Saturday, October 24, 2020

Bangkok 2003

 Street in which King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn is big(VERY POPULAR) and where one took me personally with his wife. I can do this street and probably much much you see this is how it goes. I just looked into it briefly.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Here is what Buckingham palace counted on would happen to me in Poland

 And this in a place where sporadically tortured for no less than 21 years Mr. Harry and William talked/laughed about sanity issues that involved at the time also spine injury - the most painful ever thing in my life.

MK ULTRA: Hasselt completed/FINISHED(saw on Facebook someone posting "room 313" => went on internet to see rooms and found room that rang my memory then followed through the city)

 Probably 1997 if not even 1996 rebuilt - second floor repairs/remodeling....ALL THIS TIME IT WAS ECT, FORCED UNEMPLOYMENT, AND PSYCHIATRY THAT KEPT YOU GUYS ALIVE...

4 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

3 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

Trump/Merkel and others made agreement about US EU trade already 10+ years ago minimum

  told you about his pre-reelection stunts. Agreement only needs to signed and blah blah repeated.

Dortmund, Germany IDENTIFIED - There is only one thing I regret

Whole city didn't BLEW itself up(I estimate 1998 and up). Federal German police arrived from Berlin during MK Ultra and blamed me for civil war in Dortmund in front of Angela Merkel and her assistants, but seems didn't mind because regardless of what I have done - they never ever  interfered to do their job. Italian embassy, Bibi, Zara, Idiotes(named after myself as I would refer to locals as)...Dortmund identified.
It was so funny hehehe hahaaha look at him haha...but within few days it was fun no more😂😆😈

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Petra Majdič involved in MK Ultra since 1997/1998 - involved a LOT in celotna zveza smučarjev Slovenije.

Polish government has a new crime to confess about


Police officer also stated that PEOPLE ARE ON THE WATCH AND WOULD BE A SERIOUS TROUBLE IF THEY WOULD SEE ME DRIVING ARROUND WITH THEM LIKE THIS <== its why we couldn't get into city centers...

POSSIBLE BEZOS CONNECTION: Polish government hijacked me from Grotniki(possibly even twice - also in hostel) and took me for a problems ride in 2018 - idea was to disrupt memories via fake update and more electroshocks

Almost(When questioning, I was in 95% or more correct about my statements) the only mistake I have made in respect to business were giant warehouse projects which came to life in 2018. in respect to this statement, I have made mistake with three giant warehouses raised in 2018 and 2019 and a single store. Remembering the situation, I was taken out at night(I remember night ride and remember driving back and forth in Strykow's business area) and we were as first on the way to city Strykow - business area. Farmer audio/video recorded who attacked me with hoe base might have even SOLD LAND to Bezos for new warehouse !!! 

If you like this site, cast vote for Kamala Harris through Biden

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

2 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

1 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

I also apologize to mentioned psychiatric staff at Queen Elizabeth(Dr. Heather Keizer and minister Mr. James Aylward) and specially to Ellen Taylor WHERE HELD AGAINST MY WILL WHILE ABDUCTED(hijacked) REPEATEDLY FROM USA AND EUROPE AND TORTURED ON BEHALF OF BUCKINGHAM PALACE

Related to

Ellen Taylor involved all of them into MK Ultra am certain with idea to help <== seen here are her friends(they became her friends through this case) whom she knows now for already well over decade. 

I was wrong

Its the same thing as was in Poland. They don't want us(the world - the people) to get along. I was wrong to respond to selected few with such anger. This butcherous tactic that was used on me(I alone feel became a destruction tool), I am afraid, will be used to divide world yet again. Its why I am ashamed I failed at latest test and responded with such anger. For cold war tactics look no elsewhere than into White House, Buckingham palace, Berlin - not into people. World(people) must unite against evil of the past on all fronts. I apologize.

Monday, October 19, 2020

MK ULTRA Identified last remaining resident from Steigert residence next door in Lodz Gorna involved in my MK Ultra case

Booom !!!
Video can be also seen at

I call for >>>>Workers of the world, unite!<<<< again - regardless of your religion/race(two weapons they use effectively against us as you see)

Call for world to REJECT COLD WAR ERA ATTITUDE(refrain yourself to return with hatred Trump projected into own domestic US population and into global Asian African Latino population) brought to us AGAIN by neonazi leaders/elites of USA/GB/GERMANY against China/Russia. Its what Coronavirus, US elections meddling while spying on entire world via NSA and occupying Ukraine and Poland are...unite but not against capitalism - unite against nazi crime which is taking place against all of us.


Many involved in MK Ultra(in last stages of one and it was order they picked from West) insisted that I will be diagnosed with minimum bipolar disorder before they would let me walk away...that in fact I WILL HAVE TO ACCEPT ONE for them to see in me if nothing else...

NOPE - THERE IS ZERO OF ANY KIND OF MENTAL DISORDER IN ME. But I do need urgently year/two of vacation with moderate involvement of work activities. Before vacation, thorough health examination as I suffer for over two years already from high blood pressure alike sound in my head(24/7 - sound is like if you would let air out of balloon) - for this I was told 10 years ago surgery will be necessary and has something to do with blood issues via poisoning and use of directed energy weapons. 

Sunday, October 18, 2020


Delaying justice in my case is the most severe crime - as simple as stated.

Donald Trump and Joe Biden who both had my car destroyed and things stolen believed and incited(brainwashed) under MK Ultra for me to relate to Bidens as in same situation

 It is a CIA operation just as entire US elections are. The core was for me to see myself in Bidens who may/may not become US president. Further to push away from me if declining Biden other democrats. and off course to see Trump as brutalist who just goes out there and steals property infront of one's eyes...answer to Bidens and Trump is a NO. No more MK Ultra brainwash approved here. No more of your violent political shizoa.

Why would Biden with illegal stuff on his laptop wait for one to get taken away from him is probably related to attempted hijacking issue of Gretchen - both are in my eyes indifferent from one another. Simply entertaining and designed to foremost entertain(make us forget about written bellow) and possibly favor via self sabotage who else than Trump.

REPEATED: MK ULTRA: More on Sergei from Belarus involved in MK Ultra - and on Belarus state where brought abducted from Miami since 1995

Sergei(Sergei from Belarus as I have another one coming from Ukraine who does - is also Russian) doesn't have sister, but instead cousin(adult established family oriented female located also in his area was NOT his sister, but instead his cousin). This case in contrary to as Trump insisted to all parties involved is not about recognition of one, but first of all for us Slavs to see ourself infront of the world as human beings - its not about me only; it's about all of us.

Nobody can dispute from here on in ABSOLUTELY any way my presence in Belarus since 1995(even military facilities in Belarus get identified this time) - USA/EU can continue to see/hear know thing about what they have done, but they will never ever be capable to claim on how seen was not their crime(they hate us Slavs to exist).

