Friday, February 15, 2019

Russia not enough funny to vote for commedian on newest Ukrainian elections - Poroshenko did outstanding job in the background of the political arena

Russian fascists(G(K)REMLINS) hate him for a reason. He is fearless and have shown real virtues from which other politicians could learn.
Gets international attention in respect to Russian terrorism in Ukraine !!! The one you need !!!

I was in Lodz and still am here

She is not a very decent crowd of people arround herself(lots of people love her)...Lodz is her city, Poland her country. No way out of this one I admit.

Appointment with immgration schduled for 21st at 9am.

Bostjan is on a dead bed heart broken

Revolt against this particiular psychologist didn't last not even 14 hours....I am under her spell in Poland as she was along all the time everywhere. Inloved like 16 years old. God help.

@J....If I dont see you soon my mind will go blank. I miss you :(((((

Lets go and see immigration in Lodz

Very late as explained, but not too late to set appointment in person as requested by border guard...

Here is what it looked like at 830am

Video can be also seen at

Video can be also seen at
Probablynot bestvthing tgat can happen along all other stuff they have is also related directly to insomnia and hypertension.
This thing was regularly boosted in early morning hours...if there was internet during day time in room one was almost gone along with my roomate who would temporary exut doesnt have anything to do with number of users as seen, but instead other forms of abuse...along with all other stuff that went on, this too contributed to situation.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

With 4 hous of sleep

Day after day for 5 months, I am half dead...cant go walk 30 kilometers like this. Its suicidal

Wifi radiation in room at 0500am

I have no idea what it means if anything at all, but here it is measured inside if the room in early morning hours...woke up at 0430am and no longer could sleep. All exhausted from whatever they use for so many months.
Video can be also seen at 

Video can be also seen at

All I ever get are nasty looks as "why dont you wake up earlier and study and so on", but they know very well about sleep deprivation torture that goes on.

I decline to see myself as a Jew

Related to

I would not consider to become one because as an conscios European human being(well aware of myself) I dislike foremost physical and cultural differences which exist between us and yourself. Your violent non appologetic behavior(23 years Netanyahu), however, takes whole thing on another level...unfortunatelly Hitler question reopens again to many(not to me - no longer I should say as I did overcome innitial anger somehow and realized that life have much more to offer to one than what issues crazy politician Netanyahu alike is challanged with) at this point, and does as such to you and to myself more harm than good.

Hope news wont hurt decent Jewish people wherever you are because many many of you exist.

Google(on behalf of Netanyahu) goes as far as violently pointing me out Holocaust issues via hijacking my main youtube account for almost a month

I sincerely hope Jewish people worldwide observe violent behavior from Israeli side in respect to my case. Off course this is racism...pushy violent behavior on behalf of Israel with idea for me to see myself as one is how I see it as.

Was brought here under MKultra and compelled to observe Jewish remnants...

PERFECT VALENTINE GIFT TO ME: Warszawskies place inside of the room(as the second roomate) a Belarus "Pet Shop Boy" who was with me already in Denbak near Warszaw

This is not a joke. I am serious(you can see me laughing bellow, but am not kidding). As of Today, Mr(whose name I will not state), have found his way into my room in this very immigration center.
He(not the one seen here lol) is a long time friend of KGB(police officer) individual from Minsk and was also used under MKultra for intimidation purposes in the future.