Monday, January 18, 2021

GREAT GERMAN PLAN FAILED: Putin's agent Alexei Navalny(THE FAKEST MAN EVER) decides to fly straight back into "trouble" since there was nothing left for him to do in "Europa"

Alexei Navalny(YALE GRADUATE INVOLVED IN THIS CASE ALONG WITH PUTIN SINCE DAY 1) was one of the main actors in my case concerning Putin and Merkel. Both anticipated would at one point lure me someway somehow into their great neonazi game for the sake of tsarism and neonazism via conspiracy games of which great part was also human rights advocate Navalny(individual to whom Putin entrusted his own data on how to bully Russian officials and exhort Russian government into compliance with Berlin), but they all just like Donald Trump failed. 

You won't see Aleksei Navalny much longer now - Putin will make one disappear for good as there is no longer any profit(Navalny is at this point useless - Putin and Merkel in last scam insisted me via Navalny how "this" will be my last opportunity to join him in Germany but it became obvious what the two truly wanted to go on as the case would be if I would depart Slovenia) for great plan in it...bye bye Navalny, but also bye bye Putin as will not let go.

Saturday, January 16, 2021

@Karađorđević - you are gonna get sued to(I never ever agreed to be tortured for the purposes of your family blunder which ceased to exist 80 years ago after siding with neonazi regime on what you ran to London on plane)

 You tortured and even attempted to mislead about jobs brought to Serbia. Related to

Lukashenko audio recorded in NON EXISTING EXCELLENT OUTSTANDING(as they claim) audio recording from EURO OBSERVER in which one threatens to kill opposition but then again its his whoever who does it without my being capable to find any LEAKED audio recording on internet

I found this audio recording on the other hand....

I have seen Czech(German owned Skoda) factory to threaten total withdrawal from sponsorship if Belarus hosts hockey worlds....and again, I have seen a lots of noise about Lukashenko's intentions to murder all over Europe but not actual proofs for leaked audios and even less videos while disregarding audios of my own because the biggest enemy we face is the one who brought death to us time and again. Continuation of deaths and diseases(bloodshed that Putin and Vucic brought) which commenced in Slovenia, Czech rep. Poland, Croatia, and Ukraine wasn't the same...Those stopped in Poland and in Czech rep. as early as in 2002 - but not in Slovenia where still went on. In Poland and Czech republic Putin's executions were replaced by NATO agents(Morawiecki, Andrzej Duda, Kaczynski, Andrzej Babis etc.) who contemplated on bloodshed in Belarus during 2020 with idea to blame it all on was a real Trump's strategy designed by Berlin and in total accord also with Vladimir Putan Putanowich who attempted to use even Alexei Navalny with idea to extort Russian government into total submission for the sake of his tsarist title. In Serbian Belgrade, disgrace is even greater as family of famous Karađorđević TRAITORS already settled there and via lies too. 

Slovenian CHETNIK Zmago Jelinčič signed with war criminal Vojislav Šešelj even a contract on how Croatian state will be divided between two CHETNIK states


Slovenia - a country not big enough as we Slovenians are tutored(brainwashed) to govern own affairs, but lethal to the point of endangering others globally. This isn't about Croatia only - its about war on Ukraine and in Bosnia. Its about neonazism which new eastern European autocrats support in an great effort to destroy democracy worldwide.

Friday, January 15, 2021

US is a 330 million people country - not a lynch mob of 15.000

 I am proud of police officers(CAPITOL HILL) sustained use of arms during assault as human blood was prevented from being spilled all over magnificent structure erected in 1793. Yet another Trump's scam stopped on time and this time by best of police force US has something Black Lives Matters have done throughout Trump's presidency time and again - assault on Capitol Hill was the last in his book of scams against people of US.

Jack Dorsey was/is a #1 supporter of Donald Trump in case you didn't know - Jack Dorsey got Trump 80 million IMAGINARY TWITTER supporters of which SOME WERE REAL and numerous totally FAKE ACCOUNTS

 Accounts of dead people, supporters from abroad, and for the big part FAKE as word fake can possibly be accounts. Twitter(Jack Dorsey's / Zuckerberg)'s temporary accounts suspensions were used as planned well in advance to increase Trump's popularity. This man should have been for his actions already jailed long long time ago and have suffered so far only twitter/Facebook temporary suspensions.

Norh Korean Kim Jong Un is one deadlier than dealy NEONAZI FASCIST SUPPORTER(maniac) arming Japan and fueling global tensions for the sake of 卐 卍.

Why was I repeatedly brought to North Korea by Donald Trump's team(not in 2001 as I explained in video, but as early as in 1998) is and answer to question itself. I was wrong about his views which he used temporary (I was lied/brainwashed on how one is motivated bringing both sides together) to cloud his real him which seems have exploded with departure of Donald Trump. 

Facts about this animal talk much louder than even his schizophrenic actions(alike or firing rockets to Japan/ South Korean proximity) which he insists implements for the sake of North Korean people.

@Kim Jong Un - When people are running out of country for whatever reason is one thing, but when they run out of system due to HUNGER and you execute them for doing so - that's totally another !!!
You are guilty of the worst crime against humanity. GENOCIDE OF YOUR OWN PEOPLE.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

I met Roma girl whom I have fallen in love in 1998(I think ?) when brought to Novo mesto City from US for MK ultra sessions

 For Trumpets it was a horror - a panic a NO NO and would make her disappear from picture for several years...