Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The truth about mentioned psycholgist

She is incredibly intelligent, incredibly caring person committed to help people regardless of their ethnic/religious backgrounds, she grew beyond Kaczynski's Poland in hearts of people overseas - US, India, China, Israel and elsewhere incl. in my little Slovenia...

She is guilty of being human being - a woman...a Polish mom with half Russian child. 

She is as beautiful on in and out as it gets.

Have heard many times from many different sources that everybody quit hopes on me except her...I bet its truth.

Will never forget how young Zgierzans/Lodzans cried to Lech Wałęsa who would come to Zgierz about what went on and I tell you the truth that without him, situation in this country would have been for numerous young Polish people much much worse due to arrival of ultimate evil in Polish history known as Kaczynski brothers.

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