 Next video will be about Tanja from Belarus - also same city as Serghei(Brest) - will talk about Lukashenko also in Slovenia, Germans/Americans in Belarus and so on.
Video can be also seen at

According to MK Ultra scenario(specially since Polish uniformed criminal whom case was given over half year ago never ever contacted me in respect to car Skoda nor would one bother to reply my message to him few days ago in which one was informed about my stay in Slovenia via sms), one would surrender NOW case against me on behalf of Czech police to Slovenian police

 and its how I would get in trouble. Via MK Ultra, Polish police officer communicated in this very room in this very house via Skype with test subjects, but if I wouldn't see his way he would just ignore my replies and give case to Slovenian police with whom Poland and Czech were in crime agreement against me from day 1. this is how this works now.

In 1996/1997 when brought to Belarus, Lukashenko had escape plan for me but he got himself almost in trouble because of one - this was the only realistic(something I alone agreed upon back then) escape plan that someone brought to my knowledge

Tanja Tanjushka from Brest got her first apartment rental in vicinity of her job...Lukashenko decided to just dump me into her life to what I didn't objected - this was probably most beautiful girl in entire Brest if

not in entire Belarus...but we got in arguments with one another - real Lukashenko's plan to get me out of AmeroGerman madness failed even more after they found out about plan and Moscow was contacted...his plan included a sum of 15.000/30.000($?) of something that would be enough to get both of us going forward with life...This is the very girl I met at the bank where she receptionist where she worked as receptionist 6 months ago or coming next(know her since 1995). Video in which I tell more about Brest since 1995 and on...

Saturday, October 17, 2020

16 days to death

 Its what your "2020 US elections" are. At least you are getting real feel of what I have gone through over the years specially in Poland/Czech recently.

KILL COMMENCED: Closer to US elections(the play with hope waiting game in which you the people will die), the more governments insist on explosion of Coronavirus - you don't have to be genius to understand why - record 400,000 new cases in a single day

Why such hive !!????? What are elites afraid off !!!????? What are they up to the waiting game the play with hope tested me in Poland time and again to endup in Czech with destroyed car...its your government designed path to hell my dear...enjoy elections 2020. Still remember when I told you to enquire about arrest of Donald Trump rather than engaging in mental game with one !!????

Keith Rainere involved in MK Ultra till one opened his church - Its when I was told he will be off the picture soon

Since George W. Bush's family was involved, royals, and numerous other top heads - they wouldn't allow whatever Keith granted himself on his own. It presented too much risk for mentioned and its how they got him off the picture. Just so you know how/why. I was in his church during MK Ultra - they brought me in where numerous beautiful women attended and I decided to just remain there, but handler Daniel Smith decided to drag me out so bye bye...little I cared about what went on when drugged it went for no less than 23 years. Talk about it if you dare specially after you were told(before they came to pick me up in reality|) will be taken to a mental hospital for repeating allegations. No, you have nooo idea about hell I went through. Those from West who claimed were doing it all for me, crossed me as good as dead on a day 1 when whole thing begun. Twilight zone multiplied with 1000.

Since I pointed into crime of Czech PM Andrej Babis(known also as 'Czeski Trump'), Czech republic became a volcano(epicenter) of new COVID19 cases in Europe - Daily new COVID-19 cases exceed 10,000 in Czech Republic

From Slovenian RTV Slovenija reports 11.000 per day :))))

There are only 11 mil. people in Czech rep. 

CIA's(LONDONIA IN THE NAME OF BERLINIA) CORONAVIRUS WAR ON HUMANITY: How Thomas Cook, a 178-year-old British travel company and airline, declared bankruptcy on one early Monday morning in September of 2019 months prior to CORONAVIRUS OUTBREAK <== ITS HOW "DEMOCRACY" WORKS(not the only company)

I don't have time to argue with Hitlers any longer on Coronavirus issue due to my own MK Ultra issues, but read this news and do your own research on who knew and sold what ahead of pandemic to understand where whole thing is coming from and why. 

Understand what suffered the most during so called "crises" for which China was blamed for and go back in time to see who sold what in 2018/2019 in

respect to coming crises in which poor lost their homes while numerous were killed, so WWIII war agenda could march on.

It is blatantly stupid to assume even for a second that anyone out there wouldn't know who is behind it i stated no time to dirt my site any longer with COVID or even US elections cluster(I DON'T BELIVE IN DOCTORS THAT CREATE DESEASES TO CURE THEM - WHAT TRUMP AND HIS REPUBLICAN PARTY TRADITIONALLY ARE - its how from public education to police and everything in between became destroyed and is in process of replacement via private theft/robbery - it helps when you know with certainty government made catastrophe is coming and when to purchase it back at the right time if anything is left for purchase - perhaps take insurance ahead of event - we have seen this process time and again).

Black people despite disproportionate poverty issues didn't suffer during COVID crises anywhere even near on African continent as much as they did in US is yet another factor to consider when deciding on who/why.

For this stage, they claimed me would become evident as per who/what but won't be possible to stop mentioned above any longer....I think time to stop WWIII still exists, but not with Orwellian saw/heard and know nothing game. Efforts(choking brainwash) for me to take side against China during the course of MK Ultra in respect to coming COVID crises were almost endless.

Roughly 600,000 travelers are stranded around the world after the British travel provider Thomas Cook declares bankruptcy

Friday, October 16, 2020

I call for Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin to recognize this case as factual and step aside

 This case can be resolved in peaceful(friendly) and productive manner for all sides. 

BRUTAL REALITY FOR SLAVIC STATES: In a shadow of Crimea/Donetsk failure, British take another cornerstone in direction of Moscow

Future of Slavic states looks bleak(doomed to dead end) is all I can say. Russians wouldn't even cover here seen news as was/is best to pretend to not see one.
@Ukraine - its occupation not help of any kind. @Russia - was Putin worth price you paid and what is coming next !!????

CZECH CRIME(from Andrej Babiš): My youtube account from Auser Times was hacked - main video changed to the one against UN from many years ago

Can see someone follows my activities very closely and has more than what I do. Video is now unlisted. Its Andrzej Duda and Andrej Babiš who have problem with United Nations and law itself - not myself. I like UN. 

STRYKOW, POLAND: Belarus Slovenian couple involved in MK Ultra also come forward pointed me out own spine problems

Thank you very much to couple. Regards to whole family in Belarus 
incl. grandchildren. Hope to see you again and soon.
Video can be also seen at

COVID 19 - CORONAVIRUS now scientifically proven a intergovernment cleanup of public(war on humanity) operation

Why have they CLAIMED OUT LOUD for months that number of infected was reduced when one was in fact increasing itself according to new statistics - governments alone removed restrictions for people for months !!! What happened in meanwhile !!???? Detectors used in process to detect virus lied and now are working again !!??? Acceptable theory !!????

