Friday, November 16, 2018

Meeting with Polish social assistance branch of immigration authorities and KGB food poisoning explanation

Part 1

Part 2

Email which was also sent to Departament Pomocy Socjalnej, but somehow never got there already from second email address

I have reported a list of severe crimes(proven with audio/video
 recordings) endured since my entry into Polish immigration 
system from|(or on behalf) of Russian KGB(now known as FSB)
Regretfully I have to state that my present situation(not allowed
 to rent place of my own, but being instead compelled into stay
 with either Russians/Belarussians  or Russian citizens from 
Chechnya which Russia is using for own terrorist purposes in 
Poland against those who were persecuted in their homelands 
for the sake of new Yugoslavia or USSR - in my case, I was
 tormented in Slovenia) still didn't obtain proper response from
 your side.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Was in Warszaw(met with immigration/social assistance for private place) yesterday

Left at 0400am and returned at 1700 hours. It was a beautiful day that I spent...

Strange issues to discuss in video which is coming on this subject are: nobody knew what directed energy weapons are, nobody knew what MKultra is, and I was even asked despite explaining what is going on at present location where I received death threats from roomate if am certain safety wise about gentleman who will rent me a place(geeee, you are pushing me out of the center with here mentioned issues and asking me if new landlord is a safe option)...there is much more(will get answer on private rental option available to all and used by numerous nobodies in Poland on 19th, but no money till December 1st - Russian disinformation in Debak immigration center was enormous - will explain in video).

If I wouldn't take part time job, I couldn't afford myself to even arrive on meeting with them yesterday(cost of meeting was 100 Zloty). I am not ashamed to tell the truth.

Roommate have stolen 5 Zloty(same as if I would take 150 from you due to situation) from me the day before yesterday and destroyed bunch if other things etc etc....

Thank you to Polish people who help me everywhere :)))) better home than Poland I do not want to imagine and its why I want one stronger than strong. I want my children to play worry free from the past.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My head ready to explode

It's just 0130 am and I can barely write this it hurts

3 of 3 Left second phone overnight to charge and got one back this morning as seen with most likely even keylogger

I know its remotely operated with keyloggers on one because of the text which I have not written - I have never ever used in my life time word "ho" !!! Such word is extremely disrespectful and very very tasteless(LOW - PRIMITIVE AND EVEN CRIMINAL) !!! 
I respect(love) women.
Part 1 of 3
Video can be also seen at

Part 2 of 3
Video can be also seen at

Part 3 of 3
Video can be also seen at

Left this telephone to charge overnight last night and one is now even remotely operated

Video on this subject coming next...with neighbors and roommates like this, one doesn't need enemies.

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump.

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump. He confused the Baltic with the Balkans
During a meeting in the White House, and accused the leaders of the Baltic states of responsibility for the war in Yugoslavia. He also advised them to get along better with their aggressive Russian neighbor.
Poland, Ukraine, Baltic states, Czech rep. Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and others should form own military defense pact before it gets all too late. Europe is at stake because of what we see have happened is happening on world's stage.

Translated via google

MIND GAMES: What Macron and Trump have in common OR "The French army just trolled Trump for his aversion to rain and it's deliciously brutal"

They are both neonazis. Trump an open one, and Macron who also have ongoing promoted here mentioned is using Trump's openness(because Trump feels safe in his controlled world to do as pleased to those who stand for the truth) to promote issues as such which he alone will cover in the end(Trump doesn't have top fear Macron) OF COMMON PLAN again with their common NEONAZI ideal.
French army simply trolled while entire France placed on mental test via Macron.


The French army just trolled Trump for his aversion to rain and it's deliciously brutal

Donald Trump's America very different from the one that played main role in WWII. ITS NOT NATIONALISM(white nationalism which main stream media is using doesn't even exists - as nationalist you are either a protective member of your nation which embraces entire community or someone who is attempting to exterminate good portion of one for the sake of other interests known as border-less neonazi interests) ; ITS NAZISM !!!

The question we overseas must ask our-self is if are playing our role just as Americans have(did) for us in WWII.

What real America looked like just 73 years ago and what scares Emanuel Macron today.

