Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hear Poles will now be capable to enter US without visas - great news for


Genetic purification of Poles will this way enter the accelerated mode. Of families which are offered new financing per additional child will get to chose between life in US(done via employment and other issues) and stay in Poland if classified as appropriate. Same was already done with Roma people in Czech rep., Slovakia, and Poland and so on...nothing to worry about employment statistics and low wages either. Nice 500+

According to Kaczynski, plan is to make Poland totally blonde so Jews which travel to Poland would feel alienated here....

I have no intentions on leaving Poland any time soon and likely EVER

Just to answer speculators from abroad and domestically. Nor are US or London of any interest to me. At least till US of which citizen I am, proves world that I(my life) matter - basically thaat I am more than a slave certificate(known also s US citizenship) given to me in 2000 for purpose of most severe torture that ended depriving me off 25 years of life via forced job search and psychiatric torture...

Complain submitted yesterday on 12th to inspectorate for work in Lodz, Poland

Will repeat this post as is very important for me / Dont't want modified mainstream media junk to cover one.

Download complain at

or see one at

Old picture in this(present place) room already am certain at least for 9 years

Dont need to tell you of what one should remind me off and does.

STRAIGHT OUT OF GAMBINO'S BOOK: We were just a nice real estate family

But then again I don't know IF any gangster with whom justice caught up in the past have/would differ from Eric Trump's view on himself and his family as NICE. We were just a nice real estate family

I wonder what minimum wage paid mexicans whom Trump would shut in legs to have them ran back across the border and die in suffering(agony) there or in desert think about their KKK boss..."nice" definitely became the wider option of use when seeing themselves infront of mirrors on daily bases for the worst of the worst under Trump's presidency, but don't know about women whom president would just grab for the pussy, minorities on general, Slavic people from whom family demanded to open to neonazi ties and so on...and why not, Lucifer was/is "nice" too. Mr. Nice sees nothing wrong with pedophilia(raping even underage boys and not only girls), rape on general, curruption theft and even torture of American citizens for the sake of the personal interests. Reality show in which people really get hurt and killed. Cool family if ever was anything worse in US.

Hospital identified as well as two physicians of which one was retired in either 2005/2006 or perhaps 2008

Exact timing is a problem when MKultra lasted for no less than 24 years...I also remember now stuff members(nurses - the one who was there also for the day in fact told me they will place her in hospital perhaps two years before we will eventually get into personal contact). The present doctor is from Lodz as I reminded myself of...older doctor who no longer is there I can point out from photo + contrary to present one, he was leaner, has worn frequently ironed shirts and pants(black/brown ironed on edge pants)...Its the same with the registration office of Wojewódzki Szpital Specjalistyczny im. Marii Skłodowskiej Curie w Zgierzu and mental hospital attached right next to one out of which psychiatrist came out with gray hair - he was my first psychiatrist in Zgierz(year 2002).
Recognized doctor without doubt(from Lodz and had nothing to do with what Russians brainwashed have worked in an imaginary building located next to lake and where now parking lot is)...I remember changes done to hospital sometimes in 2005/2006...modification of side entrance into bigger one...SPINE INJURY A PLANNED EVENT !!!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Lasted on this job so all that wanted this to happen

can sleep in peace. Foremost to award Zgierzan community...Lodz. Share with them painfull past( many are crippled in Zgierz) and to remind of importance Zgierzan sawing tradition.

Opposite of Kaczynski who argued with Netanyahu a coming monument which is standing next to library in center of Zgierz(McDonalds), when conditioned by Israeli investments if not dedicating one to 5000 Zgierzans/Lodzans whom Hitler murdered, I praise exustance of DNA which persists in about 80% of Poles...I love Poland for what it is and for the way people look. And you Poland have to love yourself as such as well or you will not exist. Cleansing presence of any DNA from Poland(what Kaczynski does) is a crime and ultimate betrayal of all others. It shows weaknes to the outside enemies at the top of the state.

Love yourself Poland.

I have no regrets...I would have done it all over again. Am glad I did.

Related to

If I am the worst Poland have seen, then

Poland is a fortunate country.

Never ever had a single bad intention for her people. Exactly the opposite. Incl. after all here mentioned.

