Thursday, December 26, 2019

I snapped earlier at Netanyahu and Israel - many reasons for that matter

Perhaps he wanted to help, but its this type of help I no longer see as help. Scenario he used under MKultra to get my attention was the nastiest one as described earlier. He used numerous prior to what might have been most likely in Poland - 2015 when taken also to Israel(could well be 2017 as I was treated with lots of respect - highly unusual). Netanyahu with some exception even suggested who officer you see on his right side is...took me to her office. Pointed out she is daughter of some officer and works I believe about two/three doors from his office on same floor. 

My trust was betrayed too many times. Last time in Belarus in 2017 when taken for a ride across the border(perhaps even further as suggested) when in bed with Russian girl. 

Thank you I guess - was there with Pahor and even husband from my niece.

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