While I give green light to joint EU military(I also reject Macron's idea about defense against US), I insist on Poland developing own nuclear arsenal(with NBC option).

Joint EU military can't hurt Poland for as long as one has a self reliant(INDEPENDENT AND SELF SUFFICIENT) defense mechanism(its great to have alliance on which you can count on, but always remain independent foremost never ever forget who you are - wherever you came from).
Note that from such option, Poland can only profit for as long as above specified conditions are met. Economy and security equal real independence(country's sovereignty).

Where is Slavic unity now - Putin and those who support him will burn in hell nfor what you see here

I didn't know I will live to see such news in my life time, but its not their fold. If 150 million nation doesn't know any better than to produce what you see here just 73 years after WWII in which one alone suffered enormously, then to the hell with it.

USA doesn't treat its children states like this, but exactly the opposite(how stupid - US could but refused to occupy Western Europe after WWII - instead attitude on how to rebuild one as fast as possible was used).


KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The campers, some clad in combat fatigues, carefully aim their assault rifles. Their instructor offers advice: Don’t think of your target as a human being.

Allow enough Russians in your country and you will have this - Western Countries Condemning Separatist Vote In Eastern Ukraine

Being nice to them translates to them as your being stupid of whom advantage can and should be taken.

Warning to Russia: If you have not realized, I more and more use word Russian and KGB - no longer Putin/ Lavrov/ doesn't take genius to understand why. Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine and not yours and will never ever be. Its time for you to take action against Kremlin or become totally isolated from fellow Slavic nations whom you treat as unequal(inferior) in case you even consider yourself as Slavic. World can observe and did you complete disregard for law and justice as well(both substituted with international terrorism to which not even women and children are immune). YOU ARE COUNTER PRODUCTIVE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS AND ITS MY JOB(duty) TO TELL YOU THIS STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE,
West should block Russia and Belarus totally(seal border with the two entirely) till  present apparatchiks are sentenced to prison terms. China should be aware of uncivilized Russian practices(Russian incitement in hatred known as "Russo-phobia" in targeted population via genocides, so a Russian blame and shame lie can be used for more aggression against other Eastern Europeans and even against Asiatic people of which part people of China are).

What you see here is because it can be done and not because of right/wrong...this type of mentality is uncivilized.

KYIV -- The United States, France, and Germany have condemned elections by Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine as a "sham" and “illegal."

Monday, November 12, 2018

After seeing crippled gentleman with his dig the day before yesterday

Seeing and reminding myself of what girl who still teaches Russian at this center have gone thru,  I am determined to stay in Poland for better or worse <3

It's bad today(its ringing in my head even more), but I am happy because I am at peace(I know that whole thing was not for nothing, but instead best that possibly could develop from ordeal).

Android 7 deleted from telephone and Android 5 installed on one instead

Charging phone last night came with price of having files deleted and even operating system changed. The worst was again radiation that left me all beaten up...
Video can be also seen at

Telephone erased and even changed to Android 5 from Android 7 after leaving one to charge for an hour

I also explained exactly how KGB murdered Polish people in Poland between 1998 and 2006(and still does) for the pleasure of it. 

Polish people the best people in the world. Not even Slovenian people whose native I am and who had Serbian tanks(planes dropping bombs) on streets just few years earlier before I was publicly tortured in city of Novo mesto - own town, have stood up for me like Polish did(and paid with ultimate price for it)...glad to be here and proud of Polish humanity !!!

Thank you <3 Poland

I love you !!!

Charging of second telephone ruined and I am radiated like a mouse every day

This was recorded last night - today my situation is even worse(my head is ready to explode). It's a public lynching of me performed by Polish state on behalf of Donald Trump and Russia.
Video can be also seen at 

I am happy about it do because there was so many Polish people murdered(ambushed inside if their homes and either raped or paralysed/crippled) by Russians in Poland(between 1998 and 2006) that I am proud to be their voice at this point.

Android 7 deleted from telephone and Android 5 installed on one instead

Charging phone last night came with price of having files deleted and even operating system changed. The worst was again radiation that left me all beaten up...
Video can be also seen at

Telephone erased and even changed to Android 5 from Android 7 after leaving one to charge for an hour

I also explained exactly how KGB murdered Polish people in Poland between 1998 and 2006(and still does) for the pleasure of it. 

