Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Polish consul sent home from Norway...

I would like to yell its neonazi/fascist way as I did in the past, but real question is what is happening in Poland and across the Eastern Europe..."take and give" goes both ways, but this will never become clear in heads of people who make important decisions on behalf of people across the Eastern Europe.
Those who consequently suffer are on the bottom of the societies - defenceless Polish families who run abroad for piece of bread and people like myself(politically persecuted people) which are sold and resold by both sides.

Truth is I have lost totally interest in Poland and no longer want to even

walk distance of 100 meters to immigration center where they give out lunch.

Have not felt like this yet in my life time.

From being eager for life to loosing interest in life via physical torture...

I requested(have asked about only) transfer to another safer location, but

was told that only 30% of immigrants in Poland are non Russian(Chechen)....70% are Russian citizens.

And there is no immigration location on the West side of the Poland...all locations are located near Russian(either Kaliningrad or Belarus) Border.

Video - Shirt known as 911 from Caritas finds its way back after my suggesting future departure from Poland to Sweden

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

The most cynical(criminal and sadistic) political asylum procedure ever. Learn Polish language what for...
You can see the date when news in respect to Sweden was published clearly

Money for the trip to immigration center in Warsaw finds way back to me after one month and three days of wait

Photo was taken inside of the office at the immigration center in Grotnikih.

 I almost left without any proofs for anything, but you can see(given to me upon request) time and date received on lower right corner... 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

As far as Polish politicians and their blah blah in respect to Russia

Actions talk louder than words. And anyone could abd can see what your actions were/are in respect to my case.

My next stop will most likely be Sweden

Eastern Europe won't see me any time soon(most likely ever again).

Don't plan on going through immigration procedure again, so I will most likely end up doing some busenes while here and Poland till established enough for Sweden...get work permit in two weeks or even less(foreign employers as well as females welcome).

Nothing changes in respect to courts. Will continue till I get compensated.

How live streaming was done according to my American friends....


This is what I was told, but internet streaming option is more likely.

Way to go Trumpy.

Complain against EU Court for Human Rights which was submitted to European Commission on January 17th, might have been modified via hacking into my blogger(gmail) account the very next day...

Poland knows no borders when it comes to crime.
Is complain still the same or not(was one modified the very next day by Russians), I do not know.

More...out of three USB cables which can connect or charge tablet with computer(transfer files), none can transfer files to computer(to any in library) any longer. They are good for charging only and charging is probably twice or even three times slower than what normally the case would be.

How have I detected one

I am not hacker, but hackers did disconnect yet again my wifi from network by deleting me password...this happened frequently on both telephones and also on tablet. I was left without ability to connect to internet as they don't delete only a password, but jam via this immigration center entire wifi adapter on phone/tablet somehow, so phone/tablet has to be restarted or one can't connect to internet...I restarted one and then downloaded program which allows you to repair wifi(adapter - so tablet doesn't have to be restarted each time when they cause damage) issues as well as to demonstrate you who is connected to  wifi router. Program can be downloaded  Name of the program is WIFI Signal strength from North Bridge.

Causing me a problems ended for perpetrators with problems.

Can you see it

Yes you can

Cought Apple device last night(in kitchen) which used my passwords to blogger(gmail) and who knows what other sites - WIFI BENGAL BELONGS TO IMMIGRATION CENTER

There you have it.

This morning

I am not a happy cat

Monday, January 21, 2019

Use of anesthetics against me after compelling me in rooms with ex MKultra staff will cost Polish state big time

Much worse than physical assoult in my eyes. This is where all ends.

Will create video on this subject. 

Public note to Polish psychologist I have expressed interest in

I do not wish to proceed with relation of any kind from this point on. Deadline expired and I am open for new possibilities. 

Advice. My conduct in US never was criminal as you suggested under MKultra. Yours was on too many occasions. If unsure about person as per his mental well being, move to the next one rather than to engage in criminal behavior against one.

Ukraine arson attack’ leads straight to German neonazi

Its more than just pipeline(German $$$ for war against Eastern Europe from Russian direction) in case is not enough...

