Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Americans cooked revolution in Belarus via blatant racism/division(used money issues as elsewhere do divide society) - Germans supported one at crucial moment via so called "human rights"

 @Lukashenko -You are irreplaceable leader of Belarus. The one who have proven politically what America/Germany(link between the two) are all about when it comes to eastern Europe.

Congratulations on reelection and may you stay in presidential seat as long as you live.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

In Slovenia not interested in any war against Pollacks/Czechs

Interested in helping them only. I am here to help not run German neonazi politic Donald Trump and his helpers from US cooked. Good people all welcome- bad never existed if you ask me.

Zivljenje je vojna - borba za obstoj

Tisti ki se je boji se na njeni poti izgubi.

V vsaki vojni se dobijo praske in zaradi tovrstnih prask nebom vodil politike proti lastnim ljudem(Cehom/Poljakom) kakor so si in si zelijo nekateri mehkuni.

Germany demands NAZISM - not "solidarity" again

 Country on whose behalf US and few others bombed Mideast and impoverished African continent is again demanding according to Swiss media a solidarity with countries which have nothing to do with it(eastern Europe). In fact a solidarity with countries which opposed bombardments of Mid east/Africa. 

Germany which turned citizens of Syria/Iran/Lybia and numerous others into homeless "refugees" in fact demands acceptance of more refugees into their environment for the sake of the extra costs(eastern Europe is struggling with impoverished developing economy) and division of society alone via crime - joblessness and racial differences(immigrants without wives etc.).

I didn't go into total war in 2018(you all declined to admit delayed crime which I claimed and pointed at for no less than 7 years) to lose one after winning one


You want to make money - earn one like I did !!! That is if you have balls to even thing about doing something I have actually realized.

Finally - Go to Germany if you like one, but leave our people and their children grandchildren at peace. 

@Germany and others...ohhh, you will pay for what you did with what you claimed deal was. Your coin(side spinning - lies atop of lies) game came to and end.

In Slovenia politic is politic of Visegrád Group

 Both individuals(Jansa and Borut Pahor) are UDBA members, however, Janez Jansa was always used by Slovenian system as a safety valve for external pressures(challenges) which country would find itself in front of. This very party member(seemly pro German enemy of the state who also was FAKELY prosecuted against in 2018) took negative role in eyes of domestic pro Jugoslav people during war for Slovenian independence(nope - he is just totally controlled opposition) to coverup bare socioeconomic necessities(challenges) in 1991 during Kosovo crises and is being now again used as a negative troll to payback German POLITICAL debt which Milan Kucan/Borut Pahor(officially known also as good people - representatives of of bellow seen OF) leased to Germans for the sake of German investments(investments made between 1995 to very today) into eastern Europe.

Jansa was designated by mentioned to play foremost negative role against me with idea to portray himself as agent of Strasbourg(BERLIN) infront of which I should bent one more time to lead war against undeveloped world(against minorities and ex colonies) on behalf of Visegrád Group and several other states while Pahor retained comfortable public image as positive normal individual.

I do place every Belorussian protesting president Lukashenko on permanent job search track

 Its obvious on who organized bloodshed in Belarus

It is German/American way - its how they do it(enter you social security number into computer and no employer except one willing to break you spine offers job), so I don't know why "DICTATOR" Lukashenko couldn't use the same instruments.

European Court for so called Human Rights a GERMAN CONTROLLED court of DEATH.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Why I returned back from Poland to Slovenia

 because upon return to Poland from Czech republic, Pollacks(older) started to talk to me(remind me of MK Ultra threats on how they will...if I) how young Pollacks burn several cars in vicinity just recently and this for fun...didn't stop there and even continue to with "burning clothing" scenario on what there was nothing left for me other to do than impossible to withstand this degree of violence/ financial breakdowns. This is why - told day prior to departure..

No not recorded as I had nothing left to record with...

I will return back to Poland

 I wish Polish psychologist girl the best of the best. She had NOOO influence on absolutely anything at all. Based on what I have seen, she had the least to do with my misfortune. She was used as a scapegoat(pushed up front and as a female eager to help me out have had also exposed herself to others with idea to prevent hurting me - she feared for my life), but in the back it was American neonazi(Berlin - Trump) politic that played out.

I returned to Slovenia yesterday on September 20th, 2020 in early morning hours I made it

 via bus to Zagreb from Katowice and then through Zapresici, Dobova, and Brezice. No phones, not even with light of any kind, but with help of good strangers(even police).

Military helicopters searched for refugees today 200 meters from house in Novo mesto and I was told military helicopters now even land in near field - not even 100 meters away from house...I have no clue what goes on. Laptop battery have fallen me out of bag and laptop upon arrival home, new 32GB card bought day earlier stolen from wallet, headphones destroyed, and screws taken out of one of the hard drives - not bad welcome at all(over 30 Euros of damage upon arrival).