Tuesday, October 16, 2018

There are two kinds if Chechen refugees here in Poland, but all are Russian citizens.

Never forget why you came to new country....I wouldn't even go into issue of many here who feel opposed to me related in some way to those who supposedly have burned their homes(have tortured them and so on and because of whom they left), but are inclined to colaborate against me in Poland with same enemy...its because I am not interested to turn into either of above(in video) mentioned forms and that includes Chechen one, but since you push it for...let's do it.

First of all, here is Europe and country is Poland(accept it and that includes Polish language or get lost)....If I had different plans, I do choose different destination prior to arrival here(how pathetic of Russia that victim totally non related to one is even stalked abroad with idea to violently introduce one to the system which he rejected on all possible levels).
Russian language(language of terrorists, rapists - cowardish killers is all I know one for) is for me temporary a dead language and am not interested in one not even a bit. 

It's hard for me to state this, but it's all I ever got from one and it's easy for Russians to accept violence against other Slavs.

Here is also an update in respect to pay discrepancy, rental issues, and few more  things...bizarre situation.....I.

Every KGB agent here(and Rostislav and Valerie both involved in MKultra) have records of abuse in Russia/Belarus - don't ask how or why

Refugees who didn't document abuse(have nothing more than government forms) on internet and are not actively fighting against Moscow(here some are openly collaborating with one) are most likely not real refugees.

Russian language us for me temporary dead.

FAKERS ALERT: As for the people who are tortured in their own countries(or exiled due to war what case is with many Chechens) and those no longer know what they immigrated for

To another countries such as Poland....I do NOT care.

Collaborating with your own enemy against someone who has same enemy rates you into category of animals.

I have done something about it...gathered facts and turn them into complain...what have you done on the other hand...not what you are doing in Poland, but what have you come here for !!???? Lies on how you are on the button of the society(discriminated by Polish people) and just need to collaborate with KGB, you can stick in your a***.

Many of you are not real refugees, but here for other purposes. That's all

Monday, October 15, 2018

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PAY UP MERKEL! Poland DEMAND Germany NOT to hand over MORE World War 2 reparations as this ROYAL newspaper from Britain titles article, but instead for one to finally begun paying real reparations for Adolf Hitler's annihilation of Poland

I rate present Polish government as real Polish government; other Eastern European governments whose representatives have sold WWII reparations of own countries for the sake of curuption and war in Ukraine(Russia made oil purchase deal with Germany and technology transfer deal instead - ignorant Belaus, Slovenia, Serbia complied with it) should take a note if it and learn from one.

I refuse to speak in Russian with staff or Chechens(they are all Russian citizens and some in bed directly with KGB).

Why only one person so far spoke English(Debak near Warsaw location) no longer is a mystery to me....

Mystery to me, however, us why Poland is allowed to remain in NATO.

NATO is predominantly operated in English language...if you want Russian, join Russia in that case...declare yourself to the world for what you are.

Today and tomorrow, library was and will be closed

Russian wreckage of my computer and other equipment paid off well to Kremlin.

Nearest town with library where two computers are available is 8 kilometers(one way hour and half if walk) from here...

No substitution for librarian whatsoever. 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Except two Russians and two Arabs, everyone here is Chechen

What is Chechnya ?

Chechnya officially the Chechen Republic is a federal subject (a republic) of Russia.  Source https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chechnya

I wouldn't get into this, but two Chechens who arrived with me and the two Russians from Debak, were involved in demonstration of abduction to Kaliningrad under MKultra...according to stated above from Wikipedia, every Chechen is a Russian citizen. Which are good and which are pro Moscow's terrorists is also not a difficult thing to guess, but it takes want too...some floated with here mentioned Russians already for many years inside of the Polish immigration system...question is because of whom and not even why...

So far in Slovakia and Poland nothing but FREE service to Russia


It is questionable where whole thing is taking to. I didn't get even 18Euros(70) Zloty which are given monthly to immigrants. There is much more that goes on in the background that I can't even say. 

I did profit in Poland as I have proven that MKultra existed, but question is who wants to profit from within...

Moscow acts in my case as competent...as the one who decides about it all...as if I am owned by one, but who gives one support for such perversion(distortion of reality).

Saturday, October 13, 2018

KGB would prefer my not studying Polish language and physically exercise inside of the gym in Poland

http://sp.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm34015540?#_=_ or 

KGB would prefer my not studying Polish language and physically exercise inside of the gym...more physical confrontation threats recorded which I will serve on Monday with other material to Polish police for international crime prevention.