Monday, June 21, 2021


 You do whats best for your interests, but don't make your own WWII legacy, basically our grandfathers(Slovenian and Chinese were on the same side) die during WWII for this 

@NANCY PELOSI AND POPE FRANCIS IN VATICAN CITY: I do like the answer on how many US democrats were involved in 9/11 - September 11th, 2001

After Mr. Mike Tyson's departure to China in 2001(he wasn't nervous about all the money he invested in his factories there, but one spent all the money investing in his Chinese factories once he was informed in China during his shopping spree about "MISTAKE" he committed and for which one was warned well ahead on not too YET, but did because he was in rush to get cheaper deals before others arrival), Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock also involved same as Mike Tyson and Mike Tyson's partner(best friend till then) WOULD NEVER EVER be seen next to Mike Tyson again...Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock also departed to China on a factory shopping spree, but latter as he refused to break US Democrats rotten "saw, nothing, heard nothing, know nothing 9/11 protocol" for which they cashed as you see super substantial amounts of money.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Polish branch of MSN news just releases news for which their godly peoples have warned me case will be if I would somehow see myself as a human being

Released one hour ago...

There you have it a Yugo Florida ambulance vehicle...all I can add to it is MY advice and even personal bon offer in value of 200 Euros to Mr. Kaczynski and Mr. Milan Kucan for stay at Smarjeske toplice where invited Polish psychologist as was told case would be, can suchkhh their viagra dicks at the main pool area afterhours. One more time truly won't make difference, and I am not into free bons at expense of "Slovenian" state anyhow...keep in mind Smarjeske toplice therme was a favorite destination for Polish(FREE FREE FREE FREE S LOVE NIA FREE FREE) and other eastern European visitors of which KGB organization was the #1 fan - only for good people.

If Slovenes TODAY would have as many human rights in "independent" Slovenia as they have in Austria where Slovenian minority still exists

We would do really REALLY well. And whatever is nooooo good for us Slovenians(I was

brainwashed will be poisoned, killed there by Borut Pahor's association)
, seems is really great for others including his own son. It was Miami where I lived that bothered them the most or at least till they commenced with children's births there to obtain American citizenship for them and it grew into broader issue which seem they(psychotic liars - violent Moscowian Belgrade Ljubljana schizophrenics) alone violate quite a lot.

It was my father's Swiss knife that almost cost him life during MK Ultra times(it wasn't about cars only - German or Italian cars were NO NO), but it was Putan Putanowich who got Germans Mercedes factory near Moscow. Borut Pahor's son graduated on the other hand in Wienna...a bit more than a double standards, but than anything whatever is NOT GOOD FOR US AND WHATEVER WAS WRONG WITH US APPEARS IS BEST FOR OUR ENEMIES.

The US Government idea of having laptop destroyed at his command was very very realistic

 Damaged fan can seal computer's destiny once multiple tasks on laptop are spurred into action simultaneously and you have CPU/memory/disk heating computer till one gives in. They tried...they tried and continue to try.

COMING CIVIL WAR AGAINST SLOVENIA: In Slovenia, 5/6 years old(obviously children) on Chetnik side are even trained on MK Ultra issues

 The youngest I have seen trained on MK Ultra was a brilliant daughter of Polish psychologist - probably she was 4/5 years old. Situation appeared to me indifferent with children from Russian immigrants I have seen at Grotniki's immigration center. My prognosis for the future of eastern Europe is a bloodshed via civil war related issues.

@Milana Kučan - Borut Pahor

 You and your families will pay for your bloody deeds too.

You murdered my moral character with lies(you committed character assassination via torture) while even using your own personal body guards for beating purposes, then you followed up against me with surgeries, poisoning, and other health related issues of which main instrument was psychiatry. Regards to your daughter who threatened me so much with legal issues...

Milana Kučan - Borut Pahor well prepared to face truth which the two silenced for 26 years while using every repression tool accessible

What disturbs me the most is filthy hope the two and their supporters carried on despite torture proofs I submitted publicly...they believed in poisoning/torture to somehow(IF ONLY LONG ENOUGH AND WITH TRUTH SILENCED) turn into one of the common diseases of modern time. Local pharmaceutical claimed me how I will never ever be capable to prove reality from created.

Saturday, June 19, 2021

Once Germany handed me via MK Ultra to Poland in 1999, I knew will be killed

 They damaged surgically one of the main gland nodes to me under MK Ultra already in1996 when brought to Belgrade for didn't have to be genius to realise even drugged up on what will follow. 

Their human rights(LIES) were/are my death.

According to Milan Kučan in 2013/2015/2017, it's a deadly injury because it's where lymph nodes connect with spleen - super delicate

 Russians and Serve butchered me with assistance of United States of America which brought me to Europe for exactly here stated. Throwing American citizen on a Russian/Serbian surgical table to have one chopped as pleased and complain about being discriminated against by me drugged up and tortured...

@USA - I don't believe in any of your human rights claims. You used fake death certificates to inflate Covid19 and you use fake concerns to cover what otherwise should be media's real space in news concerning real victims of this case genocide your country orchestrated. You use fake human rights concerns  as well as  scream to out scream cry for help from those truly in need.