Saturday, August 18, 2018

Regarding Gora Kalwaria location(immigrants center)

Head toward Vistula river and then some 500/1000 meters in direction of Warsaw - there should be soccer field size recreational area(stadium).

To get to Vistula river it is necessary to cross residential area(mid size high rise buildings).

I am still in Debak and have not used Google maps/street option in respect to this location...

Video coming today(within some 4/5 hours) with more than enough proofs about MKULTRA

Piece of cake if you ask me...tomorrow Nowy Torg and Zakopani...<3 Polska

No way to deny anything in respect to my case...I remember even building signs and more(smallest tiniest details)...people from the city - 4 sure.

Regarding young single mom mentioned in video

Just that she is 1000 times better option than Netanyahu's niece even that she was meant to be used to prove the opposite by Netanyahu(same as situation was in Belarus, Norway etc. etc.)...she deserves the best of the best and nobody in this world deserves Netanyahu's niece.

I like her and hope she listens to her real inner instincts.

Why I picked lately on Netanyahu's niece(not my sport to pick on women, but she represented and represents the worst options in the world)...

While I can understand how life is tough and help from above needed, your real inside should stay your guide for life...

Friday, August 17, 2018

Gora - Kalwaria

I have more than enough material now to complete whole project...a Russian couple departed today to Gora - Kalwaria center for foreigners...all I can say is that Gora - Kalwaria center has nothing compared to Debak(according to my neighbor from Slovenia Kolenc, niece's husband Veber, Pahor - they were all disappointed, but we are talking about small girls here and not grown up men - they complained and complained about it in 2005) forest wise, but one is located along the Vistula river(clean part of  Vistula river) and has a polygon(I think size of decent soccer field /stadium where one can exercise - incl. climbing) not too far from immigrant center...what you read here is again straight from my memory - how would I know all this if I wouldn't be there already...

Long but productive day

Didn't know how to start one(project properly) and it finally got to me this morning...

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Netanyahu's niece the biggest scam(scammer) I have seen in my life time...

Did few things between 1999 and 2006...banged prince Harry whenever they would attend businesses meetings(both are red haired and were extremely proud gingers - the "stupidest" thing yet), did shopping along with Sara Netanyahu, gave me a naughty and at times romantic company(important to keep victim on mental string - in reality money mattered only), and brainwash on how I would be assisted and watched...

My question to Harry was, "do you care about me" - his answer was, "no, but I care about her...I will help you so she gets her share"...

I recognized even employee in random E.Leclerc store in Warszaw whom I have seen twice under MKULTRA.

Not only locations(incl. housing) and state employees from 2005(and earlier), but also random employee whom I have seen twice under MKULTRA in a store near Warsaw....

Audio recording is coming tomorrow....

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The reward is also valid for Poland and other parts of Europe - anyone in Poland is welcome to come forward

Any physical proof of my presence in Europe between 1996 and mid 2006(July of 2006 included) - audio/video recordings will be awarded(2 million Euros). Watch video for details

What Kaczynski created out of Poland - Part 2

I cite Sarah Netanyahu, "because you disliked our people, I have also asked them to use directed energy attacks on you so you can relate to us more closely"...

I cite Netanyahu's niece, "because you disliked our people, I agreed with them to use directed energy attacks on you"...

What Kaczynski created out of Poland - Part 1

All you need to know to understand where Poland(with Ukraine, Czech rep., Slovakia etc.) is heading if Kaczynski's trend will continue.

Netanyahu is a regular low life terrorist...a gangster predator who went as far as creating and assisting along with Putin other politicians in genocide against me personally.

You ask why criminal did so...because he needed decent person(clean and normal person - myself) covered with dirt(rated as insane and denied justice on international level), so this very person could be used to clean net of lies and criminality which Jews have created against other nations for the sake of the Israel....

Sunday, August 12, 2018

KGB(now known also as FSB) works hand in hand with Mossad

It became obvious when in Belarus and again here in Poland...their hands are free to operate as pleased which however is not too cool for Europeans.

I don't like feeling of being stalked by either of the two and do not buy lies on how they just need to monitor migration points to know what is happening in Eastern Europe...

