Sunday, May 24, 2020

OBITUARIES(I hope you enjoy them): 'The New York Times' marks grim U.S. virus milestone with front page victim list

Just as I told you two years ago case will be...first death here and then...then more and more till you will lost control of counting dead. FASTER AND FASTER...

Those who tell you on how there is no death are paid government dis-info liars. No reduction of jobs and open and close and open and close economy ever brought anything good(homeless people and terror - death of targeted people/minorities)...its a prelude into total terror with you as Slaves in-front of the few mighty whom you allow to be such as human fear has YUGE eyes.

Month to month paychecks are good !!???? Better than safety of your families and yourself !!???? Don't worry. Everything will be okay. Allow yourself to be surprised. 

Its only Obama that is left to America

I told you about Biden already - a ticket to nowhere...if you folks don't wake up on time, you will be all dead. Make no mistake about what is written on here. Related to

@Macron - Not everything is so dark AND THERE WILL BE NO NEGOTIATIONS WITH ANY OF YOU

There is considerable factory known as Renault in Novo mesto, Macron(whose father was foremost involved in my MK Ultra case) have conditioned one with if Slovenian government wouldn't see the neonazi FRENCH way. Neonazi French way means if my case
wouldn't remain hushed by Slovenian government via which signal upon one being hushed would be sent to general population on who truly prevailed via economic means in eastern Europe...far worse than Soviet Union if considering Merkel, Macron, Trump, Buckingham palace and few others deprived me of 25 years of life and have conditioned my existence in finals with even breaking me spine via corruption...FAR WORSE FRENCH PEOPLE AND YOU BETTER READ THIS WELL !!!

From business perspective about Putan Putanowich and his team

Must be hard for Slavic business to see one another across the border as enemies, and am certain is even harder to consider fact which Putanowich(team Medvedev/Lavrov) took to a next level in respect to mutual relations which is a racism between nations as the case was with Ukraine when Putin in 1999 insisted to Americans/Germans(on Trump's signaling to assemble as white as possible Russian team which would give Westerners impression about Russians as whiter than Ukrainian counterparts) that Russians are whiter and this worthier to invest money into...I see this foremost as the biggest betrayal act against Russians alone of whom no one is white(all have Mongolian DNA admixture and many also other admixtures)

Saturday, May 23, 2020

I also appologise to Mr. Xi Jinping

who demonstrated me China from his own perspective when there during MK Ultra. 

Why Coronavirus was used against China - because its a call for global neonazi jihad against humanity in which Berlin would love nothing more than to implicate also Russia is why

Read what 8 nations were and what their purpose was when engaging in war against China in they past

Hong Kong - its what Donald Trump created(VIOLENT NEONAZI CORONAVIRUS CRIMINAL in W.H.)

Thank him for Hong Kong tensions. Its 31 years since China managed to crush American CIA operation known as Tiananmen Square operation and no less than 176 years since China finally LIBERATED ITSELF FROM COLONIALISM (SLAVERY) of the worst kind. Today, although happy to have Hong Kong, China alone can pay unannounced visit to any part of the world at any time of the day. 

Friday, May 22, 2020

German bailout is program designed to bail neonazi German government out of this very case

This I was told by Germans alone case will be. Its not used to bail
out Merkel, but also Macron alike nazis. What will come out of one if adapted !!???? Neonazi Europe. Germans, French, Americans traditionally involved high political profile cases to such deals to get consent into silence about victims also from other member states...they repeated to me this over and over - not new. 

Thursday, May 21, 2020

I get to break my spine/ sleep on the floor, and google collecting some $300+ per day via my work - nice

I am prohibited from using Google sense for one thing. Google blocked me, but one exists evidently. Nice. I have never ever made a single cent from my news site not youtube channels where TOTALLY CENSORED...this goes far beyond slavery issues. With about 150.000 daily visitors.

Donald Trump is finished - I destroyed one on political stage beyond any believes(will not last his presidency to the end)

Not only these were Trump's close associates(involved in MK Ultra) which attempted to play justice under his presidency, but Musk(unapologetic neonazi) alone called US as fascist several days ago, and many other signs...

They plea guilty because they take whatever they can while Trump's still there...they will outlast his presidency as this one is about to come to a SHARP end.