Sunday, November 28, 2021

Vas Krka - to je vas zločincev/ NESLOVENCEV PEDOFILOV(ne vidim vas niti za izdajalce ker niste vredni da bi vas primerjal s sabo kot Slovencem)

Tistih katerih nekaj je vozilo v Beograd(v Srbijo na pretepanja) prav od tukaj, kjer večina je grozila s smrtjo in kjer se je poleg 29 letnega zločina prikruivalo prav tako Balkanske množične morilce. 

In ti sem prav tako sam kateri vam pravi vaščanom ki ste meni grozili češ da bom moral od tu ko se konča da bomo še videli kdo bo OD VAS sploh bo imel pravico v Sloveniji ostati. 

Saturday, November 27, 2021

NEIGHBORS METOD JERMAN(police officer involved since 1995) AND JUDEŽ GREGOR GUARANTEED SEEN HERE: Belarus Killer clown Sergei had agreement with local Italian Eurospin store in respect to items which I would purchase in the future and which he would destroy in-front of me to have them

afterwards replaced by my mother via neighbors. They hand her destroyed item after I purchased(just did sweater) on what she during my absence replaces new one sold to me via discounted rate with destroyed one. From Hofer Aldi to Lidl, Eurospin, Tuš, Mercator - Germany corrupted(financed crime) against me entire city of Novo mesto. Milan Kučan didn't object - you can imagine Slovenian patriot as one is. Related to 

Sleeves on item I bought three days ago were tied - whole thing new. What you see is a product of sadistic garbage inside of the heads of my loving neighbor$$$.

After I decided this morning not to return one and have thrown receipt away, mother acted fast. Lukashenko's personal killer clown never ever washed item and have told me will recognize one from pen mark as seen on sleeve...

Purchase was completed infront of Slovenian female cashier involved in MK Ultra and Serbian individual employed at Renault(lives along two other companions which were present at the time in apartment building). Mentioned parties all know one another.

Alexander Lukashenko is a neonazi thug just as Vladimir Putin

Issue of "working together" from 卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 in 2002/2003 explains all 

Germany today just as Austria are two Hitlerianic states indifferent from 1940. History repeats.

Prince Harry and William's issues on how I have to drink pint of water every morning and go exercise after every meal is indifferent from 1996/1997 when brought to Miami by Norwegians and Germans and told at the entrance of the residence building at Miami Beach how they implanted me with brain electrodes and I must now run allover Miami Beach. Its the same s*** from same people except that their progeny grew and I have to deal as a result with those(with their crime) as well and they involved real cancer/broken spine issues for whole thing to be a bit more realistic...other than that same s*** - 29 years. 

Main purpose of beatings in Belarus and Russia was for Putin and Lukashenko to hide their faces infront of Russians for those not to see what truly went on. They demanded public abuse/beatings claiming my being nazi, but REAL nazi foxes you see today are still on political stages and are engaging in Nazism with nazi foxes from abroad clearly.

卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 was the one who okay-ed whatever abuse Slovenian criminals(neighbor Andrej Uhl as the most active) came up with

卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 pushed/compelled mother/father into crime against me. German state financed(they paid to Belarus criminal as well as to domestic thugs for crime against me) crime against me. Thats how close cooperation between Moscow and Berlin got. Will have video coming about it...

Psychiatrist Peter Kapš insisted on how discounted bred(walnut bred as they analysed everything a to z) from Hofer Aldo stores is covered with mold(cancer 4 issue they involved) and teached me to only eat ONLY whatever is inside bred not(avoid) crust - he actually wanted paranoia video on behalf of Berlin(Aldi - Hofer are from Austria/Germany) from me and I wonder how much they paid psychiatric assassin for schizophrenia torture...too much crime to count, but okayed and FINANCED by main CRIME BANKER against me 卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 on behalf of Germans state. Ursula von der Leyen a cash crime sponsor against me.

FOR YOU TO KNOW WHO/WHAT SHE IS: 卐 卍Ursula von der Leyen卐 卍 resented me the most beating of Alexsandar Lukashenko and his two KGBs in 2002/2003 because as she stated, "I endangered relations", but it was her husband whom she even disobeyed according to Merkel several years whenever he demanded problems against me

Same situation as was with George Bush I cite one, "we work together and you did this and that placing our entire legacy at risk..."...

There never ever was "our" and I was brought from USA(Miami Florida) 

Thursday, November 25, 2021

They are pushing NAZISM FORWARD with everything they have - for whatever cost(THEY ARE BUYING TIME)

 I called out Slovenian police, they went ahead and have pushed cover-up for one(and their Ljubljana bosses) from top international police dot known as Interpol. Wonder not about what goes on. 

WAR CRIMINAL: Donald Trump was a mentor(teacher) to Milorad Dodik since 1996 when Donald Trump selected one for job as the right one

Milorad Dodik had to prove Donald Trump as capable for job by having Serbian mafia hijack someone(they brought someone to Bosnia from either Austria or Germany) in Europe and bring one to Bosnia for Trump to meet him. Donald Trump is a butcher of Balkans just as guilty if not more than other war criminals trialed in Hague - violated treaties in respect to trade with Serbia when engaging actively in war and teached(gave instructions) chetniks in Bosnia on how to cleanse under socioeconomic circumstances. 

I have no idea what year was(probably 2013), but Gen. Ahmed Naser al-Raisi to whom I was brought in his high-rise home claimed me under MK Ultra how he learned just what a swine I was

 Wife had child...young child he had taken care and he was about to get his doctoral degree whatever...that he made an agreement(due to staying home for studies one had according to him more time to interact with people globally) with others from Africa etc. about my faith...nice and thank you. What is to drug individual up and subject one to total human degradation anyways heh !!???? Related to 

Slovenian police did counted on him as they made an arraignment was told with other international organisations about crime coverup against no chance, but I tell you will drag you down into own 

FACTS ABOUT SLOVENIAN POLICE TRIGGER IMMEDIATE NEW OLD NEWS ABOUT ABUSE FROM INTERPOL ETC.(Buckingham palace comes to rescue to Milan Kučan very very fast): I am not surprised Mr. Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi of Interpol and of Buckingham palace(he is #1 at Interpol now) is accused of torture most likely because one gestured till 2015 with exception(briefly appeared outside of UAE was not) was on my side

The one who hated him and promised for Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi as a head of Interpol to have no future in organisation(short career at Interpol) was Vladimir Putin - within days as was told by British(and its exactly why I was told in our Novo mesto house) Ahmed Nasser al-Raisi will assist me in 2001/2003, Putin and his KGB team insisted me during MK Ultra