In respect to car assasination plot in 2007

My cousin from Austria was in ind. Boruta park...I remember where and so on. Was his mother that Pole from Germany begun to exhtort for more money after stealing from me $500 worth in car parts.

Kaczynski sells election lies in same fashion as time share is sold in US

Gets paid group to cheer him for others to learn on how one should be seen with his Gestapo party

Happy voting Polska

No longer certain about 2007 assasination plot which involved my car

Seller of parts for my American market made Mazda was Polish who lived in Germany...paid parts which never even arrived. Upon stealing $500 for car parts, he continued to exhtort inSS fassion my old aunt and uncle(was on dead bed) for more money what reminds me of my attempts to register in Zgierzan gminna during 2019...

Could as well be Poland that organised hit. Perhaps not...Poland has to come out crystally clear about my MKultra case or it will be very very bad.

Borut Pahor was great supporter of crippling in Poland(was individual whom Polish state used for psychiatric torture and forced unemployment in Slovenia) and its what he suggested would make me understand better Milos Zeman...

2003/2004 Grotniki

Medical rescue and police orchestrated for Kaczynski three times what would be future bike accident...would create noice have me lay on asphalt floor and insist I have accident...rescue and pokuce would come abd Kaczynski would laugh as a mad man on each occassion - fascinated with my looks obviously and questions...continued to suggest what hurts me, how I should see myself as and so on...

After what happened in this factory according to Kaczynski, a big car would crash in the rear of smaller car I would purchase and tgat would be it for me...

Crippling an organised event of Kaczynski/Trump. Nothing more...according to police from Zgierz injury will be Lumbar harniated disc...we will see.

Israel warned me about attempted Polish police crippling in Poland

Lead by Kaczynski and organized by Zgierzan police future crippling was organized event already in 2008/2010.

When in Israel, they demonstrated me vidos if factory premisses gesturing me organised future crippling. Local police officer from Zgierz told me that has to be done due to number of people hurt under MKultra - his son is in Norway.

Local hospital with doctor(there since 2006/2008) in one recignized few days ago...I, however, remember even first doctor in this hospital hiw he looked like before he retired...I remember also modification of building entrance when he still was there.

Crippling according to Xgierz poluce a MUST event because of my causing such a great pain/misfortune to people of Poland under MKultra.

Leaving even your own brother behind like this not nice at all

Racism does no good to anyone out there. Feel for Harry and Meghan tonight
One of the worst pictures ever...reminds me on what loyal dog left out on the rain would look like regardless of how hard one tries to get in...royals also split consequently now on issues per how they crave to be seen in the world or more importantly on how world should see itself according to them.... Well, hope world will reject to see itself as seen on this photo :(((

All good Polska just

remember the issue promised and known as "our pride your joy" ;)

Complain resent(resubmitted) to Okręgowy Inspektorat Pracy w Łodzi - via online "formularz e-skargi / e-wniosku" and email

Download complain at

or see one at

Monday, October 7, 2019

Because of Donald Trump

I don't feel even like being person with white background.

This is why racism.

I have heard about CIA turning people into communists, so their countries could be destroyed - but never into what you witness on here...and for this matter, you will eat your past and future financial investments across the Eastern Europe and Asia. We Slavs are white only per convenience. Other than that its just as you have listed us in the past(whiteout) for...

Melania Trump Visits Grand Teton National Park

Not allowed to post comments on youtube where you can see modified hypocrisy(the biggest one world has ever seen - can Melania - a native from Slovenian Sevnica/Novo mesto save the bigotted US from yet the biggest disgrace world have ever seen is how I see it and here is why) either...


Comment, "Second 24 of video, "heil Hitler" !?????

YOU KNOW MY NAME: US Gov. changes mind on Syria within 3/4 hours after my revealing plan

There is nothing to add to this - Trump left isolated as Republican allies revolt over US withdrawal from Syria

Related to my news posted 3/4 hours ago

Laptop just as tablet is/was(over year now) saturated with job offers in Germany for which

However, I never expressed any interest. Never ever clicked in Poland on a single German job offer, so I wonder how could my gadgets be so populated with all sorts of adds from German job market...Its HATER Kaczynski who should consider one; not myself.

