainian, I would cast vote for Poroshenko on

This elections.

Much much more must be done, but something was done at least...

Russian terrorists accomodated by Polish state have installed themselves entire modification software programs on my androids tablet

Video can be also seen at

Here also is my final opinion and action I will take in respect to experienced in Poland.

By fighting primitive garbage like this

You yourself becomes a loser. Poland not a safe place to invest or relly on in any way. Its just a filthy trick from socialist times.

In my life, I had very few privilages as per being treated like others

So I dont even accept any kind of special treatments from anybody.

My life was the one of abused abandoned dog, so why should I ask for more(extras) on behalf of those who have cau$$ed it to be this way.

If you cant do even minimum(as pathetic as whole thing is) then f*** you.

I would complain to UN about mistreatment against me by Polish authorities, but

country itself is so pathetic that I have trouble doing even so...

To complain about procedure translates to "want to", but what would anyone with US/EU citizenship from countries where income is even as high as 10 times of situation in Poland(Slovenia alone had better standard of living than Poland some 20 years ago) want from country that screwed along with Russia his life domestically in EU and even abroad and is even engaging in as seen here !!????

I will demand assistance in respect to my >>>will<<< regarded to country which had nothing but genocide to offer to very today !!????

Geeee am thinking, if something like this would have happen in North Korea or Iran(situation I have gone through here was much much worse) it probably would make their authorities feel really good about themseves..."we did all this to him and look he is baging foreign institution to stay here"...

Poland would like privilage like this too !!??? Perhaps so...looks like so, but I don't think am ready to give one to Russia(this is just a substate of one with people unwilling to stand up for what they claim to be - an independant nation)...

Saturday, February 9, 2019

On this Friday(local Ustronie library) computer IT indivudual arrived to erase everything that was kept on computers

He reseted computers I understand, but his main thing as far as I have seen was to delete certain data as well as what most likely were illegal features from them...

Happened on Feb. 8th, 2019

Theresa May unfortunatelly was hand picked as the head of the state my her "majesty" Elizabeth II

My genocide complain and witnessing about what went on supported with proofs immaculate piece of work.

No such thing in my dictionary as "majesty" for those who pledged to murder for the sake of greater Russia as far as I am concerned.

French/German and American Trump free train should be aware of here stated.

Theresa May was the one that represented UK in the background dyplomacy way before one became pm and by

God that world will know who you are along with Tusk.

She belived to have the right subjecting us Eastern Europeans to Russian genocide practices via British dyplomacy in EU. Believed to have right to murder us for the sake of greater cause as explained on my complain.

War in Ukraine is her work....over 10.000 dead Ukrainians and millions of Ukrainian refugees are products of her work.

@T. can go and murder your own British if they like, but you no longer will accross Eastern Europe.

Polish Donald Tusk nothing more than murderous pro Russian/Serbian muppet

Who threatened under MKultra to block my every attempt for existance at EU court for human rights.

This is a repeated warning to British diplomacy which took time and again his side against me

Russians have agents on both sides of Brexit possibilities and its just unfortunate(pathetic) that Theresa May chooses to see lies as only future option of British dyplomacy. So be it, but will come with a price for one.

With its criminal conduct

Poland exceeds with its criminal deeds against me even Adolf Hitler. 23 years of life lost on this very issue. To kill the will for life in an individual via most extreme torture methods is the name of the game here, but won't work.

Hitler used sterilisation methods for the same purpose as you are using EU constitution and connection in the White House.

@....Jeszcze Bostjanek nie zginęł :))))

I accuse state of Poland of harshest genocide possible against me personally

Have through entire immigration procedure as required by Polish state and just to be subjected to even more humiliation at age 47 - without kids or wife ever. In fact, Poland have had ongoingly engaged against me white Christian during 6 months procedure with directed energy weapons, total destruction of personal belongings(destruction electronic communication equipment was of their highest interest), food poisoning, most severe discrimination, and sleep deprivation torture methods. As en excuse for here mentioned, Poland have used against as pretext for above a European convention/constutution related to article 24 despite most severe engagement in genocide against me already in the past.

Translated short on how Poland sees and have seen situation as: Poland sees no obli
gation toward me as a human being whatsoever due to crimes commited against me in the past on behalf of Serbia, Slovenia, Russia, and Poland alone due to American involvement(was brought to Poland for torture from US as Slovenian and US citizen ongoingly for no less than 9 years under Clinton/Bush's administrations) and due to European Union membership which one obtained several years ago along with Slovenia. 

During 6 months long immigration procedure in Poland, Poland attempted to even resell me via above mentioned abuse to non European / non Christian mid East options(includes Israel) as ordeal involved same "refugees" and figures as in 2005/2006 when subjected to MKultra.

Therefore Poland is even misusing EU membership for torture and human trafficking of European natives(non Polish EU citizens) / US citizens.

Here is the second answer I obtained from Polish state just yesterday - 6 months and two days after applying for political protection in Poland and of which delibrate delay was also used to deprive me of the right to employment in Poland via immigration procedure for yet another 6 months with income of 17 Euros per month.

Friday, February 8, 2019

I was told today that permission to work in Poland will be denied to me for yet another 6 months...