There is a long and distinguished history of German statesmen cosying up to Russia for geopolitical comfort.

Pippi Longstocking homeland loosing its charm: Russian activists denied asylum in Sweden: 'We can’t go back'

Are you serous Sweden !!?????
Question is not why...
Alexey Knedlyakovsky and Lusine Djanyan say they fear being arrested and beaten if sent home...

You do be lucky if only arrested and beaten up is how I see it as...

Two Russian opposition activists denied political asylum in Sweden say they fear being arrested and beaten up if they are forced to go home.

Putin's psychosis not a secret: Ukraine could soon cease to exist and Russia sets up NUCLEAR MISSILES near Ukraine border

His mental condition is developing for quite some time. Latest not a surprise, but it should be a stern warning to a healthy human mind. 
Not only insane words, but also actions suggest that Moscow lost touch with reality 100%

Lukashenko denounces(doesn't want anything to do with it) further aggression of Putin on Ukraine - Russia, not us is at war with Ukraine – Belarus president

Poland and Ukraine(West) should make move toward Belarus as the opportunity to libertate Moscow from total lunacy.


At today’s meeting dedicated the 100th anniversary of the Belarusian diplomatic service, Belarusian president Alyaksandr Lukashenka has provided a response to those who blamed Belarus for supplying Ukraine with diesel fuel that is then used for military purposes.

Two neonazi idiots met for well anticipated meeting celebration in Belgrade, and instead faced thousands of angry Serbian protesters on streets of Belgrade, other cities

Happy days of CRAZY COUPLE came to and. People know.

US Government wins BIG TIME against 100% legitimate witnessing of Nastya Rybka vs Donald Trump - Putin, "lock her up and torture her - nobody sees, knows, or hears anything".

Fat cat in Washington DC known as pathological liar is sleeping well and other "BRAVE" cats along one as well.
And where are the human  rights activists when you need them for the most legitimate cause !!????

Model who alleged Russian meddling in US election tells Moscow court she will not publish Deripaska recordings 

Anastasia Vashukevich, the model who recorded a former employer of Paul Manafort allegedly discussing US relations with a Russian deputy prime minister during the 2016 election, has promised in a Moscow court not to release any further recordings. 

Polish state have placed me in a center of the worst threat possible(was same in Debak, Warsaw) since day A

I have never ever owned mac and don't know anything about this location. All I know is that my belongings are frequently broken in via night sleep assisted by anesthetics. 
This issue doesn't concern only belongings, but also a physical state of well being as per definite food contamination and even possible vaccinations. I will create video on virus issues which I have experienced at both locations on multiple occasions.

Stuff was uploaded thanks to my "roommate" who went on a long talk this morning at 5am

I hope not with his wife or someone else.... 😅

Lol it was the same thing time and again till 0700

Sunday, January 20, 2019

KGB is using anesthetics to open my belongings at night and yet another charger became super slow was open possibly even changed

Video can be seen at 

Tablet just purchased already modified and possibly even have remote controlling devices installed

Video can be also seen at

MY VIEW ON POLAND: Detailed MKultra account about how we first arrived to Polish Grotniki Lodz area

This Was Recorded(both videos) yesterday on January 20th, 2019 at about 1100 am
Video can be also seen at

I will never ever forgive any of what was done to me by this state and will never ever accept any form of appologee or assistance from Warsaw. 
Video can be also seen at

Video - Newest charger stolen this morning and roommate posting me per Polish state notes in respect to rights as medical patient

Video can be also seen at 

KGB is using anesthetics to get into my belongings at nights

One charger stolen and other one if not only opened and ruined - replaced.

This is work of Polish police to make myself clear. Videos coming

Netanyahu dreamed(was obsessed) about bailing state of the Israel(Jews as nation) out of canandrum known as Judas Iscariot

So I guess you can buy stuff like this in Poland too...and as much Satanyahu dreamed about my marriage with his niece, Kaczynski and Zeman wi$$hed for my new homeland. The first time I became acquaintained with Iran(how Poles were rescued by Iran in WW2) was via Poland in 2004. This too became option for Kaczynski(Trump was extremely anxious about it all - it was all the time"what about IF") next to Chechnya Ru$$ia and so on.

