Saturday, December 21, 2019

To Swedish and Norwegian crowns

Reminded myself of American psychologist hired by Donald Trump(individual of Irish roots - not Jewish as they suggested with lie to excuse himself via Aleksandra gesturing he would do all against me in Poland to get me in relationship with her - this psychologist was as criminal as would get - a professional con artist/swindler) who was laughing when I was brought for torture to Poland in 2010 from Sweden and Norway.

I cite, "paying the highe$$t rent just to be brought here for torture hahahaha".
Imagine to be unemployed in a most expensive countries in the world where supporting yourself with own savings which you managed to scrap eating cans in US while driving truck for half what other drivers earned and be robbed from one like this :))))

Very angry for few minutes when I remind myself of stuff like this....but still are much more human that Buckingham palace.

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