Sunday, May 24, 2020

OBITUARIES(I hope you enjoy them): 'The New York Times' marks grim U.S. virus milestone with front page victim list

Just as I told you two years ago case will be...first death here and then...then more and more till you will lost control of counting dead. FASTER AND FASTER...

Those who tell you on how there is no death are paid government dis-info liars. No reduction of jobs and open and close and open and close economy ever brought anything good(homeless people and terror - death of targeted people/minorities)...its a prelude into total terror with you as Slaves in-front of the few mighty whom you allow to be such as human fear has YUGE eyes.

Month to month paychecks are good !!???? Better than safety of your families and yourself !!???? Don't worry. Everything will be okay. Allow yourself to be surprised. 

Its only Obama that is left to America

I told you about Biden already - a ticket to nowhere...if you folks don't wake up on time, you will be all dead. Make no mistake about what is written on here. Related to

@Macron - Not everything is so dark AND THERE WILL BE NO NEGOTIATIONS WITH ANY OF YOU

There is considerable factory known as Renault in Novo mesto, Macron(whose father was foremost involved in my MK Ultra case) have conditioned one with if Slovenian government wouldn't see the neonazi FRENCH way. Neonazi French way means if my case
wouldn't remain hushed by Slovenian government via which signal upon one being hushed would be sent to general population on who truly prevailed via economic means in eastern Europe...far worse than Soviet Union if considering Merkel, Macron, Trump, Buckingham palace and few others deprived me of 25 years of life and have conditioned my existence in finals with even breaking me spine via corruption...FAR WORSE FRENCH PEOPLE AND YOU BETTER READ THIS WELL !!!

From business perspective about Putan Putanowich and his team

Must be hard for Slavic business to see one another across the border as enemies, and am certain is even harder to consider fact which Putanowich(team Medvedev/Lavrov) took to a next level in respect to mutual relations which is a racism between nations as the case was with Ukraine when Putin in 1999 insisted to Americans/Germans(on Trump's signaling to assemble as white as possible Russian team which would give Westerners impression about Russians as whiter than Ukrainian counterparts) that Russians are whiter and this worthier to invest money into...I see this foremost as the biggest betrayal act against Russians alone of whom no one is white(all have Mongolian DNA admixture and many also other admixtures)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

I also appologise to Mr. Xi Jinping

who demonstrated me China from his own perspective when there during MK Ultra. 

Why Coronavirus was used against China - because its a call for global neonazi jihad against humanity in which Berlin would love nothing more than to implicate also Russia is why

Read what 8 nations were and what their purpose was when engaging in war against China in they past

Hong Kong - its what Donald Trump created(VIOLENT NEONAZI CORONAVIRUS CRIMINAL in W.H.)

Thank him for Hong Kong tensions. Its 31 years since China managed to crush American CIA operation known as Tiananmen Square operation and no less than 176 years since China finally LIBERATED ITSELF FROM COLONIALISM (SLAVERY) of the worst kind. Today, although happy to have Hong Kong, China alone can pay unannounced visit to any part of the world at any time of the day. 

Friday, May 22, 2020

German bailout is program designed to bail neonazi German government out of this very case

This I was told by Germans alone case will be. Its not used to bail
out Merkel, but also Macron alike nazis. What will come out of one if adapted !!???? Neonazi Europe. Germans, French, Americans traditionally involved high political profile cases to such deals to get consent into silence about victims also from other member states...they repeated to me this over and over - not new. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

I get to break my spine/ sleep on the floor, and google collecting some $300+ per day via my work - nice

I am prohibited from using Google sense for one thing. Google blocked me, but one exists evidently. Nice. I have never ever made a single cent from my news site not youtube channels where TOTALLY CENSORED...this goes far beyond slavery issues. With about 150.000 daily visitors.

Donald Trump is finished - I destroyed one on political stage beyond any believes(will not last his presidency to the end)

Not only these were Trump's close associates(involved in MK Ultra) which attempted to play justice under his presidency, but Musk(unapologetic neonazi) alone called US as fascist several days ago, and many other signs...

They plea guilty because they take whatever they can while Trump's still there...they will outlast his presidency as this one is about to come to a SHARP end.