Saturday, January 19, 2019

No money for the trip to Warsaw was ever refunded up to very today.

Trip costed more than monthly allowance(more than 70 Zloty) and one took place on Dec. 19th.

Video - Microwaving in kitchen and in the room at Polish immigration center detected

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

Video about Romanian instigator who begun to complain about my caughing in the kitchen with idea to confuse on microwaving can't be played as Warsaw prohibited me release of any video audio recordings which would involve people from center or employees. 

Video - Regular daily kitchen sight(knifomania) in Polish immigration

Video can be also seen at 
5 months of this will make you wonder. 

Item as will be on sale at Amazon

Not ebay. 

Yet another MKultra item have found its way back into my case...

It is authentic and will go on ebay(not ebay, but instead Amazon) auction(both - cost for each) for about 15% of the price for recently sold tuna in Japan...
Related to
It brought fortune to the negotiation tables of both sides... Made politicians and busenes people super wealthy from both sides and once gone from scene, complains traced all the way to Asia(China, North Korea, India, Japan - I cite Trump, "not the same any more since you were gone".... Milos Zeman, Kaczynski, Pahor, Vucic and others referred to me as Gold Boy).  Money asked for each item is a pocket money for here mentioned people. 

Both are in about same shape and I will understand a purchase as a big time form of help out of total poverty in which I was compelled. ASKING PRICE WILL RESOLVE ISSUES FOR SOME TIME AND GIVE ME ENOUGH TO INCREASE CAPITAL VIA HONEST WORK.

Purchase of this items doesn't resolve court claims involved against countries in my case in any way. 

I call on Polish women for solidarity(resistance) action against Kremlin and KGB agent in the white house

Many of you were effected in worst ways possible and have even gestured how it was my fold.... I don't mind being "guilty" at all because it's my duty as a male to take heat from you and stand up for you. That's what we makes exist for. I don't mind at all, but right now your Russian (Belorussian colleague Nastya Rybka who also played big part in West East negotiations) is tortured in Moscow... we have another Russian female here who was sold to Chechnya and even I am here who have made possible for whole world to see what went on in Poland (Easter Europe) between 1998 and 2006 for the sake of new USSR.

Just how many females did Kremlin destroyed we will never know, but to demonstrate support for those which are in need of one and total resistance against rape is our duty.

Video - Chlorine added to sugar poisoning in Poland 2018 explained

Chlorine looks the same as sugar and was as bad as drinking coffee. One kg of white sugar(only affordable option) wouldn't more than 2 days before whole thing was contaminated when on upper bunk(bed which I changed just week ago for lower one).
Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

My Chechen Russian roommate who have connections also to Arabia and Warsaw have

Proven s knife abilities just week after he threatened me with knife.
 This is what third container looks like - not destroyed as otgervtwovwere within day/two(knifed through and through), but instead like this...little bye kitle to sicken person as much as possible before cutting one completely.

Friday, January 18, 2019

US democrats(entire US gov.) should act now in respect to ex Trump's escort from Belarus whom KGB thugs have even arrested in Moscow

Demand her to be released immediately and offer her political asylum on the West.

Show you are real America

There is almost no difference between

Sugar and chlorine. Poisoning went like this for no less than 5 months in Poland alone(in Slovenia a neighbor Dane Kolenc who was here did his part do - he got training in Poland on how to). Noticed and known in advance, but deliberately implemented by Kaczynski team on behakf of Russia and for the sake of the $$how.

Cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension, and brain cancer are a very very serious problems. They dont develop immediately, but they do over time.

Work permit will be due in about two weeks or so

An fun will end(big time) for the Russians this way.

