Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Second android telephone was possibile destroyed last night and am now left without any telephone in Poland

Nothing to communicate. They have done this(if they only depleted battery) before, but seems that this time telephone is finished.

Came back from Zgierz last night, placed the phone on charge, and have used earplugs to hush madness on a hallway. No way I could power one this morning...I have no way to even communicate on the telephone or internet as a result.

What if not terrorism !!?????

Sunday, December 9, 2018

With stolen telephone, all that passwords were stolen as well

Two sim cards etc...very very cool.

My 47th birthday was beautiful despite everything

 Dziękuję wam bardzo🍭🍾🍽️🥂🤣🍮🍫

You want to make browl and bother with pitty Android thefts is okay for me

Go ahead, I stay concentrated on collection of MKultra proofs instead ;) works for me. Thank you

Yet another attempt to undermine me crashed with fortification(more MKultra proofs) of my case.

ANOTHER MKULTRA PROOF: One android with brand new charger stolen today during organised browl

Video can also be seen at 
During browl in which few families have feuded against me, I was escorted to psychologist's office to avoid "fatality"😂...owner lady guaranteed me as safe place a school which I could use instead of gym...ohhhh, this bad bad "Chechens"😂

Have deleted video #2 by mistake and I don't care about more proofs because I have no time to waste...things should never gotten as far as this.

Video can also be seen at 

Male psychologist who was here before this lady(she works at this place for 7 years as psychologist) somewhat reminded facially on male owner if the building and I would 100 percent recognize one from photo 

He also(beside Warsaw's) a degree in UK(Oxford/Cambridge whatever) and I claim for this to be yet another MKultra proof.

In Poland

They have only learned how nothing can or ever will stop me from going forward. Till my last moment, what you see here will not stop. Don't fear to go homeless after being stateless for no less than 12 years.

Time 11am

Time lost this morning alone 3 hours...

Happy 47th birthday to me

There are some extremely dangerous people in Washington DC and Moscow for whom life is just a game(nothing more than what you see here)...who needs breakfast on his birthday in a new country where you threw him via unprecedented violence anyways :))

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/WQoPzRV0jT8

Donald Trump referred to his victims as "masochists". We will see whose phantasms will end how Donnie...I will renew ICC claim and ensure this time to be examined by right people - will demand detailed decision from one regarding last answer. We are far from over and closer to your end than ever before.

Repeated videos by YouTube which is the core cause if genocide against me

As you know, YouTube censors my videos for already no less than 12 years(they steal my income by censoring number if views and presenting me to the world with such circumstances as even insane option). This is what Jewish Netanyahu's state contribution to my existence(beside MKultra torture) was/is. Related to




@Netanyahu...you choked for no less than 12 years.

Middle finger, figue, kurva and soy calling after deleting me videos photos from Android by father of 13 years old

Individual who ruined my electronic equipment is using his children(even 10 years old) to cause problems - seems is motivated in challenging and is probably(most likely) video recording his provocations. 

Death threats followed mention provocations in the gym by yet another "bites the dust blah blah"(indicated desire to cut my throat after security escorted him out, but changed his mind after I offer him in the face to hit me). Is a very "qualified browl pretepac fighter" I understand  whom I should fear or throw myself in a mud with to measure physical strength to satisfy some's primitive instincts.
Facebook(second) account was also deleted from my androids.
Yet what "angers"(not really - I am far beyond "angry" issue right now as I know what is all about) me the most is the loss if time dedicated to this b.s.(I am punished big time as a result my Polish language skills suffer - this will cost me on job market in near future).