Main American psychologist involved in MK Ultra left Poland for good in 2010/2012(most likely 2010) because

as he told me he no longer wanted to be on the picture once they have involved psychiatrists against me. Its something he told Trump totally disagreed(resents) with and decided to no longer remain part of MK Ultra program. Despite all, man would occasionally return with hope to help somehow. In his own ways, he did. He build issues which would help me somehow overcome severity of brainwash.

In Germany panic exploded upon my release of Gauck news

Seems will try to purchase from others my silence for 9 billion Euros/Dollars...keeps running down the street, but there is no escape. From new FrankoGerman agreement, Lufthansa rescue project to opposite within matter of hours if not even minutes :)))) Related to

MK - ULTRA - Gauck was stationed in the house on the bottom floor

House was totally disinfected upon his departure according to Angela Merkel alone in 2000 or so, so I wouldn't becapable to prove anything about that either(hahaha <== allways was haha from her side and "he is no longer normal").

MK - ULTRA - Lauck was not inside of the jail when in serving prison sentence in Germany(he was in and out)

In respect to Gauck, he also was in and out of German jail when imprisoned in Germany between 1995 and 1999 – what truly went on behind German jail curtain with Gauck only Germany knows, however, I remember his private apartment(basement alike apartment – housing) where according to Angela Merkel one was completing work which would be released even years after exiting jail. He alone named one as luxury hotel .

MK - ULTRA - Chares Barkley and his family

On court field got his way done by pushing around due to his size, but in private this man is a teddy bear by all means very loyal to his family. Whole family yes :))) 

MK - ULTRA - Jennifer Lopez/Alex Rodriguez are two teasers

Photo was taken inside of the Alex's apartment sometimes in 2013 if not even 2010...I think 2013. Is apartment where we would often wonder from Poland alone. Yeah, the two have considerable number of Polish friends. Remember how one looks inside and foremost what view on outside looks like...thank you to both for reminded and no lol, I think for a second man on photo was myself even that play was on to get me state something like that. The two loved to tease, but even more these are people who were for the difference a concerned for me people and have invested good amount of time in idea of helping me out of impossible situation.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Will have beautiful ebook for sale within week :)))

Madam Angela Merkel was the first one to charge me unofficially at this very employment office with distribution of hatred as per my being the one who incited Gauck into hatred due which one will consequently serve 4 years in jail. In reality, Gerhard Lauck was old very well known neonazi by then who visited USA(and Miami at request of above mentioned individuals with idea to meet me) briefly – just prior to departure to jail for the four year prison sentence in Germany where charged for nazi related hate crimes in Denmark and reality not only did Gauck visited Miami, but German government transported me to Germany for at least month if not more to spend with him...and yes, we also entered neighboring Denmark what translated into my being video recorded under MK Ultra by German authorities who 100% did used such materials for the purp0ose of distribution of false information to African Americans as well as to other minorities, and most likely even to eastern European governments... misinformation/faultiest was one of the main ingredients necessary for case to go on. American deep state under Clinton's administration along with Merkel figured out for anything to sell well, value must first be created.

MK Ultra - Magic Johnson and his family also :))))

Tuesday, May 19, 2020


There is no need for retaliation of any kind. Just open up for African American business people and you will see what happens within minutes not even hours or days with Trump's me, I know where Coronavirus is hiding.

Donald Trump officially is the 13th US president to have owned human slave

Today's news from Buckingham palace's muppets

Look no other than white folder - also told what will be if I achu achu..."if you mention black people etc.."...


No no no...your career doesn't end with your becoming retired(nothing like you stated me "I have man like Obama to watch over") hold hope of your community and real America in your hands and releasing full potential of one ends on political stage. 

Michael Jordan and his family involved in my MK Ultra case - is a very old friend of Barack Obama...

Not only Ms Juanita, but also both grown kids.

Monday, May 18, 2020

There were two thngs I was explained upon first two visitations(1995) to Miami's employment office located on Biscayne Blvd.

Both were brought to my attention by white American individuals via dictionary(book)....

#1 Sclav

#2 Sloven

Poland seems is completely mistaken/confused about it all

I will explain again...there were MK Ultra staff members involved in this case as well as(to boost popularity of hunger games since no one wanted to join any longer) so called test subjects.

Both signed MONEY contracts with Trump's team prior to arrival to Poland. They got extremely well compensated as well as awarded with careers. Not all hats truth...some ended who knows where, but they all(there was one individual who was subjected to MK Ultra whom I have seen in Poland when I alone was subjected to MK Ultra) agreed to come.

