Sunday, March 17, 2019

After my posting news yesterday about terrorism

Two families involved against me all along disappeared, but not as told by them "to Germany"...

Warsaw resettled them most likely to Warsaw on private(they definetely are in Poland if not in Warsaw).

MKultra facts: Friend of friend recognized after 14 years in Zgierz library

With this type of training, I will soon reward whoever will spit in my face on street with smile

Damage(used to dement person with frustration or anger issues core idea to make one totally insensitive to issues arround him) and children...repeated damage(used to dement person with frusration or anger issues) and children...repeated damage(used to dement person with frustration or anger issues core idea to make one totally insensitive to issues arround him) and children...repeated damage(used to dement person with frustration or anger issues core idea to make one totally insensitive to issues arround him) and children....

I will not ask terrorists for assistance either

Trump and Putin dreamed about my teaming up with AlQaeda like this, but just because the two teamed up with them and recruited them for what you see here, it doesn't mean I am on board of their train.

You can keep your chargers, socks, and so on...will be okay with you as far as possible away from me.

As far as Polish police, you can have a great look at them in your local town during circus visit.

Last charger destroyed via electricity

Property destroyed so fas that I do not even follow any longer about what goes on.

The one to blame for is Warsaw as this very same issue was present already here in 2002/2003. This time electric current was used to create on and off electric cycles via fuse - will have video...

I am now left without ability to fharge telephone. Two chargers destriyed via electruc current within two days. No bad

Modified tablet does not allow to edit Wav audio files recordings

Video can be also seen at  or  or

Saturday, March 16, 2019

Immigration center is a center of criminal terrorist network which belives will control my life

Except for Ukrainian family, eldery Polish man(all non Chechen residents), and few Chechen families - we have organized crime concern here which is connected straight to Warsaw. About 4 Chechen families here are good for nothing terrorists which believe will control my life with use of crime against me on which I will consequently depend on. Wrong.

Friday, March 15, 2019

Thursday, March 14, 2019

Brand new charger burned infront of my eyes by fluctuating electricity

Video can be also seen at   or   or   

Nothing better than Polish police. The one you can rely and count on.

What this means

It means I will have to wait at least till Tuesday to get money, then walk AGAIN for hours away where bank is to deposit money, and then order one via internet and wait another week to get one delivered.

Yeah, this shit is sicker than sick and its likevthis here where telephonescare not allowed. PSYCHOPATHIC ENVIRONMENT.

Brand new charger BURNED infront of my eyes

Telephone charger was purchased week ago and burned today in front of my eyes via electric current to which access have only owner of the building or maintenance guy Lukas.

Either stollen if 3mah or wtih double USB or stolen and modified into garbage that on one occasion already exploded me in my hands when I pkugged one in the wall. Today, however, when they couldn't steal one - charger was blown by fast changing electric current infront of my eyes. One entire month pay wascwasted on phone chargers alone within 6 month stay here...this people are not normal and nor is police.

Two chargers were plugged tonight - one for two telephones and another one for usb lamp...usb lamp startd to flash due to electric current and I unplugged one as I assumed that was just old charger fold, but I didnt unplug brand new charger and one burned as a resolt in front of my eyes.



I see this is as bestial treatment. Run to city 4 hours of walk distanced and waste money or face issues at the local library.

I am trying to contact organisations and attorneys but time is limited. Used as such to push other issues(to lie other people willing to help foremost as what they created is impossible to deal with it).


Was repeatedly sent to United Nations as well.

Download what you see here at
URGENT: This letter concerns contacted organisations and would like your assistance in this matter as soon as possible. 


Bostjan Avsec
Ustronie 29
Tel. +48-579-822-625


Dear Human Rights Organisation/Comission or(and) Attorney,

For the third time, I received answer NO from Polish immigration authorities
My name is Bostjan Avsec and I applied in Poland for political protection(asylum) in August of 2018 just to beexploited by Polish government on behalf of Russia for technological and economical profiteering. In another words, Poland which engaged in physical and 
mental torture against me via MKultra procedure for no less than 9 consecutive years(and have brought me back to Poland for additional 8 to confuse on MKultra timing) have lured me in the country again in 2018 via psychiatric physical torture performed against me in Slovenia alone with idea to extort foreign government officials and BUSINESS people who involved in the biggest human ordeal in the history of human kind(1997-mid 2006) with extra issues(more demands).

In respect to Polish cutties such as Marta Kaczyńska and even psychologist I was interested in(perhaps still am).

