Saturday, October 24, 2020

Bangkok 2003

 Street in which King of Thailand Maha Vajiralongkorn is big(VERY POPULAR) and where one took me personally with his wife. I can do this street and probably much much you see this is how it goes. I just looked into it briefly.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Here is what Buckingham palace counted on would happen to me in Poland

 And this in a place where sporadically tortured for no less than 21 years Mr. Harry and William talked/laughed about sanity issues that involved at the time also spine injury - the most painful ever thing in my life.

MK ULTRA: Hasselt completed/FINISHED(saw on Facebook someone posting "room 313" => went on internet to see rooms and found room that rang my memory then followed through the city)

 Probably 1997 if not even 1996 rebuilt - second floor repairs/remodeling....ALL THIS TIME IT WAS ECT, FORCED UNEMPLOYMENT, AND PSYCHIATRY THAT KEPT YOU GUYS ALIVE...

4 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

3 of 4 MK Ultra in Strykow Poland

Video can be also seen at

Trump/Merkel and others made agreement about US EU trade already 10+ years ago minimum

  told you about his pre-reelection stunts. Agreement only needs to signed and blah blah repeated.

Dortmund, Germany IDENTIFIED - There is only one thing I regret

Whole city didn't BLEW itself up(I estimate 1998 and up). Federal German police arrived from Berlin during MK Ultra and blamed me for civil war in Dortmund in front of Angela Merkel and her assistants, but seems didn't mind because regardless of what I have done - they never ever  interfered to do their job. Italian embassy, Bibi, Zara, Idiotes(named after myself as I would refer to locals as)...Dortmund identified.
It was so funny hehehe hahaaha look at him haha...but within few days it was fun no more😂😆😈

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Petra Majdič involved in MK Ultra since 1997/1998 - involved a LOT in celotna zveza smučarjev Slovenije.

Polish government has a new crime to confess about


Police officer also stated that PEOPLE ARE ON THE WATCH AND WOULD BE A SERIOUS TROUBLE IF THEY WOULD SEE ME DRIVING ARROUND WITH THEM LIKE THIS <== its why we couldn't get into city centers...