MK Ultra - what day of MK Ultra individual looks like when reintroduced back into MK Ultra environment.

I dare anyone to dispute my MK Ultra MK Ultra case was proven ever as the one you see here. Supported with facts despite its stranger than strangest fiction of reality account.

See a bit what you see as MK Ultra victim when entering post MK Ultra period - in this case far away from residences in US and home in Slovenia...its even harder(for me not hard, but there were disturbing times) dealing with lets say home surroundings if exposed to MK Ultra in those as was my case.

I mention in one Chris Cuomo(CNN reporter) who was not the only person from CNN network involved straight in this case...Mr. Anderson Cooper was involved in case too !!! Knows all about Poland just as Chris Cuomo.

There was no as Andrzej Duda claimed me under MK Ultra, "WE HAVE ONE CITY IN POLAND WHICH WILL HELP YOU TO


MKULTRA: Trumps little Hitlers in Poland during negotitations in between 1997 and 2008

Video 1 of 2 can be also seen at or 

Video 2 of 2 can be also seen at or 

Here is what Trump brought with him to Poland and its what Poles had to deal with like it or not. Serious warning to US democracy. What could possibly be wrong when brought to foreign country for torture along people as seen here !!???? Trum's nazis who pocketed money through me and stirred shit(specially Angela Merkel - so called European Court for Human Rights) no longer wanted to know anything about me once MK Ultra completed...was worthier for them dead than alive. Perhaps movie should be even called "nazis' heritage to naturalized US citizen in Poland"...its all US citizenship awarded to me in 2000 was worth(being slave ranking bellow animal for no less than 25 years - worse even than uncle Tom's situation).

Saturday, May 16, 2020

V SLOVENSKEM JEZIKU: Polska ni bila in ni pripravljena prevzeti odgovornosti za kriminal raje nadaljuje z njimi.

Polska ni bila in ni pripravljena prevzeti odgovornosti za kriminal raje nadaljuje z njimi. Vidik nadaljevanja kriminala iz moje strani kot pomoc je NESPREJEMLJIVA zadeva.

Don't throw money away in a trash bin

If place something in between, they are even far safer than what is sold to you over the counter. Can be designated/inside disposed and reused time and again.Simple/cheap and done withing minute or less.

Girl from Izola(Slovenian sea side next to Italy) in fact met her husband in Ljubljana...she used to live in Ljubljana

She attended university if I properly recall and stayed in Ljubljana where she met her husband. This goes waaayyyy back in time...written in Poland where am almost two years now.


MK Ultra: Polish government does as have told me will do

Take this because latter flights will be more expensive and with lucky2go, Book with Gotogate(Gotta go gate) will remember this - Fujitsu bosses, soldier from Kurak, and many others pressured on issue GO. Latter that will be very difficult/expensive...if not leaving they have other stuff prepared against you and so on and so on tralalala(other scenarios prepared against me)...

MK Ultra: Slovenian couple involved in MK Ultra obtained hostel in Mexico island via my MK Ultra case - we were several times in her hostel

Friday, May 15, 2020

In my eyes, Poland sold me presold(presold to Buckingham palace/ Washingtion DC/ Berlin etc. - those who paid to avoid liabilities for cime) MK Ultra proofs which consumed 25 years of my life for the cost of cripling(its how one have conditioned truth and this with support of international elites)

And that was it. Police officer involved in MK Ultra whom case was given to handle by prosecutor's office(also involved in MK Ultra torture) month and half ago so far haven't done a single thing - basically just as the case was with Zgierz police/immigration. Case is crystal clear to me.


All in private...all in private - inside of cars on the side...THE real Donald Trump...Trumpet.

It was great to be near you, so world gets to know real you.

Another location where I was dragged under MK Ultra along his majesty Trump

Uncle Tom remembers, but his ex-master will remember him too ;) He felt like a king here...he was insane badly, but upon his arrival to impoverished Eastern Europe, his insanity sky rocketed. Along with him same took place with Ivanka, Kushner, Junior, and Erich...

Polish postal services in city Rzgow refused to deliver package - they say Rzgow is not Lodz

I have seen exactly ZERO "Game of Thrones" movies

Financed by Buckingham palace fantasy in world they created is of no interest to me. I am into reality/ not sick fantasies.