In respect to Polish cutties such as Marta Kaczyńska and even psychologist I was interested in(both involved in MKultra and both divorced - one just prior to my arrival and the other one two years earlier). Not the same thing. 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Got sygnal on burglary attempt tonight from roomate alone as well as child who is used

to just snick into my belongings...Warsaw seems to be on thorns and so it goes with policija Polska....Polish pokuce protected well - Warsaw(KGB)

Will prepare myself well in case they try to stick hands again where dont belong.

For my claim in respect to TV show, I already have in hands proofs such as audio recordings

From a "no" from your side wont work either in this case...

I will be the one deciding about your sanity and not the opposite way as you anticipated case would be ;)))

Public library in Zgierz and Kaczynski's terrorism what this case was is used for

&Kaczurynski...if you continue like this, I will get you with 100% certainty on electric chair. So keep going :)))))

The more you do yourself, the less you know Kaczurino :))))) Your friend Mengele gave you a wrong advice in this case :)))) 

Truly glad that got with her child political protection in Poland, but hypocrisy from Polish government related to case of my own I see is just beyond disgusting

I just want to touch two issues before you follow to article seen bellow...#1) Norway is a Schengen non EU member state what makes one as theoretically safe on paper as Slovenia where I am from...#2) 

I received for the third time today denial of the right to obtain in Poland which was involved in a super heavy physical and mental torture against me for no less than 13 years a decision on how Slovenia is a safe state and as citizen of such I have no right to seek protection in Poland. Related to

No right to apply for political asylum in Poland - Slovenia a safe state

This is a third answer suggesting same solution to political asylum application in Poland. Bravo Polska :))))

I myself am "investigated" by Polish police

Its actually real :)))))) Looks like I became criminal even officially...certainly was treated throughout immigratiin process as such, so I don't see why not ;)))) Congratulations to Polish police...right on ;)

Library in Ustronie closed hour earlier(1500) due to my presence

Thats a normal because librarian must go and search for dog or something like that...articles and videos are coming today regardless.

On Thursday two hours earlier as it was time to create children party and so on...

The next video a total blockout for Mr. Kaczynski, Morawaiecki, Duda

Now you gonna start to play according to MY tunes.

FUN(entertainment) NEWS: Justin Bieber Updates Fans on Mental Health: 'Been Struggling a Lot'

Around Hailey Baldwin and people like Kanye West, you will be struggling with your mental health a lot a lot is all I have to say. Perhaps you should check how deep is your coffee cup heh😂😂 truth is hiding often times on the buttom of one.

Life is a strug😂😂gle Justin...

Monday, March 11, 2019

Polish language lessons inside of the Polish immigration system

Video can be also seen at or 

Video can be also seen at or 

Library situation in Grotnikih

Video can be also seen at or

Video can be also seen at or
Didn't want to publish this for women's day March 8th, but can't afford not to publish one either :)))
To late in this business(when dealing with hypocrisy - duplicity, dissimulation, falsity) is only when its too late.

Thousands of Russians protest against Kremlin's terrorist in respect to his internet restrictions

I have no words for what is happening in Russia...
Mental asylums are well "protected" just as the case is AGAIN with Russia which after all these years didn't get too far from USSR. Russian legal system equals to total curruption and security government services remind those from Stalin's are - they just became expanded on global scale due to traitor in the White house and few who belived that Russia too can like civilised nations and are in its last phase of existance as such(cleanup throught the West already commenced, so they will get one way return tickets at their best). In one sentence, "wars and TERRORISM against brotheley nations and even nuclear threats against entire world"(total internet blockout at home in Russia a must to do for Putan Putanowich).

Sunday, March 10, 2019

I will set record straight in your head really really fast

See what you really need and am here to help :))))) allways
Related to

IF something like this is about to happen at all

Special thank you to Slovenian state prosecutor Bojan Avbar for his letter which I received few days ago. You reminded me exactly on what I have to do as an German animal. It won't be exactly what you guys had in mind, but it will worked just fine for me. 

Saturday, March 9, 2019

Lives are more important than money and whole thing might have just been a must to do for Polish state

Video can be also seen at or or

Will sure see where whole thing will go from here because nothing is over for me...

Related to

Regarding financial support donations and how far did Russians gone to silence this case or or

Related to

Placing even a death mark on people who would dare to speak about it...RUSSIAN TERRORISM MUST BE HANDELED PROPERLY - 

New ads appeared on Auser Times

Video can be also seen at or or 

Make sure you CLICK on adds and thank you is all I can say :))))

Related to

Is US Department of Defence on dope !!!????? What exactly is new about Musk getting high !!????

