Friday, July 3, 2020

What would you prefer to disappear !!!???? Donald Trump or Coronavirus !!???

What would you prefer to disappear !!!???? Donald Trump or Coronavirus !!???

#1 Donald Trump

#2 Coronavirus

#3 Answer #1 produced(created) answer #2

Have also decided to stay in Poland for good and God

This also was wish of Pope John Paul II. 

I appeal to Meghan Markle to get REAL with herself - wake up and remind yourself who you are next to

While no longer in UK(GB for me), you are next to man who wore neonazi uniform in his youth. Your scandals for which you didn't have any proofs a court which you could use to refute whatever claims were(IN REALLY CHALLENGING WORLD WE FACE AS SOCIETY, NO ONE CARES ABOUT PILLOW FIGHTS BETWEEN YOU AND YOUR DAD AND PAPARAZZI ETC. OTHER THAN BUCKINGHAM PALACE WHEN FACED WITH REAL PEDOPHILIA ACCUSATIONS) surfaced during real crises one faced for the first time. 

Trzaskowski got a phone call from Barack Obama, so I give him temporary thumbs up

As Obama is quite familiarized with situation in Poland

I didn't like Trzaskowski's so called support for European politicians(specially not for Ursula von der Leyen) on his profile, but it can't be worse than Andrzej Duda. Like I have stated, Obama knows something about Polish politics that counts in my opinion.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Kaczynski's wealth - Poor man managed to save no more than 100.000 Zloty(some 25.000 USD) is what Polish media claims - gets $1800/2000 of retirement per month only

I got 2500 Zloty(500USD - and am using this just for comparison) per month literately for breaking spine in Zgierz and that came along declining me the right health services, support of any kind(gave a change for a month as far as health concerning while making it impossible to even list myself for job search in city of Lodz), police encouraging crime against me - declining me services offered to other citizens and so on :))) Must not be all that bad therefore for mentor of Duda/Morawiecki(another two thugs he brought to life to serve his interests).

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Long are gone days when/where LEADERS(and sellouts as what they are for the most part) were meeting each other on Yalta - in Crimea and where Charles used to guarantee Crimeans that Crimea will not be given just like this to big bad woolf known as Russia even that Putin used to eye one whenever there 24/7

During Soviet(Russian) Afghani war, Afghanis were called by Americans who dropped them with idea to kill as many as possible Russians(and all other Estern Europeans) a super deadly weapons(used against Americans even today) a Mujahideens - the people who struggle for survival if translated from dictionaries - a word which lost sense after America alone declared Christian Jihad on Muslim religion under neonazi ruler-ship of George W. Bush as seen in dictionary and on what word Mujaheddins changed into Islamists - guerrilla fighters and soon into Al-Qaeda and TALIBANS because those should in eyes of nazis just lay down and die for the sake of great white expansion. 

More personal belongings stolen and vandalized at new location

From shoes, clothing, and even what would otherwise be used for shoe repairs(makes no sense to repair as entry inside in here is a normal). Inside in here where there is no toilet and no sink(no water) and in a complex where out of two toilets none is in operational condition for already two months. Where during shower water is turned off by whoever is observing showering and so on. But hey, its Poland and so its normal.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

MK Ultra - Polish Pope Pope John Paul II and Kaczynski's role in his life

1 of 2 Video can be also seen at

2 of 2 Video can be also seen at

American police forces get away with killing more than 1,000 Americans a year

Police brutality must end.

There is no doubt something has to be done about it. Problem is the one who controls the crime as one can be encouraged or discouraged - problem is the ability OF SOMEONE who has the ability to either decrease armed police involvement in world of community affairs or even increase one with idea to abuse its powers for personal agenda as is the case of today - Donald Trump.

WARNING TO BLACK LIVES MATTER: "Eat the Rich." is where and when protests are loosing value and will end with catastrophic outcome for protesters

Its okay to protest on streets of cities against racism, but not okay to bully people on their private properties based on wealth they accumulated if not breaking laws. With conduct as seen here, you will loose support from those wealthy people who actually are on your side and are giving you employment. With anarchism as seen here to which Chinese would respond in China if something like this would have happened with police and mass arrests/most likely even deportations, you set movement in direction in which clearly you are violating rights of privacy of the people which in developed world is a no no. Something even middle or lower class class will declare you as no no.