Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Friday, July 12, 2019

Second rental owner refuses to assist with "zameldowanie" issue(report place of stay according to Polish law and as required)

Both were reported to authorities today.


If they have problem with authorities, they should solve those on their own rather than implicating in their issues renters. Or tell person in advance that one will not be allowed to report his place of stay to government.

They both participated in MKultra as willing to help, but seems had totally other plan$$$(NOT SO MUCH PROBLEMS WITH AUTHORITIES WHEN CONSIDERING THIS VERY FACT, BUT THIS ISSUE IS RESERVED FOR EU COURT) coming along. Ohh, well.

This owner just like the other one prosperred very well(not as the first one from Grotniki who made millions out of my case - one became wealthy because of my case, but still he made money) and tells a lot about Polish system as whole. Kaczynski planted his own people in the case and is creating his own story. Question is if someone like rzeczpospolita exists in Poland on the first place. Whole thing looks more and more as COSA NOSTRA and this is what Kaczynski dreamed about. Becoming dictator in Poland.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

Never liked Walesa who developed conspiracy theory to destroy real truth about plane crash in 2010 and truth is here

Both were implicated in MKultra and both are pigs involved in 2010 Katyn plane massacre. Zaskakujące słowa Wałęsy o Kaczyńskim. „Ja go kocham jako człowieka”

Plane crash investigation delayed for no less than 9 years...where in the world is that possible other than in Poland !!???? In the face of the today's world.

Cant help myself but to think over and over about

stollen mp 3 player by lady infront of her house(she cried just how she will help under MKultra to Americans) and stollen sd card via stollen wallet where I had stored videos and audios about MKultra proofs - many from people who trully wanted to help. Police which have stollen wallet sent instead of investigating(decline to file case) thug with stollen wallet at center where he lauggedin my face and extorted for more money and became motivated in my telephone with which I took photo of thug.

First job and then visit to Lodz airport for Polish political asylum purposes

Money in number one here now.

UN have done nothing so far in respect to this case.

Large area all the way to Zgierz Lakes identified

natives confirm my story accounts(who cares about buildings, its people which confirm my accounts about what went on in Zgierz and why etc.).

Saturday, July 6, 2019

Second Ukrainian roomate identified - moved in today

Accross the street people and building owner as well as what buikdinbg was used were identified several days ago - day before I moved in here just by observing buildings and people - when you walk bye or drive byeand you kniw who is whast is all audio recorded.

Pointed out from where gentleman in Ukraine is(10km proximity if his town) and close to his proffession(he also has license for drivinbg trucks and have worked on them, but is a mechanic by professdion what I consider as close enough).

Friday, July 5, 2019

Wife of new roomate recognized yesterday

She lives in Lodz and as I returned from Warsaw, I described him his wife for what he gave me confirmation(surprised).

This was done on second day of my stay in this hostel.

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Was told by Polish immigration when requesting for passport yesterday that I didn't even apply for political asylum in Poland but instead for international protection and as such couldnt be even considered since I am EU citizen

Passport was returned to me. Was told Slovenia a very safe great country while Poland is being discussed a lot in EU.

Told that I can apply for Polish political asylum only in respect to protection in Poland only and for that matter that Polish government alone has to benefit from within.

Political asylum in Poland will be therefore my next step. Monday or so and rzeczpospolita(not you Kaczynski/ Morawiecki/ Duda) will be deciding about one.