Polish people the best people in the world. Not even Slovenian people whose native I am and who had Serbian tanks(planes dropping bombs) on streets just few years earlier before I was publicly tortured in city of Novo mesto - own town, have stood up for me like Polish did...glad to be here and proud of Polish humanity !!!

Thank you <3 Poland

I love you !!!

Sunday, November 11, 2018

10 pairs if socks destroyed within last week + two pairs already thrown away

My Chechen Russian roommate is one busy man is all I can say...part 1 of 2
Sleeps in a day time and parties(with others) at night...
Video can be also seen at

Part 2 of 2(was deleted from second telephone because I didn't protect one today). Another 3 pairs of destroyed socks is what I demonstrate in one - will repeat one.
Video can be also seen at 

Unfortunately Poland was much much more than just an nightmare

"If you don't touch it, it will go away"...

I didn't and now I will also stay. My life belongs to people of Poland for better or worse...

My freshly cleaned jeans greazed with engine oil

Security officer suggested there are no cameras anywhere(I hanged clothing right outside)..
Video:My freshly cleaned jeans greazed with engine oil
No cameras anywhere, but Russians everywhere - watch video on destroyed socks in continuation...

Recognized two more people that Russian crippled for life

Recognized two more people(teacher of Polish in center and neighbor) that Russian crippled for life...I realized that my life belongs to Poland much more than what I initially thought case is...
"Refugees" here are for the most part fake KADIROVS.
Video can be also seen at or

Putin a ruthless murderer/assassin who cripples(kills) even females.

About 10 more pairs of socks(not even 4 months old and not much used at all) destroyed this week and a beautiful oil from car stain on freshly cleaned pants which I have left outside to dry

Will post video, but this is beyond idiotic. Nowhere can even charge destroyed/broken telephone.

That I would go to Italy...

Doesn't even cross mind(NEVER). I have reached my final destination and name is Poland. There is no tragedy in self determination(I am very proud of myself).

Burry(if it comes to that) me away from others(preferably in the beautiful Polish forest) because I deserved it(I earned it).

I am not complaining. I am very very pleased with situation(my state of mind) and plan on staying this way for as long as am around.

Exercise and studying Polish will be rewarded with directed energy attacks is what Valerio have told me. Exercise will be blamed for what they do...

Thank you to ICC for doing nothing about's great to be under your jurisdiction.

Friday, November 9, 2018

Russian terrorism in Poland became rampant thanks to Vladimir Putin's servant known as Kaczyński

To Polish police(will update this very video next):
Yesterday on November 8th, 2018 at approximately 1230 hours a directed energy weapon which matched specification of military class weapons was used kagainst me when on my way to Meri hospital in Zgierz.

Video can be also seen at

Post brain examination visitation to residential physician was again "phenomenal" and its not even his fold for what goes on in Poland

Kaczyński and Trum dreamed about drinking vine...Trump STATED even that he will have my REAL brain examination results on his table long before I would see them...
Video can be also seen at

His Lunacy is as anti Christian as it gets. This man is a  proven criminal without any consciousness at all just as the case is with Milos Zeman, Borut Pahor, and other creme de la creme which participated(and still participates) in ordeal.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

This case was completely unnecessary - I explain about whole thing why/what went on and what is going on

Part 1
Video can be also seen at

This was recorded yesterday at night in Ustronie(Grotniki, PL). Donald Trump had with his Eastern European KGB UDBA collegues bizare ideas|(Kaczynski had scenarios that exceeded by far word "insane" - as far as reality and not crazy MKultra scenarios, I have to state that I didn't even get compensated for anything and have lived and live like an animal and you think according to you MKultra scenario that after everything you have done to me under MKultra and in post period that I would go under knife to save my life from brain cancer which you have caused for pleasure of it and not need)

Today as you know, I was told in hospital on how everything is just perfect with my brain. Related to

KACZYNSKI'S POLITIC IS A MOSCOW'S POLITIC AND THE DIRTIEST ONE OF THEM ALL. He is addicted to cause human suffering and death for the pleasure of it. His politic is a politic of lies that suggests equal independence from Berlin and Moscow, but in reality is wide wide open for Moscow(I doubt even about German part as he is a populist and is using issues just to gain on popularity).

