Thursday, April 2, 2020

GAME OVER: Corona-virus is intergovernmental United Nations' agreement produced by United States of America used to purge systems from "enemies"

In Russia dead will be those who opposed Putin or have fought against corruption - in Poland those who opposed Kaczynski/Duda/ Morawiecki, in USA dead will be those who rose against NAZISM and goes same for Britain/Germany/ITALY(German survival secret explained) and others...

Trump asked me if I will submit to him if he beats them all and his son in law Kuschner Jared

gestured I cite, "you will say no and I will kill get the right to you".

Didn't mean him, but neonazi plan for which they have used me. Car supposedly would serve as purpose of triggering psychiatrists in Poland against me via court(regardless of amount of proofs in my hands is what I was told) what would compel me out of the country preferably to Israel - its where most important war would be playing out(already is).

Well, I have no intentions whatsoever to leave Poland at any time/if ever at all.

@US Government as per death will add to the list Donald Trump, Ivanka, Jr., and Eric also name Jared.

MKultra brainwash in respect to courts in Lodz

#1 Told under MK Ultra is  waste of time and money, but referred to one in Post MKultra period some three months ago by free legal aid in Lodz.
#2 Told under MK Ultra(2008 and not even 2010) by seller of the car that for "Sąd Rejonowy" to be yet another total waste of time - that all judges gave one GREEN LIGHT TO GO WITH IT.

 #3 Told under MK Ultra by seller he is afraid the most of "District Courts". District court located at Generała Henryka Dąbrowskiego 5, 90-921 Łódź that was his biggest fear(claimed they are the strictest) and will not proceed with scam because of one, but just 2 weeks latter that summer in 2008, he was laughing happily in my face claiming one will cover his back as well and that I am all set now.

Trump has a status of GOD now.

Most of us will get CORONVIRUS, but live will stay those with strong enough immunity system that will not be given extra whatever at hospitals. Related to

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Ukrainian individual doesnt allow sleep

Returned from work 30 min ago and keeps light on - talks/walks at 0100am. Is not affraid of police.

Skarga do sądu w języku polskim/court complain in Polish language

 @ sprzedawca samochodów .... Oznaczone na zielono jest twoja ostatnia szansa.

Po pierwsze, jakie naruszenia popełnil sprzedawca samochodu indywidualnie:

Sprzedawany samochód przyszedł z poważnym problemem z silnikiem, który pozwala na eksploatację tylko w temperaturach bliskich lub powyżej zera, ponieważ układ chłodzenia z ustawionym środkiem zapobiegającym zamarzaniu w niskich temperaturach zimowych wydmuchuje płyn chłodniczy z chłodnicy silnika. Samochód został sprzedany bez katalizatora (jeden został usunięty przed sprzedażą), bez możnośći otwarcia zamka tylnego bagażnika, i z całkowicie zużytymi śmiertelnymi oponami - koła opon nie pasują do fabrycznych specyfikacji samochodu nawet...

@Kaczynski - Mentioned girl psychologist was at one point so terrorized

that she eventually contemplated on even leaving Poland. And for that matter I am grateful to my neighbors in Slovenia(even Borut Pahor) who encouraged her for brief period in life when she needed the most. She knows very well what RACISM/NAZISM is.

Who was Ukrainian who left back to Ukraine with his wife after ruining me equipment in this very hostel

23 years old individual when one got involved in my MKultra case and who even tried himself at mentioned employer in Zgierz briefly at age probably 29 if its to believe at all(ONE OF SHIZOID IMITATORS USED BY SYSTEM TO COMPEL VICTIM INTO TOTAL BRAINWASH TILL ONE FALLS DOWN BRAIN-DEAD AAS IS WALKING IN SHOES OF ANOTHER SUPPOSEDLY UNLUCKY INDIVIDUAL).

Was a number one expert on writing complain in proper Polish language(very complain about the very car I am writing right now) up to date(no more a you can imagine). Did helped me to learn about Dnipro where he studied and perhaps even Zaporizhzhia(I didn't go over yet as I have no time) - he is from Zaporizhzhia. Yeah, he took off once I pointed finger at him just s he promised would(did such stuff for one to quietly take other abuse - to comply with b.s., but is not like that here).

ANGRY: Electricity unplugged whenever I feeling good about myself

No power means no computer work since they destroyed new laptop battery. Mornings is cursing if in good mood..or perhas searching for roomate with key 4 floors bellow just be called all you can imagine - not his fold as is 1 key for 3 guys. When showering electricity play plays also often times important role, but it was in Grotnikah like that already - luckily I didnt fell and injure myself so far because of one. Yeah...will wait for bullying to end on this sunny day when without electricity yet again.

THE God maniac from the White House now tells Americans if 100.000 "dead" ONLY, he did good job

Waw, and now you can see and feel he truly is the choosy one. He plays you all pays...nobody other than this site asking real questions concerning civil rights and Buckingham palace's attack on America that goes on before your eyes...insane.