Warsaw decides to keep library(computers) closed for yet another day

Closest one is 10km from here - cost free of charges if walking 20 km(13 miles) or if willing to pay a 1/5 of what you get every month for detergents/ soap bars/ tooth paste/coffee and so on. Your choice. Library was closed also several dats in December which I have not mentioned.
 I was given a roll of bread yesterday by librarian do, so I probably shouldn't even write this on here....

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Yet another illegal login into my blogger/gmail is recorded.

There is nothing to add here.
I only have CM browser and google chrome without any proxy(never use one) option installed on my Lenovo tablet.

Complaint against EU Court for Human Rights now submitted to European Commission

Whoever thinks that this case will somehow cease to exist is frankly crazy. Will proceed from here to national courts. This is just a beginning - make no mistake about that.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

RUSSIAN FASCISM ALERT: 40 arrested and two killed by torture in fresh anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya, activists claim

There is not much to add to this story or is it...Russia is a sad place and Chechnya just a bit sadder(sicker).

REPUBLICANS WAVE GOOD BYE TO TRUMP: Senate Republicans break with Trump on Russia sanctions

Game(END GAME) over for Trump and his cronies begun

Senate Republicans break with Trump on Russia sanctions

Iran summons Polish envoy in protest against upcoming summit

While Poland must strive toward standards of the West(national integrity, wealth, and equality within entire society) which include NATO membership, it is just as important for one to remember her national history. Hosting such conference is a duty and the right of Polish sovereignty, assistance to Iran in respect to conflict with West however a duty. Its why I hope Iran would somehow benefit from one if anything and perhaps even express interest in modernization of own state via Polish interference. I see this as an opportunity for all three parties involved. 

TO BE OR NOT TO BE: Similarities between myself and Gdansk major more than just exist

He wanted a bit too society(desire for self regulating independent state affairs) is a thorn in a hill of Kremlin. What have I gone through in Poland for the last 5 and half months now !!????

You get it !!???

There is a price to pay for open self regulating society - “open, tolerant, generous” country as major Adamowicz wanted...costs for one start with

'A tragic moment': thousands gather across Poland to mourn MURDERED Gdańsk mayor - main Polish party to investigate murder

Related to where I expressed my opinion about it all. That main party known as "ruling Law and Justice party"  will investigate incident is interesting, but also would be interested to know about direct links between this main party FOR GREATER RUSSIA as I would prefer to call one and Russia. I am somehow not motivated into Russian fairytales any longer. 

Kremlin no longer can take heat - Nastya Ribka and her boyfriend both released(aka "deported" with fine of $3500) from Thailand - Nastya Ribka and her boyfriend were both involved in MKultra and would frequently meet with Donald Trump's crew in Belarus/Russia as a part of Putin's delegation(escort services offered to Mr. Donald Trump)

I have already talked about here stated and its why Kremlin today no longer can take heat. Her life as well as life of her boyfriend were also screwed(Russian "when we no longer need you, is best to get read of you" system). While denied chance to even open her mouths, Rybka could in respect to Donald Trump's proofs probably offer us even Trump's semen. It wouldn't surprise me at all as Mr. president(total idiot - beast whom I wouldn't call animal) was all lost in Eastern Europe incl. Poland. 

Great news for Nastya and her boyfriend(sentence shortened big time). Wish both decent life.

PERSONAL QUOTE: When asked "if everything is normal", take a moment before answering - look person who is asking you a question and then decide if its worth

It is a regular(equal to "how do you do, how are you, whats up, and so on") in Russia to substitute real normal with "normal" question as seen above, so don't be afraid to take moment and see before answering on who is asking you for what.

Personal quote.

Salute known as "Normal" is frequently used in Russia(also in Slovenia already and in Poland where was brought from Russia) for affected people to accept abnormal as new normal. There is also more people locked inside of the mental asylums in Russia than anywhere else in the world(what happens when you without realizing agree on new "normal" too many times and you forget what real normal looks like).