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Vsi imajo probleme s takoimenovanimi strici iz ozadja

Jst pa ne. Glede na število bedarij v mojem primeru nikakor ne more kriviti oziroma še najmanj lahko krivim za njih takoimenoavne strice iz ozadja. Dejstvo je da je bil Milan Kučan daleč najbolj trezna glava ob razpadu Jugoslavije in še dolgo po njem. Glede Danila Turka prav tako tukaj ni več obstoječih zamer ker sam nevem kako bi odreagiral...malo me je sicer ujezil Drnovšek ker se frajerja delal - češ da je cool in mu je lahko(vseeno) ampak iskreno mislim da se je znašel tudi on v situaciji ki so pogosto zahtevale njegovo celotno psiho. Slovenija majhna kot je nima kaj dosti vpliva na tuje politike katere se je še Rusija otresala od strahu pred smrtjo - sej je blu hudu ampak v vojni z celotno Nemško nacistično državo ki je imela-ima podaljšek celo v ZDA - Londonu in drugje ni možno da bi bilo lahko oziroma sploh kakorkoli drugače. 

Turkey and Iran against tiny Armenia - I feel for people on both sides, but Turkish and Irani politicians are extremists(vicious haters)

I will not condemn Azerbajani or Irani or Turkish for a simple reason - don't want them to feel them uncomfortable if worse comes to worse God forbid(situation could well develop into Syria #2 as Armenia is not a single Christian state on this globe as you know). Why not trade lands on both sides and seek peaceful solution for both parties now when its time before it gets too late !!???? Turkey genocide Armenian people historically - Its how half of Turkey came to life today known as Turkey. Iran too became upon death of Shah Pahlavi nothing more than radical state incapable to handle even own state affairs with peaceful calibrated moderate diplomacy and this in worst since WWII times(during well prepared global nazi triumph). Horror. People get killed on both sides daily and you all know we will have to talk about it sooner than latter. Hundreds of tanks on their way from Turkey to Armenia - hi-tech drones massacre of Armenian armored vehicles bombing of civil population on both sides - death soldiers left and right...conflict which is increasing and not about to stop at any time...whatever is that you do, just stop it.

MK Ultra - Jennifer Teege(Göth) visited me numerous times to Miami/I met her in Germany where brought for Merkel's camouflage purposes

She should be(if you ask me) a German president, so country would have something to offer to itself and to the world vs hatred which is based in Berlin. She is German version of Obama. Hope vs HATE !!!


To make it look as we don't prejudge against Slovenian minority in Austria since the whole GERMAN crime against you is about to come out on a bright daylight

What our view will remain on Slovenian people "IF YOU"

More "IF YOU" countermeasures - Austria Will Keep Border Controls with Slovenia to May 2021

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Turkish drones a FREE GERMAN gift to Turkey for the sake of the war on Russia

2008/2010 - Inside of the Turkish drone command center where brought by Germans in presence of Angela Merkel where on my where/what question I was answered with was I cite, "this is weapon which will defeat Russia"...drones back then were rated by Germans as the most lethal weapon in German arsenal in service of them all. Yes, German Turkish crises, yes Canada stop sales of weapons to Turkey, yes Trump hails Russia but real answer to above is hiding in raising demand with which Russia will be conditioned....weapon sales can be reopened tomorrow or can run underground, Trump is tarnishing Russian reputation(numerous accounts from MK Ultra gestured he is actually hard core anti Russian enemy), Macron dreamed about protecting Polish airspace with nuclear capable Dassault Rafale planes AGAINST RUSSIA already in 2005/2006(not selling them, but again option to use their services above Polish sky) which he did offered to Poland in 2019/2020....Germany called for civil war in Belarus and so on...Tikhanovskaya and Navalny(they go both back to 1997 if not even 1996) are both products of DIRECT German assembly line manufactured to create state crises and the same thing was preparing for Caucasus...a bit here a bit there - new pipeline via Mediterranean...what do they want !!??? 


 If you recognize my MK Ultra case as factual presence in Belarus, I will charge Tsikhanouskaya and Navalny with murder attempt as they presented through me views that weren't mine(BOTH ALSO POSED WITH ME IN GERMANY DURING MK ULTRA WHICH WS USED TO SHADOW ME WITH LIES EVEN MORE), but instead those of whom they serve = Germany. 

What bounds us Slavs more even than DNA

This here for what we have to thank foremost Germany for as there is something be thankful about one....

Germany openly calls for civil war in Belarus - demands bloodshed without mercy just 75 years after Hitlers' tanks ran over one on its way to Moscow !!!

Belarus opposition to call country-wide strike if President Lukashenko doesn't resign

Its a shame for Poland, Czech rep. and others to bow down infront of nazi swastika which never ever since the end of the WWII was as evident as is today.

I call for German puppet states what EU is to become independent countries again by placing on a first place their own interests rather than servitude to German Reich(jail of the nations what EU is) for the sake of the human slavery. 

Slovak Boris Kollar is a good and great man.

He have done what others were/are hiding from. What others shamed to admit, he and his women DID !!!

If I ever make it through on time, Amazona will be on the list of my biggest projects(total rehabilitation of one) - Brazilian government burning jungle deliberately and foreign governments doing nothing to stop lunacy

For foreign governments, political agendas come first - but they don't realize their political agendas are going against earth's rules. They talk talk and never do anything about it. Some of them even own pets at home. What for, I don't know.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

I removed some stuff

Don't push, so you don't have to go to jail as this time you are proven on the wrong side of the table and once I start if you do get me into the right mode(you are very close now) I will not get off your backs. 

Nope, in 2008 huge construction went on as if they would build brand new house(cube was gone for good)

 Related to

In 2008 as if from scratch as told.

The last changed on this property was rear...

We will add to video about Kurdish friend data as following(IN CASE SOMEONE WANTS TO ARGUE WITH MY MEMORY)

Building seen on video(crossing point between Belarus/Poland) was just dressed into wood - covered into wood. Cosmetically rearranged(dressed in wood as I stated). Last portion of building was remodeled in the back of the building...this was a cemented - greenish colored building(light green - pale color)...cube alike building with another entrance in the rear - adjacent to one was some kinds of trailer or something(another smaller cube in the rear) the back once remodeled all went under one roof and possible is that portion of rear was even removed such as little long cube along which was entrance into the building....last remodelled was portion of whatever is in the rear...We would enter through here into Belarus from Poland since 1997 or even is remodeling over the time which even guards probably remember no more(rail attendants in Poland didn't any longer but I did - it pays off to play stupid at times - I was questioned on what I remembered and if I did remembered electroshocks most severe with all kinds of fake scenarios followed up on me).