As far as that Dawson sindrom's hamburger garbage(Trump) from USA, I will only state that lunatic dreamed along with Putan Putanowich(and Borut Pahor) about turning me into a mid Eastern Terrorist. He personally did dreamed about it...

Pain was excruciating yesterday - entire day. Physician in our center alone indirectly suggested|(audio recorded) month and half ago how I may very well have stated here, but not as much as developed as photo which I demonstrated him on that occasion.

Play with directed energy weapon not new to this place...I am nhot the first one who experienced one on this location is what I was told by some people whose names I will not mention...TOURISM KNOWN AS TERRORISM IS WHAT WE HAVE ACCROSS THE EUROPE AND SOME JUST LOVE IT THAT WAY.

I know deepest details(lost of problems developped for them because of this case because they got in trouble in all sorts of issues for which I was even blaimed for) about owners of the immigration place who have also met me in Volgovgrad where brought for MKultra torture by Russian terrorists, but this is not why arrived to Poland...I arrived here with task to help everyone(incl. these two who own place - husband and wife) and to those who got hurt in process by I will not even say whom and how(I am not here to open wounds, but instead complete my own case and help you all within - I recognioze difficulty of the situation for everyone due to political atmosphere which arrived also in this little town). That is if I ever make it through this which I sincerely doubt it.

Part 2

Roomate breaks telephone just as he promised would do under MKultra - video should have been posted earlier, but its never too late

Once broken, I became careless about one and have used one on my way from Zgierz as a lamp when driving bicycle(at night the next day or so). Telephone have fallen again on the floor and this time broeken screen became broken even more.

Video can be seen also at  OR

I would like to thank Polish people for help

I am a bit heart broken because I know things will not work out despite everything, but thats life.

The memory on enthusiasm of the people to help in this matter, however, will stay with me to the last breath.

Thank you

Here is what I think is happening



All in all I will not treat or take medications of any kind. Only hope for fast end.

At the hospital, I was given a disc edited with Microsoft paint program and lady with whom

I have talked to and gestured me to talk to a doctor here was yelled at by another nurse on how I must take my results to doctor in immigration center instead. I have no right to talk to anyone...

According to hospital, I don't have any brain tumors but they are incapable explain phenomena of

Cooking pot alike pressure and typical symptoms of brain cancer(Clumsiness or unsteadiness, confusion, headaches, 24/7 blood pressure soubd in your head, and beginning of balance issues) seems are just an illusion on my case.
 Donald Trump who needs his lie going does it like this. This is just how far we arrived folks...pain no longer is pain - it's all in my head.

How many of you would proceed with asylum procedure in country like this ?

Library closed

Heading to Zgierz(10km one way walk).

Office is locked today

Meaning that message is you have to go back inside of the room with terrorist
In the morning already

Maintenance guy not interested in assisting either....was told no more sleeping in gym, so where now !!???

Chechen Russian roomate blocked my exiting doors and security officer took his side against me while 911 wouldn't speak to me nor in English nor in Polish

Google Auser Times
Video can be also seen at  or

After death threats, I get this type of treatment. 

Do not block doors(entrance/exit) to room and DO NOT place your filthy hands on me.
Why videos are turned sideways please do not ask...I don't turn them this way and will also not waste time on what is done to me with idea to waste one.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Body uses night to recuperate itself and not for

Idiot in hospital to order you during results checkout yet another brain examination within 14 days to "see if it's growing"(speed of tumor developing)...

If I had another country to go, I do live this place tonight

Talking about white European country(not Germany or UK or Scandinavia).

Sad to note that fake unknown migrants had rooms here for themselves for the entire month, and that I will sleep in local forest tonight.

I explained the situation about directed energy attacks and death threats - here is what I got in return

Requested today from state bureau(nice new individual) in the building a single room or location where I can lodge overnight without being exposed to gang of Chechen Russians who love to play with directed energy weapons...
Here is the response after my submitting even rental application for private place 10 days you know, before submitting application 10 days ago I was gestured how option to rent private studio,/room was cancelled...then again possible after they appeared to have learned about my case in Warszaw and now this.... 

