Thursday, December 14, 2017

I even got guns from Mossad in face several times

Will not forget mother who "let in"(in lower ground area room) Mossad to terrorize me under MKULTRA...I cite Mossad, "where is he...okay...go with us or we will just shoot you"(pointing gun in my face on several occasions)....I cite Mossad further, "he needs to understand that any kinds of resistance will end with bullets"...

In Israel I cite my niece, "too late...remember when I told you not to write about us...we are here now because of you"(emotionally extremely abusive and repeated on I don't know how many occasions).

Always everything was for my good and because of me.

Do Jews see my site !!???? They watch one 24/7 via Italian proxies

;) we know it worries

Netanyahu(US Government) promised me to be cut out of income for the rest of my life - it works so far

Cut out of employment and any financial resources whatsoever(even donations that would be surveillance = private bank accounts, paypal, etc.). No life for me till throwing me behind the gates of Israel(even radiation that would stop in Israel, but that I would live in high-rise there, so it would continue if I would misbehave). He and US Government had support from neonazi European governments(CORRUPT TRAITORS).

Someone tell me why Israel exists...they created neonazism(gave neonazis grounds for existence/justification = WWII) and have thrown 8 million Palestinians out of their own country(had America burn entire Mideast for them, so they can steal more and more land from neighboring countries) after Russian and American troops liberated them from concentration camps...they turned WWII tragedy into joke in another words(they again revived neonazism after WWII; it is because of Jews that we have neonazis around again)...creatures that have exterminated more Semites than anyone else on this planet, yet they call truth tellers as "antisemites"...they violate laws/treaties...rape, kill, steal and call themselves a "victims"...THAT IS WHAT YOU ARE JEW !!!

The residence in which Mossad was staying(have rented one) was in the house right across the river.

I can(and will - make no mistake) give details without any problems.

They just may be in there right now(local police knows very well where they are if they are here - there was talk latter on that they changed location along the river in direction toward factory Krka).

COMPLETE(2 of 2) New abduction threats, chemical burns on feet, and microwaving

COMPLETE(2 of 2) New abduction threats, chemical burns on feet, and microwaving

Video part one can be also seen at OR 

My niece and family have promised me departure to Israel if I would mention any of this....I promise them police assistance if they stay here.

In my next video, I will show you how your merchandise that you purchase via ebay is destroyed(who, how). More about family and state duty(import) office in Ljubljana...

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

New video about what actually is happening here

After 7 hours, I feel a bit better...hope this won't be my last video or even a health deteriorated within last few days to bellow zero. Went for exercise four days ago and was filled with energy(posted few very interesting articles) and what followed was a total crash(never anything like it in my life time - explained what is happening in video)...chemical burning of my feet(shoes insoles poisoned already 4/5 months), microwaving and more(and dates and who/how why)...up since 3:30am, it took about two hours to get myself together(head, nuts, and back hurts)...I wasn't gonna do anything at all, but somehow did it...

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

My neighbor was good to me again, and I got another 3 hours sleep :)))

Love your neighbor is all I can say :))))

Who knows about it all !!??? Entire Slovenian national assembly(državni zbor) does, journalists, and more...

They have tendency to pretend to see nothing hear nothing and they
can(perfect example was a group called "deleted" - most of them died without obtaining a single dime from Slovenian state in compensation) because they are in neonazi club now(EU etc. = hand washes hand here)....I was told under MKULTRA by Germans and others that the "deleted" story(issue that ruined lives of some 30.000 people from ex Yugoslavia) will be used to delete(justify) Slovenian people from Slovenia as well.

Abduction is in progress. Nobody is abducting me right now, but I will explain in video what is happening(systemically)

According to MKULTRA, husband of my sister's daughter(niece) would sign employment contract with Israelis and our entire family would go there. Even year and half and three years old children are now grabbing dates and eating them like insane(they are trained and nobody eats dates in Slovenia)...children are also trained to love me perhaps a bit too much(it wasn't like this while back, but they sure go crazy about me when they see me now - I was told that this will be the case under MKULTRA)...according to MKULTRA, its so because they would be used in Israel to psychologically adjust me to new environment.

All audio and video recorded...

When they get me there, there will be no children for me - just way out. All thanks to you Putin. Thank you Putin in my own name and in names of over 10.000 women from Eastern Europe that get murdered like this per year.