Thursday, November 8, 2018

This case was completely unnecessary - I explain about whole thing why/what went on and what is going on

Part 1
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This was recorded yesterday at night in Ustronie(Grotniki, PL). Donald Trump had with his Eastern European KGB UDBA collegues bizare ideas|(Kaczynski had scenarios that exceeded by far word "insane" - as far as reality and not crazy MKultra scenarios, I have to state that I didn't even get compensated for anything and have lived and live like an animal and you think according to you MKultra scenario that after everything you have done to me under MKultra and in post period that I would go under knife to save my life from brain cancer which you have caused for pleasure of it and not need)

Today as you know, I was told in hospital on how everything is just perfect with my brain. Related to

KACZYNSKI'S POLITIC IS A MOSCOW'S POLITIC AND THE DIRTIEST ONE OF THEM ALL. He is addicted to cause human suffering and death for the pleasure of it. His politic is a politic of lies that suggests equal independence from Berlin and Moscow, but in reality is wide wide open for Moscow(I doubt even about German part as he is a populist and is using issues just to gain on popularity).

As far as that Dawson sindrom's hamburger garbage(Trump) from USA, I will only state that lunatic dreamed along with Putan Putanowich(and Borut Pahor) about turning me into a mid Eastern Terrorist. He personally did dreamed about it...

Pain was excruciating yesterday - entire day. Physician in our center alone indirectly suggested|(audio recorded) month and half ago how I may very well have stated here, but not as much as developed as photo which I demonstrated him on that occasion.

Play with directed energy weapon not new to this place...I am nhot the first one who experienced one on this location is what I was told by some people whose names I will not mention...TOURISM KNOWN AS TERRORISM IS WHAT WE HAVE ACCROSS THE EUROPE AND SOME JUST LOVE IT THAT WAY.

I know deepest details(lost of problems developped for them because of this case because they got in trouble in all sorts of issues for which I was even blaimed for) about owners of the immigration place who have also met me in Volgovgrad where brought for MKultra torture by Russian terrorists, but this is not why arrived to Poland...I arrived here with task to help everyone(incl. these two who own place - husband and wife) and to those who got hurt in process by I will not even say whom and how(I am not here to open wounds, but instead complete my own case and help you all within - I recognioze difficulty of the situation for everyone due to political atmosphere which arrived also in this little town). That is if I ever make it through this which I sincerely doubt it.

Part 2

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