"Come on 15th to meet me to Warszaw is what I order you"(not only would I be exposed to another 8 days to crime, but come to Warszaw without even providing me for travelling expenses - expenses which most likely exceed 18 Euros of monthly allowance for detergents/ coffey/and everything else that you need beside food)....

Yet another quote of mine

In the world which no longer is about "want", one should give advantage to "what you don't want for one to become".

Better "what you don't want one to become" than continue with "want" which is taking you to location known as "regret to want".


You have extremely violent approach. Never touched alcohol or cigarettes and need 5 hours to collect myself from sleep each day.

This is how I should learn your language ? This is your opportunity !??

@Moscowichi, Berlin, US

If I wanted to turn to Islam or speak Russian - I wouldn't come to Poland and you know this very well, it's why you brought your hateful criminal crew incite in hatred just as you have done it in the past.

Have heard from locals how they chased 11/12 years old girls in the local forest

Not terror for me only, but locals as well.

There is nothing religious decent in Russian Chechens at this location

Every decent(even somewhat decent) Muslim should be discusted with their filthy, lying, backstabbing, pushy, bullying, criminal ways...

And I am not the first one...there were huge fights at this very location in the past...Chechen against Chechen fist fights ) and more, but nobody will mention any if these as everything is "normal" as they like to say.

It's over with bestial trip to Poland for me

The day when I am incapable to study Polish language in Poland due to pain in my head and(same day) when told that I should meet after explaining to bureau individual the situation this morning about which there is nothing he can do(I should go to Warszaw on my own expenses), is the day when I no longer am interested in pursuing suffering along Russo Muslim terrorists controlled by Putanowich Putanowich(Kadirov garbage who murdered only God knows how many journalists) in here.
Neonazi Donald Trump and Putin dreamed of my converting into Islam...Borut Pahor had female whose name I will not mention even select Chechen females for me(what would appeal to me - beyond disgusting and sickening).

Here is what laughingly(JOYOUS) president Zemena, Kaczynsky, Bporut Pahor and whoever else was present had to say about my future situation under MKultra

Slovenian Serbochetnik Borut Pahor was the one most excited about here mentioned prospect, "I kill for him, he kill for me and..."

Kaczynski, "we will get money one way or the other"...


@Kaczynski....You will get the money one way or the other, but you will never ever touch my brain.

Jesus' pain and illness miracles healings while big communist cat is snorkling in private pool and treat himself with caviar is not for me and it shouldn't be for any normal person.

This is derision for God and human being as human being foremost...a hypocricy and a lunacy which civilised world shouldn't allow to afford itself.

Poland is extremelly questionable country as its practical principles adhere those of USSR.

My head hurts

Did exercised(lifted weights, but was all messed up) this morning to get myself together somewhat(confusion reduced) and am still beaten up. Sound ringing in my head 24/7(cooking pressure pot elemnt stays present 24/7 and very very unpleasant to the point it hurts)...

Heading to hospital to find out what CT results are.

I no longer will enter immigration center in Grotnikih for other than food/wash/shower - not even for sleep I will go in there

I use one only to get food, clean my clothying by hands, to shower, and sleep. Other than that am not there. They use directed energy weapons to cause severe problems(needed about 5 hours to get myself together today - total confusion) and to plunder equipment when asleep. You dopn't even know whats goiung on when you are hit with this only get to see roomate walking back and forth in the room all night long(he gets to sleep all day long - you don't).

Its a process of destruction of an individual and I rather live like rabitt in the forest if neccesary. This is not protection, but instead exposure to enemey elements so those can do with you as pleased. 

I got same treatment in Slovenia as well and brain cancer is not a joke for others than those who cause one.

Either private location approval or transfer to another location. I am pondering also other possibilities. I didn't come to Poland to die.

Roommate walked back and forth entire night

Despite sleep, I am all desoiriented today.

No it's not normal to target individual with directed energy weapons.

I applied for private place almost two weeks I need to collect more "proofs" at this place ? What will be next proof...brain cancer which some dreamed about ?

