Sunday, October 24, 2021

Last directed energy attack on me was part of British special ops test since 2001 a personal gig of prince Phillip who always was military enthusiast

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NOT MY PRESIDENT AND NEVER EVER WAS: George Bush who became personal assistant of Vladimir Putin in United States of America(his waiter) INSISTED for me to marry in 2004(conditioned me stay in USA) one of Fidel Castro's femle in Miami

Vladimir Putin has on pick of his power across USA guaranteed me in fact, I will marry Cuban female associated with KGB - George Bush presented under MK Ultra torture circumstances in my face entire pallet of KGB Fidel Castro associated females from Cuban underground intelligence. Either this or you will be thrown out of USA where life was already completely trashed since day 1 of my arrival - its why I wondered idiotic words of delusional George Bush(how much more could it be !!????)

Don't come here

 I told you and Kate already in 2017 there is nothing for you here left a n respect to "friendship" - there never was actually 

Saturday, October 23, 2021

To go into grave with Jaga Baba insanity follows me arround next to marrow bone cancer radiation

Clearly lunacy surrounds me - this lunacy brought individual who was hospitalized next to me inside of Ljubljana Polje and involved in my MK Ultra case into mindless crime against his own mother who was just as in my case instructed by psychiatrists and police on how to corner him to obtain for system desired results. 
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To go flash someone before his eyes to go pickup mushrooms with Yaga Baba in situation as is mine as is an insane as it gets. It goes beyond border like insanity which in this case absorbed from me 28 years of life for psychiatrists' play with sanity. THIS CASE CLEARLY IS USED TO POINT OUT PUTIN AND HIS CREW ON HOW IS SAFE AND REWARDING TO ENGAGE IN EXTERMINATION AS LONG AS ONE FOLLOWS RULES OF BIGGER DOGS.

@Slovenskemu narodu - poglejte kje se nahajamo po osaosvojitvi oziroma kaj Evropska unija nam dokazuje zavoljo Putina in zločincev kova Milana Kučana, Slavoja Žižka, Pahorja in ostalih udbovcev. Mar ne vidite da nas pobijajo kot narod v lastni državi 30 let po osamosvojitvi in to preko Evropske Unije - preko Evropskega sodišča za človeške pravice !!????

Related to US president like no other. Involved against me along Putin(for Putin's sake) for no less than 28 years.

Everything is my case that is happening have happened against me via black American community on behalf of their

 masters from London/Berlin and Washington DC who compensated them for kill based on human rights crimes and lies against me really really well. Just so you know about IMPERIAL UNCLE TOMS. This is the #1 reason for everything that have happened against me in USA and were the first to collaborate with Russians in war against Slovenia for the sake of Putin(he had USSR idea at the time) under MK Ultra. They did this and they need to pay for their crimes against humanity also in respect to WWII past as they breached all ethics world fought for during WWII. IMPERIAL UNCLE TOMS MUST PAY THE PRICE NEXT TO THEIR MASTERS !!!

ADDICTED TO TRASH/TOXIC POISON: It is SAD to observe young European people to reach out inside of the trash bins in search for their hope day after day - because this is what European Union became due to its expansion where Germans no longer need to worry about others' opinion outside of the box(outside of EU)

NEW EUROPE FUR DIE WELT - FOR BETTER AND WORSE(is there like tomorrow ?)
Its just a 24/7 German news(modified and prepared for Germany only - totally non relevant to the rest of us) delivered to us who have become in this trash bin a observers of opportunities(lies) and is becoming worse and worse by the day because of GREAT COLONIAL PLAN - idea is to push through one many of you to other continents in search for more and more trash till we all eat one another and only few selected stay around.

Got another 3 HOURS OF SLEEP attack for which I was told could be my last related to marrow cancer in form of health recovery was insisted under MK Ultra will be case for the sake of my royal title

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@Ursula von der Leyen(GERMAN TRASH NOBODY AND NOTHING) - that you who was a regular nobody and got everything in life through me would let them know in London to stop procedure in case I would bitch against you !!!????? Huh !!???? Okay okay - there is no "yes mam" in this case for one thing unlike you presented dude with whom you believe will make impression on me in 2017.

Not a single one - ZEROS

Germans, British, nor French legion(only in movies), not Soviets or Americans and all others along them have had a single battalion as those from Slovenia during WWII 

Our Slovenian people who lived homeless in freezing snowed hills to retaliate night and day for occupation during WWII, pride themselves when compared to others on never surrendering weapons in hands of the neonazi enemy. Short 10 day war for Slovenian independence in 1991 was not the first Slovenian war(and to tell you the truth, some of us wished for one to escalate far beyond regardless - you know every here and then you have remember to know). Nowhere in the world have Germans suffered losses equal to those in Slovenia. The only place worst even than eastern front where all that mattered even if loosing finger(s) in a single day due to frost temperatures is where our partisans slept was that Germans counted corpses in their lines same day - its why Germans took on Slovenian civilians(women, children elderly) were hiding behind civilian hostages.

@Black Lies Maters(imperial servants) - Just so you know from where/who !!! 

News about march of global neonazism which I insisted on throughout entire Trump's presidency appears is making its comeback with what some see as Donald Trump's 2024 elections and Joe Biden's presidency for whom I claimed prior to becoming US president what scenario will be with him

Despite my posting yesterday unique to this news site news "if not"  as brainwashed under MK Ultra, some insist on my previous news in respect to neonazi Irish terrorist which took from Donald Trump as US president in 2021.

NEW/NEU: 100 x times worse than a nazism is all new AmeroBritish German uncle Tom's imperialism - to murder/plunder through human rights / black race alone

 Yes !!???? Yes yes....feminism Angela Merkel's way and black rights matters and gay right matters etc. and universal declaration of human rights under act I see/hear whatever I want to see/hear and murder(let rotten in pain and in vain) whatever/WHEREVER WHENEVER I feel needs to be murdered so I can progress my agenda - well, lets see how that will go.

I absolutely have nothing against above mentioned groups, but I pledge to destroy their corrupt ethics along masters they serve to against core principles of human beings - society.