I cite AmeroGerman brainwash, "if Russia makes it into UN, you are as good as dead and will never make it - its Russia that want you dead - its Russia that holds you back as good as dead"

Russia was my closet, under the bed, inside of the fridge, and watching me under the water whenever swimming in Miami...It was about Russia and China - still is from what I see China was worse according to AmeroGerman neonazi bandits...

German politic(Berlin - Merkel's bundestag) DEMANDED from me racism/nazism/fascism <== cried for one and even rebuked me as traitor if not obtaining its demands

But behind my back Germany played other cards as explained. Its how they got to seat at negotiation tables all over the world and by using variety of strategies they obtained bargains...from gesturing Italians/Spaniards on how they are unworthy to even eastern European as a human beings(its how faith of Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Seat were sealed and God knows what other great Italian companies as selected CEOs deliberately jammed production), to British Rover(and everything in between) gesturing them how we all pledge to run entire continent via Berlin for common good as British are nothing special(Royals followed up again with selection of CEOs which ensured great British companies went belly up)...and outside of European continent on how it was not about Germans at all and how we eastern Europeans are even worse - principle why to invest in Poland/eastern Europe at all when one is owned by Germany as whole was also used all over middle East/Asia...Merkel was choking from joy when meeting me - taking me for a rides abroad. I was a horror that would come to your city - a circus that flooded one with money and humiliations at the same time(people died left and right - became crippled for life as well - you are talking about a lots of people - entire Trump PRE PRESIDENTIAL PLITIC WAS BASED ON MY CASE - GERMAN AMERICAN NEONAZI POLITIC INVOLVED IN AS MANY AS POSSIBLE PEOPLE FROM ALL VARIETY BACKGROUNDS BUT EVERY HOLLYWOOD ACTOR, NUMEROUS NBA ETC. BECAME PROFILED THIS WAY - SO NAZIS KNEW ON WHAT CARDS TO PLAY IN THE FUTURE - THIS IS WHAT YOU WATCH TODAY ON NEWS/IN MEDIA - THEY PROFILED ALL ORGANISATION VIA THIS CASE BAZSED ON WHICH SELECTED WERE CHOSEN INCLUDING UNITED NATIONS/ AMNESTY)...

This video to set record straight on Merkel's politics in respect to my personal MK Ultra case. Merkel sadistically gestures(laughingly and is when on during every session I would be brought in front of her since 2005 and up) claimed me infront of other Germans how I was already insane and no longer knew what went on...On several occasions she also stated how one day, however, I will manage to break through fog and finally liberate myself of German politic - but would be far too late for me bye then already - she admitted crime(what followed next is known as heavy ECT).

Monday, October 12, 2020

Stollen telephone used along SD cards to browse my online accounts thanks to Czech police

Its a waste of time and space on here to comment totally mindless acts(not incompetent, but instead criminal) of Czech police.

MK Ultra - Recognized yet another Kurdish friend and his family involved in MK Ultra and this via Facebook

I met gentleman few days ago. He liked my videos and commenced innocent conversation via messenger with me which one led into my identifying him and his entire family as well as Belarus crossing point....If I was brought to this crossing point, I could give detailed description of how one was remodeled from older model - step by step over time remodeling. Was finished I believe even in 2011(certainly in 2013).


Czech terrorist Andrej Babis(Garbich) planned on creating a cluster via issues seen here for which I now realized already took place in the past

Andrej Babis is an animal - hyena in human body who had and has nothing other than the most malicious criminal indents against me. He insisted with "few days after breaking you car to help you out"(even with "to help you out") video about him resigning - blaming into hisopponent would be released +  that he is the only politician in Czech rep. who cares about Slovak people and would use against me his call to Slovaks to gain their sympathy prior to breaking my car. He released his call prior to breaking my car and replicated by one of his supporters an "resignation" scam on Sept. 21(5 days after my car was vandalized, and my being robbed even of telephones) while pointing at another to Slovakia acording to him because Slovakia that was extremely supportive and could cause Poland/Czech rep. a problems....

Sunday, October 11, 2020

Throat cancers most frequently are given as was told

 at dentists. Was told they drop something unto specific area and cancer grows out of it lie mushrooms after the rain. 

Better version of throat cancer presented me Heidi Klum who often hosted parties. I cite, "its where people have one night stands even cheating often on spouses and end up waking up with most severe problems"(obviously she doesn't have anything to do with it, but warned me on how its done). Whoever gets ahold of one via MK Ultra its lie holding title to individual's life. Its been like this for ages now on West.

CORRECTION: Tanja Fajon was involved in my MK Ultra case since 2004/2005 and know her husband since 1998 when one was not officially even a "leftist"(leftist career was chosen for him by Merkel alone)

While I am very concerned for Tanja's well being, I do not want to know about the rest due to above explained facts. Tanja blamed me for inability to have children(even that she will destroy me if I wouldn't give her chance to get involved) - that something was done to her(pregnancy related) when on mission abroad on which she departed according to her words because of me - to help me out. None of which I am disputing and due to what I will never turn back on her, but as far as her hubby its a no no. She alone had no clue about 1998 as stated above. 

Saturday, October 10, 2020

German neonazi Veit-Ulrich Braun(involved in my MK Ultra case some 16/17 perhaps more years) now becomes one of the most influential people in Slovenia through his spouse Tanja Fajon(ALSO involved in MK Ultra case but not anywhere even near as German neonazi now her husband Veit-Ulrich Braun).

Tanja Fajob became as of today a president of social democrats in Slovenia of which long time leader was current president Borut Pahor.

In the book of scams/crime/violence psychologists prepared via MK Ultra in respect to my case for Donald Trump - Trump has nothing to look forward too any longer

 its all behind(hardest political issues finished - my trust based on nothing but AmeroGerman betrayal failed indefinitely) and brutally points in his direction as the source of crime.

MK ULTRA AUDIO - 2 of 2 - I identified even first van of Czechs friend in Old Bohumin brought for him from Italy by friend via Italian delegation in 1996 1997

Video can be also seen at
On this video I have also recognized another individual whom I have never met during my entire stay(ITS WHEN I SUGGEST AS CAN BE HEARD ON AUDIO A SMALL HOUSE BEHIND ANOTHER HOUSE RIGHT NEXT HIS NEIGHBOR'S DOOR WHERE THEY HAVE A SMALL NOW OLD DOG) and that is because one turned at one point even against his own community for the sake of Berlin's America...this is yet another neighbor from friend(were all same age and know each other since same time - 1996) whom you can hear if you speak Polish or Czech confirming me my MEMORY about his Fiat imported from Italy in 1996/1997 - this is all boys from the same street closest to the lakes which we would pass since 1995/1996 numerous times....I have also identified tree passage from the past used on creek....

