Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Police officer investigating car scam(involved with individual who assaulted me the other day) never answered calls either

Its a different kind of Police in Poland via which example Donald Trump would like to spread seen here also throughout USA as a new normal.

Video can be also seen at

This individual declined to get ahold of me while investigating my case(it was his duty to gret ahold of me not mine to get ahold of him) for no less than 4 would you like to have police assistance like this !!???

I realized that is best in my interest to change city to location closer to border I can use and am thus leaving Lodz at least temporary behind

Closer proximity to border will ease necessary border crossings every three months(its too much to stay jobless and cover costs of rent and even required border crossings on every three months - expensive and time wasting operation) required for EU citizens, but nothing other than that I believe as whole country is controlled by Warsaw.

Polish police is using landlors to make my life impossible in Poland

Crime is organised in a such way that one can't take initiative(control) over his life. 

They use landlords to take one away from me. Yes, it is impossible and it is controlled via lodging issues. Everything including job market. It is police that is running show in a Trump's private Disneyland(Neverland known as Poland).

Cats are just American setup - attempt to drain wallet and cause as many as possible problems

Animal abuse is a standard American procedure. They use anything as Donald Trump stated often , "to get ahead of the game"(animals not sacred).

Blocked from number 986 once I attempted to report criminal case(animal abuse and torture) at present location

Will stop bye at the police station tomorrow(file complete police report from A to Z) in Lodz and will go from there.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

If you click on support page(nor side option nor from menu), you will not get to one - even video link in which I offer online language lessons dismantled

I never linked on my resumes with or into as it appeared (resume is edited online all the time) - just realized and was promised under MK Ultra this to be the case. If I don't check one ongoing, resume turns itself into rather strange fiction(I was even blocked from saving one if I would make changes per individual employers before sending them out - unprecedented violence)

I did attempted to repair blogger issue which compelled me to remove from playing audio via radio [layer feature atop blog, but for the cost of as explained in headline. Now like this even without player which I removed.

English language as language - use one as I need one to demonstrate what went/goes on only, but other than that and including that is totally useless dangerous language

This is language which brings human tremendous misfortune not only because it would be useless as language used to ask for help obviously fake government/private agencies, but its also the only language I know off which would disallowed non native speaker to engage in proper usage of one if banned from job market even overseas from owners of English language is not bad enough already.

Monday, August 3, 2020

How you save EVERY dog/cat from homeless suffering - very very easy


Every dog and every cat are to be sterilized(once grown). If you want them unsterilized(probably for either sale or perhaps other reasons), you pay fee equivalent to life of 10 dogs/cats(calculate cost on how much they cost to be well maintained over their life period lets say 12 years).

Health care per THEIR needs

When you are in need of court, they rate you as mentally ill -and torture you via psychiatry. 

When you are truly ill with broken spine - they do Photoshop with roentgen scan.