Sunday, September 23, 2018

I feel pitty for Moscow and even more for entire Russian society which didn't

Progress much from century ago

Russia presents extremely serious threat to civilized world.

Girl is psychologist and friend of Andrea Jeric - Slovenian nurse who expressed interest in me when subjected to MKultra and would latter pay me hose visitations per Belgrade. She too became subject to primitive Moscowian Belgradian politics and have consequently resented me deeply. I am sorry to have caused all this problems and would do anything to correct them.

Russia famous for rapes in the past didn't change even a bit...feel for Russian women. Putan Putanowich(he injected via his crew an individual in her life) life threatened for posting what you are about to hear...I wander what did Melania saw when she met him NOT.

Friday, September 21, 2018

PART 1 - MURDEROUS PROTOCOL (No 24) OF EUROPEAN UNION BROKEN – known also as Document 12008E/PRO/24

My intention is clear...create detailed response to murderous European union's law known as "no right to apply for political asylum/protection in EU member state if citizen of another EU member state" which Serbia and Russia are using on territory of EU via corrupt politicians to get things done their way via extreme violence, and use one to contact international agencies in respect to one - contact international agencies such as ICC, UN and also individual EU member states in respect to one and get one nulled/voided(Croatia/ Polish Sejm/ Czech rep./ Slovakia and so on must be contacted as violators of such laws as is Slovenia can/must also be severely punished via Article 7 of the Treaty on European Union establishes a mechanism for the suspension of certain rights in the event of a serious and persistent breach by a Member State).

Then what I will do is to have whole thing translated to Polish language and use attorney which greatly assisted me along with Polish university(will keep confidential for now who and how - none of what you see here would I produce myself) to create more pressure on Polish immigration issues as well. Nevertheless, you can use seen here to save yourself if in similar situation as I am...

TRAGIC SIMILARITIES BETWEEN POLISH AND SLOVENIAN NATIONS: Should Polish nation be substituted IN Poland by Russians just as the case is with native Slovenians in Slovenia !!?????

Related to

Forget Ukraine where the worst is happening(off course if that is not scary enough - imagine what they would do to you if they could who is not related to them as much as Ukrainians are)...Ukrainian people are classified as Eastern Slavs and are related to Russians just as Slovenes are related to Poles(also to Czechs and Slovaks|)...

Slovenian natives(were and are Western Slavs and are now even illegally de-categorized/de-classified into group of South Slavs - can be seen everywhere on internet and it all happened because of UDBA individual Borut Pahor who managed to convince with lies Polish Kaczynski brothers, a Czech drunk Milos Zeman and possibly even some other idiot who seats in influential for Slovenian nation political chair) have just like Poles had almost the same enemy throughout the history and last liberator was almost the same too. 
Slovenia just like Poland ceased to exist at times and was finally liberated by partisan(Slovenian, Croat, Serbian, Macedonia, Montenegro, Bosnian and in the end of the war even by red army) and red army movement in WWII(AGAIN just like Poland), but should this also mean end of Polish and Slovene nations !!?!????

Thursday, September 20, 2018

Belarus KGB agent Valerio against whom I have filed police complaint is in the Polish immigration system already for years is what I was told

Will never ever release by whom, but Polish immigration system is now very very questionable

RUSSIAN PRESS CONCERNED(for Putin or Le Pen ?? Perhaps both ???): Marine Le Pen "How far will they go?!" - well Le Pen, how far have they gone in your case against you so far(there was nothing other than blah blah from their side and free morning coffee with excellent pay for you) and what exactly have you done for other political activists for world to consider you as legitimate politician !!?????

On questions above the answer is "NOTHING".
Playing the persecuted at expense of the persecuted is the name of the game(YOUR GAME) Le Pen...

STAFF MEMBER WAS IDENTIFIED'S DONALD TRUMP NEWS: Donald Trump's values have nothing to do with Poland and I have no interest in what he has to offer

YESTERDAY'S NEWS: Trump lied and did nothing else that lied for no less than 17 years - lied almost throughout entire MKULTRA case...but he didn't lied only to me, he lied also to others involved in MKULTRA of which many were/are young Polish people which assisted him and others as staff members. His(and George Bush and others') lies(promises) to me turned also into lies which were thrown in almost same way to others...on the side of the lies, Trump and his team prepared the way on how to screw me and everyone else.
I am completely disinterested in life in a country because of which I was tortured(even brought from one so Belgrade and KGB could release their brainy scenarios because of which world sees them as smart today - just being sarcastic here as everyone understands well what is in there).

September 18th, 2018 news: From border police(Straza Graniczna) and Lodz's police headquarters straight in hands of rail inspectors, but it was about something else

I AM STAYING IN POLAND. Germany is in none of my interest and even less USA. This things have had happened foremost because of these two...
@USA/Germany....I need what you owe me and not your "help".

In Slovenia(where I ran from and from where over 30.000 natives move out yearly - out of total 1.7 million Slovenes) civil war is approaching - paramilitary unites are formed with idea to overthrow UDBA(same as STASI) government

The impossible became reality under murderous Belgrade/Moscow's agent Borut Pahor. But he was well assisted by other in this matter...
By far worst genocide is known as "economic" genocide. Known also as search for "better job" across the border(abroad) job while having foreigners move in from second country for the sake of new population structure which is used to erode(/substitute/subvert) base of the nation. There is nooo law anywhere that mentions "blacklisting/blackballing" people on job market and I wonder NOT why....

Monday, September 17, 2018

Christianity in deeper and deeper crises - here is why

Video #1 

Dismemberingand selling Jesus Christ now a days makes you his believer ? I discuss why Christianity has found itself in crises which will(in my opinion) even deepen....

Video #2

Flames equal pain and suffering Mr.'s where at least 94 of your Polish people ended for the sake of the "god"(Satan) from Moscow...and at no wonder when I remind myself of the type of circle you have created around yourself...

Video #3

And part three where I give more details on disgusting Eastern European human traffickers(never mind Netanyahu's and Putin). MKultra violence goes on exactly according to scenario and I should feel one as early as tomorrow on my own skin - proofs don't matter here was message I got today...

Here is the special message to the Czech drunk by the name "Milos Zaman"...."worry not about what I have to say about your standings within society - worry about my complain submitted to ICC where I will update your status in respect to MKultra case". Your vote(just as votes of others mentioned here) means to me less than nothing.

Polish police well informed about KGB incident on September 15th, 2018

What they received as report: AND/OR as seen bellow


Who received as seen above(I will follow up physically at here mentioned police departments tomorrow):

Placówka Straży Granicznej w Łodzi-Lublinku
94-328 Łódź, ul. Gen. S. Maczka 35