Russia is using all sorts of dirty devide and conquer technicques

Jacket from Valerio(KGB "aryan" from minsk) red on his back(same jacket as was used in 2005/2006) with huge letters "NORTH FACE" and when MKultra torture ended in 2006, his last words to me were, "when you see this jacket again, you will recognize me"...he further continued with, "you will turn into nigger by then and we will try to rescue you...this will be your last chance and if you will not pick Russia as ultimate choice, you are going to be sold Arabia/Chechnya whatever".

My take on death of Gdansk's major is

That most likely was murdered by a Russian sponsored neonazi(brainwashed under MKultra to serve ultimate Kremlin's goal in Poland because countries can only be invaded if those are proclaimed by Kremlin as neonazi - example is Ukraine and Baltic states abd off course myself).

I would love to hear story of a stabber in respect to this case...whole thing.

Gdansk major was not liberal, but instead patriot who wanted open Polish society - something that can be only done with full national sovereignty(without Russian interference in internal state matters in another words, but Russia operates big time in Poland as well and will not let go easily).

My crying(whenever one is not laughing like a mad man as we have that element as well) roomate may complain in his lunacy about me, but

Fact is that I have audio recorded(posted on internet already) one calling me filthy on the first day hemoved inside of this room and that his wife is taking already 5 months long vacation. So good luck to you with your Russian Mohamedan fables.

Related to

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Imagine to be in the room(share same room) with lunatic who does nothing but damage to your propery

His wife left week or two prior to his arrival in this room(4 months in here already). He talked about suicide, cried occassionally from day A, smoked and drinked to the point I had to call security for help, life threatened with knife in his hand, and have done nothing but damage to my property. He sleeps in day time(doesnt care about learning Polish or get job or whatever) and "works"(is buisy vandalising, poisoning food supplies, banging with doors and creating all kinds of noise, and playing with radiation) during night.

This is what Warsaw gave me as a roomate folks. Sickening

I am somehow not shocked that major from Gdansk got stabbed. Go figure out why not...

Related to

VIDEO - Report concerning human trafficking in Poland now submitted to FBI, ICAT, Interpol, United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, Polish Biuro Międzynarodowej Współpracy Policji KGP(Office of International Police Cooperation KGP), Regional Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw, and to several Polish organisations(public and private)

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

I call American MKultra staff members who on the side(they were used to translate and assists Russians only - translate to me on behalf of Russians desired views and positions I would sought in the future when rehearsal of MKultra would take place) have taken me to this very location to step forward in respect to this case. This case concerns all of us and is case that concerns entire Europe.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Will hold Poland liable for safety of her children and her for as long as Iive

I would contact also KGB(FSB), but what a disgrace one became.

Have investigated situation yesterday and will make several police reports to international(Interpol) and US law enforcement(FBI) today

Included one against Zgierze police department whom I will charge with human trafficking.

I am not surprised on why I was asked(why police insisted so much on my leaving thus location).

Russian girl was practically hijacked from her second location by Zgierz poluce alone. Owner fought for a while against all of them on her behalf and then he finally let go - he knew nothingabout ut yesterday, but thats okay because I do. Russian girl was gone out of Poland in 2009, but is now in center and must be saved(they hold two of her children in Chechnya as hostages).

VIDEO - RUSSIAN TERRORISM ALERT FOR WORLD: Here are proofs about 2018 residents in Polish immigration center as per being the same as in 2004 2005 2006

Things for you(for civilised world) to know about Russia.
Video can be also seen at

There are million and one reason per why Donald Trump(sick Americn disgrace for US and world) should be jailed for life.


Sunday, January 13, 2019

I will just nuke the whole thing out tomorrow

Will simply release information that will confirm whole account about immigrants at this center with 100% accuracy.

Will also use special detail(extra bonus) to take things a bit beyond(what very few speculated could be even possible).

Video - 4 of 4 Concerning Trump's video recording of immigration procedure in Poland and stolen watch last night

Video can be also seen at
3.5 hours lost, but watch returned !!!
Video can be also seen at
With KGB terrorist in the White House and by being sorrounded with some 25 or more Chechen Russian families in the middle of the Poland, one never knows.
Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

If I would have walked out of the room this morning, watch would have been stolen for ever.

