Saturday, January 19, 2019

My Chechen Russian roommate who have connections also to Arabia and Warsaw have

Proven s knife abilities just week after he threatened me with knife.
 This is what third container looks like - not destroyed as otgervtwovwere within day/two(knifed through and through), but instead like this...little bye kitle to sicken person as much as possible before cutting one completely.

Friday, January 18, 2019

US democrats(entire US gov.) should act now in respect to ex Trump's escort from Belarus whom KGB thugs have even arrested in Moscow

Demand her to be released immediately and offer her political asylum on the West.

Show you are real America

There is almost no difference between

Sugar and chlorine. Poisoning went like this for no less than 5 months in Poland alone(in Slovenia a neighbor Dane Kolenc who was here did his part do - he got training in Poland on how to). Noticed and known in advance, but deliberately implemented by Kaczynski team on behakf of Russia and for the sake of the $$how.

Cirrhosis of the liver, hypertension, and brain cancer are a very very serious problems. They dont develop immediately, but they do over time.

Work permit will be due in about two weeks or so

An fun will end(big time) for the Russians this way.

Warsaw decides to keep library(computers) closed for yet another day

Closest one is 10km from here - cost free of charges if walking 20 km(13 miles) or if willing to pay a 1/5 of what you get every month for detergents/ soap bars/ tooth paste/coffee and so on. Your choice. Library was closed also several dats in December which I have not mentioned.
 I was given a roll of bread yesterday by librarian do, so I probably shouldn't even write this on here....

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Yet another illegal login into my blogger/gmail is recorded.

There is nothing to add here.
I only have CM browser and google chrome without any proxy(never use one) option installed on my Lenovo tablet.

Complaint against EU Court for Human Rights now submitted to European Commission

Whoever thinks that this case will somehow cease to exist is frankly crazy. Will proceed from here to national courts. This is just a beginning - make no mistake about that.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

RUSSIAN FASCISM ALERT: 40 arrested and two killed by torture in fresh anti-gay crackdown in Chechnya, activists claim

There is not much to add to this story or is it...Russia is a sad place and Chechnya just a bit sadder(sicker).

REPUBLICANS WAVE GOOD BYE TO TRUMP: Senate Republicans break with Trump on Russia sanctions

Game(END GAME) over for Trump and his cronies begun

Senate Republicans break with Trump on Russia sanctions

Iran summons Polish envoy in protest against upcoming summit

While Poland must strive toward standards of the West(national integrity, wealth, and equality within entire society) which include NATO membership, it is just as important for one to remember her national history. Hosting such conference is a duty and the right of Polish sovereignty, assistance to Iran in respect to conflict with West however a duty. Its why I hope Iran would somehow benefit from one if anything and perhaps even express interest in modernization of own state via Polish interference. I see this as an opportunity for all three parties involved.