1 of 2 - I identified even first van of Czechs friend in Old Bohumin brought for him from Italy by friend via Italian delegation in 1996 1997

Many others I have met over the years(they met me under MK Ultra not that I would met them) either died or became crippled - Eddie Van Halen died of throat cancer just this week for example...Probably 30% of people that would bump into me during MK ultra would endup either dead or crippled of which some 15% or so(I estimate -  Dan Smith would be and hope is proud of me) had throat cancers...I explain in details what caused and who a death/devastation in Czech republic - further in Belarus. I explain to Slavs(remind Pollacks and Czechs) where our place is on earth, so there wouldn't be any mistakes about who and what we are. The October month surprise Donald promised you on the side is here, but not quite according to his forecasts. Andrej Babis, Andrej Babiš...Andrzej Duda - Morawiecki...
Video can be also seen at


I helped him save your Skoda factory by insulting Russian delegation in the face(drugged up during MK Ultra) in 1995/1996 when brought to Czech Rep. for economic summit. They wanted entire industry in Russia and I loudly protested what got large attention from observers and what eventually landed you jobs...Milos Zeman was extremely concerned for all of you and is a very patriotic pro Czech individual. He saved you more than just Skoda and got you huge market also in Russia, Israel and elsewhere...most important, he is a real Slavic figure I do not want to recon with. Wish him only the best.

@Putin/Lukashenka - OPEN QUESTION FOR BOTH

 Why do you allow to be called "communist dictators" by Western main stream media and Merkel politicians when neonazi war clearly(one must be either blind not to see it or simply a collaborator of one) was waged against people of United States of America and freedom oriented societies on the West !!?????

I will add to Andrej Babis, Andrzej Duda/Morawiecki also Lithuanian Grybauskaitėwh who claimed to have LOVED RUSSIA(they all did, but in the rear/shadow of killings which THEY ALONE caused to own citizens while blaming for it all on Russia, their final goal was a 2020 civil war in Belarus and in Russia) while acknowledging me during MK Ultra repeatedly as s racist

 Grybauskaitė just as the case was with Poland, Czech Rep. also acknowledged me during MK Ultra(not a hard thing to do to a drugged up individual) as a racist hater of Lithuanian people while presenting herself to public as lover of Russia. I was guilty of hate crime here too. I will not comment as this news explains it all

German European Union with northern American neonazi alliance along does have a power tickets for Russia and they are simply known as Putin(GERMAN AGENT INSIDE OF THE KREMLIN WHO WILL WHISPER A MUST COOPERATION WITH EU), Tsikhanouskaya(WILL BE USED TO PRESSURE WITH LIES ECONOMIC SANCTIONS CKETAGAINST RUSSIAN PEOPLE ALONG WITH NAVALNY'S TICKET), and Navalny. This is the German shizo trio which will play main role against free will of the people of Poland, Czech Rep., Ukraine, Slovakia, and Russia who traditionally REJECT AND HAVE REJECTED NAZSM.

Friday, October 9, 2020

German attempt with me through USA was very simple from day 1(A) - to kill me/not what they gestured me and NOT what they LOUDLY INDICATED TO POLISH/CZECH ETC. PEOPLE INFRONT OF ME DURING MK ULTRA in eastern Europe where investments/jobs were conditioned to locals with assistance to me

The fact alone that I was at first brought to South Africa to failed apartheid apparatchiks, setups in Germany where they contemplated even on accusing me of collaborating secretly with worst neonazis in modern history since 1995(its where and how video recordings were redistributed to side channels which found ways on table of minorities and into eastern Europe - something I was even told case will be and explined by Germans alone how there will be nothing I will be capable to do about it), Scandinavia/ Britain/ Italy where meeting nothing but top fascist figures while posing with me infront of eastern Europeans(using Musk, Bezos and others to hype them even more) claiming them a lots of money for "cooperation" by exampling me to them as future super billionaire(even king) till they agreed to reach agreement which would give them 50% stake in deciding about my life via contract - meaning....once this was reached, whole thing turned into ordeal of death and anything was permitted to do with me because I was as good as dead. The more the better as Germans didn't have to fear of liabilities for my life any longer. I became an middle instrument of their(both sides) inner war in mean while and was done to me what otherwise couldn't be exchanged even at the negotiation table.

@Donald Trump


There are only those like you who have made people hate their own flags - raping US Constitution(you Mr. Trump pissed on US constitution and on US flag - you violated US constitution and caused racial/ethnical unrest in country), you acted outside of your authorities - never mind duties.

Donald Trump's movement is a ANTI-US-CONSTITITIONAL PRO-NEONAZI AND A TERRORIST stance of failed Madison Square Garden

Along their leader they HATE American flag and HATE US constitution to summarize in a single sentence. They never ever cared about this very case, but they attempted to use one via Orwelianism to crush US constitution for the sake of nazism. These are David Dukes -  George Lincoln Rockwellists - KKK Hitlerists whose plan went very very wrong. I am not worried much because I know, government invested in advance a lots lots of money to solve future problems in this specific area. Their machine guns will be echoed by police SWAT teams and others prepared who will clean them out really good(not for good, but for some time to come) and really really fast(espresso).

They love US flag in smoke when set on fire by minorities whom they terrorize to point fingers at them, but their real flag can be seen on the dead wrong(not right as right - losers LOST WWII and are just what WWII losers were) right side above.

Raging lunatic(calls himself "the chosen one") delivers reelection Christmas message(makes his case) on COVID 19 just as I have stated would be the case

 I pointed out that Trump's scam on election will be solution to what one created - Made in USA Coronavirus which he still points at China.

@my brother in Old Bohumin

 We will do something about that hole you have on throat like plastic surgery that will cover one with skin, so it will be almost like before natural.

Told by Angela Merkel infront of her new Headquarters of the Federal Intelligence Service in Berlin

 I cite her in 2015, "We owe you 4 billion Dollars/Euros, but if you chose Polish woman that psychologist it will be nothing do just that you know"(it was about money, job in there, and then as last also about psychologist in a sense we also have to tell you...)....

Asking her what if I chose Polish psychologist...

Answer from Merkel, "Then you get nothing...few millions I don't know...".

When brought like an animal YET AGAIN to Angela Merkel and told in 2012/2013 Germany will start war against China, I had noooo idea that will go as far as Coronavirus g


#1 Individual as seen here became involved in MK Ultra case already sometimes in 1998 or so and landed job at AutoBild whatever.    

#2 Angela Merkel declares me her attempt to engage in war with China as solution to my life....presents me war with China as CHANCE FOR MY EXISTANCE THANKS TO COMING DONALD TRUMP. War against China would start from German side via video presentation from above seen journalist which would burn to ground detonate SUV which looks alike BMW...he did

Thursday, October 8, 2020

MK Ultra(audio) - 2 of 2 No time to die or when death is breathing behind your collar 24 7 on Czech Polish border

Part 1 of 2 can be also seen at

Here is THE October surprise Donald Trump, Babis Andrej, Andrzej Duda, and Morawiecki have promised you is coming ;) 
Part 1 of 2 can be also seen at


The man who killed in Ostrava area was Maj. Gen. Paul 卐 卍Eaton卐 卍 - right hand of KKK specialist Donald Trump in Czech republic

This is individual who hosted himself in Old Bohumin specially. There and have spread was nothing he wouldn't get from natives who accommodated Americans to best of their abilities yet it was not enough...local Vietnamese community got in his nose and hatred against Russia filled Old Bohumin's graveyard - advantage Andrej Babis took(attempted to spread Russophobia via American killing spree paranoia - same crook who would today prefer the opposite way via civil war in Belarus which exploded in 2020 out of "nowhere") !!!

