Thursday, October 17, 2019

New glasses after being 50% blind for year and three months

This alone created totally distorted picture about myself when for the first time seeing myself in mirrior guys have no idea what I have just gone through.
Video can be also seen at

Worke at times required precision. Have no idea how, but I made it through.

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Watch yourself Israel

Putin is a funny dude - think his daughter's husband husband...

Who knows what Turks(allies of Germany for many decades) may have in b background and it may not even be Turks that would could be delivered from Russian side which might have been given deadly cargo by US or who knows whom...people in game are people on whom I never ever would rely upon. Cause itself is a global imperialism in the name of neonazism.

Kaczynski anticipated for 15 months will create out of me exactly as seen bellow - in Polish "zrywami"

I ultimatelly reject idea about neonazi gangster's right to portray himself as God to people and call instead for his trial.

Donald Trump have in my eyes positioned himself above God. Sees himself as God of the God.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Here is what I charged previous/first employer as well as Polish state with(one acted via Kaczynski on behalf of US president Donald Trump).



Too much sanity may be madness and the maddest of all, to see life as it is and not as it should be.

Found news just as you did average

The slave quote which Americans seems have FINALLY embraced for the sake of own redemption in front of the world...
And what is life !!???? Enemy to them is what one represents...anything differing from these beasts that God created either is controlled or must be as Schwarzenegger stated If it can bleed, we can kill it.”...

ISRAEL BEYOND DAMASCUS: Bombs will be raining on Ankara/Istanbul night and day - war is coming like it or not

When you see news as seen here appear on site that despises Trump, you know its okayed for some deep issues in the background...just the day earlier, yahoo reported big fall of Trump on poles - not today. The secret engine behind Trump's latest success is Erdogan who seems is in holiday spirit enough  to regal Israel in the future(give another 20 years and you see what happens) with half of the Turkey as well. 

My prediction during first month of clash between NATO/Turkey is severe smoke raising over Ankara/Istanbul which will be answered by desperate shooting in sky - shooting into whatever something that will be completely out of reach(same case as in Serbia where we saw only bombs raining on Belgrade in 1999)...during second month, Turkish TV will transmit people crying in mentioned cities next to burned facilities/buildings/homes and in third one(if most likely not even prior), burned to the ground Turkey will bag for truce. In mean while you will see Merkavas running through the Syrian desert past Damascus and even Lake of Assad toward Turkish border...Iran is in it for exactly the same US treat. Basically leaving mid East open to total destruction - recolonization out of which no one and nothing will save natives for as long as those will exist. Neonazi plan strong. Yes, Trump may seat in his neonazi kingdom, for another 4 years. 

Monday, October 14, 2019

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hear Poles will now be capable to enter US without visas - great news for


Genetic purification of Poles will this way enter the accelerated mode. Of families which are offered new financing per additional child will get to chose between life in US(done via employment and other issues) and stay in Poland if classified as appropriate. Same was already done with Roma people in Czech rep., Slovakia, and Poland and so on...nothing to worry about employment statistics and low wages either. Nice 500+

According to Kaczynski, plan is to make Poland totally blonde so Jews which travel to Poland would feel alienated here....