Wednesday, July 18, 2018

VIDEO - 10 of 11 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

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VIDEO - 11 of 11 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

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There is a message for Benjamin Netanyahu - in last two/three minutes of video...

VIDEO - 9 of 11 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

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What internet censorship have done to me

Blocking video view counters blocks one's income, when human rights are even involved gives solid platform to psychiatrists for their dirty work against victim(supports mental and physical torture), is used to demoralize one, and could be used to even delete truth(ban truth from eyes of the public).


Netanyahu is not completely okay in his head - lets hope we soon see less oppressive and more honest individual in Israeli's presidential seat

This individual caused tremendous damage to me and day dreamed about how he will block my video channels(from possible online income to video view counters). He repeated assault on my Japanese video sharing website just two days ago(all my video view counters are now blocked there as well just as the case was/is with youtube/ dailymotions/ rutube/ and so on)...Benyamin Netanyahu bragged about buying video platforms of his victims to seal their faith and such was also my case. Why this bill you ask yourself !!???? I will probably get ahold of videos/recording which will prove all of my statements in respect to MKULTRA and that heavily involved Netanyahu as well.
His last action(today) against Israeli people alone only proves that man is not completely sane in his head and is as such a threat even to people of Israel(worst example for democracy - what internet censorship is).

Micro-camera toyboy apologizes for his pedo comment

Elon Musk LOVED(was/is obsessed with them) to play with micro-cameras...I have video recorded video on subject known as Thai rescue and Elon Musk just two days ago and story changed to exactly what I have anticipated(predicted) it would in case of micro-cameras in the house...

I got again proofs for my claims(have video recorded online date/time when making statement). Will publish this video, but first documentary on RussoSerbian abduction(terrorism basically) scenarios...
Sometimes bigger brother is watching "big brother"...

Will Polish PM Morawiecki thank me for it !!???? Who is deserved THE most for Trump's NON RECOGNITION OF CRIMEA/DONETSK as part of Russia !!????

Who revealed(the one and only) Putin/Trump's plans ahead of the meeting !!????
Job, however, is far far from over...Ukraine and Poland(along with Slovakia, Czech rep., Slovenia, Croatia, Romania) are made to work with one another...for this matter, laws had to be changed drastically to match those of Poland...NO ANTISEMITISM, NO NAZISM/FASCISM(Ukraine must take drastic step forward in this field as there were traitors in there who collaborated in massacres against Poles in WWII - Ukraine must take initiative and apologize to Poland officially for WWII), NO RACISM OF ANY KIND.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

How Russia bypasses sanctions(neonazi propaganda and treason go on).

Exactly on how its done. I don't need to comment on this fabricated news...
Too bad it won't be Russians(over 20 million of them are on permanent starvation and unemployment) who will see any of this...

Two things that will be done with John de Nugent and other garbage

#1 - he must be charged with denial of Holocaust

#2 - he was involved in MKULTRA against me fellow US citizen on behalf of Russian government. John de Nugent is everything but what he depict on his news site...he is fake, a swindler, and a hater(beside Jews and Eastern Europeans, he also maintains total disrespect for women and that included in the past his own Margy).
Don't know much in respect to #1 paragraph here, but I will do #2 myself.

Have I(one and only) pointed out properly AmeroRussian game across the Eastern Europe and explain properly the need for us to build our own security rather than to depend on Washington(McCains/Trumps/ Bushes and so on) !!!?????


Manchurian candidate not, but beyond corrupt criminal yeah(Question for IRS: DISCLOSE HOW MUCH MONEY DOES TRUMP HAVE IN RUSSIA !!!),

I agree...

Personal Putin's outlet Russia Today(RT.COM) states "Not Munich, Pearl Harbor or Yalta, just Helsinki"...but is it truth !!?????

The atmosphere to which we witness in public today, points out that public perception(view) of people involved in MKULTRA for the sake of global neonazi takeover plan is everything but what they gestured would be at this point/time...people are totally uninterested in their plan and more than willing to lynch them instead(just what exactly will these leaders do when truth about my MKULTRA case comes out)....

We are now at the stage when just as in WWII, truth about mass slaughter of Jews and Eastern Europeans came out to the West(its when Americans and Brits begun to read about what truly is happening behind German neonazi curtain in Europe) and you know what happened "Munich, Pearl Harbor or Yalta" NOT, but Helsinki yess(perhaps even much more important as people globally and not corrupt media send their signal - message of their own) !!!

