Thursday, November 15, 2018

Was in Warszaw(met with immigration/social assistance for private place) yesterday

Left at 0400am and returned at 1700 hours. It was a beautiful day that I spent...

Strange issues to discuss in video which is coming on this subject are: nobody knew what directed energy weapons are, nobody knew what MKultra is, and I was even asked despite explaining what is going on at present location where I received death threats from roomate if am certain safety wise about gentleman who will rent me a place(geeee, you are pushing me out of the center with here mentioned issues and asking me if new landlord is a safe option)...there is much more(will get answer on private rental option available to all and used by numerous nobodies in Poland on 19th, but no money till December 1st - Russian disinformation in Debak immigration center was enormous - will explain in video).

If I wouldn't take part time job, I couldn't afford myself to even arrive on meeting with them yesterday(cost of meeting was 100 Zloty). I am not ashamed to tell the truth.

Roommate have stolen 5 Zloty(same as if I would take 150 from you due to situation) from me the day before yesterday and destroyed bunch if other things etc etc....

Thank you to Polish people who help me everywhere :)))) better home than Poland I do not want to imagine and its why I want one stronger than strong. I want my children to play worry free from the past.

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