The point: 

I deem for societies to be lost foremost because of such fantasies. People no longer see themselves as who they are, but are subconsciously instead pursuing(addicted) on daily bases sick world of issues which should never become part of them.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

About London and Kornhausers(Dudas&Judas - not Jews with whom he and his mentor Kaczynski also have problems with)

I saw in 2018 in Nowy Targ/Zakopani all I needed to see

I saw in 2018 in Nowy Targ/Zakopani all I needed to see 
The rest has nothing to do with me. I didn't come here to ask for help of any kind.

Poland is a country addicted to American/German economy - mentality of crime is becoming one of the most widespread instruments used in one

With borders eased within EU, human immigration(already did to Slovenia and Czech republic) took lead. Unfortunately with the one here seen as well(quite a few Pollacks immigrated to Slovenia and live there as a result of this case).

Its exactly why, I don't want tomorrow another Slovenian, Czech, Slovak, Ukrainian, Croat, or Russian to suffer same as was done to me here and was done with permission of Slovenian politicians - make no mistake about it. I don't really care with whose permission, I never agreed to seen here...

Racism/discrimination are just as what they are and nothing less. Regardless from whom/which side are done...victims sometimes suffer life long traumas/injuries because of those and therefore it matters not who supposedly is related to whom and such is this very case.
They diligently learn Norwegian, German, English, Dutch, French etc. and do as seen on this news site. Jobs in Germany are advertised all over Polish employment sites - they are pushed in one's eyes(wages higher in Euros than domestic Zlotys - ratio 4.5:1) as soon as you set foot through state employment agency doorstep...

And in crime(the right to real free speech and not what is misinterpreted as one on the West where nazism is hiding behind one) they don't leg behind either...this is why. are dangerous. Very dangerous. Related to

Considering my being brought from US to Poland for torture and having Poles interract with Americans in English language who prior to arrival to Poland have had engaged in real life in heavy discrimination/racism and under MK Ultra torment which placed my status bellow the one of animals in US

I see this as racism/discrimination against Slovenian national.

Here is how my spine was broken in Zgierz via demand to lift/lower/process 15-18(EVEN MORE) tones material a day

I was compelled into lifting 20kg boxes for the most part and under MK Ultra heavily discouraged to use even here seen belt which is totally inappropriate for the type of work I performed.

Coronavirus is nothing more than political purge - political agenda

Think can't use public computer or even his own computer...why not his own computer and why book services yes !!????

Are you telling me that borrowing books is virus free and using own computer a risk !!?????

Think with your head.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

@All African Americans

I am your uncle Tom #2 and proud to be THE one.

Served "king" and his Buckingham palace's cronies for no less than 21 years during his visitations to Europe with status of the one bellow animal. 

I am proud to have undergone this process and hope, "hope" will contribute to healing of your past - contribute to conscious of all Americans regardless of their racial background as "I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America which stands for one Nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all."

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Yet another physical attack on me in late evening hours upon return from city

Always in late evening hours. Attacked out of nowhere and for no reason I would know off. First time I saw individual since here for a week(was present under MK Ultra, but was the first time I saw him in real time).

After one month, Allegro seller whom I remember from MK Ultra finally decides to refund money for returned computer for the cost of what appears to be virus - Allegro asking funny questions in between

Its not that I wouldn't know what am doing either. I anticipated here as was told case will be and so I video recorded fishy transaction. Seller ruined me a day for one thing(never ever responded to my requests and have in between even listed returned item back for sale on Allegro - Allegro seems either asked wrong questions or didn't comply with own regulations as well) will drag one to the court. YES YES - THEY KNOW I HAVE VIDEO RECORDED...KNOW MEANS THEY EITHER WATCH OR LISTEN ABOUT WHAT GOES ON HERE. Shipment was sent back via Allegro system as well, so there is no way they wouldn't have info asking question as seen here...what went on with android during recording as you see is also a great clearly didn't record on internal memory as one should, but then again camera also randomly stopped recordings in middle of recordings and so did audio recorder and so you couldn't stop bluetooth share options and so on and so on all seen already in Grotniki's immigration center.