Monday, July 16, 2018

When you have even(never mind currupt Trump and top American establishement which are hiding private investments in Russia) footballers and Hollywood stars gesturing Russian greatness in the middle of aggression on its neighbors

You know that something is very very wrong...

Why not impose sanctions on them as well, so they can get real taste of Russia(no less than 20 million Russians survives on less than 140$ per month and for expressing opinion, they get frequently jailed/beaten up - in the middle of the day in the middle of the Russian capital).

I am sick of people who know everything and have tried in life nothing.

When you will go through something and have some knowledge(you are brain dead as fish Pamela), please come back and tell us more about it...we will listen(just calling world brainwashed/programmed when you yourself are totally delusional in Hollywood bubble, sounds to me insane).

So many people dead(murdered and tortured left and right) and Putin's private blowjob girl from Hollywood can't understand "brainwashed/programmed Americans"

Pamela Anderson defends Assange and Putin: ‘Everything Is So Anti-Russia’...seems to know a lot about "programming".
Will Russian agent Assange ever disclose just how much money did Putin paid him.

If you have lucrative employment position, you can offer one to Borut Pahor who is very familiarized with companies in Slovenia(even had global knowledge).

Its how he advertised himself under MKULTRA as "we" will make a lots of money. It would be a really really "smart" thing for me to hire Belgrade's expert(smiling assassin) according to him alone.

Thank you Borut, but I will pass on generous offer. Will have to arrange first meeting with you via police.

Marjan Šarec was often times present with Borut Pahor under MKULTRA

Gestured on how one will cover up crime for Borut Pahor and myself. According to Marjan Šarec, I and Pahor had an agreement on how I will make lots of money and help Pahor. Would like to thank both for waking me up this morning at 0705(basically 0700am with very again abnormal sound in my head).

Trump claims to not know Putin - "met him few times only"

Question for Donald Trump....
Whom were you meeting with in Slovenia(Novo mesto - Melania's house is just 20 km from here) since 1998 to 2006 !!!!!????

I have proofs that you had me here and on other locations tortured for no less than 8 years(hope to obtain real tapes too). So whom do you call stupid Trump !!???


There will be(very very soon) a war in Ukraine without any doubt on my mind

When you see this(these parasites have given Kremlin murderous weapons with idea for Russians to use them against Ukrainian and other Eastern European population). And so its obvious what will happen and why they don't want to be seen on same photo with Donald Trump...

Donald Trump along with John McCain and others heavily encouraged for me to betray Slovenia and Croatia

He tortured me US citizen to get his deals done with Russia and have then even violated my Slovenian nationality by gesturing(pledging) total cooperation(support for yet another war on Balkans and terrorism against us natives) against Slovenia and Croatia on behalf of Serbia.

You are  a beast(national disgrace and abomination for humanity) Donald Trump and I want nothing more than to place you in-front of firing squad(shred you with bullets like a Swiss cheese you worthless murderous piece of s***).

There is no place for so called "far right" in Poland / Poland’s prime minister is wrestling the ghosts of the past

Poland and Israel have to increase cooperation with one another on all levels. Location for so called far right(in reality a neonazism/fascism which burned Poland in WWII) is across the Oder river. I will just stop here as there is nothing more to say.

So called "far right"(regular traitors to Poland) do NOT deserve Polish passports and the same is in respect to Kremlin...OUT !!!

These are already proofs about MKULTRA to make myself clear

Nobody can't deny my testimony in respect to physical part of Novo mesto when it comes to area details.

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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Video view counters are now blocked on all channels - incl. Jap

Its okay...will use this as extra claim.

VIDEO - 8 of 10 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

Video can be seen at OR  OR   OR   OR

VIDEO - 7 of 10 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

Video can be seen at OR  OR   OR   OR

VIDEO - 6 of 10 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

Video can be also seen at OR   OR  OR   OR 

My congratulations to both teams - Croatia and France / Will FIFA also charge Serbian Aleksandar Vucic with hate crime in respect to soccer cup in Russia !!????

Specially congratulations of winner of this world soccer cup which is no other than Croatian team(for obvious reasons). In fact, I will be cheering France in next match, so Aleksandar Vučič pays them out of Serbian budget(stolen money from Slovenian taxpayers, but okay) no less than 10 million Euros as promissed(I wouldn't take wracked and maintenance needed stadium in Serbia which supposedly would be also given along money reward, but 10 mil yeah)...
Again, congratulations to both teams...

None of them, however, have mental problem as large as Serbian president Vucic.
Why hate crime...because Vucic didn't offer reward also to other teams what translates that he suffers heavily from mental problems that involve Croatia....his actions are demonstrate extreme hatred toward other nationalities(NAZISM/FASCISM - CROATOFOBIA) and are even involving politics directly in soccer games....

