Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Second android telephone was possibile destroyed last night and am now left without any telephone in Poland

Nothing to communicate. They have done this(if they only depleted battery) before, but seems that this time telephone is finished.

Came back from Zgierz last night, placed the phone on charge, and have used earplugs to hush madness on a hallway. No way I could power one this morning...I have no way to even communicate on the telephone or internet as a result.

What if not terrorism !!?????

Sunday, December 9, 2018

With stolen telephone, all that passwords were stolen as well

Two sim cards etc...very very cool.

My 47th birthday was beautiful despite everything

 Dziękuję wam bardzo🍭🍾🍽️🥂🤣🍮🍫

You want to make browl and bother with pitty Android thefts is okay for me

Go ahead, I stay concentrated on collection of MKultra proofs instead ;) works for me. Thank you

Yet another attempt to undermine me crashed with fortification(more MKultra proofs) of my case.

ANOTHER MKULTRA PROOF: One android with brand new charger stolen today during organised browl

Video can also be seen at 
During browl in which few families have feuded against me, I was escorted to psychologist's office to avoid "fatality"😂...owner lady guaranteed me as safe place a school which I could use instead of gym...ohhhh, this bad bad "Chechens"😂

Have deleted video #2 by mistake and I don't care about more proofs because I have no time to waste...things should never gotten as far as this.

Video can also be seen at 

Male psychologist who was here before this lady(she works at this place for 7 years as psychologist) somewhat reminded facially on male owner if the building and I would 100 percent recognize one from photo 

He also(beside Warsaw's) a degree in UK(Oxford/Cambridge whatever) and I claim for this to be yet another MKultra proof.

In Poland

They have only learned how nothing can or ever will stop me from going forward. Till my last moment, what you see here will not stop. Don't fear to go homeless after being stateless for no less than 12 years.

Time 11am

Time lost this morning alone 3 hours...

Happy 47th birthday to me

There are some extremely dangerous people in Washington DC and Moscow for whom life is just a game(nothing more than what you see here)...who needs breakfast on his birthday in a new country where you threw him via unprecedented violence anyways :))

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/WQoPzRV0jT8

Donald Trump referred to his victims as "masochists". We will see whose phantasms will end how Donnie...I will renew ICC claim and ensure this time to be examined by right people - will demand detailed decision from one regarding last answer. We are far from over and closer to your end than ever before.

Repeated videos by YouTube which is the core cause if genocide against me

As you know, YouTube censors my videos for already no less than 12 years(they steal my income by censoring number if views and presenting me to the world with such circumstances as even insane option). This is what Jewish Netanyahu's state contribution to my existence(beside MKultra torture) was/is. Related to




@Netanyahu...you choked for no less than 12 years.

Middle finger, figue, kurva and soy calling after deleting me videos photos from Android by father of 13 years old

Individual who ruined my electronic equipment is using his children(even 10 years old) to cause problems - seems is motivated in challenging and is probably(most likely) video recording his provocations. 

Death threats followed mention provocations in the gym by yet another "bites the dust blah blah"(indicated desire to cut my throat after security escorted him out, but changed his mind after I offer him in the face to hit me). Is a very "qualified browl pretepac fighter" I understand  whom I should fear or throw myself in a mud with to measure physical strength to satisfy some's primitive instincts.
Facebook(second) account was also deleted from my androids.
Yet what "angers"(not really - I am far beyond "angry" issue right now as I know what is all about) me the most is the loss if time dedicated to this b.s.(I am punished big time as a result my Polish language skills suffer - this will cost me on job market in near future).

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Proof about how watching Russian state TV makes people really stupid : Belarusian Played Angry Ukrainian In Russian TV Report Slamming Euromaidan

Insane Russian desamination of political schizophrenia has no borders/no limits..
MINSK -- A young Belarusian has told RFE/RL that he is "totally ashamed" that he agreed to play the role of a disgruntled Ukrainian in a new report broadcast in November by Russia's state-owned Channel One....

There is hope for this young man, but none for the insane idiots that caused killing spree in Ukraine and Europe...

Lying, deceiving, and killing across the Ukraine and Europe...at home in Russia, institutionalising(placing them on forced unemployment etc.) Russians for having their say and so on...the all new same old same Kremlin's politic....

MINSK -- A young Belarusian has told RFE/RL that he is "totally ashamed" that he agreed to play the role of a disgruntled Ukrainian in a new report broadcast in November by Russia's state-owned Channel One.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Last night I prayed for all of us(I always pray for Poland).

