Saturday, December 21, 2019

Anti Ukrainian Ukrainian gentleman who resided here before my arrival for some time even with Chris, ate almost my entire horseradish

Enters residence and does as pleased. How do I know with 100% certainty "he" did...

He threatened me with my speaking against Chris from Colorado(Trump's son out of wedlock) with who two spent some time in here - inside of this residence. Putin eventually pro-calculated that I will make 360 degree turn due to abuse in Poland and land straight in his hands where everything would be just wonderful for the rest of my life.

Not like that Mr. Putin...I am not Russian taxpayer(even that you think are American president putin-reaction-trump-impeachment) and nor am I willing to give in to you my share of money which you have stolen from me with aid from Buckingham palace and Berlin. 

I am capitalist much more than you and as such ALWAYS claim what is mine. Time is coming when I will claim you too.

Gentleman from Ukraine claimed under Mk-ultra beside smoked mackerel fish, it would 100% be horseradish he would eat to demonstrate me his anger. Many items were destroyed as well, but has to do with neighbor and landlord as well.

The thing about me - I love Ukrainian and Russian people. Would never even think about killing any of the for the sake of personal bank accounts like you have Putan Putanowich. Kaczurinski didn't do much good for you in Poland despite all...and Russian people today know whole truth about how food on their tables arrived straight through me - traitor.

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