I honestly think dude can't even have sex without dope...cmmo Musk...come out clean and state out LOUD and CLEAR, "I KNOW BASTIAN PERSONALLY AND WAS WITH HIM FOR NO LESS THAN 11 YEARS ON REGULAR BASES...IN FACT, EVERYTHING I HAVE OWE HIM".

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Wendy Madison Bauer's hands are bloody

I call relatives of her victims to step forward.

Like I have stated - we are far from over in Like Perry's case.

It is much bigger than what you think.

Luke Perry's fiance bragged about ability to snick into minds o Hollywood actors orctheir friends ling before one beca me known on stage as an actress

And was DIRECTLY involved with Donald Trump. Meaning she was used pto identify and even destroy any potential resistance against racist biggots inside of the Hollywood alone.

She is a member of neonazi elite in US.

Wendy Madison Bauer = Donald Trump right there infront of your nose.

Hollywood didn't forget about me entierly - dilemma surfaced in 2006 such as, "what about if he will not like it here"

This was posted on 25th last month on Polish as only option which would take someone like myself from Poland back to course its via private agency(no way one can find who friend of friend that ordered add on his behalf is) and for couple, but location fits MKultra brainwash and would even land me in Orange county - not too far from Hollywood.
See for yourself news from 25th I posted on this news site...

Luke Perry's Fiancée Wendy Madison Bauer 44-year-old licensed family therapist, actress and so much more

A marriage therapist who was in bed with Luke for already at least 14 years, expert on anxiety, therapist involved in this very MKultra case(therapist if MKultra torture sounds as therapy to you) specialised also in depression, self-injury, obsessive-compulsive disorder and substance abuse issues...

I don't know much about type of relationship between the two, but she was much more than just as depicted by main stream media. 

CNN - Luke Perry's daughter: 'I'm not really sure what to say or do'

Its not so much about what to do in your case, but instead what to think or and not(very important)

In short and from my personal perspective in case you get to read this(I prefer not too but if you do somehow, read this story only and please stay away from the rest), its up to others to do or not and up to you to learn from it all as well as to feel fortunate(as strange as it may sound) for your father's direct death. 

From German schweine(myself) to Warsaw and Moscow

Its what I was and still am as I understand. Its okay as long as again I don't learn to become whatever I became thanks to your MKultra and forced unemployment procedures that lasted with psychiatry no less than 24 years only.
:))))) Love is stronger than hatred.

New state people inside of the Polish immigration bureau and update for March 6th 2019

Video can be also see at

What will be revealed as following MKultra proofs - situation related to imported from US car in which I have recognized poeple - not only car, appointment with city attoreney for which same scenario was used as in 2006(I tell in advance before even enetring building what will happen as was there for same reason as with neighbor in 2006), friend of friend from Zgierz is recogized and so on...then other stuff more sensitive to my immigration status will be eventually released.

Putin will make already screwed Russia even a "safer" place by cutting one from World Wide Web: Putin Wants What China’s Xi Already Has: His Own Internet

No doubt man is severally mentally sick terrorist. 
@UN...don't you think his issue is a serious warning sygnal for entire world !!????

@US and EU...after China and Russia, will you follow same steps against humanity !!????

Russian Hero Svitlana Dryuk Warns Ukraine Of 'Invasion' Plan(reveals prescious war scenario) and Offers World Testimony in The Hague Against Moscow's War Crimes in Ukraine

Someone has pants and is >>she<<. Lady seen here is defintely into reality and not insane Moscowian dreams that huhted world of Slavic affairs with nothing but death and devastation for no less than 100 years. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

In Russia, people live to hate

Nobody could possibly beat Russian violence when it comes to pathos. Its a proven fact which can be seen from internet alone. Poland not any better if you ask me.
Off course not all Russians and Poles are that way(majority are good people), but those in government seats are. But then again who if not what is it that matters in life the most...

Strokes exist; directed energy weapons do not

WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Luke Perry' was involved in this this very case

While not a staff member, he would often participate in Poland. While he desliked me for my views which were racist(rather angry as I was tortured and as such ongoingly humiliated) at the time, he did learned who real evill was and is behind all(you dont have to be genious to see what is happening). His friends as far as am concerned, fake as fakest watches, so dont expect anything from Hollywood that will benefit your existance.

I feel totally ousted

In library a mess every time I appear there, immigration violating domestic laws and international treaties, no place where one could seat study language, no right to work and so on...

