Saturday, December 7, 2019

Eastern Europe MUST stay open for normal Westerners - must become a footstep for their existence in US, Britain, Germany and elsewhere where neonazi phenomena surfaced

Numerous decent Americans, Brits, Germans etc. would love to invest in Poland - but are either prohibited or affair due to governments we have...their existence, however, is of paramount importance for our existence and without help in our countries, they stand no future in US due to NEONAZI controlled job market. You now learned as Trump demonstrated us; its all about money...

Must not repeat eccentric Stalinistic mistakes from the past because of few bad apples Trump in this case brought with him...must stay open 24/7 for people who see us as people(its how world is regulated properly - build counter revolution through means of money/capitalism with normal people willing to defend one at home), so we won't have to be ever again conditioned with such issues...

Just as one American student involved in MKultra told me(demonstrated me this video s well and video popped up on my phone the other day)...we will not be this lucky next time.

like sugar and spice ;)

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