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Home(residence) and ex work location of gentleman(MKultra witness) with dog whom I have met in forest the other day + home location of physician involved in MKultra whom I have recognized

More MKultra details for you to see - who remembers and who dares to doubt what !!!

Video can be also seen at
PS. Neighbor girl that came the confirmed stated here(residence location) when there and it's all audio recorded.

American man from Colorado and Polish girl come to rescue(the two know each other already since 2004 or earlier).

Best regard to Lodz and I welcome both of told me to take photo of the car...well, car was red and small - but you two are TEFL teachers from Lodz what is easy to identify...gave you my card, so contact me. Thank you
Lease notice also that gentleman from Colorado repeats self about my being healthy...what they do to me now was a huge topic in 2005/2006...

Returned back just to find roommate drunk and sink broken

After I informed security, owner didn't have different place for the night despite roommate life threatening me(if a Kadirov's Chechen gestured you with killing Infront of security and building owner it must be a joke only...not a big deal or perhaps the biggest one so far Trump !!???)'s fun here to tell you the truth(life threats are nothing serious here and was not the first one either).
Here was the internet speed at library(battery dead nowhere could be charged) while here speed was 0.1/0.2 K/s....

Will just go and do other stuff for today. Battery is dead too

Internet speed is also phenomenal...go figure out how long would it take to upload 1gb of data at this speed and good night everyone. And long live terrorism.
5 hours lost in search for internet.

Head feels like exactly as I was told in 2005/2006 would...just like a cook pressure pan ready to explode. Yesterday morning old painting was even falling down(toilet) from ceiling in the morning as I dragged myself from bed...why would that be the case since there is only attic area...let's go back to get some more...

2 videos completed 4 hours and half ago and it's how long I am searching for internet connection in Grotnikih

No internet connection in center(either no electricity or no internet connection anywhere) and none anywhere else.

AlQaeda plays video games and controls wi/Fi so I can do village search for one. Not do interesting or insisting to work in such environment.

PUTIN(Moscow/Minsk) PROVIDES US WITH YET ANOTHER IDIOTIC/TERRORIST NEWS: Already armed(unofficially, but 100% armed) with nukes Belarus(number two paranoid known as Lukashenko) gestures Poland on how he will respond to Poland obvioulsy with war if one would dare to protect itself

Words from context are psychotic if you are familiarized at least somewhat with psychology(marked in yellow)...deploy what else in addition to what is already mentioned above !!???? Does idiot trully belives Polabnd is a threat to Russia and Belarus !!???? The answer is, "off course not"(he is a terrorist just as his amigo in Moscow).

From private Putin's basement in Minsk, exactly this news rolls out:
MINSK (Sputnik) - Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko said that if Poland goes ahead with its plans to increase US military presence on its territory, Belarus and Russia will have to respond to the buildup.

This time, Putin gets a banana instead of olives(military/medical/IT/and all other high tech technology as well as industry) which US/UK as well as others from Western aliance have supplied Russia with for no less than 20 years.

Russian joke(eagle lands)...
Finally arrived to Russia and this straight into Putin's face(Obama is a disgrace for US and world which caused present crises, but Putin is even worse)...
Russia became totally irrelevant player in world of Slavic affairs under Putan Putanowich...damage caused to relations of brotherly nations is unprecedented. 

U.S. State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert, sends a strong mesage to Russian terrorists in Moscow who frequently murder/rape/abduct/torture and kill political activists/journalists in Ukraine

Everybody understand that Moscow is suffering heavily from see one in real, look not further from paranoid schizophrenic assasin who seats atop of Kremlin(man who drove and continues drive whole world insane incl. Russia for the price of own $$$ pocket).
Sickening accid attacks not a joke(example)

Turkey sends strong message to Putan Putanowich and his crew in Moscow - WILL NOT RECOGNIZE RUSSIAN OCCUPATION OF CRIMEA AS LEGAL !!!