No no no => Britain NEVER EVER threw its support behind Ukraine after Russia seized Ukraine's Crimea peninsula <== Britain betrayed - sold Ukraine - listed one to go as good as DEAD after Crimean ECONOMIC negotiations between West/East which started in 1996

The one who yet AGAIN saved Ukrainian ass was myself. It was same with arm sales to Ukraine of which none ever took place till I lambasted on this very news outlet Ukrainian politicians for doing ABSOLUTEY NOTHING about it. Charlie who armed Russia against Ukraine(had Germany buy oil from Russia to divide and break apart two countries via war, so he could push his ships through Black sea on Russian front yard and position troops along Polish/Ukrainian Russian border) finally figured out NOW that is better to turn economic course for a bit toward Ukraine to avoid Ukrainian Titanic...

@Slovenian employers

Don't bother with MK Ultra issues such as additional proofs as I do not need them more. You are welcome to salute me by recognizing my MK Ultra case as factual, expected foremost to treat me as equal employment searcher on job market to other unemployed workers who are in search for work, but under no circumstances to create additional obstacles as per more proofs are needed about my presence in Slovenia during stay in US and elsewhere abroad etc...employer Marin Biz(customer service for Telemach) responded earlier to my email as per having meeting arraigned in Ljubjana today - to be there within two hours or so...its like this - Telemach/Telekom Slovenije(owner of company or whoever) obtained leading technology in this sector via my case sometimes in 1998(prior to turning itself into private sector company Telemach) and was given to one by either British or Americans...Tomaž Anderson of Marin joined company few years after Borut Kramar who was one of the first if not first - have no clue who owner is, but Tomaž Anderson became his right hand two years latter or so as Marin company was born out of Telemach(ex employee established his own company according to my memory from MK Ultra).

I am not going down even with Princess Beatrice because I have no business too

 Ed Sheehan was used to rehab somewhat what British royals deemed was totally ruined reputation of mine - public image they created out of my miserable life. Scam should serve according to Ed alone as a way to rehab my public standings. Nice scar, but no thanks - keep it. Related to

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Criminals are logging in into my stolen accounts from Czech republic(from Ostrava too) via my stolen "Myphone" brand android

 Facebook got my attention today as I encountered one in Czech language...can be seen right here.

Tudi tukaj je Slovenija - po poteh gospoda Željka Malnarja

Ja, ampak kot sama premajhna. Nemci so nam pokazali kje je naše mesto v zgodovini in če le hočemo prihodnosti narodov(njihovo sovraštvo oziroma razbijanje narodov in ras v katere sami spadamo z namenom klasifikacije le teh v določene predale katere se da po potrebah izkoriščevati drugega proti drugemu preko svojih inštitucij, finančnih ustanov-trga in celo trga človekovih pravic oziroma sodišča v Haagu in Štrasburgu je zelo natančno v svojih namenih).

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Entire property of Andrej Babis - Andrej Babiš - a gift to people of Czech Republic(they deserved it for being humiliated often times even ruined)

 His kids will go to work as the rest or simply be homeless - they too had a lot to say/now lets see who will have the last say.

Sandoz/Lek Ljubljana/ Krka/ Novartis(all related to Czech republic) that he is immune and would go against me if I would point finger at one. The fact of the matte is that NO ONE is immune from me and that includes mentioned pharmaceutical companies involved in in my case(even remember entire upgrade of Krka pharmaceutical in city of Novo mesto as they briefed me during each arrival from US about what was newly upgraded).

MK ULTRA - I identify on second day in Old Bohimin(Sept. 1st, 2020) Czech Rep a native now wife mother and she RECOGNIZED ME from the past in English language

Video can be seen at

Despite theft, I still was left with million and one MK Ultra proof about MK Ultra in CZECH REP.

numerous proofs and many people will even confirm here stated. THEFT DIDN'T AND WON'T DO ANY GOOD TO ADRZEJ BABIS. His question will be resolved within days - attempt to revive one in any way will result minimum in a loss of time(will not negotiate this very issue) who believe can be done.

Monday, October 5, 2020

MK -ULTRA - Czech father and son(involved in case since 2002 or so), meeting with most dedicated/loyal(now elderly whose wife died in 2017) man from Czech Old Bohumin, and identifying on Polish side of border man(his wife/kid) who used to live on parking behind Orlen's fuel station in Polish Chalupkih - all audio recorded on August 30th, 2020(FIRST DAY) in Czech republic on lake Jezero Malý Kališok

MK Ultra Czech father son at the lake, old Czech man from Old Bohumin, and my recognizing three residents from no longer existing building(acknowledging long gone building as if one disappeared yesterday) which was located behind Orlen fuel station on Polish side of the border on first day
1 of 2
Video can be also seen at
2 of 2 
Video can be also seen at
Father got himself in life trouble via this very case because of my pointing out one to British/Germans who searched connections via which they were ready to invest as authentic European. Its how one got in trouble very soon with Czech government which blamed for it all Russians. He got divorced from wife and landed job in London but you can hear him using racist language because he still fears(LIKE MANY OTHERS WHOM BABISH EITHER CRIPPLED OR EVEN GOT KILLED) what one believes is Russian government. Czech government eventually got him drugged up and have inflicted him severe neurologic problems(physically NO LONGER LOOKS THE SAME AS ONE DID TILL 2004/2005 - he complained to me about deterioration of his health and son mentioned me trespassing into his xxxxx <== try me to see if I remember where/what heheheheh is not mentioned on audio) via most likely poisoned food/liquid supplies inside of his residence or have even injected one/crippled while drugged up.

It would be under my honor to submit(equal therefore) complain to "EU Court for Human Rights" even that Czech republic as is today is unworthy of anything more than German court to equal one with United Nations

Under personal honor as I am not about to equal one with United Nations.  EU Court is a no court for normal person if from eastern Europe

UN will be the one I will complain too. I'll let Czech republic to complain to German court against one another and me instead(the two are made for one another). Its why they are inside of the EU after all.

I told you already about Trump's miracle medications/vaccines for COVID 19 JUST prior to elections - he had COVID 19 but 10 years ago already. 