I am not Russian nor a Jew and am even less interested in becoming one...let's keep terrorism out of Europe.

Just several houses from here Israeli involved in MKultra has house

Employees are for the most part same as were in 2005/2006 - I can easily confirm stated facts to police.

KGB and Mossad ensured safe ride to Poland for me via auto stop...

Mr. are totally in bed with Moscow. I was 100 percent correct about it all.

Zeman Milos, Kaczynsky and so word only and that is KGB

There are two things at center for foreigners in Naderzyn(Podkowa Lesna - Debak) Poland

First one is KGB and second one is Mossad.

This place is siturated with both. For detailed info. on how/why, turn to Mr. Kaczynsky.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Arrived to Poland - Nowy Targ

Went today also to Zakopany due to specific reasons and then back to Nowy Targ where I will file for political asylum.

Regarding "specific reasons" only that I can tell for every house in both towns(in certain areas - I obtained video proofs of what also went on in Poland) as per when those were built...governments which are observing the situation know that written here is a fact...

How would you know such information's about tiny towns in a countries and towns where you supposedly you never were...that's all for now...laptop adapter didn't function single day on road and android charger was stolen yesterday. Ran out of internet data and so on...lots of rain here in beautiful Poland, but that's good too because sun always come out after rain.

Heading to Nowy Targ police station to file political asylum in Poland.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Will take day or two off to wash and dry my clothing along some lake/river

I hope I can still save them - they wouldn't allow me to even wash my clothing...

Water(swimming) is also good to clear head. Don't know where to go next to tell you the truth...standing up for Slavs or truth in Slavic world can be painful 100% of the time.

What(DISGRACE) went on in Slovakia and why

As as member of Slavic ethnicity, one must be capable to deal with more than communism and nazism...disgrace/shame(world have not seen anything like this yet) is yest another issue I have not talked about enough... 

Is it why they wanted to keep Slovenian passport !!????? Are they so much ashamed that they feel as my not being part of Slavic ethnic group !!?????

Compelling person to become enemy with everybody(all Euro countries) and then open him gate to Israel won't work either

Good luck to state of Israel and to my EX favorite female person of MKultra choice...


I am not for sale either.

MKultra didn't have almost any influence on love issues...perhaps seen as dummy...dummy because I always cared deeply for woman's soul and have always opened myself to give second chance to almost anyone that I felt needed one.Some interpretated such personality as naive, but I think it is gift from God - a real strenghth...will never ever change any part of my mental strenghth.

About directed energy attack in city Humenne

Slovenian police officer even claimed me that this very individual knocked people on the ground with them on this very feels almost as if you would get hit with electric current.

If people were drunks, it would cause them to totally lose didn't work on me...this is why the report.

This individual is a long term police employee and gestured that he would do anything to protect his colleague from Slovenia Janez Ogulin....anything is a broad and dangerous term when discussing such issues.

Translator used term "knock off" today to get me in MKultra confession which I attempted to avoid at all costs and here we not a happy customer when you even lock me like this.

When at immigration location in Bratislava, I asked police officer why aren't there any refugees in there

Place is as huge as 5 Walmarts and all fenced so I couldn't even see in there, but I knew it all...why is that...he became pell when I asked him this question

I know because they have brought me in Bratislava to that exact location as is the address


Here is why I have STOPPED asylum procedure in Slovakia. 5 pages total and all are numbered.

Police chief Janez Ogulin with Novo mesto's police was here in this town...they had me here big time and also in other city right next to Poland. They changed location instead here...Kaczynski whose brother they still haven't find is involved in this - idea was to blame Poland and shift to Russia again, but fact is that leaders of Slovakia, Slovenia, Kaczynski of Poland, Czech republic are all Russian agents. They still didn't find remains of Kaczynski brother and Milos Zaman is USSR fanatic. From android.

I need help

We didn't complete procedure and am locked in here - asylum camp in Humanne - Nemocnina 1, 06601 Humanne

NEED HELP ASAP and will NOT talk to anyone till am outside.

I am held against my will in city oh Humenne, Slovakia

Go to my personal Facebook page for details