Sunday, December 8, 2019

Here is audio from meeting with Chris(possibly son out of wedlock from Trump) at McDonalds - Zgierz

He didn't waste time when attempting to trigger MKultra brainwash infront of black individuals inside of McvDonalds(idea was to record me saying anything he could use to destroy me infront of Polish and international societies) nor he wasted time to remind me of so called "discrimination against Westerners"(he even tutored me under MKultra on Slavic bond in Poland - practically American who see himself foremost as German gestured me how I am treated under MKultra by American inside of Poland - discriminated against inside of the Poland - gestured that I will only pass MKultra ordeal if I don't turn because of issue like this against Americans - he therefore anticipated my taking pro Stalin's view on Americans - generalize American population as neonazi nation for the sake of self destruction - promotion of nazism) I cite him from audio, "you are Slav unlike myself discriminated against as an Westerner/American"...

It was help that could come with huge price - either turning me against Americans or even audio record me for the sake of destruction. That I ruined lives of Aryan women in Poland when subkjected to MKultra hmmm...just waw :))))


Just as he saw himself under MKultra...nazi(will apply same principle to word "German" as to "American" and will not prejudge against general population - its what destroyed Eastern Europe and its a radicalism that leads to nowhere - there are many good and great German people and we need to support them for the right cause) to the bone !!!

Was in the game for his fascist father and neonazi goals to the bitter end. No more, but thank you ;)

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