Russia shares second place along with international criminal groups in respect to terrorism/crime

And so you will ask yourself as a EU citizen why terrorists allowed in EU without same entry standards as are in place for EU citizens who want to enter Russia...
Compare this too(& God forbid you would have to go to Russia as RussoSerbian terrorists have convinced me to go and apply for asylum there):

Nobody will give weapons to Ukraine or invest in one because it all goes to Russia

No will for freedom, no need for defense is how world leaders see Ukraine as.

LATEST ROSHEN'S SAND IN THE EYES OF THE WORLD: Poroshenko says about need of helicopters of Airbus Helicopters for Ukrainian Armed Forces

Picking side in respect to Russian aggression on Ukraine more and more a nonsense...seems to me that Ukrainians gave in already(they have ZERO will to move things forward in their direction - why to give credit to something so hilarious and self destructive)....
Why don't you guys just call yourself Russia if unwilling to defend your country !!?????


@thank you very much for much needed helicopters from Putan Putanowich personally. He will use them...

Here is what Ukraine urgently needs:

Personal Putin's gigolo in Ukraine(Ro$$henko) to jiggle much needed defense money for useless French helicopters which Putin needs

Those helicopters will come handy for Putin's missions in Ukraine once one is occupied(will happen very soon), but not to Ukrainian people who are under stress. 
Media is not discussing just how much of much needed money for defense of Ukraine will right hand of Putin waste on what you see here this time, but it wasn't spent more on Jevelins than about 50 mil. USD(for logic comparison)

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Video - 5 of 7 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

Video can be also seen at OR   OR   OR   OR
I explain what brought in Novo mesto biggest politicians(elites - also wealthiest) from arround the world. I take you to popular destination point known as Otocec and point out all sorts of issues involved(from SerboRussian terrorism/abduction scenarios and all the way to surveillance - big brother is watching you).

Video - 4 of 7 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

Video can be also seen at OR   OR   OR   OR
I explain what brought in Novo mesto biggest politicians(elites - also wealthiest) from arround the world. I take you to popular destination point known as Otocec and point out all sorts of issues involved(from SerboRussian terrorism/abduction scenarios and all the way to surveillance - big brother is watching you).

Video - 3 of 7 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

Video can be also see at OR  OR   OR   OR
I explain what brought in Novo mesto biggest politicians(elites - also wealthiest) from arround the world. I take you to popular destination point known as Otocec and point out all sorts of issues involved(from SerboRussian terrorism/abduction scenarios and all the way to surveillance - big brother is watching you).

VIDEO - 2 of 7 Belgrade Moscow's abduction threats terrorism

I explain in details why did elites raped(wanted one going at all costs) with this news.

Video can be see also at OR   OR   OR   OR

Croatia already won soccer cup

I don't care about "who" in continuation...the one that have beaten Adolf Hitler in 1936 and corrupt tsar Putan Putanowich in 2018 is a historical winner. For me, Croatian soccer players are more than just soccer players...they are national and international heroes. Ukraine should give each honorable citizenship if nothing else...
This isn't about France, GB, Germany, Brasil, Italy or even Russia and Serbia...this was about turning soccer into political issues based on Russian Serbian aggression on weaker neighbors...same as the case was with Adolf Hitler in 1936 and Croatia made stop to all that.

Hateful and deeply mentally disturbed Serbian criminal offers French 10 million Euros for soccer world cup

Serbian president Aleksandar Vucic offers French soccer team 10 million Euros stolen from Slovenian taxpayers and Serbian stadium for what would be victory against Croatian team. 
How mind of real Al-Qaeda operates...

Friday, July 13, 2018

To have brain in Russia is a privilege(YOU WILL GO TO GULAG SAYS NKVD COMMISSARIAT) - Russia sues doctor on extremism charges for "like" on social media Read more on UNIAN:

Perfect Russian citizen is either brain-dead like a fish or has doctoral degree with 1/4 kg of brain implants under his roof. 

Situation in Russia seems to have totally ran out of control.

Ukraine prevents yet another ISIS's attack on its population - Ukraine blocked VPN Filter attack at chemical plant

I would like to have Kremlin's apparatchiks undergo thorough psychological(mental) examination, so world(incl.
Russian population) can determine weather we are just dealing with mental indefficiency or is it much more behind it all...aggressive and murderous Kremlin/Belgrade's actions(much more than just Putin and Vucic) are clearly suggesting something very very wrong...