"You are German" is what am told...

It would be nice if US could resolve its problems because I woulndt want to be treated like animal any longer in angry Russian Eastern Europe or Germany alone.

Human dignity and justice are strange to these people and its why whole thing is strange(sickening) to me.

100 Euro camera also broken on last interview with Polish immigration in Lodz


"Knife...knife I found one" is what can be heard on audio recording alone as I placed all my items on xray machine - incl dygital camera and other belongings for which no normal time was given afterwards to have them properly retrieved - taken and placed back to designated areas(just grab them).

"Take we must go" can be instead heard and my camera smashing floor as a resolt of criminal behavior from side of Polish immigration officer.

"Its okay; dont worry" are my words on his nasty criminal doublefaced "ohhhh sorry"...

Because I didnt realize in all these(whatever is that you want to see thisvgarbage as) up to day that camera could have broken on that occasion.

The day ended with Polish government declining me the right to use public transport services when I attempted to pay one via debut card - video recording$$$ was more important for that matter and so I ended walking 30 kilometers at freezy night and in rain(wet frozen socks and in snickers) back to Grotniki.

Yeah you are great. Thank you for everything.

Told to go sign papers tomorrow in the office

Probably not a good news for me and many others.

Funny when you do more than you ever should and you still dont exist.

Was told by both roomates this place was mental asylum in the past. At least they spared me of this fact for entire duration of my stay here.

Endangered by NATO, even Russian supercomputers run on Western technology

Just as I have explained on my complain the case was/is
COPY/PASTE FROM PREVIOUS(https://ausertimes) POST: Every minute spent in situatiuon as I am is a crime. And all the problems they have created to themselves on this end are their own responsibility. UN should act in my case as fast as possible. I dont deserve stray dog life because political filth and their currupt supporters.

BRITISH ROYALS IN BED WITH RUSSIA: Banking leak exposes Russian network with link to Prince Charles

Just as I have explained on my complain the case was/is
Every minute spent in situatiuon as I am is a crime. And all the problems they have created to themselves on this end are their own responsibility. UN should act in my case as fast as possible. I dont deserve stray dog life because political filth and their currupt supporters.

GREAT FOR WWE: Big King Kong Bundy now just a dead bunny

No such thing as being allowed to scan computer hard drive for duplicates

Administrator permission required and library in Grotnikih or Zgiers wouldn't give one for such matter. Why this computers exist I honestly do not know.

Windows live movie maker a danger...CCleaner a danger and so on...

WORLD OF DICTATORS: There are few now, but soon it will look again allover like in

Duterte, Putin, Kim Jong, Merkel, Macron, Xi Jinping
And all was started by George Bush/Donald Trump...

DIFFERENT STROKES FOR DIFFERENT FOLKS(nazism on the rise and unstoppable): Donald Trump already a champion(winner) of elections in 2020

Don't even bother because you are next one in line one way or another.
The real question are not 2020 elections, but instead what exactly is this man doing inside of the White House TODAY - rather why was he there yesterday and the day before and so on...

The answer - because you sleep and wait for 2020 and its exactly what main stream media wants you to do(concentrate on something that shouldn't even be the case any longer). Corrupt Obama will not save you nor will others...

Monday, March 4, 2019

COMING NEXT - Audio recordings(proofs) of MKultra

Lots of work to get them done and those less sensitive will be released first(last those that are sensitive to my situation)


When brought to Belarus(2003-mid 2006) under MKultra, American staff members of which some were progeny of Russian parents/grandparents(this is whom Trump have involved in MKultra) have demanded from me to create economic videos on produce and so on which would benefit above stated gestures about Russian/Ukrainian merge into one state. via war. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Here is what total cenzorship looks like - and make no mistake as fc2 is censored as well, but not to degree of Israeli youtube

Video on youtube was published yesterday at about 8/9 pm on what I published one today also on Japanese Fc2. I was repeatedly asked if I have any folowers even by Polish immigration on behalf of Donald Trump...the answer is I do, but they are not subscribed(had about 700 subscribers when I opened first youtube channel within 6 months in 2010 and once youtube channel was suspended disallowing me to log in first for a month and then closed down by youtube for publishing video involving death threats issued to me by US Government if not leaving US in 2009 - all subscriptions ended).

Entire interview with Polish immigration 5 hours

Second political asylum attempt in Poland 2019
Video can be also seen at

Saturday, March 2, 2019

Headache blood pressure sound in head doesnt stop

I have nothin to add. Took some sleep for things to get worse only.