Saturday, January 12, 2019

It was Donald Trump who talked about how to help economy with stuff(filming) like this

He called this as capitalism - a fast way for Poland to make money.

With money like this, I do the same as was done with 30 pieces of silver(doesnt matter to me how many).

My situation about 100 x worse than what went on in Auschwitz

Those who are familuar with my situation know what I have gone throughout my life(read )...does anybody knows that for the last 12 years, I have not received a single dime of support via bank account or mailing services(was blaclisted from employment on two continents and have received throughout this entire time about 3000 Euros as a mentally retarded indivudual from Slovenian state - and was told that mailing services as well as bank accounts would be totally controlled) just as they have done with video view counters(totally blocked)...

Filming such event is yet a new low for this world and I am asking my wholly father NOT to forgive and forget.

Three busses stop infront of immigration center at 2130

It was unusually quiet in the center this afternoon...then as stated in the title happened - adults children stepped out...

Sometimes in 2010 or so, I was told(and asked for opinion - I consider this as more criminal sadistic and insane than whole MKultra procedure and rehearsal of one) when subjected to MKultra about future filming of entire event - MKultra's rehersal and even gestured how I would get paid some large sume of money(Warszaw producers would make contract with producers who create reality shows for elites only - large ammount of money is involved)...then Americans told me that I will not even have the right to know anything in respect to the show - how one will remain undisclosed and that elites alone had to even sign contracts prior to entitelment to one as see nothing, know nothing, hear nothing. However, that there is a way to get the truth out, but will stop here.

Where have these people gone tonight I do not know(I am not saying AT ALL how they would have meeting related to reality show - its just a bit strange and designed for one to guess which I will not), but I am certain 100% about stated in between on this page and confident in respect to my statement and that this too will be revealed.

Smoking in the room, so I would be transferred

Not assigned another room or to have roomate replaced(he came to this room), but simply to be transferred. Order for smoking came from the state.

Friday, January 11, 2019

European Court of Justice contacted in respect to EU Human Rights Court

I requested assistance from SOLVIT(European Commission) in respect to immigration procedure in Poland

Have also requested info. from other agencies in respect to EU Court for Human Rights and ICC - core idea is for me to collect as much as possible info. on procedures(steps) and then get it done properly.
I do not want money from Poland despite everything. I only pray God for the sake of Poland that there was and is at least something good(something humane) in these people when they have commited themself to such crime.

Video - Neighbor Dane Kolenc didn't go in Poland even near through what I had(25 % at most is what he have gone through).

Here(FACTS ABOUT MKULTRA) is what reality was in Poland for my neighbor and others who tested Polish immigration system in 2005/2006...

Video can be also seen at

Belarus’s leader upsets Vladimir Putin by cosying up to the West

If someone asked me what I think about it all, I would say to Mr. Lukashenko to better be careful. Putin's tactics are merciless and unpredictable just as Stalin's can disappear or die across the night and no one will ever know anything about it. 

Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła !!! We know details about meeting of Kaczynski and Italian fascist Matteo Salvini

Polish journalists expose sellout from Warsaw and his Italian colleague !!! 
It will not go so easy Mr. Kaczyński !!! Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła !!!

KREMLIN'S TERROR ALERT FOR RUSSIA: Report Links Murders of 3 Russian Journalists in CAR to ‘Putin’s Chef’

All in all, Putin ruined Russia. Is the biggest threat to Russia alone and don't think will last much longer to be honest...nothing but trail of death..this time three Russian investigative journalists were murdered for doing their job.

A new investigation has strengthened suspicions that three journalists murdered in CAR last summer were not merely the victims of a robbery, as official versions claim.

Motivational speech of idiot who attempts to wall America from world(there is much worse than concrete wall infront of America and so I hope one will not give up).

What can I say other than one is worthy of who he is(I don't think there is a grain of brain in his head).
Related to

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- While Donald Trump has spent much of his presidency focused on the number of people who want to get into the U.S., since he took office, record numbers of Americans have wanted to get out.