They look abnormal when you see them on the big screens, yet you all accept them in real life

Word is about Jokers

Think about it and ask yourself why !!?????

Don't know about you, but for me, its heavy to watch them dancing on political stages on a daily bases...want to see/feel/hear something normal(not watch creeps)...wife/kids I thought because of these creeps I could never possibly have...

Save the world and say to yourself "the hell with them" or it will be you(us) who will end there instead of them..

Kaczynski - a Polish traitor just as Putin is Russian traitor

When Ukrainians take German side as a result of Warszaw's politic, it will be too late for all of us....ll that will be left for us Slavs is to wave goodbye to one another...

End of the Slavic world is coming.


Related to news bellow about which I have warn first already in 2017 is United Nations' consideration of this MKULTRA case

UN just doesn't see/hear know about one regardless...

I call on Erdogan and other Muslim leaders to recognize my MKultra case as a fact undeniable. Turks knew ALL ABOUT MY CASE. Its now or never Mr. Erdogan...the further down the road, the more you will be intimidated and bullied in corner(all of you).


War known as Israel is Kurdistan is coming - Syria never ever again - DELETED 4 EVER

YOU ALSO GET AN IDEA HOW OTHERWISE WEAK STATE CAN TAKE ON MUCH BIGGER RIVALS(bombarded preliminary by Americans and Russians - Syria nothing more than pie served on plate to Israel).

Have I told the future game as planned by Russia/US/Israel/UK on te mid-East and what obviously will follow with Ukraine or not !!????

The one who did this is Mr. Fort Trump(also known as Kaczynski).


Saturday, October 5, 2019

"YOU ARE FIRED"/POTRZEBUJEMY JESZCZE JEDEN RAZ TWOJ OSTATNI RAZ - Video in Polish/Ten film jest w całości w języku polskim

"YOU ARE FIRED" <==how my first job ended in Poland
Video can also be seen at

POLAND 2019 ABOVE MENTIONED JOB EXPLANATION – here is what last 3 months after Polish Immigration system where I applied for political asylum in 2018 declined me the right to file for one:

PPH Legs Sp. z o.o. - Dział farbiarnia, Zgierz 10/7/2019 to 2/10/2019 Packaging position.
First employment in Poland ended with litigation(am presently in complain process)with employer as of October 2nd when fired on day off for(according to employer) not immediately answering single phone call, because of my not meeting with employer in respect to extension of job contract(was never informed about meeting), and my not performing according to employer's expectations at work.

REALITY: Theft of issued work related items accured within first two days(from pen to markers, and even scalpel knife – whatever was left on workplace table – thefts on pens then repeatedly continued throuhout stay). Worked first two months almost 75% of time on other than packaging(SSM – manulally supplying production lines with production material and removing one from production when completed) as hired for and would hand lift(move) at times even 15 or more tones of material per shift(20% of which higher than my own hight 183 cm – boxes weighted frequently 20kg or more) till I would experience real spine injuries(pain in lower portion of spine, regular numbness in middle right hand finger and lately as well in left, and even spine related pain numbness in right leg). No training was provided on how to handle material – in fact improper handling of material was demonstrated/ encouraged(from begining even for boxes which weighted 45kg were encouraged to hand lift and all the way to pushing them manually to production lines – supply was from begining served by pulling manual forklift which weighted up to 800kg or possibly even more). At packaging department computer system used to enter item information would disconnect online processing sessions on every 3/4 times per 15 processed boxes which needed to be weighted(till last week of work). No work manual was ever given on how to properly process work(forget about few binded folder with few pages non related to work opearation demonstrated last week for no photokopy was issued or would be allowed to even take photo of) and if one would manage to direct his mind to proper sequence of packaging operation, coworkers arrived to ensure furher distruption of mental process as soon as I would manage to recollect mind from confusion. There was no information on items location stored in warehouse either. Obvious desired outcome was well anticipated dementia/scattered mind all over the place(total lack of concentration on work during rotating 12 hours early monrning and overnight shifts). Employer was further assisted by selected private settings(housing rentals) where all sorts of violent activities went on according to Mkultra scenario(frequent destruction and theft of private property as well as physical violence – several wrist watches destroyed, as well as telephone and work computer timing modified to misguide on time – employer wasn't shy to modify/forge and lie even about work schedulle with idea to reprimand me) which I have undergone in Poland between 1998 to 2017. An angry moode swinging paranoid schizophrenic approach(positive smiling - but job dedicated attitude discouraged) was continuously incited by demonstrating me(exampling me) job performance(on how its done) with certain work attitudes(expanded into workers relations related activities).  

