Tuesday, January 26, 2021

MK ULTRA - China now also demonstrates I was not and am not insane paranoid - 謝謝中華人民共和國

Video can be also sen at https://youtu.be/YLJ4_NW2biA
You can see in this video how things(how far whole thing have gone) from internet were delivered and why.

I was SEVERELY ASSAULTED with directed energy weapons - despite everything, day of diabetes in my case about which Borut Pahor, Vucic, Putin and others dreamed about still didn't come so they could lie

 When I published video about poisonous pot, directed energy attacks stopped for 2 days. Same happened after purchasing vitamins and once I commenced as told under MK Ultra to drink water every hour...then it continued - feels like as if someone would stick long needle through your head for 3 years now and this step bye step all the dots I was told about will go through. They know when to stop, but whole concept was/is based on directed energy weapons and poising. Whoever gets in the house at night also ensures he pulls for me to hear one internet cables from downstairs - how they/he gets inside of house I have nooo clue. 

About neighbor Andrej Uhl for whom I have stated have murdered two people in traffic accident

 Mother claims now he never did, but everyone knows HE DID. Accident took place most likely in year 1986/1987 when he raced his motorbike(could have been also car Lancia) and have smashed one into vehicle coming from opposite direction - two young people were killed on the spot and from what I was told few years ago the police from this very city covered crime for one once one got involved into this very case to the point that entire family(whatever remained) from deceased was somehow bullied out of vicinity of the Novo mesto city. This individual is in my eyes regular reckless killer - assassin.

Western media MESMERIZED with scam - amid genocide(extermination) accusations, royal Battenberg family from London finds new puppy to worry about(is Britain today the most serious threat to the world !!???)

but BREXIT WAS REAL(more real than puppy they lost and the new one) as filth knew what is coming for them next !!!

OTHER SLOVENIAN TRAITORS(disgrace/shame/sellouts to Slovenian nation): Zoran Thaler Slovenia Slovenija SDS Janez Jansa

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/bLhXzqoRsho

THEY CLAIMED ME SEEN HERE WAS DONE BECAUSE OF ME(that they decided because me seen here is best for our small nation), BUT I THINK THEIR MOTIVE FOR CRIME(real guide) WAS ACTUALLY BECAUSE OF SOMETHING/SOMEONE ELSE https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2021/01/planrevealed-entirely-on-how-they.html

Plan(revealed entirely on how THEY planned on with betrayal of West) to build new Yugoslavia or was it perhaps CHETNIKOSLAVIA ????

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/W3I_xb_j1es

Facebook censorship update

Video can be seen also at https://youtu.be/saC4zhKwchQ

Monday, January 25, 2021

NOT IN CZECH REPUBLIC TO WHOM WE SLOVENES AND SLOVAKS ARE RELATED THE MOST: Slovenia and Slovakia at the top of the world in respect to colon/Colorectal cancer rates - in Slovenia MEN GET TO BE MURDERED FOR the biggest part

Človek za vse čase. River(in this case lake Bled) president of the Slovenian state Borut Pahor bragged about to me. One grew over the years specially if you add seen here stream of people running out of our Slovenia across the border. IN COUNTRIES SEEN BELLOW ITS DONE TO PROTECT OWN NATIONS(its a practice I most severely disagree with either way, but this here is far too much) - IN SLOVENIA AND SLOVAKIA TO WIPE US OUT OF EXISTENCE. AND I WAS THE ONE WHO WAS FOUND GUILTY INSIDE OF THE MENTAL HOSPITAL OF EVEN ATTEMPTED EXTERMINATION OF SLOVENIAN NATION.
Slovenian AND Slovakian MALES seems to die a lot for stated above - what happens with their spouses and properties you can guess on your own. Main purpose of what you see here is OFF COURSE ETHNIC CLEANSING KNOWN ALSO AS GENOCIDE. 


Not like this in Czech republic, Poland, Ukraine and even in Croatia when compared to Slovenia(never was prior to Slovenian independence in 1990) and Slovakia.

Sunday, January 24, 2021

In 1997 with William, Harry, and Diane

We stayed at two houses in Switzerland(Klosters). Diane was so polite toward me that she even refused to stay with kids at large hotel according to her which offered welcome amenities for children(in reality she stayed with kids at smaller Hotel Walserhof and have us separate in two private houses in vicinity). We did stayed for few days(perhaps two/three) also in hotel for kids to have water fun.

MK ULTRA City Klagenfurt in Austria identified

Video can be also seen at https://youtu.be/v6M7oEU7xrE