Friday, November 16, 2018

Email which was also sent to Departament Pomocy Socjalnej, but somehow never got there already from second email address

I have reported a list of severe crimes(proven with audio/video
 recordings) endured since my entry into Polish immigration 
system from|(or on behalf) of Russian KGB(now known as FSB)
Regretfully I have to state that my present situation(not allowed
 to rent place of my own, but being instead compelled into stay
 with either Russians/Belarussians  or Russian citizens from 
Chechnya which Russia is using for own terrorist purposes in 
Poland against those who were persecuted in their homelands 
for the sake of new Yugoslavia or USSR - in my case, I was
 tormented in Slovenia) still didn't obtain proper response from
 your side.

Here is why I feel this way or a list of crimes submitted to you
 in the past(I was told to meet with Ms Marzena Szadkowska
 on in Warszaw on 15th(tomorrow) to discuss issues Grotniki's 
immigration location after requesting from building owner and
 state bureau located inside of the building to be transferred to
 another unit(away from my roomate and on a safe location
 since Chechen Russians are playing with directed energy
 weapons and even death threats were issued to me in the
 face - one of the individuals who issued me death threat was
 even my roomate).

I requested transfer to another unit at least a week ago and
 since, all here mentioned continued against me. Its why i am
 not pleased with response. I am also asked to come to 
Warszaw tomorrow without obtaining prior financial assistance
 in respect to trip costs(we get monthly allowance of 70 Zloty 
which in my case left me with two broken androids, without 
computer and much of other equipment destroyed and we 
didn't  even receive any money for the last month yet).

Looking forward to discuss issues as listed above and bellow 
with you tomorrow Ms Marzena Szadkowska(my application
 for private lodging option was given out about three weeks
 ago receiving still no response). As per police, I would expect
 you to take some action in respect to here mentioned. I
 came to Poland to be Polish(learn Polish language, obtain 
employment, marry and have kids to pursue happy life with
 them and Polish nation) and not to be tormented with directed
 energy weapons(told to and even forced into Russian language
 use instead via hostile Russian environment created in the 
middle of the Poland), life threatened and so on..

Looking forward to meeting with you in person tomorrow at 
Taborowa 33 at 1000 hours.

Sincerely yours,
Bostjan Avsec
tel. 513219382


---3 of 3 Left second phone overnight to charge and got
 one back this morning as seen with most likely even keylogger

---Android 7 deleted from telephone and Android 5 installed 
on one instead

---Charging of second telephone ruined and I am radiated like
 a mouse every day

---12 pairs if socks destroyed within last week + two pairs 
already thrown away

---My freshly cleaned jeans greazed with engine oil

---Roomate breaks telephone just as he promised would 
do under MKultra - video should have been posted earlier, 
but its never too late

---Chechen Russian roomate blocked my exiting doors and
 security officer took his side against me while 911 wouldn't 
speak to me nor in English nor in Polish

---Returned back just to find roommate drunk and sink broken

---Neighbor across the hallway was returned cable(gave 
one to roommate as I don't even speak with him) which he
 left inside of my bacjpack

---POLICE REPORT: Here is what I got upon return to
 immigration center earlier today

---2 of 2 KGB death threats and play with directed energy 
weapons in Grotnikih

---Both pens found way back into my purse


---For entire two months here, directed energy weapons
 were used on me. I am asking for your intervention.

Thank you

---Dear International Police Co-operation Bureau at 
National Police Headquarters,  

Here is the detailed list(in addition to what I have already
 send you) of violations in which KGB is involved since my
 filing for political protection in Poland:

--Published on Saturday, October 6, 2018

--Saturday, October 13, 2018
Facebook hacking:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

--Saturday, October 20, 2018
Damage caused to me by KGB so far

Part 1

Part 2

One of the Russians already disappeared, but other are
 left of which one is even an undercover(KGB) police officer
 from Minsk and other(Chechen) individual is police 
officer(Kadirov) from Chechnya. I have proofs for here 
stated(my claims) as I did managed to gather even audio 
recordings from others.

---DEAR KOMENDA GŁÓWNA POLICJI/Biuro Międzynarodowej 
Współpracy Policji KGPul. Puławska 148/150, 02-624 WARSZAWA

I am filing report with you in respect to KGB presence in city
 known as Grotiniki near Zgierz. 




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