KGB Psychopath in the White House compares himself with Jeff Bezos'; attention seeking idiot gives wealthiest man on earth a piece of advice - $140-Billion Divorce Is 'Going to be a Beauty,' President Trump Says: 'I Wish Him Luck'

Mr. "Grab the by the pussy"(screw up who ruined three marriages and have impregnated women also outside of the marriages) who never ever learned and never ever will learn that women are more than objects, gives Jeff Bezos(he is not even up to toes to him) a piece of ironic(sadistic as he hopes for Jeff to suffer due to honest divorce agreement and others to be as paranoid as he is - loser who sleeps every day in a separate room from Melania in fear from becoming alone same as he have done to others via MKultra - loser who also ensures premarital agreements with his wives who are entitled to nothing after realizing whom they dealt/deal with) advice, "Divorce Is Going to be a Beauty, / I Wish Him Luck"(perhaps you should wish her same Mr. Dawson and your life would be so difficult for you, but off course she is a woman >>>only<<<).

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Simply working on legal claims

1) Will complain against EU Court for Human Rights which have protected violations against me committed by Slovenia on behalf of Russia and Serbia - will be done via CJEU.

2) Will charge Poland with heavy discrimination(will hold on for now with MKultra torture charges as money from Poland doesn't do a single thing for me - the core idea is to invest in one and not take from one whatever they have managed to somehow collect over two

Stolen charger with cable thrown back into my backpack

Putan Putanowich to award Serbian 卐CHETNIK卍 >>Aleksandar Vucic<< with special Russian award during bloodshed on streets of Belgrade


What kinds of proofs about MKultra do you want from me when I

stressed facts that only insididers would have acces to even in respect to bitcoin

I was the first person who have posted on internet alone ultimate truth about bitcoin - Russia to Buy Billions of Dollars Worth in BTC Next Month, Russian Economist Says

Related to and many more artcilckles and didn't believe, and many of you ate it !!!
My testimony about MKultra supported with facts and ridiculed(deliberately delayed) by international institutions in support to Russia !!! Do you see how big operation this is now !!????

Do you understand why sanctions don't work and why is of preliminary importance for world to get read of Donald Trump !!????
You have been duped by criminal concern and Moscow !!! The only one who have released truth about whole thing was the one who was tortured for no less than 23 years - everything(EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING ELSE ALONG WITH EVERYONE) else FAILED !!!

The Russian government is unwilling to allow the unilateral economic sanctions imposed by Donald Trump’s government to further affect its economy and may be considering a forceful measure to combat American power in this current diplomatic war.

Trump's team had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, report shows

And thousands more for decade and half earlier(ahead) which controlled main stream media is afraid to release per governments.

Get the KGB garbage and his henchmen out of the White House !!!

Trump's team had over 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, report shows

Christal Hayes  USA TODAY
Published 6:20 AM EST Jan 10, 2019
WASHINGTON – Members of President Donald Trump's campaign and transition team had more than 100 contacts with Russian-linked officials, according to a new report. 

INDIJA KOROMANDIA - The land where milk and honey dribbles - The promised land also known as Deutschland(Germany, Germania)

From (tudi: Indija Komandija) dežela v kateri se cedita med in mleko; obljubljena dežela; utopija....
A human poem(anthem) of India Koromandia sings:

they cook porridge/oatmeal in a spoon
India Coromandia !
they paint houses with cheese
India Coromandia !
they cover houses with flat cakes
India Coromandia !
and coat them with cottage cheese.
India Coromandia !
Come from wherever you are and you too will become citizen of India Koromandia sagt neue heimat :)))))

What my glasses look like for already 5 months and what physicians were used for so far in Poland

Add all other stuff together and you will get idea about what went on here for the last 5 months.
You are much better off without physicians like this. Physicians Hitler would be proud about.