Whatever. Who cares(not even I do any longer).

Must be good for someone and something - just not for me.

Friday, March 1, 2019

6 of 7 and 7 of 7 - Second Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019 - meeting with Polish immigration

Super wealthy Poland has a lots of money ready to tose in a trash bin - Outdated Russian planes to be replaced by 2026(when those also become outdated) for the sake of Russia with American F-35

No signs on sight for wish which would actually maintain nations' independence. Off course I am talking about basic armamamet which Belarus, Germany, France, Italy, UK all already have for decades....related to
What exactly will F35s do for Poland(and 32 only)...the answer is nothing. The one who will profit from them will eventally be Russia(its why 32 only) which will get a good pick inside(and under the hood) of plane cockpits.

My job is not to bag anyone for proofs related to crime which lasted no less than 23 years

In Poland ongoingly for no less than 8 consecutive years(was brought back occassionally to confuse on timing for another 9 years). My job is only to remind you of what you have failed to disclose for no less than 23 years.
With me, you dont accomplish anything with threats(it works exacly the opposite as you already know from and via Slovenia whom you have also used to get things done your way) which you belived would help you out via MKultra...

EUROPEAN UNION JOKE: As a trainee(ahaha - as an trainee imagine this), Russian spy Peskova has unhindered access to the European Parliament buildings in both Brussels and Strasbourg and can(beside that did many) attend all committees and other meetings in the chamber.

How fascism and curruption go along with one another inside of European Union - here is why my complain with European Court of Human Rights(Strasbourg, France) agency didn't produce any positive resolts - how and why should it...IMPOSSIBLE !!!

Nothing but hypocrisy and threats via which they believed would obtain my sympathy for self abuse and life in fear

Cohen's testimony only about what we already all know and the most important fact omitted yet again - Cohen testimony: Trump's former lawyer will return to give further evidence - 'I will be back'

What about I...mouse have eaten your tangue Cohen !!???? 

You don't think you owe applogee to me personally for your lewd/criminal behavior against me on behalf of Trump or is it that you expect payment for one from me !!????? 
You will not be back because you won't get a second chance to get back(Trump will either kill you via accident as the case is on daily bases with Hollywood actors/activists or will simply go onto oblivion via agreement with him on which death will follow - Trump doesnt buy in your silence, but instead your permanent caskets only).

Thursday, February 28, 2019

VIDEO - Regarding knife issue at the meeting with Polish immigration(just 7 days ago) when applying second time for protection in Poland

Related to Polish border patrol officers at Lodz airport who were eager to find my pocket knife and then harass infront ladies on issue till I have tose one in a trash can infront of them

I was told(promissed by Polish auhorities) under MKultra in 2005/2006 that I will walk naked to Germany from Poland...either naked(will destroy everything to me incl. clothing) or jail as explained here.

I feel pitty for people whose only happines in this world are causing others suffering. Have never ever seen as many and as miserable people as in Poland...

German garbage was present in Poland big time. To tell truth, I don't feel like associating with this filthier than filthy neonazi filth  in any way and what was happeing as well as what is happening did/is happening with permission of one. 

5 of 7 - Second Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019 - meeting with Polish immigration

Video can be also seen at OR OR 

4 of 7 - Second Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019 - meeting with Polish immigration

3 of 7 - Second Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019 - meeting with Polish immigration


Wednesday, February 27, 2019

CRIMEA AND DONETSK BOTH BELONG TO UKRAINE: United Nations Human Rights Monitoring Mission and other international organisations have reported grave human rights violations in Crimea against the Crimean Tatar ethnic minority, ethnic Ukrainians, the non-Russian orthodox religious minorities and civil society activists.

West must give clear sign to Russia about its stand(Kerch strait conflict/crises shouldn't replace issue of Crime/Donetsk - its why those were created) in respect to occupation of Ukraine. Economic blocade against Russia, arming Ukraine, and accepting one in NATO/EU family are a good beginning.


Was told by attorney(very very slick attorney who ciomes to our center to meet with people, but in my case only to discourage me - she allways has "good luck" answer in advance ready for me) with whom I have met to just forget about previous reponses from Warsaw on how I have no right to apply for protection in Poland since since I am citizen of another EU state...gestured on how I don't have worry about it since I reapplied for political asylum...

My war to be accepted in Poland as a human being will continue to go on for the sake of Poland

Till seen by authorities as such(you will see my complain and answer one like it or not - will not accept this as an answer) or simply kicked out.

