Thursday, December 12, 2019

Was severely discriminated against by Polimex company when applying for job there this morning.

They engaged in MKultra torture per Trump's neonazi Americans. 

About year ago when applying there equaled me with illegal Mexican workers(its what nenazis fromUS demanded them to perform on me) and just now since they couldn't understand any of my Polush language(they again mistreated- discriminated), they begun to assert I am like from Russia - asking if same...

This was repeated MKultra scenario per Donald Trump's team of neonazi criminals here in Poland or how to get me out of here... I will publicly let you know that I will not compete for job or busines with Trump's logic. I will file discrimination law suit against thius verycompany and eventually burry one for good out of Poland. If Poliush government cant tacle racism issurs, I will delete Poland from map. I am not your everybody or even someone whom you have barked in the face when drugged up. Will give you a good reminder on whoI am infront of international community.

@Trumps neonazis...I love Russian people. I dated Russian in are not even Slavs. As neonazis, you shouldnt be allowed to even enter any Slavic country.

Along with landlord, car owner, you will be dragged on court as well.

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