Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Monday, October 22, 2018

Russian divide and conquer game in immigration center goes on

Even 4/5 years old girl was used for radicalization purposes. This people trace straight into Moscow(Kremlin).
Part 1

Part 2

Psychologists strike my overconfidence, but truth will prevail

I got very cold "shower" this morning.
Video can be also seen at https://dai.ly/x6vwxb8
There is hope ;) for Donnie/Angela(no there is none - I already won and will get done more without absolutely any hesitation).

Way better than ice bucket competition this morning...

Saturday, October 20, 2018

I hear that I am negative about Islam and other races

Not at all, but have to remind you that this is Europe, country is Poland, and that human trafficking is forbidden here.

Respect goes both ways and laws must be respected.

REPEATED: 1 of 2 Destroyed android and bacpack by Russian KGB in Poland where filing political asylum...

Have posted wrong video yesterday...here is the right one.

So who is guessing and who is based on memory so far !!????

Germans dreamed something about what would be guessing...

@Merkel whose father did to million Slavs just as she have done to me....

How are details so far !!???

Best is for the last...."last" will be played this week...will confront face to face those who participated in MKultra and have tried to challenge with doubts this very issue to the last(for no less than 12 years).

Anna Rajnd was chosen by social engineers as companion for Ivanka Trump in Poland(spec. this area).

To cater(make her feel at home as much as possible) Donald Trump's daughter, Polish government came even with what you see here...
This were local candidates this year for this area...Anna(if I remember properly) was brought to this town from elsewhere in Poland, but can't remember every little detail do(I think either hour or two away from here or even Zakopane/Nowy Torg  area - perhaps other part of Poland...this is what I call guessing and going a bit too far with it perhaps/chance taking).

Just to remind you and your miserable daughter Donnie....

1 of 2 Destroyed android and bacpack by Russian KGB in Poland where filing political asylum...

 lmagine for KGB to go as far as destroying physically even Android to victim if one would dare to charge telephone overnight.. nothing but damage by KGB is to report. Part 2 will be repeated video from Facebook but more suffisticated as far as video quality and few extra details.

Crazy MKultra ideas which Russians and their Kadirov friends from Chechnya had(and still even have) were and will remain in their heads only.

Grotniki's immigration center neighbor identified

I know where she resided in the past(incl. her private spots in forests - favorites), her ex boyfriends and list goes on...
OR https://youtu.be/0ohan8y7rkU

There will be also other psychologists who were involved in MKultra I will go after...