POLISH IMMIGRATION(second application attempt) MEETING Video - Political Asylum Procedure in Poland During 2019

NOTE: Dripping blood clip REPEATED(I would use one, but not as many times) because it was anticipated under MKultra I would(one is same color as Polish flag) because I dare those who dared me. 

Was highly discouraged from using one(resident of center also made big time noise just as was promissed for my skake to restrain myself from going forward with such clip), MKultra but that didn't stop me from completing one right infront of psychologists' office inside of the building(BIG sign "psychologist" posted at entrance in the office where I met that same day with attorney).

No suicidal feelings on this end, but want people to understand my age and situation I am in for no less than 23 years. It is serious. Rejected debit card which made me walk in rain over 30 kilometers at night was rejected on tram because Trump want to have one rejected(Have seen I have more than just enough founds available on one today)...walk was repeated from MKultra and from very same location - guess yourself why. Americans and others, however, did have tremendous advantages over me...lets put it this way...American with whom I was back then(he works by the Warsaw airport at the bank), wasted smugled US Dollars(exchanged off course) in food stores of which I could only dream off. I have recognized those stores...this is not lunacy, my Belarus roomate gave me and reminded me(gave me verbal OK for what I thank very much) of information how Boris Yeltsin(Ex Russian president who liked me a lot and have died in 2007) had own room inside of the Debak's immigration center in Warsaw where I was...audios and proofs about MKultra will rain after I complete this documentary...library again closed yesterday/today and son on....much much to discuss.

I AGREE: Politicians launch impeachment proceedings against Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko

When your money becomes priority over nartions' security which elected you as president, its time to go - I agree(@Poroshenko...what the hell is money to you sir).
Money is very important, but when it comes to your own nation which have faced and is facing existance threat, one should be rather spend on her defense than asnything else. My nation's  enemy is my enemy(will not bent to anything or to anyone) is how I see it as, as I alone wouldn't exist without my poeple on the first place.

@Ukraina..demand only the best of best from US diplomacy. No place for KGB proxy in the White House.

TOTAL LUNACY IN KREMLIN BRINGS WORLD CLOSER TO END: Russian State TV Lists U.S. Targets for Putin’s New Nukes--But One Target Doesn't Make Sense

You have to admit even if you were his supporter, Putin is a madman. Mad(sick) as it gets.
Donald Trump will do nothing as whole thing is synchronized with White house in advance - the core idea of nuclear war threat from Kremlin is to present one  to America and world as unfortunately unavoidable Russian ability to nuke US and as such acceptable. FBI/CIA must act and grab the greatest threat that embedded itself in the White House. US must further ensure that nations willing to exercise their right to existence(celebrate freedom = life) are secured with very same options Russia is using against them.

Monday, February 25, 2019

Poland admitted her involvement against me on behalf of Moscow by not responding with other than torture to my request for political protection in one. Silence is a sign of admission.

You did this along with torture for no less than 6 months.

Only have one word for Polish state and is in Polish


You will no longer stand on two banks of the river. Trump won in your(not mine, but yours yes) case.

Offer Accepted - If you can get me out of here as fast as possible is appreciated

Polish state made a step too far and I don't have time for this. 


Will not be closed as a single deal as brainwashed either

Each state(country) has own bourdain. As much as you got involved in it. As much as you have contributed.

Related to

Was told by Trump how I will never ever close the deal if not under his term

This is not against you personally dude...this is foremost against those who allowed spook like yourself to even step in front of my face(basically US Government that allowed you to interact with me in any way).

For what Germany owes, Israel owes 4 x times as much(it started with Netanyahu and his daughter Noa Netanyahu-Roth). And for as much as Israel owes, US owes at least 10 x times as much. And so should be interesting :)))) According to whoever contributed to whatever...

Related to

Will not support any of the two

Both were handpicked in advance by Donald Trump as possible choices for replacement. Both are into money and both knew about my case already in 2006.
 Both were motivated into money deals on the side. Trading with human rights in another words(Trump gestured me personally how I would only have to pay them few millions on the side out of my own pocket).

Library will again be closed tomorrow and probably because of me(as told by librarian in the face) again the day after tomorrow - take a walk was additional gesture

Video on meeting with Polish immigration is coming next

I am everything but impressed with one. 6 months was used for torture and video recordings purposes only. They didn't bother to even answer with other than

Polish immigration system was also careful enough to brainwash with word "Dublin" throughout this very process(from point A to Z)....

Video will be submitted to UN.