MORE REGARDING MY JOB PERFORMANCE IF TEMPORARY CRIPPLING DOESN'T EXPLAIN ONE ENOUGH(I wouldn't end up in pain if I would perform and care) - never ever was I late for work for even single minute and that included impossible situation during which I was compelled to sleep/lodge in the local forest(accomplished via impossible rental market and proven so after I moved to next designated location - same location which I visited prior to forest lodging). None of the tested American subjects can repeat here stated. A MORE PRECISE VIDEO ABOUT MY JOB PERFORMANCE IS STILL COMING...JUST ASK YOURSELF FOR HOW LONG CAN YOU KEEP JOB FOR IF YOU GET CRIPPLED(never mind your performance) !!????? 

Despite here mentioned, I am eager to take on next employment opportunity in Poland as soon s possible and continue with an outstanding performance which above mentioned company attempted to deprive me of for the sake of here mentioned politicians. I will never rest at what was done to me, but instead strive to climb back up the letter and higher. Thanks to this very company(owners and co-workers), I still managed to obtain very sensitive data concerning MKultra procedure which led all the way to Ukraine - now proven and would like to thank them for that.
In 2013, complaints from Zgierzan locals about huge number of disabled people in Zgierz related to Boruta industrial park financed by European Union began to appear to me under MKultra...

Friday, October 4, 2019




Like Harry for sticking with Meghan

I can confirm that Harry was subjected to real humiliation/degradation from all sides(not only British media, but Putin/MEDVEDEV/Trump side as well) for his involvement with half black American girl.

American Ku Klux Klan boss(his word is as good as water in your hands = hatred = corruption) rejected/warned by Finish president to not touch him

Finland - THE country which was left behind during Winter War by everyone except her sons/daughters and God, demonstrates feeling toward corrupt hateful American coward

I salute Finland and always will because I know what it means to be forgotten - left behind for dead by entire world. Rather than laying down in ditches to bag for mercy, they took stand against aggressor which outnumbered them with population ratio 50:1(170 million in USSR vs just 3.5 million in Finland) to beat one up in Finish forests as hard as one could be beaten up(Joseph remembered Finland as the biggest lesson for the rest of his life). Misery loves the company and no one any longer wants to associate with one(bye-bye Trump - ITS HOW HIS OWN REALITY SHOW ENDS:)))))).

Today, I feel more Chinese than anything else.


70 years ago you burned entire Europe to the ground - AGAIN !!! Technology and money came from US.

20 years ago via my case, you started to take from European nations(Spaniards, Italians, French, and British) the creativity desire - gesturing them via corrupt politicians willing to sabotage own economy that everything is run better under your flag(good bye Seat, good bye Fiat/Lancia/Alfa/ Rover etc)...that people as people should see themselves in mirrors more like you(they did and numerous were turned as a result into wondering vagabonds).

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Audios in Polish language are coming as well

There is no secret that I LOVE Polish language. One reminds on Slovenian in many aspects nd I find one fascinating for many other reasons as well. s much as I was deprived from one, I managed to preserve enough to engage in somewhat decent conversation with state employee yesterday at the location described bellow...all these(for Polish people to understand in Polish language issues touching my case and their lives) are now coming live...I have immediate recognized state employees at mentioned location and even more important, ZGIERZANS CONTINUE TO SUPPORT ME :)))) They now recvognize me as someone from far past...I have also recognized geantleman from Zdunska Wola  who started optic(sale of glasses frames, lenses etc.) and whom we with Americans visited since play with glasses started...that means I have proof also for claim in respect to well ahead planned play(destruction) with about that😉

Was at Powiatowy Urząd Pracy, Henryka Barona 10, 95-100 Zgierz

To work inspectorate in Lodz city(Okręgowy Inspektorat Pracy w Łodzi)

On October 1st of 2019, I have received SMS and phone call in which I was informed from businesses manager about being fired for not answering phone call, for not appearing at meeting related to work contract extension, and due to what she claimed were unsatisfactory grades from immediate supervisor. I am referring to company known as "PPH Legs Sp. z o.o. - Dział farbiarnia" located at Benzantronowa 4, 95-100 Zgierz.