Video can be also seen at

Cigarette smoking in the room had a heavy price for me

Video can be also seen at

Exercise and have a heart surgery...great idea.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Italian idiot who have bitten Putin's race pill, now snubs Poland into Moussolini's past

I will not go into how it all ended for Mousolini and his belowed Italy...perhaps Salvini(totally demented by Putin's propaganda and possibly even provocating Poland per Putin) should open eyes and see what is happening in Ukraine and where whole thing led Italy in the past.

That is correct - I already have proof now(a positive) about my claim which involves immigrants at this center in the past

I have identitied positively individual from the past.

Note to immigration center in Grotnikih:
You can proceed to India "Koromandia"(Deutschland) at this point where am certain will ta ke care ya very very well(specially neonazi AFD) or you can become part of this story by giving out individual account about what went on.

I am not afraid to help people and never ever was, but I cant allow myself to be ran over either.

Your decision.

Video - Poland will forgive me - Will press criminal and discrimination charges against Poland

Because of what is written bellow, but know that I feel ashamed(ashamed to make such claim in front of those who owe to Poland and against country I love unconditionally) as never before when releasing this videos.
Video can be seen also at

Video can be seen also at

Will see myself as a human being and no longer as someone who needs to endlessly sacrifice for the sake of issues which were used to destroy me here in Poland and along with me also Polish people who sacrificed...

Russians continue to hack my websites(not only blogger if this isn't bad enough)

Its all good according to Polish authorities
I didn't use any proxies recently or browsers that would use Nigerian ISP addresses.

Pelosi Says She Will Skip Trump and Negotiate Directly with Putin

This lady(like her because she does job with smile on her face and doesn't take same approach toward something that many are stressed about - she knows what she is doing) realized long time ago that something is very wrong in the head of this US president...we(I am guilty - admit to be on board of this lunatic for a while) somehow tolerated and some of us as I stated even supported, but it became clear that individual is severely sick in the head.

Scripted Trump does little to convince anyone on anything(not only skeptics or in respect to on border wall, but as a human being concerning sane society). It is over for crazier than even brick in the wall

 "Little" is less than nothing unless US want to cut itself from the rest of the world for the sake of sicker than sick Moscowian regime which bye far worse even than the one in North Korea(situation in Russia is very bad as poverty is on every step of the way, and North Korean tensions with rest of the world exist solely because of Moscow). World already paid astronomic price for this type of fascist politic and US today rejected further madness which would develop on Southern border. It is crucial for US to not only reject Russian alike beast which Putin have build on border between stolen Crimea and Ukraine, but to ensure that Russia stays secured behind such wall for good(sealed from any kind of trade with EU and West and choked/drowned in own oil supplies which were and are used for war against Eastern Europe).

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Russian fascism meets dead end in Ukraine - Ukrainian Orthodox church gains independence from Moscow

News dates back two days, but is important to note one as Russia hits(for the cost of Crimea, Eastern part of Ukraine, and numerous dead left behind in war against Ukraine) a dead end in Ukraine.
Poroshenko looks good on this photo, but echo from Echo got somehow lost along with Crimea(Kerch Strait conflict seems to have replaced Crimea and we never ever heard anything again from HMS Echo

Czech KGB psychopath(prime minister Andrej Babis) abducts his own son to Crimea after one declines to bent down even to psychiatric threats - Andrej Babis jnr (35) told a Czech news outlet that he was threatened with admission to a psychiatric hospital unless he agreed to take an “extended holiday” in Crimea, where he claims to have been detained against his will by two Russians.

Sound just like my two parents. Way softer as the two are real Fritzls, but this news story is insane too.
What I do not understand is what law enforcement officers(state prosecutors and international law tribunals) fail to understand because filth like this should be in a same situation as Josef Fritzl is. Evidently is normal across the Eastern Europe to have psychopaths(sick controlling maniacs) engaging in normal life with rest of the community.
Attempt to be normal according o normatives of civilised society is obviously a crime in Eastern Europe. You will be tortured and rated(labeled) as insane just as I was. And if that alone won't somehow work, your brain will be burned till you will demonstrate some form of insanity.