Kiedy wszystko się skończyło, wielu widziało w jej pięknie inne niż według nich upragnione standardy (nieudacznicy przegrywający chcieli widzieć, bo już nie była potrzebna), ale ty Polska, któremu również chcę dać życie, wyjdzie tylko mnie tyle, ile możesz zainwestować w nią i jej dobre samopoczucie (szczególnie bezpieczeństwo). Ona zadecyduje o tobie tak daleko, jak jestem zaniepokojona, tak jak moje życie jest i będzie całkowicie w jej rękach (nigdy więcej nie chciałem czegoś więcej w moim życiu).

When everything was over, many have seen in her beauty other than according to them desired standards(whateaver losers wanted to see as she no longer was needed), but you Poland to whom I want to give my life too, will only get out of me as much as you can invest in her and her child's well being(specially safety). She will decide about you as far as am concerned as my life is and will be totally in her hands(never wanted anything more in my entire life).

Israeli citizenship offered to her in case of need is not your problem Poland, man just 50 meters from center who was left without wife and daughter,however, is.

Izraelskie obywatelstwo oferowane jej w razie potrzeby nie twój problem Polska, człowiek zaledwie 50 metrów od centrum, który pozostał bez żony i córki, jednak jest.

Big PLUS for old Netanyahu here...we must be concerned more with who does what and not with who looks like what.

This was the girl who introduced in me interest for Poland and this is the girl whovreminded me what is wort to live and die for in 2018. Never seen/knew anyone more beautiful and  patriotic.

To była dziewczyna, która przedstawiła mi zainteresowanie Polską i to jest ta dziewczyna, która w roku 2018 wskazała mi, co znaczy żyć i umrzeć. Nigdy nie widziałem / nie widziałem nikogo piękniejszego i patriotycznego.

My tail much stranger than the one of Harry Potter...and it's real. Not a fiction

Not going to Zgierz to get most important things done

You don't go about stuff like this at 8am to town distanced two hours away...my "roommates" nicely eat my life away and this day bye day.

Not miserable but do want to documents what goes on here.

It is difficult to go and get some sleep under circumstances as seen in my videos

Islamic prayer to Allah by my "roommates" at 0530am, should be a form if help to me to get up earlier in the morning - yet another provocation/lie...something I was deprived off and not helped.

Roomate and individual across the hallway broke my second

Part 1 of 2

Part 2 of 2

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Members of international community inform me about what most likely will be transfer to another immigration facility

Borut Pahor retaliates fast after I explained in previous video about his racist race cards(Russian divide and conquer game).

I also explain what Eastern European politicians were and are up to...

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

My roommate admitted in conversation with new Irani roomate that he too

Was a police officer in USSR....whatever.

Poland is life - Every Russian is a potential terrorist and most if them are

And I want to celebrate one with Polish people because they embrace(no woman like patriotic Polish woman for my taste) their beautiful ethnicity.
Russian terrorism(heavy racism mixed with terror which frequently involved life threats/abductions) must be thrown out of Europe and world. World must reject and condemn one as much as possible.
This doesn't fit well with who we are and more importantly with what we want to become.

Toalet bag ripped appart and WARNING to the Polish state

Related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2018/12/poland-is-life-every-russian-is.html

Arab Jewish nation is not of my interest, but I hope both will take in consideration my MKultra case which multiple governments have exercised against me.

@Borut Pahor...there is nothing more pathetic in this world than male which denied it's inner(deepest) needs based on fears of what others would think, nothing more pathetic than a cheater who cheats his beautiful devoted wife and son with someone for whom he claims Is discriminated by another individual who is same member of the nation as he is - all this while engaging in genocide against one and even planning on genocide of his own nation - looser went as far as reclassifying our Slovenian nation into another ethnic group and so on...Hitler me, but not rejected by other members of Slavic community...

Poland is where I found God's presence greater than anywhere else...and for Poland(not for liars, but people who want to celebrate life-existance) I am ready to give my life(it's where I will stay for good and bad).

Second food container never used now destroyed

BREAKING: Germany backs Russian invasion on Ukraine(will pay to very well Putin for Slavic corpses) - Germany to back Russian gas link despite Ukraine tensions

Obviously if NATO is to meet, actions should be considered not only against Russia, but also against the one which is financing Russian aggression on Ukraine(aggression against entire Eastern Europe as what we have going on is also present on the territory of ex Yugoslavia as well as in Poland, Czech rep. Slovakia and so on). Germany which burned entire Europe just 73 years ago, seems to have found her way back to the past against Europe with even more aggressive, but indirect approach. 