Theft of issued work related items accrued in this company upon by beginnings in one within first two days(from pen to markers, and even scalpel knife – whatever was left on workplace table – thefts

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

CURRUPTION KILLS: United Nations and curruption issues

Here is how to stop one(my advice to real America):

Reject division from all sides - including the one of Barack Obama. Remember that curruption starts with small insults...ends with divisions and breakups of entire nations.
I reject notion to see myself as Polish prior to human being
Video can be also seen at

Will regard Mr. Trump from now on just as "Mr. Kill Them All"

Workers, women, immigrants...he has a deep mental problem(a real lunatic) and needs to be addressed properly.

Working on new job search - here is my resume and what will be outlined on one

As far as coworkers and owner - I still don't think they had TRUMP'S option within Trump/Kaczynski's option in this Dutch owned company(in Poland owned by Polish family) to choose from. I have a positive view on them as people, but do have to disagree with criminal company's conduct. Will stop at state office tomorrow(perhaps today) to submit claim as I have other stuff to do today. Resume where bellow will remain outlined can be downloaded at 

Mr. Trump doesn't hate immigrants only, he hates workers as well(its what he came to teach to Poland on how can be done).

Tuesday, October 1, 2019

Ivanka Trump's Jedi "Mind Trick" used to "distract" from Impeachment Talk

More likely daughter of American paedo Hitler with Czech roots - not Jedi. "Seems"(thinks) has everything under control with her daddy

I retract previous statement about first Polish employers

I retract previous statement about first Polish em
Here is why and how.

Video can be also seen at

Fired from first job in Poland lets see.mp4

Fired from first job in Poland lets see.mp4
Website is used because youtube and others block video view counters(not tham am saying this one isn't).

All the roads lead to Rome

and this(court) is where we will meet Polacks. Once again, vote for your conscius(Kaczynski - the one who gave you the right of horrowing under MKultra). Let reality not distrupt your plans.

Compelled into rental market - yeah

Fired just 8 days before I would become legible for credit its how was done.

Nevertheless, I am glad for latest reaction which followed up on my video announcement. It creates even bigger impression on this very country.

Suggested under MKultra(amongst other) was on how job will be given back to me and all done for me to tedt other opportunities...even that I would earn some money via compkain etc.

Am affraid I dont see it that way. Present landlird(all connected) getured that it will be all done in such way so that I could leave to Germany or some other location(UK specially) at any time - I told you, you cant win something that was done to destroy you(annihalate you).

Little does above mentioned money do for me when one needs to organize life and move on. Neither will Germany or UK see me ever again.

They have opened very cheap rentals (explosion of them) in Zgierz/Lidz area just as they(Kaczynskis) promissed wouldin "IN CASE IF THINGS WOULDNT GO WELL FOR ME" (hey, they organised whole thing so things wouldnt go well for me and not that thgey would want to help - to help is to prevent when you know something bad will happen to someone - but this is a real character of tgese people I was talking about on latedt video).

My experience with Polacks

Video part 1 can be also seen at or
1 of 2 My experience with Polacks.mp4

Video part 2 can be also seen at
2 of 2 My experience with Polacks.mp4
Vote for conscious my advice for Polacks on this elections...

This (I mention work related health issues in video as well) was posted online yesterday and today(Oct.1st) is when I was fired from mentioned in here seen in video #2 employer.
Was in extra pain last night due to schedulle which was implemented from day A. Will discuss this and other issues with government officials when submitting them complain about what exactly went on in this company.

I was told this will happen under MKultra and even reminded in present by people involved in MKultra case. Just prior to end of 3 month period which would give as suggested under MKultra so much an opportunity for financial loan :) Well, yeah...