Monday, May 11, 2020

B.S. INTERCEPTOR: "80.000 dead is not so bad" MK Ultra brainwash

MK Ultra - Trumps presence in wild hotel settings traced to center of Poland city Rzgow

Video can be also seen at or

This great looking exotic hotel is run be very very normal family - family oriented husband and wife with kids.
In a very pleasant for guests atmosphere with bar and bed(lodging) accommodations for those who need longer stay. Hotel gives visitors opportunity to interact with one another in normal relaxed ambient(much better looking than any night club/disco whatever I have seen and with plenty space for private conversations as well), and for those in need for more with additional possibilities....Donald Trump was extreme when it come to here mentioned possibilities and this place not the only such place he would pay visit to(Moscow etc.).

MK Ultra - My presence under project MK Ultra identified in

Identified area yes - via single resident I interact with. Project about mentioned warehouse production area(attempted setup) coming...

IMPORTANT FOR SLOVENIAN PEOPLE: Why I assumed for Poles to be even racist toward me as Slovenian

Prior to my being brought to Poland, I was tortured(discrimination/racism falls short of description about what went on with me in Miami and other parts of US) heavily in US and as such systematically introduced into Poland in 1996/1997 whose MK Ultra staff members interacted in front of me with Americans in English language...

With help like this problems are unnecessary

New shoes bought at Auchan Carrefour used for month look as you see here. They always do this prior to departure or even upon arrival to new pres-elected locations.

They have used Obama's doppelganger in Poland as well

Never imitated Donald Trump, but did imitated Barack Obama as pervert. Something he had nothing to do with.

US and UK are countries to be afraid off(very afarid) - far worse than what Soviet Union was

During Soviet Union, they competed with communism which blatantly pointed finger in them...upon fall of communism in Eastern Europe, previous competition turned into simple phrase, "its all the same wherever you go"...for that matter you have to thank Putin at most.

The one who made Beau Biden a real democrat was his wife(she was a fanatic democrat also involved in MK Ultra)

They compared her with Polish psychologist. Hunter(always pro nazi) turned against his own brother in most severe way - the two became enemies. Its via this very case top American democrats and entire democratic movement became destroyed. Joe has EVERYTHING to do with it. He didn't think twice even about his own son.

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Joe Biden was by far less democrat than his son who died of brain cancer

Far less democrat was also Beau's brother Hunter who got officially in bed to have sex with Beau's widow(wide of his dead brother) and who married afterwards South African AWB woman. Hunter just like Ted Kennedy(BOTH INVOLVED IN THIS MK ULTRA CASE) were killed via very same method. Joe Biden claimed my case to still go only because of him and to destroy me if I would ever even mention his name. Well, it doesn't work like this here.

Car parts were falling off vehicle during move to new location

Several parts were placed right next to my car for what I was told "if you will be using side roads". Nightmare went as far as gesturing car will be stripped systematically of many parts on what engine will fail and so on...Police officer investigating case IS A PERSONAL FRIEND OF CAR OWNER - was involved in MK Ultra case..."saving/rescuing" whom from what !!???

Polish Canadian American citizen involved in MK Ultra was very very busy with "rescuing" me al.Tadeusza Kościuszkiego 69

This newly bought in Carrefour Auchan store shoes were used for no more than a month and you can see what they look like in details...THEY MAKE YOU LIFE THE THING IMPOSSIBLE VIA DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS , PROHIBITION TO SLEEP, AND RAISE COST OF THE ADVERTISED RENT FOR ANOTHER 50% VIA DESTRUCTION OF YOUR PRIVATE PROPERTY(time consuming exhausting toilet use, impossible tooth brushing after they broke me "wise tooth", (time consuming exhausting cooking of food - as each time you have to pack everything inside of backpack to use any of here stated - stay locked inside one week repairing modified operating systems and newly installed non functional software just to have things destroyed smashed practically infront of your eyes by brutes used to lure you out of room once you completed work to set you up with new problems - PAY FOR TORTURE BASICALLY IS WHAT THIS WAS). Related to


Not only for reasons specified here, but Trump needed to see himself through someone(he even congratulated Poland for Hitler's invasion on one in 2019) when on political stage of HATRED. Polish people need to understand why this case played out the way it played out(via violence) and the consequences of case for Poland as country/nation. I have nothing to do and refuse to see the Duda/ Morawiecki/ Kaczynski's ways...ITS CALLED EQUALITY.

Saturday, May 9, 2020

According to Donald Tump, to save Poland was neccesary to push investors willing to invest in me away from me to save Poland

I cite Donald Trump in 2006/2008, "I personally have convinced US Government to block investors from investing in you to save Poland".