Nobody should be AGAIN FORCED picking in between Hitler and Stalin and here mentioned should be discussed on NATO meeting if organisation is serious about global security(stability).

RUSSIAN TERRORISM AND NOT NEED FOR HELP: Sweater obtained from Polish Caritas was added to clothing for "poor refugees" from Russia

I would somehow not settle for this type of attitude and wouldn't allow myself to even wear anything contaminated with one. They earned it along with other destroyed items. However, who was the one who reintroduced terrorists(MKultra TERRORISTS reinforced by personal KGB team of Vladimir Putin which attended 1998-2006 international meetings between West  and East - reinforced to extend that horrified to death even owners of the place alone into total compliance with Russian terrorism in Poland) into Polish immigration system is the topic which just begun to develop.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Pay wall not functional and was removed for now

  • but I will be back with decent option.

RUSSIAN TERRORISM ALERT: Crazy Russian terrorist("journalist" hahahaha) Timur Siraziev tries to get bye(only means that Kremlin backed up coward in a much more democratic country than what is Russian mental asylum is to the point when one even attempted to enter illegally British military complex - what KGB baboon did in UK, results in certain death in Russia) into British military complex/base in UK by playing stupid even more than what nature gifted him with stupidity

One look at KGB idiot and you know who you deal with...just for your information..in either Lukashenko's Belarus or Putanowich's Russia, you are to register yourself with local police(every residence you are in - either residential or commercial hotel, you to report yourself to local police or you will face very serious problems), but Russian KGB baboons reserve the right to the opposite during war against European state known as Ukraine. 

There is no proof(none whatsoever) that Jamal Khashoggi was killed and whenever/wherever you hear in respect to terrorism(assassinations) words such as "Donald Trump", know that Putin and other Trump's buddies surrounding deaths are not a matter of coincidence

People argued about "who killed" Jamal Khashoggi(at least I argued partial truth on how it matters more who compelled Jamal Khashoggi into Saudi embassy vs who killed him), but fact of the matter is that no physical proof exists TO VERY TODAY that man was EVEN assassinated. EVER !!! 

Jamal Khashoggi most likely was abducted either to Saudi Arabia or even Israel. Donald Trump who wanted to be cleared of criminal charges along with George W. Bush for torturing American citizen without absolutely any justification(legal grounds) anticipated my abduction to either Israel, Saudi Arabia, Russia/Belarus or Chechnya(just a Russian republic located next to Iran and next to most eastern part of Turkey)...Donald Trump is very well connected to the Russian government(have performed espionage and was/is a powerful lobbyist for Russian KGB in USA right from the top) and his prefered methods match those of Putin and Saudi terrorist Mohammad bin Salman.

Very reasonably charged/paid version of Auser Times is a great news and

Will have as a result more articles(regular contribution - increase as I won't have to go about job search to support one) and may offer consequently to the world even more...

Therefore a great news for everyone. Again, thank you for choosing number one outlet in analyses of political world for yesterday, today, and tomorrow :)))

Due to years long lack of financial support, Auser Times no longer is free option.

Due to years long lack of support for "THIS"(click) very page, Auser Times no longer is free option.

I am tired of exposing to public the ultimate truth about where whole thing is taking to(and myself for your sake against top politicians), and get less than nothing(nothing other than persecution) in return.
I am therefore pleased to announce that from December 3rd of 2018 on, very affordable paid option of this news site will be offered to you readers.

Dogs/cats on Facebook, and even terrorists as seen above have financial support. I therefore do not see anymore on why I who was subjected to the harshest case of MKultra, most severe forms of physical and mental torture, and to the forced unemployment on two continent for no less than 23 years would see different for myself.

Where do you go for moral support when all news outlets out there close this very option and people who dare  - just as the case is in Ukraine.

Thank you for considering Auser Times where I do more than just journalism.


Could no longer afford your support and am forced to charge for my services. 


I will consider myself truly lucky to survive this ordeal(the real ordeal is your support - concern for criminals/terrorists as seen above). 

80,000 Russian troops on Ukrainian border

On may 2018, I have made prognosis RUSSIAN WAR SCHEDULED IN UKRAINE FOR FALL 2018 for exactly what we see is taking place today. And since winder starts on Friday, December 21, I was 100% when making such assertion for fall of 2018. 

