Saturday, August 17, 2019

When first brought to Zgierz from US, old Zgierzans wanted to lynch me without knowing anything about me

Two fascistoids brought me here in 2002(was here with Trump once only in1998) with their state staff members and all I heard was growling/yelling, "they want to kill him". Where is he...who is he what have he done etc...

Zgierz/Lodz were massacred by Germans(horror is what it was and elderlky couldnt get WW2 autrocities out of their minds) so I understand reaction. As much as this older Zgierzans searched for terrible neonazi(I was way younger than their SS counterparts from wehrmacht), they couldnt find one...and the more they searched the less neonazi was left till smiles replaced angered faces. I became a local sensation which attracted curiosity of numerous people from abroad and domestically.

As far as myself being German

Have nothing to do with one. Was seen as one by Slovenian Serbian shizo state since early childhood because of portion of family which lived in Austria - was also beated up by gangs of kiuds because of this often times as instructed by class teachers alone.

Shizofrenia is a rampant problem accross the Eastern Europe and problems are best hidden by those which suffer from them by pointing fingers in opposite direction from truth. Poland/ Belarus/ Russia/ Ukraine suffer from almost epidemic proportions of shizofrenia due to what they claim was WW2 struggle. Entire shizo villages exist in Belarus where I was brought under MKultra in 2000/2003 - I was told by Borut Pahor alone will be falsely marked by one so I could relate psychologicaly in the future to people who trully suffer from one as I would become prominent figure...

Germany did nothing good for me. Germany; however, created a lots lots of problems for me. While gesturing Polish women and CHRIS FROM COLORADO(Trump' s son out of wedlock was offered refuge in Germany in case one would need one in future - this is how much Germans were discusted with Trump's treatment of me) that one would take care of them if needed(Germans even stopped Ruskies from raping/killing few Polish women), but have never ever done a single thing for my sake - a fact.

As far as buying car in Poland as was anticipated

You first have to pay 130 Euros to junkjard when impoirting one from Germany due to garbage which country pilled up over decade and half. But its well worth

Warszawian fascistoids kept two options open in my MKultra case and will rather have me lose money(they try to cash with exhtortion whatever they can get) than to bring ine to Poland

Kaczurinski which somehow managed to get case to Poland(this was the death sentence for me and there is no doubt about that - whoever Scandinavian/ British/ Dutch/ German is that you betrayed me this way for everything I have done for you) had two things on his mind:

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Fascistoids from Warszaw come clean about their suicidal intentions

will see if nation will continued to follow their steps. POLAND UNDER MKULTRA REFERRED TO ME AS RACIST/NEONAZI - DEMANDED FROM ME TO IMPREGNATE NON WHITE WOMEN, HAVE THREATENED ME WHEN REPEATEDKY VROUGHT TO POLAND BETWEEN 1998 TO 2015 WITH ABDUCTIONS TO RUSSIAN REPUBLICS OF CHECHNYA, KAZAKHSTAN, ISRAEL, IRAN, IRAQ, SYRIA, EGYPT...have had police officers pointing guns at me in abandoned buildings, have had Zgierz police engage in harassment/physical beating at Zgierz police headquarters and inside of the old courthouse(applies all to Zgierz), have had group of 14/15 years olds beat me up physically(kicking me in stomach - 2015 MKultra) incity known as Biala Podlaska(they greeted me in 2017 when I was on my way to Belarus to file political asylum...and much more if you can imagine more MKultra

Single 17 years old("IF" on the first place) is not OLDS

While wrong "IF", Donald Trump regularly engaged with his partner Epstein in beyond insane sessions. Forget about 17 years olds; look closer at incest picture to understand real genious behind Epstein. The only difference between the two - Trump avoided main scandal on time.

World has to stand up against fascism/nazism to which we witness

Russians, Americans, Poles, Brits, French and others all need to stand up against repeated dark suicidal path from the past. Numerous people were murdered because of Trump, Putin, Kaczynski etc.and the worst of the worst is yet to come...

Hitlerist in the White House is getting ready to shut off internet -

What Libertarians/republicans gestured Obama wanted to do with freedom of speech is becoming reality under fascistoid in the White House...make no mistake - Trump is desperate to do so because he knows his end is near and will take such steps to kill more and more outspoken victims AND eventually try to wipe US as we know of map.

Ambitious criminal which crushed Slavic relations for his personal ambitiins is riding bike with hooligans in occupied Crimea while police deals with Russian protesters in Moscow

Wanna be Russian tsar which murdered over 13.000 Ukrainians, ripped Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine from Ukraine is riding bike with smile on his face in occupied Crimea while facing greater and greater backlash home and abroad. Is determined to set even example for Americans on how Trump should handle them in the future(turned Moscow into neonazi alike occupied territory where Russian citizens aline are frequently facing police - id checking on entry/exit to/out of city).

1.6 meter tall Putin riding bike with manly biker which ensures his safety(holds him, so future tsar wouldnt fall off bike😁😂😂😂). Wav what a sight...

Saturday, August 10, 2019

North Korea gets Trump on stamps😁😂😂😂

I have noooo idea why that woukd be(told/described you I was brought to North Korea to Kim Jong first time in 2001 abd was one if the first Americans there - ever)

Ourcreturn was more than welcomed as Trump brought goodies with him from American taxpayers. Those included military arsenal technology - make no mistake about it.