If they are the same, why aren't they treated the same(one gets job and another one bullet in the head - to Putin is all the same) !!??????

Where the problem is the heads of Kremlin's is the one from the past..."no man no problem" system is still alive..."we can do whatever we want and no one can do anything to us"("we are not accountable even to own Russian population" is the name of the game).

Seems like Chernobyl wasn't enough...they need another one. Russian neighbors and Russians alone are just not very lucky.

Russian ISIS(its clown police and courts no different from ex USSR) plot weapons to two Ukrainian truck drivers from occupied Crimea - suggest possible terrorism and locks them for almost decade

Russia should be placed on the list of terrorist countries and strictest economic sanctions should be implemented against one. What we see here wasn't present anywhere on globe for the last 50 years(other than in USSR). This semi European country is dragging principles of civilized world backwards.


Court In Russian-Held Crimea Sentences Ukrainian Man To Eight years In Prison
SIMFEROPOL, Ukraine -- A court in Russian-controlled Crimea has sentenced Ukrainian national Yevhen Panov to eight years in prison on sabotage charges that Kyiv contends are groundless.

Poland and Ukraine are destined to work along with one another and both have to take initiative in promotion of democracy values in Slavic world

I call  Ukrainian people to stage protest against Kiev in respect to genocide of Poles and that way demonstrate to the world who is stealing the will of Ukrainian people(recognition of genocide against Poles in WWII is overly due and this is also strong step forward toward democracy - something that indicates direction of the self governing country)

Certain chemicals were used to boost high pressure

5/6 of this fruits before sleep, 50 meters from tree as seen here and to my room(after 11 kilometers long hiking) and blood pressure exploded - not first time.
Here is how...

Watch(foremost wash) your food before eating one.

What I expect from Poland and Ukraine

Are basic rules of strictly enforced democracy(NO nazism, NO antisemitism or hatred of any kind, strong justice system, and freedom of speech for all). THIS WILL ATTRACT GLOBAL SUPER INVESTMENTS IN SYSTEM AND WILL GIVE YOU SUPER ADVANTAGE OF KREMLIN WHICH AS A RESULT WILL HAVE TO GRANT FREEDOM TO RUSSIAN PEOPLE.

RUSSIAN PEOPLE HAVE NEVER EVER TASTED FRUITS OF REAL DEMOCRACY(and I am not talking about invasion of the third world in our Slavic homelands - I am strictly against it as one destroys our culture, genes, and incites in hatred what are ultimate goals of Germany) AND ITS TIME TO SERVE THEM ONE(it was either Stalinism, Yeltsin's anarchy, or Putin's criminality, and now its time to place on the table issues that will pull forward country in direction of equality and self sufficient prosperity).

Thursday, July 12, 2018

NOTE TO UKRAINE: Your faith will be decided in four days respect to issue seen bellow

You do understand this fact...
You have 24 hours to clarify yourself

If Ukrainians aren't willing to recognize(AND THEY STILL HAVEN'T) massacre of Poles in Wolyn as genocide, we have nothing to talk about...

There is no place for toleration of genocide against brotherly Slavs(or anti Semitism) in Slavic world and those unwilling to face with horrors of the past, do not deserve the future. 

I expect clear answer from Kiev within 24 hours in respect to this issue or will care less for second Holodomor.
100.000 Poles were massacred like this by evil regional lunatics for totally unknown reasons. There is a lots of work to be done in Ukraine which is highly multicultural(multiculturalism can be either a strength or weakness, but this depends on how people in country want to see one as - to have Poles as fellow citizens, however, should be an honor for anybody).

You are going to either play by the rules of modern societies, or be swallowed by Russian tanks(I draw rigid line between sanity and insanity issues in this case) - is simple as that.

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Germans have crazy/bizarre ideas about themselves - someone needs to explain(remind) mental patient known as Germany AGAIN why US military in Germany is there to stay

Here is the simple explanation on why...end of discussion.
German s*** is not my ice cream. You Germans think a bit too highly of yourself a much too little about the rest of us Europeans is why.

GERMAN RUSSIAN MUTINY(no answer ever from Berlin other than Russian oil purchases) ON POLISH WWII REPARATIONS CONTINUES: Poland's Jaroslaw Kaczynski renews call for German WWII reparations

Russia agreed to no reparations from Germany, but this is Russian problem and not ours !!! Because no USSR and no Russia will decide on our behalf(Slovenia, Croatia, Czech rep./Slovakia, Ukraine and so on) on how we will persue what is overly due.
6 million murdered Poles and Poland burned to the ground deserve and demands answer from Berlin.