Russian terrorism rejected more and more ac cross the European continent.
Its time for Russia to move on with time or be kicked out of the circle of civilised societies. More than about anything else(even more than about politics), we are dealing witrh criminal concern which Moscow represents now a days under Putin who is using the politic of Slavic divide and conquer for his own financial agenda. MOSCOW WILL BE FORCED TO FIND SOLUTION OR FACE BIGGEST CRISES EVER !!!

Numerous Ukrainians and Tatars were tortured/killed/imprisoned in Crimea.

Monday, November 5, 2018

After 3 hours, I feel better and will go for a walk

Will also release audio on my terrorist roommate who gestured on how it's time to die after I returned about month ago from apartment search in Zgierz(imagine to go app. hunting on foot loaded with some 15kg at 6am to a city 10km away and return at 10 pm to listen lunatic raving and behaving looney alike after you were brainwashed on this very issue under MKultra).

I also have to file another incident report as I was harassed in gym yesterday with teenage terrorists who also made fun out of my Polish language skills(Rusky terrorists from Chechnya that are here love German and hate Polish).

Two days before examination, high blood pressure in head decreased significantly and it was same upon entry to Poland

When asked in Zakopani about my health, I even declined examination as sound was gone completelly on what one again exploded.

Then no less than 3 month wait for examination commenced. Be your own judge who did what.

Polish immigration which gestured me after searching for private place to have first suspended private rental option and then on how one was again reopened

Have again block me from one after obtaining opportunity fir private lace. Bureau lady told me that they have 30 days time to answer me after I would submit them such request - I did a subit them such request about 10 days ago and no response ever. As am typing what you see here am all disoriented(beaten up) Got instead of sleep about 4 hours of hours of radiation. 

Thank you "Polish"(USSR) immigration and please borrow them something stronger to get job done faster.

Neighbor across the hallway was returned cable(gave one to roommate as I don't even speak eith him) which he left inside of my bacjpack

And adviced to leave my things alone as I don't get into anyone's private belongings. Specially not during their sleep.
I don't want from others, but I also don't want mine to get stolen/destroyed.

Poland properly rejects UN's migration. German Russian division plan collapsing as Poland is FIFTH country to REJECT pact

Refugees are all kinds, but real are only those that adhere truth in respect to persecution. Not economic or even foreign agents can be classified ad such(real).
What we have in this center are KGB "refugees"(political in game for own gains and are used to break/destroy those which immigrated due to break neeeds) and semi economic(used by Germany for Germany interests - why to be in Poland if praising Germany above all).

Immigration has changed and UN is nothing more than name left of organisation which once used to represent something.


I weight 80kg and for the most part are muscles

No sugar(no diabetes problems found) in blood is what I was told  but I was told to come back in respect to head scan tomorrow(head scan was done today - no right blood pressure was found either).

None of this was necessary. If Kaczynsku would have done as I told him to, Poland would be a wealthy place and economically powerful(meaning that Russia and Ukraine would have future based on real prosperity - stable economy based on ability to produce which would meet demand/need).

Instead of that, we have political option(same in Slovenia where Pahor did his part and we have now again thanks on borders with Serbia) which lead into wars/terrorism, hatred, division and what will become again economical nightmare.

This is why's because you wanted the upside down way Mr. Kaczynsku...none of these was needed for me, nor Ukrainian or Polish people(even less Russian), but you want it that way...

I built Russia and was s***(Putanowich Putanowich was hiding behind me and my ideas for no less than 12 years just as a novice is hiding behind experienced worker) and now it's time to build what should have been already long time ago.

What do you care who CEO/owner of the company is as long as people have jobs and state a positive budget !!??!?

Does it matter if Pole/Czech(Slovenian/Croat) etc. owns companies in Russia/Serbia as long as those function well !!????

I see this whole thing as ultimate bagger of the West against whom in return we even rattle with nukes...

I learned more from Kaczynsky than anyone else. Man is extremely intelligent, and you have to love him(is a good hearted person and he invested in young people with devotion), but is this really necessary ?!!???

I know what kinds of car she has and where she lives at and how construction of Zgierz took place

I can also give simuilar description of area construction through the years as I did for Nowy Torg and Zakopane.