He fixed economy by introducing COVID 19 into one - cured same as prison/ educational(public services) etc. systems by inflating charges for one, using incompetent/corrupt exemptions(officers/teachers etc.) within one(deliberately crushing national/international average score) and introducing his own private options via which you taxpayers "save"(loose big on services, employment, inflation etc.) money. The Trump card....only for those(not even 10% of US population) who can afford one at expense of 90% of the population(if not even more)

Diabetes, drugs, crime world known as United States of America.

Will charge Andrej Babish(Babiš) with assasination atempt and Czech republic with genocide(extermination) at EU Court for Human Rights

Will charge Andrej Babish(Babiš) with assassination attempt and Czech republic with genocide(extermination) at EU Court for Human Rights.

Video can be seen also at

Building described to departing to Lodon Fujitsu coworker in Lodz was located in Ostrava Czech republic where would often times bring me from Poland

Video can be also seen at
Remaining audios about other Fujitsu workers still need to come - but all workers from department were identified one way or the other...many of whom I still didn't ask questions, however, I remember their personal details. I stated many more at Fujitsu in Lodz.

Teigen family / Kanye West and myself why

Related to

Why Kanye West is included in this news !!??? Because he insisted me will continue support for Trump for as long as I pardon anyone involved supporting Trump and he somehow knew all about Teigen family and myself(was told limited portion of Hollywood did, but I think good portion of Hollywood knows it)...

Kanye West further insisted would step in and confirm stated here and if I wouldn't that he would continue support for Trump, but what is actually possible(what take can I make out of it base on what I have seen took place so far) from my case as seen up to date...

As much as I love Chrissy and her family, Thailand took UNWANTED turn toward neonazi plan via her parents

I have something to do with it too. Her mother was the only female(its what I think) I was intimate with during MK Ultra. In Thailand where was brought, it helped Thailand's king who severely protested my views along other locals to accept nazism as "not so bad" after I cooked them local headaches. There you have it. I have to stop freebies

Sunday, October 4, 2020

Because its the same question(Trump's virus) as question concerning his taxes - democrat party knows answers on both and none(it can be like this and it can be like that even that you should be asking yourself why is dude not jailed on the first place)

 They are brainf**** with you - both political parties are indifferent from one another as those on the top of democrat party secured to Trump presidency and second run for presidency. US politic saw nothing, heard nothing, know nothing is a scam/lie that can be turned against you(its used to discredit physical proofs) either way one makes claim is why

MK - Ultra: Chrissy Teigen has best parents in the world - both(Norwegian husband is a very very nice man) are really cool

 but we don't go publicly about it any further from here ;) Thank you

Saturday, October 3, 2020


Biden Campaign Scrambles to Adjust to New Uncertainty in Race 

I wondered if US Constitution since I am with naturalized US citizenshiT could possibly permit two presidents to serve at the same time...I mean it wouldn't be bad as they can use same toilet at the same time too...its(what I understand) where both political parties eat from.

Donald Trump and few other government officials acknowledged my psychologist as Russian death following me around

 basically Kremlin forcing down throat its views on me via unemployment, hospitalizations, beatings etc...

Andrej Babish, "we will try to help you we all f*** if you don't escape...dra dra dra".

MK ULTRA - Czech Polish police New Bohumin Old Bohumin Ostrava real MK Ultra issues twisted with state crime

Video can be also seen at
In Czech republic as well as in South of Poland(also Strykow'a area where big Don had has Corning and other US corporations), everything was in line with what portion of MK Ultra brainwash during which public flash mobs have insisted on importance my having relationship with mentioned psychologist Justyna Kedzierska - but stuff done in background during MK Ultra insisted on something different. Very very different. This was video recorded two days ago should have been part of mk ultra proof concerning library in old Bohumin :))))

I will make it for both of us

 Don't you worry my friend

Dana White another dangerous Twilight zone clown politician to be wary off

 Yet another warm involved in MK Ultra who appeared in Poland in early stages...1997/1998 along Paul Walker /Vin Diesel...KEEP ON A SAFE DISTANCE FROM THIS INDIVIDUAL. 

He was super slick enough to take side against me from early beginnings claiming how one is anti nazi, but over time(once safely back in USA) changed openly his stand into pro neonazi one. Trump organized entire political sphere inside of the Hollywood.

MK - ULTRA: James Van Der Beek who hated me as a Slavic individual obtained special assignment from George W. Bush - court Vladimir Putin

Related to

Is in a hurry to Texas as we speak. Hollywood for James Van Der Beek was a NIGHTMARE. To be exact on dime.

Friday, October 2, 2020

At times, people would hit me(punch me) during MK Ultra due to stuff I told them in face and foremost because they wouldn't believe I was drugged up

This didn't involve young kids in Poland which misbehaved, but did people(Roma background - people the least guilty for anything and to whom I grateful for being more human/understating that others once they learned about what went on) with low education who just couldn't despite told my being drugged up over and over again believe I actually was drugged up...

We never made it Željko

Mr. Željko Malnar died in 2013. He dreamed about bringing me to his show.

POZDRAV U HRVATSKU: Mr. Željko Malnar(Croatian) was one of the first people involved in my MK Ultra case - was on his horse farm bye the black sea :))))

He became heavily motivated to help me out. But at some point I insulted his friends(his TV partner host leads night program with him for already God knows how long) and I was heavily resented for. They(he had partner - know personal details from thee people) had me in their studio many many times...he had me also in his apartment ;)))) is NOTHING as he presents himself on night TV as although sounds very intellectual - I must say(he is very gentle and loved by neighbors of all ages)...

MK Ultra - James Van Der Beek participated in Poland(1998 - 1999)

Man(mixed Hispanic black white origins) on a photo was his roommate - a trusted friend of his who was next to him already in 2000 or so. Two know each other for some 20 years back in time as we speak(I think perhaps even his college roommate - he went back and forth in college something like this and they had to squeeze him into Poland twice somehow)

James Van Der Beek(not into money - he truly wanted family seen on photo more than anything else in his life unlike as he alone stated when objecting my money gestures to him, other guys - meeting his red-haired wife was the most meaningful thing to him in his life time) planned on move to Texas(George Bush was the man back then) at one point and time. 

He considered his move to Texas as the biggest career move - its where as he stated would assist someone with something big. 