My application for political protection turned down by Polish immigration authorities.

Video can be also seen at

The one who accomplished above stated is lunatic who seats inside of the White House, but consequences for here stated(beside myself who is 47 years old and who lost no less than 23 years of life on MKultra torture) will rest also on shoulders of Polish nation. 


Thank you did this(I understand you have even another damaging package coming my way from within next few datys and thats okay with me too).

 I just hope for Polish nation to wake up on time before things turn for the worst !!! Some are trying very hard to prove  the opposite of WWII facts in respect to Poland and even enslave one.

Israelis(if truth at all) worry too much about Poland and too little about problems of their own

Netanyahu's hatred seems to have flooded state of Israel as his latest news suggests...
There is an old strategy used in it as well...pointing at others, so own dilemmas can't be seen. Seems to me as miserable direction(governing affairs) was chosen as the way to forward for the state of the Israel...Israel is wayyyy too small(non significant) to impact with unfriendly approach any European state of which nations tend to stick together against external enemies and is therefore setting itself with its mischievous conduct further and further apart even from friendliest nations such as Polish. 

Horror in Iran should have been replaced already long time ago - 'Death to America' aimed at Trump, not American nation, Iran leader says

Iranian people deserved better than man who calls for death of Irani nation with most idiotic statements possible. HORROR !!!

Trump(as weak and sick as one is) made and is making fortune because of losers like yourself Mr. Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

New charger which was switched with another modified charger and then again switched back(after modified from 2A to about 500/600mah) simply blew yesterday

Once pluged in the wall, I only heard noise which indicated end of one as something inside burned.
 It can be clearly seen that charger was opened.

Only idiot would do deal of any kind in respect to his legal case

When deprived of even phone and email...

To contact me for now, please use

There will be no informal talks of any kind in Warsaw in case I get transferred there

When you deprive individual even of telephone and his email address option as the case is here, YOU ARE desperate Trump - admitted or not....

Big time detour from me Pence. Dont come anywhere even close to me.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

I was radiated like a mouse this morning

They radiated AGAIN at 0600.

Was two days high pressure sound free,  and all was good at night till half an hour before 0600am this morning.

I have observed also repeated harassmenrs related to radiation to happen if I would drink cofey/consume sugar or go sleep late at night... Meaning that radion was used insert in me belief on how substances( which also were on few occasions)  were poisoned.

Writing is like this because of what was done again to kjeybiard/androud... will go back and study.  Tomorrow long walk to library for me and so on... Lost 3 hours on this issue today just trying to video record situation but withiut success.

Was told to call her to find out if one would ooen tomorrow

But theyvdestroyed me already 3 phone(tablet) to rhe point phone calls cant be even made from one. Not even videos can bevrecirded any more abd so on... Just geautiful I tell you... I sure am welcome in Poland by some people ;)

Keyboards are ruibed too.. whole thng midified abd purchased just 3 monthgs agi... So i was told will hapen oibce my phone is out of wardany. Will not botger to fux grammar as is acwaste of vtime.

Was told by librarian that library will closed tomorrow and Friday

Was closed whole week except today as you know

Watching what went on with me in Poland(started in 1999) alone

Mel Gibson decided(just by watching arround me Eastern European beasts and currupt American politicians such as Bush/Trump) to produce "Passion of Christ"...released in 2004...

Bets have fallen on the table weather I would or not manage to reveal whole ordeal... I did. Note that Pratt was at the time age 24 and I am 47.

Christopher Michael Pratt (born June 21, 1979) is an American actor.

Will dedicate Hollywood who was here a documentary. MY ENTIRE STAY WAS VIDEO RECORDED AND SOLD OUT TO ELITES. Pratt was a part time MKultra staff member in 2004/2005/2006. He was age 23/24 or so at the time and was promissed employment in Hollywood.

His real Hollywood career, however, was on test before real employment was granted to him(he was already doib
ng somethibg but that was not much - he did challange foljs in Poland but nobody really knew much aboyt him back then) . They tested him here in Poland via video transmission to elites(rich folks in US/TV producers and so on) which eventually decide who will be seen onTV.

Chriss was a really nice guy to be arround with when subjected to MKultra torture.  He was my preferred option.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

When you delete stuff, you make my job easier

Because I hold no moral obligation of any kinds towards to you any more is why. I will retaliate for deletion with video recorded facts which I was going to omit for your sake.

I have nothing to back down for.

Warszaw had their helpers very nice edit my tablet recordings

Videos and audios nicely deleted... but hey,  its my fold Trump would say... its all about plain logic you see.... action is that counts.


About people who hang themselves more and more often whever imprisoned

When related to political matters in any way(could be underground as was my case for no less than 12 years),  people do not commit suicides but are instead murdered either by hanging or whatever method that is used... hanging can be cought on camera,  but question is who person you watch on screen is and what one in reality is performing.

Google taking drastic steps to silence blogger

Message delivered to me today

We never got anthything worse than Trump. Far worse even Obama who created him on the first place. Very very sad

Neighbor who have vandalised and modified my personal property in the past along wuth roomate goes in hurry to remodify my charger which was purchased month and half ago and barely ever used

From my charger purchasedmonth and half ago,  he switches me old Russian modified charger(steals mine) and againswitcges me mine back and inserts from Russian charger interior into mine.

