Monday, October 26, 2020

@BERLIN/WASHINGTON/LONDON: 31 years after Beijing's Tiananmen Square, WORLD IS BUYING LESS GERMAN AND MORE CHINESE cars - products and trend will continue

China still exists and so will Belarus where hopefully more Russian workers will obtain employment. 


I cite Angela Merkel, "we start in Belarus once we have Poland - once military moves across Poland" which it did as you all know....for money supplies financing Tiananmen Square #2 this time in Belarus, look no further than United Nations.

@Angela Merkel

 Soon, your "protesters" will be eating grass along cows

Possibility of United Nations running domestic terrorism(specially $$$ budget) in Belarus is great

 I do investigate that as well

French bandit from United Nations(the main one) I met in Belarus in 2017 is one of the organizers of what Angela Merkel believed will be Tiananmen Square massacre #2.

The key to Belarus protests is to cut domestic traitors from source of income - AmeroGerman "protests" in Belarus are financed from outside

Thats all that needs to be done. American machinery made agreement ahead of coup d'etat with key Belarus traitors about $$$$ distribution that will support crime against Belarus people on a long run. I KNOW SO BECAUSE I WAS TOLD SOME 10 YEARS AHEAD OF WHAT YOU SEE NOW. Research for source of income(incl. postal options), cut that away, take possession of private properties, charge with each with grand treason, and after serving sentence ensure they ever get another job - so they can go to those who paid them to kill own people. They murder on the West as you see(and even in eastern Europe already) by placing people on forced unemployment - and this people who have nothing  to do or want nothing to do with politics. Thats all - find out who financed or is even financing operation and cut that source.
Nothing to worry - they have where to go, but we who ran from West don't.

Sunday, October 25, 2020

Polish Hitler declared total war on women's right to abortion - word is off course about Andrej Duda who is using COVID19 crises to even deepen ne within Polish society with totally insane requests denying women basic human rights or visit 

Idea on breaking spines was born by Donald Trump observing either William H. McRaven(most lilley) or U.S. Army Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton in 1996 in city of Novo mesto - Slovenia

Either of the two has severe spine problems for you to note. This led most likely was Mr. William H. McRaven who would every morning RELIGIOULSY go for a swim even in a local stream not too far from our house in Novo mesto. As politicians observed man, they noted that his mental abilities wee connected with his attitude toward life - obligation to exercise daily to avoid further spine problems worsening. So now you know who the man was behind breaking spines/how and WHY(Trump is just a showman - he collects when you pay and gets others to also play) !!!

Coronavirus MOST LIKELY(what I was told case will be) disseminated via store outlets - ventilation systems - SPIKE HIKE goes on simultaneously all over the world

Just enter "coronavirus country"(for country enter wherever you are) and you will get data graph provided by google. There is something super duper stinky about Trumpsters - supporters of global neonazi movement. These "leaders"(although physically most of them nothing more than whimpets mupets one would clean away with pencil rubber) are also super resistant and in some cases their spouses/children not afected with virus at all - latest such case is Duda for example.

Slavery(Russian workers' self grave digging procedure which went on for over century) ended with Romanovs

Going through internet which was totally modified according to American historian David Duke's instructions, you no longer can find anything useful about famous October revolution during which Russians gained again status of human beings in their own country. Along with them regaining status of human beings, other Slavs(from Poles to Czechs to Slovenes and Croats etc.) ceased to be slaves under Austro Hungarian German empires too.

Yes, internet stinks and also explains how history can be rewritten without people's consent. Russian workers used to eat one another to keep alive during Romanov's rule. Purges of Russian workers were unlimited.

Putin working with Merkel(BERLIN) via Navalny against Russia for global neonazi interests a fact undeniable

Putin gives about Russia as much as about last year's snow. He sees one through tsarist title and nothing more. His strategy is simple and indifferent from original concept. Will use Navalny to threaten/exhort(Russia is economically conditioned - extorted this way) Russia into global AmeroGerman neonazi cooperation for the sake of his tsarist title. Navalny NOT  a victim - just designated German Putin's agent. Nothing Navalny released to Russian public went un-noticed from Vladimir Putin's side. Concept used against me by British Royals, Washington DC, Macron, Merkel who teached me on how to stand up against them - teached me about their dirty little secrets so they too could condition own state apparatuses with denial of my case. Never made me sense per why they would drag me through all the dirt they had going, but my story was repeated throughout GB against numerous other Brits whom once my MK Ultra case commenced even introduced into one to BLOCK ME from assistance they claimed would offer me to all other parties involved(yup - they lied about everything since day 1 when whole thing commenced). Vladimir Putin is a criminal thug - a sellout bandit nazi colaborator who learned everything on how to from London alone. Is thirsty for blood like no one else. Russia in grave danger as no politician can stand up to challenges on is facing today.