When I attempted to copy above link to embed one in number one news site in the world known as Auser Times, idiotic gesture seen below popped up - because(you see) I should be quiet and even feel intimidated of myself for the sake of cowards/losers/criminals for work performed - in reality work which no one ever even dreamed about could be completed

Why should I take credit for my work afterall...
Its probably how I look like - at least how some baboons wish I would see myself as.

Sunday, December 2, 2018

Kremlin gives green light to Putin for war with Ukraine

At the beginning of 2018, I have even made prognose(for fall in 2018 what means I missed for month/two) for Russian invasion on Ukraine...here we are. @Ukrainian people...keep Poroshenko on sight and purchase real weapons already. If you fight like Fins did, West will be forced to come to help.

Russian terrorist pig admits that is using war as a tool to controlbUkraine which translates into open declaration of war(he conditions existence of the country with already implemented war situation).

Related to We remember who did it

"War Will Continue" As Long As Ukraine Government In Power: Putin

@Sarah Netanyahu - there is nothing up there for you to look forward to

You get old and life's catches up with you...do what she and her husband did and you have a seats reserved in a very special place called hell. You can escape sins on earth, but not when facing God.
@Israel...I have not met filthier people than Netanyahu yet...you should understand bye now what word "shame" stands for, but you don't.

There only is one explanation per why animals were allowed to re enter into Polish immigration system

So you could blackmail West with my case...either you give us a money or we will release truth.

I don't see other logical explanation for it. I was sold many times and guess that this was just one more timet....am I correct Mr. Kaczynsky !!??!

International Criminal Court never answered and not did Interpol called...how could that be possible with proofs in respect to MKultra which I have submitted - answer. is who controls one..governments do.

Notice that Russian terrorists from Chechnya have modified my telephone cable by most likely even shortening port

Compare the size of new cable with the one for which I deem was modified - 4 other charging cables destroyed and 2/3 stolen...
This most likely is one of the reasons why telephone wouldn't charge normally...telephone cables was also modified in a way so one wouldn't stay plugged inside if the telephone(one falls out) unless is attached with rubber band.

How did this beasts re-entered Polish immigration system is what I would love to know. Give us an answer Mr. Kaczynsky.

Berlin ‘selling out Ukraine for gas’: opinion

Obviously this are facts which I have exposed first almost a year ago. It is also bizare symptom that so called immigrants from Russian Chechnya are infected with chronically(I cite, "Deutschland is good; Poland is bad" is what I have heard at this place from first day ongoingly - there is no doubt on my mind per who they are and why obviously they are here in Poland). To have wives waiting on you accross the border and be in the country which you hate only means = terrorism
Moscow and Berlin are well connected and its time for Warszaw and Kiev to respond proportionally in terms of economic/political pressure. Germany still owes Poland WWII reparations and Ukraine(Czech rep., Slovakia, Slovenia etc.) should follow Polish example.

NO COMMENT NEWS: Picture is worth thousand words, but we have whole video here

What I think doesn't concern me as much should those who will pay full price for handshake seen here. Domestically as Russia have nothing other than oil and war to offer and internationally - just how good do you look on photo where handshakig with Putan Putaniwich known to whole world as ultimate terrorist. 

Good luck to Saudi Arabia buying oil from terrorist and financing own death.

Old Slovenian: Tisti ki drugemu jamo koplje sam v njo pade

TRANSLATED: The one who digs to the other one hall(also could be translated in "grave") is the one who falls in one :)))))

And you have now !!?????

NLess than nothing while I must say to be very pleased with situation. Very very pleased :)))))

Roommate mentioned this time word "shot"(he life threatened before, but this is his first usage if word "shot" that is being used)...he has a gun on the side !!????

My only decent sweater was hanged just as seen here..

Perhaps it's good for them, but not acceptable for the most of Europeans(me not)...we don't live their lives. They come here and do stuff as seen here even when asking for help. 

Related to http://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2018/12/update-on-destroyed-item-and-my-new.html

Update on destroyed item and my new approach on barbaric attutude

I was sensitive and even angry in respect to items destruction in the past...not any more - find out why/how.
Just for giving him items he destroyed, my lost roommate lost his character :))))) 

I will not wear or care for whatever they destroy as this is their legacy in Europe(not ours). Sad(pathetic) but worthy to be aware if one...

My sweater was hanged just next to his jacket as you see...