Thursday, December 26, 2019

Here is where I would supposedly end next

American who was inside of the garage dated girl who still works at the local Orlen gas station in 2015 and 2017. 

Its where I was brought by individual who sold me Skoda on what I was brainwashed infront of others via indirect intimidation on how car engine wouldn't fail if I would manage to repair engine and so on...the landlord's mother was loud(electronic harassment too- not allowed to sleep) today at 0700am because I shouldn't miss >>the opportunity<<. 

You now get an idea about madness I am in because of this country - its what they agreed to Trump and he assisted his buddy Putin who wanted me to see Poland no longer through obvious KGB criminals which Duda imported to Poland to torture in Grotnikih yet again, but through eyes of corrupt Americans, Ukrainians(just people from Ukraine and not real Ukrainians) and selected Pollacks alone. Next to Russia, option for sale also existed for to GBas fasr as Zgierz....

Before(prior to Zgierz) the sale to the Russia, Duda attempted to sell me back either to USA or Israel - its what Grotniki was mostly used for. 

She knew about this place(its how they got me in here) and she knew about this very garage.

 American was shitting inside of the garage and digging holes in local forest to hide his excrements(its the only negative thing he complained about, but locals had more to say about it). Despite this fact and fact that he showered himself in forest(he would get water at gas station just some 100 meters away), he was very very pleased with garage when comparing his situation to me with location where I am at right now(had a very low electricity bill - warm in another words).

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