Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Another two headphones destroyed

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Examination appointment with neurologist, source of viruses and anesthetics

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Within first two months in Poland, I have suffered no less than 4 heavy colds - more than in my entire 10 years combine. Fifth one came due to use of specific cigarettes inside if the room to which I am allergic.

Use of anesthetics in my case and its consequences for Polish state

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Learn about role of local facility physician in mentioned deeds...this individual have also disregarded repeatedly(for 5 months) my need to replace glasses since they were destroyed upon my arrival to Poland.

Warsaw locks down library yet for another two days

Its real - the closest library us distanced 21 km walk (both ways).

Polish consul sent home from Norway...

I would like to yell its neonazi/fascist way as I did in the past, but real question is what is happening in Poland and across the Eastern Europe..."take and give" goes both ways, but this will never become clear in heads of people who make important decisions on behalf of people across the Eastern Europe.
Those who consequently suffer are on the bottom of the societies - defenceless Polish families who run abroad for piece of bread and people like myself(politically persecuted people) which are sold and resold by both sides.

Truth is I have lost totally interest in Poland and no longer want to even

walk distance of 100 meters to immigration center where they give out lunch.

Have not felt like this yet in my life time.

From being eager for life to loosing interest in life via physical torture...

I requested(have asked about only) transfer to another safer location, but

was told that only 30% of immigrants in Poland are non Russian(Chechen)....70% are Russian citizens.

And there is no immigration location on the West side of the Poland...all locations are located near Russian(either Kaliningrad or Belarus) Border.

Video - Shirt known as 911 from Caritas finds its way back after my suggesting future departure from Poland to Sweden

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at

The most cynical(criminal and sadistic) political asylum procedure ever. Learn Polish language what for...
You can see the date when news in respect to Sweden was published clearly

Money for the trip to immigration center in Warsaw finds way back to me after one month and three days of wait

Photo was taken inside of the office at the immigration center in Grotnikih.

 I almost left without any proofs for anything, but you can see(given to me upon request) time and date received on lower right corner... 

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

As far as Polish politicians and their blah blah in respect to Russia

Actions talk louder than words. And anyone could abd can see what your actions were/are in respect to my case.