Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Half of republican party consists of democrats who help one exist - exist(not because they would believe in one, but to exist) make no mistake

 The only Donald Trump party in United States of America that is pro Trump(PRO NEONAZI) is a Libertarian political party which consists of pure neonazi evil. Libertarian party(VERY WELL MASKED) is equivalent to ex Hiter's NSDAP. They are not 1% of US population, yet they are greately over represented in media as well as in government delegations.

I doubt about Trump collecting more than 15% of votes, but democrat party needs republican party(LIE) as I explained https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/12/american-google-declines-to-provide.html

DONALD TRUMP ADMITS HE HIS FAMILY ARE A BUNCH OF CRIMINALS/GANGSTERS/HYENAS: Trump reportedly discussed possibly pardoning his 3 eldest children, Jared Kushner, and personal attorney Rudy Giuliani with advisors

No president have even tried anything like this, but with here seen act Trump alone admits they are good for nothing primitive lowlifes https://www.businessinsider.com/trump-discussed-pardons-for-his-children-giuliani-with-advisors-nyt-2020-12 

American Google declines to provide normal services - why two way verification methods when those are used to bully only.

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/xc9Y6qmFsZQ

With or without you Joe Biden - America must break FREE

 Same as in Slovenia case with Janez Janša and his political open neonazi party is the case with republican party in US. Democrat party owns 80+ percent votes withing American population, but its democrat party that uses close to non existing republican party to push down the throats to domestic and to international people THE WORST OF AMERICA(from wars to other catastrophes and all sorts of budget cuts/reductions for Americans alone) because its convenient that way. Although nonexistent, it gives double impression about country which many worldwide bought for quite some time.

PROOF OF CIVIL WAR IN US: They declared war on 80% of American people - Trump's lawyer insists on firing squads which should cleanse

Od Milana Kučana pa prste samo stran

 Če bi bila Kramberger ali Šiško, Slovenije sploh nebi bilo. Da so partizani podarili Italjanom Trst dele Koroške/Štajerske tudi ne bo držalo saj brez njih niti Slovenije nebi bilo. Milan Kučan je nasprotoval radikalnim oslarijam Pahorja Janše in ostalih zgub - je pa seveda prisostvoval saj razlike tako ali tako ni bilo nobene. Po besedah Mlana samega se jih je bal.

SLOVENSKI ZVERINJAK: Jadranka Juras 100% nezmotljiva to pa vem ker sami priznavajo delno resnico o pobojih civilistov na tujih misijah - že samo prisostvovanje z nekom v nečemu(tukaj gre za Slovensko vojsko) zakar se dobro zavedajo nedolžni ljudje izgubljajo življenja je ničmanj odgovorna misija/poslanstvo kakor direktno pobijanje saj za tovrstno obnašanje Slovenija nudi podporo NATU ki odprto stoji za pobojiU

Je pa stramota na kakšnem nivoju je izobraženo Slovensko prebivalstvo končalo in tukaj negre niti za takoimenovane Janševce ampak predvsem BORURE PAHORJE ki se skrivajo v ozadju in zahtevajo tovrstna pobijanja - Osvobodilna Fronta Slovenije pa laže/pokriva njihove laži z natolcevanjem novih laži raje kakor da bi prevzela odgovornost za dejanja SVOJIH VODITELJEV. OSVOBODILNA FRONTA SLOVENIJE DANES Z SVOJIMI DEJANJI ŠIRI PO SVETU TAKO PRAVI FAŠIZEM - SOVRAŠTVO SAJ GA NE SAMO VSPODBUJA AMPAK PRAV TAKO SE OD NJEGA NE RAZLIKUJE NITI EN SAM MILIMETER. Postala je Slovenska sramota.

Monday, November 30, 2020

MK ULTRA - Yeah yeah - I think man is from Texas in case MK Ultra memory still has it(DOES DOES AS I REMEMBER HIS HOOD HOUSE ETC.) and hyah I was in his garage(house) and neighborhood

LIES IN SLOVENIA(long nose growing even longer) CHANGE FAST: Politically persecuted Janez Janša(this demonstrates hypocrisy of Pahor) already on his way for arms purchase to Israel - Patria corruption affair in which one was involved up to his neck far/forgotten FOR NOW behind(last time one appeared on court was 2019)

Those condemned to settle for such lies are condemned to a self s***w-up. From Patria corruption to new weapons purchase and many other crimes in between - fakely persecuted human rights activist Janez Janša remains blood thirsty at the edge(front) of the Slovenian traitors colon - those hiding behind him like lets say Borut Pahor. 

What for Slovenian soldiers means to participate in NATO occupations of foreign soils !!???? Worse than death - a defeat(disgrace) of Slovenian WWII past basically which national liberation front claimed as victory for 75 years. Yes, there is such thing !!!

Mr. Potrč was involved in MK Ultra already since 2000 or so - his friend from Rijeka too and both are a long time friends(100% from 2004 already)

Mr. Potrč bought small vacation property in Sweden sometimes in 2008-2010 is what he told me during MK Ultra. Goteborg his very old destination(where he also brought me time and again with idea to help some day) - as old as new life from man you see on video....