COMING NEXT: Met American(MKultra staff member) at the hospital who helped me with MKultra timing but wouldn't give me confirmation of one + store/bar location @ apartment location of an individual with dog whom I have recognized in the forest

Thank you to Colorado man(English teacher). Serbs and Russians have tortured me so much(they have also brought me here in 2010/2013 and even 2015 to confuse me about time) that I didnt have guts to say 2005.

But I remember you told me this exactly is what you would do in case I would miss timing and girl you were was the same ad well.

You have also suggested in 2005(prob. 2004) that I couldn't prove that your leg was broken already in 2005 as they would create documents in such form(your leg was broken like this in 2004/2005) that would cover you in the future when meeting at this very location.

I just want to thank you sir(a bit surprised to get such support from American although you were one if the nicest people around as far as my memory takes me) and looking forward to meet you again's tough when they do what was done to me by Serbs in Slovenian psychiatric hospital...again thank you.

Both pens found way back into my purse

In fact from my pouch attached to the belt into the front pocket of the purse.
I see all this as acts of terrorism and there is no excuse for lying, stealing, and other stuff done here...nor God nor Allah would approve any of these. 

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Tonight(Sun Nov. 4th) two pens(last two) were stolen from my pouch.

Headphones destroyed(they destroy microphone box on headphones to the point that one allows Android speakerphone to play simultaneously withvheadphones on what whole thing falls appart was/is was opened).

Individual who does this stuff is located right across the hallway, but I have to thank my great roommate for leaving doors opened all the time(doors were even wide opened when I woke up in the morning - someone was in hurry to get to restroom today and have then failed lock doors on his way out. sugar and coffey was poured all over my bag as a result, but I should understood this as a test for great roommate to see if I would go after him since just anybody could have keys from our room).

They collected money from KGB and anticipate to collect one for their dirty work also from me. Valerio(BeloRussian police officer from Minsk) asked for only 100/200 million Dollars under MK ultra which truly is a modest ammount of money if considering amount if work he invedted. He would also ensure that no threat would come against me in the future from Moscow for that amount if money.

How they rationalized repetition of MKultra to me with here mentioned facts  ? As something that would help you remind yourself of MKultra...

Sorry, but I doubt such logic as frequent damage(if someone tells you that he will destroy your property and then destroys one is much worse than if you wouldn't know that he will - at least for me it is, but they believe this is not the case), irritation and so on are not such a good and helpful factors in the environment where I would be searching for proofs(basically investigating) to save my own life...

Saturday, November 3, 2018

I remember what probably was exact location of the store which mentioned owner(witness to my MKultra case) had

And also view from hiscresidence deal with that...there was a house and his store, but replaced with new construction...

How could I possibly know all this since I was in US for entire 12 years....never to Poland till 2007 when I went to pick up some cargo to Warszaw(was in and out within single day) and then again in 2017 when on my way to Ukraine and Belarus...

VIDEOS - I recognized two witnesses to my MKultra case, but almost for wrong reasons

I will redo both videos as creating them on android(its all upside down and size of elefant - part 1 no less than 2.2gb) was a whole new experience for me(and not pleasant😂).

Have recognized in the middle of the forest near city Zgierz yet another participant in my MKultra case who indirectly confirmed existence of one...proceeded to hospital Mari where individual posed with idea to mislead on MKultra issues. He is not mechanic, but most likely what I suggested.

1 of 2 I recognize two witnesses to my MKultra case, but almost for wrong reasons  Part 1

2 of 2 I recognized two witnesses to my MKultra case, but almost for wrong reasons
Part 2
Video can be also seen at

Thursday, November 1, 2018

1 of 2 KGB death threats in my room and directed energy weapons attacks during my sleep


Related to
Yesterday, I was quivering on bed on every few minutes do when went sleep at 2320 something hours...charge - release cycles is what I am referring to and it's how it works. I woke up with false impression of completelly tested at about 1am(yet another symptom of DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONS use). My roommate disappeared from bed and was very nervous about what went on(not first time, but duper strong this time as I felt as if I had something crawling in head on each release cycle). He was kind enough to remind me of MKultra scenario in the morning I cite, "battery is working very very well"(accumulator for battery basically).
Fence here is just for decoration(false impression).

My roommate is a great guy actually, but he can do as much about the whole thing as I myself can