Wednesday, October 28, 2020

MK ULTRA IN CZECH REPUBLIC: Self identified Old Bohumin residents and Greater Ostrava along Roma settlements identified via MK Ultra memories

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In 20+ years from today is what I was told, jobs will be gone - union jack will remind you where to get handouts instead

Everyone invested in something when in city of Novo mesto...words to Harry in 1998 were what will London come up with to "help Bobby"(also one of the names I used)...have you heard anything...

French fascist(royal proxy from France - neonazi collaborator) Emanual Macron doesn't have problem with Islam only - he has GRAND problem with French women too

On one side Erdogan and other what Macron alone reproaches to Erdogan. 

Getting read of royalism means one thing - its called freedom of humanity

 I am capitalist make no mistake, but under no circumstances a parasite that would want to feed itself on creating problems to others...just as they are trying to take away from us homeland after homeland, we need to apply same procedure against them to liberate world from evil for good. We don't have choice.

British crown preparing along German fourth reich a civil war in Thailand against Thailandese people - its not as German news outlets report about Thailandese crown

 German news outlets report Berlin's unwillingness for Thailandese royal support as no longer option where Thailandese crown could/can be hosted and from where war can be waged - its not like this. Germany along Buckingham palace according to my information instead well well prepared Thailandese crown for civil war against Thailandese free society known as beginning of the moral defeat of humanity. Thailand is where global royalism movement should in fact gain enough strength to rattle/scare rest of the humanity into the box one bye one and its also why I consider this crown as no longer beneficial for humanity - if there is one that should be considered as beneficial. Unfortunately those tend to support one another in war against humanity for the sake of enslavement -total  deprivation of human rights to which we have witnessed 103 years ago.

@Harry - no, ignorance is not an excuse(I never confused "recognized" with "admit" and "bias" with "criminal insanity" as you attempted to physically brainwash me via your torturers and yourself for no less than 23 years - whenever given the opportunity to lay your filthy hands on me in Poland/GB etc.).

You and yours historically didn't and still don't know about a lots of things because your kind becomes conscious once bombs land on your roofs and dead bodies are scattered all over the place(once you no longer see faces of those whom you killed/tortured terrified, but instead as written)

Such was the case during WWII and prior with WWI and so on and so caused harm time and again from beginning of this world and you will continue to do so to humanity for as long you will exist. After all, no criminal who left crime scene in hope to avoid consequences for his/her blunder ever voluntarily self confessed about his/her crime/crimes. Its genetical deed Harry(your DNA not your fold either, but choice for tolerance stupidity/your lies from our side is).