Thursday, October 21, 2021

US Government commenced with nazi brainwash already in 1995(after two visits to Europe) by involving top American nazis in one and top German government took me in 1995 across the border even to Denmark

 where Gauck was. For a visit to neonazi Gerhard Lauck with whom as well as with others I never ever wanted to have anything to do with in real time. Not 1996 as I initially thought, but already even in 1995 therefore. German and American governments along Buckingham palace DEMANDED from me a nazism as the one and only acceptable option. I did stopped at local employment office in Miami already in 1995 - not 1996. Not to work as was told yet, but to get information about work on what first job in early 1996 at Publix along America Job Corps commenced which was everything except job - head of the group held according to him my entire dossier from Slovenia previously known Yugoslavia and waved me in face with one(bullied me) - it was first moment of real insanity I experienced in USA alone. UDBA UDBA and Ruskies AND IMMEDIATE WAR RESPONSE(I told them in the face on a second or third day of work, they are over with even with assistance of Americans on US soil) TO ALL OF THEM FROM MY SIDE IN SUNNY MIAMI, FLORIDA USA.

Got another three hours of sleep on what I barely got up(pick myself up on feet) with spasms in fit which reminded me of thesis under MK Ultra how muscles can tear apart

 and I could die. Hear some machines outside for which I was told will remind me of "die" - farmer next door involved in MK Ultra, so its not a secret about what goes on with Mr. Aleško Hojs, Slovenian police and others from ministry for interior. I was told case will be with me.

Its different than in Poland where Pollack from Canada whose friend was even Canadian PM(and royals), have used on me as roommate weapon which made veins twist all over legs - extremely painful procedure, but this is just as Ursula von der Leyen stated me will be -  unbearable.

Finally the probability my WANTING TO BECOME MK ULTRA PIGLET used to earn billions through proving case as real in minds of those(WASHINGTON, LONDON AND BERLIN) who created Musk/ Bezos/ Trumps and others

 as is as big as Jews and others(Slovenians were there too just for me to remind you as Germans had them displaced all over German and also inside of Polish concentration camps - nazis murdered 6.5% of Slovenian population during WWII) wanting to become humans on whom Joseph Mengele experimented on during WWII ;) 

@Black LIES matter - In post WWII legacy when other nations and races built their well being for the sake of better world through work and solidarity, you have instead relied again more and more on those who attempted to wipe us all out. And as your poverty exploded throughout African continent and similar followed your path to wherever you found yourself at, your masters found even the way to expand through you to otherwise unlikely countries and continents - in this case as you both hoped for through an individual like myself in the name of human rights you both praise so much. You are disgrace for human race next to your masters. 

This whole thing was financed against me by London and German state via Washington DC

They earned lots of "bloody money" for which I paid for with my own pain. Pain which went on sale once money was earned in a form of payback to black civil rights groups and/if/or better than black civil rights option, portion of bloody money would become open as an option to those willing to recolonize next to Aryans a black African continent. It could be like this or it could be like that system.

After "war with Russia", Germany commenced through me war with blacks(HELTER SKELTER TIME) inside of this very residence in Novo mesto

Some blacks(world of celebrities) Obama Tyson etc. alike were filthy corrupt and other side mentally ill - both groups of blacks, however, a necessary part of German exit politics for which sake Ursula Von Der Layen hoped for I would end as extremist again.

It was Ursula von der Leyen for whom I was told from Slovenian side is mentally ill and if not acknowledging one as such, I will be the one who will bare problems for everything done to me. I agree

Through wars West played against Russians through to me to fully racial war - pathos they created in both groups(Russians and blacks).

As far as Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos only that two in 2018 didn't feed me with ice cream only, but that they had me inside of some meeting room at probably Musk's residence where I was demonstrated South Africa with country with over 200 million people already - extorted me to either run racial war against blacks or let title fall in hands of Donald Trump with on their mind how I should have advantage since I have seniority in war against blacks due to cause which I ran for the sake of white minority in South Africa where exposing genocide against one...

This is why Ursula von der Leyen had on her mind all the time "they will...they" and a warm German advises for me in respect to issues which German government and London have empowered those with with whom one wage through me war respect to above stated, I add word "CRIMINALLY" to insane. Done in real time under MK Ultra participant now US Democratic president Joe Biden hahaha - more like a nazi demon who also loos like one. 