It had tremendously a lot to do with Buckingham palace. Perhaps even more than Trump.

MK Ultra - Dobron, Poland claims Freelancer is my location

Not truth, but I thank freelancer cite for reminding me of what went on there(remember main all star lady from Dobron city involved in case, forest whereabouts and so on - it was late arrival to Dobron - started in 2013). Yes, we spent time there as well and I remember although never supposedly there even in which house. Remember main lady involved in case as well and many other details.

Friday, May 8, 2020


On screenshot - place like no other...its where I totally reveal who Mr. "Grab them by the pussy is". All audio recorded.

MK ULTRA - Here is where house of main MK Ultra individual is(or was) located.

Where her mother lived. Have to take more time to zoom into situation, but it would be a matter of minutes to pull out his ex location. 

MK Ultra - American's psychologist daughter who was used as a brainwasher(from Craigslist) on behalf of Donald Trump for no less than 19 years

Left his wife - divorced for the sake of this very case as this is the immensity of one - and became gradually permanent individual involved in case(leading one sometimes from 2001 and on). His daughter whom I can extremely well visualize from memory as he teased me with potential marriage to her appeared to has Baltic DNA(Estonian/Latvian similar) and have worked on the bank in Miami - either at Blue Lagoon area next to int. airport or Brickell Island - moved down south and got married after just two years down there.

MK- Ultra There were people and governments motivated in investing money through me, but Donald Trump ensured via US Government they wouldn't !!!

his individual who brought me to Poland and other countries like uncle Tom#2 also ensure that no cent would be ever invested in my by wealthiest investors and foreign governments.

Not Alexandra or Justka that followed me around like death(suggested and in Belarus, USA, Poland alone, Slovenia etc.), but this individual was a real cholera that ruined my life on every step of the way along his Buckingham palace's comrades...

I sure do feel like uncle Tom thinking of his children and Buckingham palace. You will be shocked to learn about this city(this place in particular about what Trump and his family had going on).

Brought me with his family along as if I was member of his family is how he presented me, but treated me like an animal. Specially around his own family circle.

Finally got to a new old place - Rzgów

All beaten up in between by packing across the night move out, sleep for few hours in tent during Coronavirus crises(no library is even open and in one open where with Americans who tested with very same company for language jobs) a job testing was done on my skills in English, Spanish, and German as well - OFF COURSE ONE HAS TO MAKE CASE CLEAR ABOUT ME(its when movements as such become useful - its when one is evaluated on his potential mental job matching abilities)

I shouldn't have felt bad for scoring I understand B1 in English not even B1 in Spanish and German. Hmmmm

Monday, May 4, 2020

The Cannibal's place was for MY SAKE and my last chance for escape from psychologist to Katowice/Gliwice Krakow area - area close to borderwhich is very convinient "in my case"(not because they created such casefor this very reason) due to immigration issues

It was a help(referred to meas the LAST CHANCE - we will no longer be capable to help you after this one) to ran away from control frick with degree in psychology is what I was brainwashed time and again...

Control frick trick who managed to hear and even see everything...control frick who managed to catch one bye one all the NAKED Polish women which posed infront of me and promised me nothing but sex(as much as you want) upon my return to Poland on what picture would frequently change into I cite(repeat MK Ultra brawinash), "sorry there is nothing I can do as she found out...heard and even saw it...knows it all" PARANOIA.

Everything will be destroyed is what I was told on whatever location is next

I cite this very individual, "everything will be destroyed on your next location", so you don't need to worry about whatever will go on here...

Pants destroyed day prior to relocation just as plan was("it was during his relocation that he did to himself" is what I was told case will be).

This is not isolated incident involving trespassing into my room during my absence, underwear left for drying outside of the room was burned probably even with my own lighter too. Pants destroyed inside of my room for the difference of underwear.

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Car and I are moving to the next location tomorrow - camping/relaxing

Need time to recuperate myself from total exhaustion. Its where Americans have lodged too. I don't see purpose in paying high costs for what should be rentals and were instead beatings. Makes no sense to me. Summer time is just perfect for this type accommodation(if ever) "Help" was a bit too overwhelming

AMERICANS TO MKULTRA RESCUE: Here are IDENTIFIED proofs for additional three Americans which participated in MK Ultra farback in time

Vehicles were left to me as they knew where I will end up(not only how) by American brought to Poland for test(games) on this very parking lot where I left my car about month ago.