Thursday, October 1, 2020

MK Ultra memory about Old Bohumin library in Czech republic identified to 23 years in the past and confirmed by Bohumin Caritas and teacher UNMISTAKABLE even after so much time passed bye

US GOVERNMENT HIJACKINGS TO EUROPE FOR THE SAKE OF $$$$$(HUMAN SLAVERY AND RACISM IS WHAT I WILL CHARGE ONE WITH) AND RACISM - HELL YEAH !!! Coronavirus made in USA blamed on China, neonazi politic we witness, and the worst crime case ever(case seen and proven right here) - crime case used to unite politicians around German NWO agreement(make politicians see themselves apart from own voters and support global division - recolonisation depopulation new slavery on broad scale) they made via investments $$$$ into Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

More MK Ultra proofs about my presence in Europe between 1995 and mid 2006 when I never ever supposed to be on this continent a single time....CZECH REPUBLIC !!!
Video can be also seen at

MK Ultra - American left his shovel where supposedly one buried personal belongings in 2005 or 2006

Video can be also seen at

Why threats under MK Ultra to crush another window in the car with stolen shovel is because last two days I slept in a car with two windows broken and shovel stolen...its called terror- go sleep and wait to have glass fly all over you while sleeping in the car...Andrej Babish is a mentally sick dude - psychopath.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Next Czech rep., Poland, Ukraine and so on...

 no more politic. American told me not to do as I did today, but rather keep job in Slovenia instead - not truth as people invested in helping me out + companies out there are free(welcome) to offer needed employment if they feel I have sufficient number of proofs on hand. I sent out considerable number of applications and will even outside of the Slovenia if I don't get employment on time.

MK Ultra in Slovenian company TPV Slovenian village Velika Loka and job placement agency

From today Sept. 30th, 2020 in Slovenia - Novo mesto area(25km from our residence)
Welcome to part - 1 of 2 MK Ultra in Slovenian company TPV(German production only - what Merkel team selected as suitable for the area) Slovenian village Velika Loka and job placement agency
Video can be also seen at

Welcome to part - 2 of 2(original recording) MK Ultra in Slovenian company TPV(German production only - what Merkel team selected as suitable for the area) Slovenian village Velika Loka and job placement agency
Video can be also seen at

Either way

I am done with US politic as is. Took too much time away from me as intended and is bye far too much corrupt/dubious - criminal. I cleaned my name from politicians, so you know who you deal with, and for me mission in a big way is accomplished. No more....only MK Ultra proofs from now on to seal the biggest ever deal in the history of the world.

Trump in fact did bragged to have news outlet out there which would preach against him ongoing then accuse one of tax manipulation on what he would become martyr by pointing out how he in fact did paid taxes

 It sounds to me more incredible NOW IN REALITY that it did back then during MK Ultra sessions when acquaintained with his big plans to ear second term presidency via loads of scams. From logical point of view dear readers, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE that as big as Trump you would get away with not paying your taxes. Use your brain - it would be also suicidal mission and Trump is all about lies/stunts for which I am afraid all too many "different" democrats from democrats know about it. 

卐 卍Kingdom of Buckingham palace卐 卍 places sanctions on Belarus Lukashenko not Putin + @Ukraine - "if you will keep silent and be good and if I win(says Joe) in US elections, you will get self defense weapons"

I was the first who revealed(POINTED OUT) that Donald Tusk and Andrzej Duda(Kaczynski and his students Morawiecki) are enemies on paper only

 They all together run AmeroGerman Berlin politic

99% Pollacks and Czechs wanted to help - but 1% hosted or found its way on picture someway somehow

Great people that can't be hold liable for 1% hired on behalf of few foreign Trumpets and domestic politicians. Disgrace that they agreed to demands/conditions of their politicians to the point they wouldn't' allow me to even leave on fenced properties three bags of personal belongings and I was instead forced to burry them(hide them) and drive with them in a vehicle already small in size, but still people who invested in helping me out during MK Ultra to recall helpful events in the future.

I want to thank again to Roma people on both sides of border of which some(involved in MK Ultra) opposite from Andrej Babish even wanted to buy me bus tickets !!! 

Just as if you would have - thank you for being normal human beings.

Polish psychologist Justyna for whom governments in multiple countries provided doppelgangers just an angel - I know so for 100%

 Know so because she became unlikely upset with Mike Tyson who participated in MK Ultra and around whom I only wanted to hang around. Unlikely because she has great connections based on real friendships within American minority circles and Mike is just that...the problem was Mike's language which I begun to use heavily myself(profanities). Its when she lost it(begun to protest) for the first time publicly. So I know she truly cared for me.

Police department Andrej Babish used to cause destruction and theft of property was involved in this case since early beginnings in Ostrava - goes back to 1996

 I know personal details of police officers and police station is located in area where heavy MK Ultra took place - Czech residents from apartment buildings next door to police station businesses were involved in MK Ultra off and on.

Czech police vandalized car in Ostrava but it was on Andrej Babish request

Video can be also seen at
Andrej Babish Czech prime minster used police to vandalize rob my car and his psychological methods were indifferent from those seen at Polish landlords and employers who also claimed were destroying my property using directed energy weapons for my sake and would help me only if I would keep mouths shut.

You will hear me bitch about Hollywood on videos coming from Czech republic - NOPE - OSTRAVICA LOCATION TEACHED ME THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WAS BRAINWASHED ABOUT ONE IN CZECH REP. AND IN POLAND


Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Have recorded video about here stated when in Ostrava where metal wire is still in the water

 They had me in shallow water(river Ostravica dam where car was broken) and played with electric current via metal wire which runs straight into water. This wire, I remember, is there already for many years...verbal threats on drowning which ranged from Krka river in Novo mesto, Slovenia, lakes on the border between Czech republic and Poland ended with real electric currents(low voltage, but still powerful enough to feel them in shallow waters before dam and understand points/lessons given to me on how I will be drown if I will swim

Message from Czech Prime Minister Andrej Babiš to me to you - to all of us and foremost to himself

Conversation was done with hahaha tunes loones infront of me(I often times faced complete lunacy attitude in the face - most of the time) when drugged up:

Whoever(appeared to be American) asked Babiš, "do you believe in Christ" ?

I cite Mr. Babiš, "no, but I believe in Bobby"

Whoever asked further Babiš, "why in Bobby and not in Christ" ?

Babiš, "because Bobby will redeem my sins and let me get away with it".

His plan according to Babiš and few other "heroes"(smartheads) was to simply sign up neonazi pact with Hungarians, Germans, London, and others through which they collected money at large - industry was brought to Poland/Czech rep. and then via mountains of crime which BOTH sides organized(they played war through to me as both sides hated me to death - couldn't see each other eye to eye, but have seen each other as partners in crime against me - this is what united both sides as common bond + corruption and investments) across eastern Europe to catch themselves into trap through which they would awkward admit crime against me that is as long as I would counter nazis agenda....

This is individual(Andrej Babiš) who organized attack on me in Czech republic and was also here in Slovenia - in our house/in Novo mesto

This whackjob was involved in my abduction along with US Government and other eastern European politicians since 1995 and got financial credit from European Union once for exactly if I properly recall 400 million Euros/Dollars(subvention/credit whatever via this very case - year most likely was 2002 or so). This maniac claimed me would just let local police in Ostrava(this very police department in Ostrava had total support from head police in Ostrava just as the case was with police in Poland) to do as they promised me would do if I would dare come to Czech republic.