You see writing mistajes... Good vecause all my keyboiards are screwed up abd I have no time to play with what Polish pokuce deluberately declines to see abd accept

Related to

Offcourse thus is not my purcgase.

Roomate gets now 3/4 meals instead of one - NOT REALLY(yet another proof of MKultra)

He never eats them do... They bring them to him as seen here,  he desplays food infront of one and he eats one as loudly(intimidatingly loud / nasty) as possible right infront of me(only his meal -not extra meals which his camerades with wives abroad bring him) and then(as soon as I am gone) they come to retrieve their food.... Explained to me under MKultra along with nose and crying issues as a reward for burglarizing and vandalizing my personal propery during sleep.

Video - Charger switched back bureau adviced to stop residenial mob, local physician, and psychologist from further psychiatric harrasment or else

Video can also be seen at

Library closed yet again without prior announcement. 

Monday, February 4, 2019

If I were Ukrainian

I do vote for Poroshenko. He played Putin for the nose. Good job Poroshenko, however,  you do need serious weaponry to keep country in tact. Yes,  Putin wants entire Ukraine. So I was toldby him personally,  Medvedev,  and Shoigu unian.Info

What Warsaw hoped for

was for me to mistaken torture with patriotism and abuse with friendship. It would help greately selected few as they believe to hold monopoly over others in my case,  but is not like this. This case belongs to the people of Poland(entire Poland) and myself who ses himself as Pole.

I am dreaming about bringing back

Polonez in form of Saab(same with military technology) and so on... promote Polish brands and Polish views ... strike deals with reliable partners for our sake and not here temporary collect money and run with it.

I sincerely hope Polska understands what this struggle is all about today

I will never ever need as much money... I am a modest very modest person, who could very easily strike deal with them for the sake of self well being... but its not like this... rather than to dream about Elon Musk's factory in Poland which many of you do,   you should think about option that offers you 15 x times of what he is worth and is right here in Poland doing his best to get his residency and build family(I am not a pot smoking Mush who was here for a good time with your girls,  but to proudly wear our Polish military uniform) ... option that can move country in your direction(Polish)  rather that servitude to Moscow what Warszaw is.

This is what this is all about. YOU POLSKA!!!!

Mike Pence should keep from Grotniki as far as possible

Trump involved criminal as a terror(as an ultimatum giver - either accept or be taken to Iran)  tool in final stages of MKultra... Russians were even more dreative and have dreamed about terrorists(since I would talk about money - what bothered Bush under whom most of torture went on and about which they wouldn't want to hear any more) hijacking me and KGB(now known as FSB)  saving me... 

Library AGAIN locked without prior announcement

When will this place get a second librarian as much needed temporary replacement... 20 kilometers walk to nearest library and its snowy as you see. Related to

About my Polish language skills

I am proudly announcing that as of today(even that very very late due to what went on here for 5 months) my reading capacity of Polish language is almost immaculate.  I have capacity in understanding of over 3000 words in Polish and can read news fluently. 

Anthenna in village known as Ustronie

Video can be also seen at

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Video - Excessive power changes detected - terrorism in Poland during 2019

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at


Same situation inside of the kitchen

This is where I charged phones as I had no other place.

EXCESSIVE POWER CHANGES: Program detected what I have spoken about in the past

Warsaw invested waste ammounts of money in this project.... 
What you see was detected inside of the room and is used to deplete and to destroy your battery(and charger) if repeated... this was case with my phone(and a million other scenarios too which Belgrade andMoscow have hoped for) ... chargers would become hot almost as iron if plugged in the wall wonder. 

Beautiful program from Google play known as ChargeTone... 

Friday, February 1, 2019

@Nastya - just say my name with your boyfriend on internet

We know each other... and then you see what happens.

You dont need any audio video recordings...I took care of that(I gave my testimony for you and your boyfriend/husband - my MKultra claim impossible to refute due to proofs) ... mention my name and they will parish accross the night. They never stop.  Its either them or us,  but not both. 

Rather than bragging how two(his daughter and Pratt) are gonna make children, Schwarzenegger should tell us how/where the two met

Well...the real story(via Poland)... not lies as we incl.  Maria are/were used to get...

Why my header disappeared(seen now) from news site on the first place

Header was removed from hosting site only for specified amount of time - for as long as I didn't replace one with another header, one would stay invisible. Then smart owners of that same hosting site returned one back online(without my knowledge)...and off course Polish government didn't have anything to do with it. They just wanted to help all along like always :))))

It was a public rebellion in this library once I indicated intention to post one back online.

I didn't learned and even less earned anything in Poland so far, but they did learned about who they are dealing with. 

There is much more they will learn. And I can promise you that - make no mistake about it.

Do you remember what was done with my telephones and laptops alone !!???

They greately exceeded what you see here...
You think android as mine was(modified by Mitja Veber in Slovenia) or laptop can or cant kill you !!??? See those videos again.

Never mind directed microwaving and other garbage they used on me.