Was told under MK Ultra when subjected to radiation in the his very room that

 One can have muscles torn appart - American psych.  Daniel Smith Rex. This is how painful this is. This individual was also up to no good - on opportunity I told American filth(all of them) to no longer come to Slovenia. This individual shares fold for 2012 psychiatric hospitalisation in a great way. Torture in which Americans engaged in this house  at times  in respect to pain, exceeded one in Guantanamo. Bush claimed it's easy related to natural cause can't be proven as such in case of death would be hospitalised prior to death etc...that much about bad luck follow one around. They did this for Russia blacks involved in it raged in anger and sworn done in the name of their rights, butm initiators were are from Berlin and London - those purchased blacks and stimulated Russians in crime for the sake of $$$$$ used them as an excuse for old German lie 

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Torture at partisan memorials was commenced in Slovenia when brought for the first time from USA under MK Ultra on the first day by local state owned employment agency

 On first day which I remember clearly when brought to Novo mesto city, I was assaulted physically already by local employment agency staff which insisted me years ahead of this event to marry daughter of local private company owner Jože Črtalič affiliated to Serbia via his wife - head of this employment office gang was Matjaž Verbič whose violence consequently led to torture at partisans' memorials either as an excuse or what most likely was man task of the group - war against Slovenian independence for the sake of second Yugoslavia. This is how issue with nazism commenced in my case Once violence against me exploded in Slovenia, Slovenians involved in violence against me begun to bag American side and insist on how it will not work if only they will perform violence against me - Slovenes bagged for violence American side till 1997. My neighbor Berger can confirm just stated here. Appears for Slovenian side to suffer from real nazi issues in my case far more than American which had to catch step with one per agreement with Russia despite my officially not being here since 1995.

There is only one thing I learned from Bush and other elite involved in this case

Thats how to see a terrorists through eyes of a human being. Something I knew nothing about prior meeting you guys through worst nightmares in which I lost 28 years of life. Please in respect to Mauritius etc. - wonder not about me as per how I see you as - what I want to do with you all.


MK ULTRA - FACTS: Just as "newly retired" Mike D’Andrea who ran CIA operations remotely, now "JAILED" Alexei Navalny ran Vladimir Putin's covert operations against me in the background next to Germans and Putin alone

Newly "retired" Mike D’Andrea who had me in Mauritius in his private residence(wife's house) about 30 minutes from Grand Bassin's lake.

I was for the first time on Mauritius in 1998 with ROYALS and entire Trump circus as well as Western investment delegation and then with another American government official in year 1998 for which Mike D’Andrea knew not when he met me in 2003 - US and UK Western economic circus delegation would stop going in there in meanwhile....this was a bit sturdier white American government official with whom I would already pay visitations to Mauritius about year before Mike D’Andrea finally paid me real attention. I mean while, I paid visitation on many occasions throughout years with others of which Thomson couple from Florida might have also been the case. Alexandra falls remind of Alexandra I met again in Budapest in 2017 who was on Mauritius - in MK Ultra prior to 2000...

Trump demanded from me in 1998 to lobby for him as much as possible on this tiny island infront of royals as he claimed was lagging behind with his investments in respect to good deals !!! HE BECOME HIS WHOLE TRUMPETING ON THIS ISLAND - WANTED AT LEAST TO GO LARGE, BUT HAVE NO CLUE HOW FAR HE MADE IT.

EUROPEAN UNION CULMINATED INTO COMPLETIONS OF GENOCIDE COMPLAINS AGAINST OWN CITIZENS INSIDE OF THE MICROWAVE OWENS THANKS TO GERMAN GREATNESS: Sleep deprived waking up in unbearable pain consuming loads of food to get going somehow spine broken cancer blown and reset reset reset over and over from beginning

 with thoughts on 28 years of torture in respect to complain and writing one over and over again because each time like this you need to vent take time away from complain or go mad and then rturn to read one over and again - since 2007 when I was accused in the face to be even traitor before I landed with car almost dead in place called Hell if translated from Slovenian with brand new tires replaced with old warn out tires etc...Its a process that can go one for years before can be completed if ever at all.