What older Pole with American Canadian citizenship talked about amongst others under MK Ultra

that I will be closely observed(have no doubt about that) based on what will be determined what to do with me...

#1 if garage insane

#2 if camping insane

# Rooms yeah rooms and THOSE START at 700zl permonth yeah...but you will no do this...

I recognized black couple yesteday at 2330 in local Biedronka - specially she(was here first in Lodz) goes far back in 2008

Her boyfriend joined her latter. I failed to ask, because it didn't come immediately to me. I am tired. Exhausted, but I thank you very much both for thinking of me. Time 2330. Location Wólczańska 128/132.

"HELP" is a key word for soemthing else

You don't rescue individual by breaking one spine and disallowing one sleep...

Prior to arrival to this location from where I am moving tomorrow, tax statements from employers were stollen on behalf of Polish government inside of the hostel(know so because I was told will have opportunity to identify some more people and so on - I need sleep and placing proofs online far more than identfying people at this point - don't worry they know this and its why they do what they do)

Stayed here for a month for purpose of being bitten up - paid to be bitten up basically by two individuals involved in MK Ultra who anticipated have done it so severely that I would move to next location where deposit money would be taken along 1/4 higher price they asked on market and if gone I would owe the rest of the rent for which I would sign contract and so on and so didn't work and lets go back to stolen tax statements...

Landlord(yesterday and audio recorded) identified in Katowice/Gliwice area - on the other side of Poland

Have pointed out smoking issue(confirmed me) with one as well as his disability issue(which he didnt confirmed for whatever reason). I know what man looks like. Can 100% recognize him. Know his height, know his body type as well as what face looks like. Has real estate in Czech republic. Really really nice man.

Brought to Poland, and other locations for torture and instructed upon return to Miami(multiple times) to sign and hand rental cheques to landlors and Norway

Wasted no less than $45.000 Dollars in cash savings + $5.000 from credit card to pay for forced unemployment(30.000 job applications declined to me on two continents) and MK Ultra torture. 

Thank for remind me of that news Mr. Buffet(news seen here absolutely not intended for Mr. Buffet). They(and you all readers) know who. And so you think this is a funny news site...think again. Never took a credit in my life time - nor was allowed to purchase real estate in US even with %50 down payments as a first you know why they have money and why I don't have one. 

Buckingham palace William along his brother Harry for example(will not even go into Trump's issues) dared to gestured me in-front of Ellen DeGeneres that he wants to see me do something outstanding like her and then that he would "help" me too...

Saturday, May 2, 2020

Story(fable created by "secret ate troll") for a good thought - @Poland

There were 10 guys once not even too long ago...their name were "see nothing, hear nothing, and know nothing"...

Donald Trump's deep and sick secret - who knows and who knows not

He claimed to be MK Ultra victim alone to people around him. 

MANIPULATOR PROVOCATOR MIND GAMES: It says the letter appears to have been "immaculately copied out" without "crossings-out or amendments" as if Meghan anticipated it being published.

MANIPULATOR - SELF PROCLAIMED EXPERT PSYCHOLOGIST from Buckingham palace and new duchess of Sussex(wife of David Duke Henry Charles Mountbatten-Windsor - only word "Hitler" is still missing in this REAL REAL title, but other than that seems someone in family loved name David Duke so much it named grandson or perhaps son after him) gets beaten up on court after attempt to setup newspaper into into invictus mind-games...

Haven't noticed other than totally controlled judicial system in Britain in respect to past as no case against royals is visible on internet. Something that no longer my be the case and of great interest to me of course(I will not rely one for the main part, bu still impressive what just happened)

Friday, May 1, 2020

My article about beauty of black women compared to white

Was a piece of politically motivated racist garbage(now deleted) in which I targeted most beautiful in this world(its what women on general are) with idea to retaliate against politician and for what I do like to apologize.

No, there is no way to pay with sorry in this case. I know it. 

@all the black women. I want you to know that you are very beautiful women and precious to this world exactly for what you represent = diversity/one more beautiful choice. I also want you to know that I did dated black woman and she was Jamaican. I was also into other racially mixed women with black background. This website does NOT represent in many ways real me and has more to do with resentment against politicians than anything else.