Sunday, June 7, 2020

Neonazi Richard Spencer and now his EX wife both involved in MK Ultra procedure

Restaurant where I was brought to meet here seen people.
She is a real Moscowian - totally opposite from Richard Spencer. Both had a great time watching me drugged up/ended in bed with two children. 

Saturday, June 6, 2020

The relationship of state which is based on racism(USA) toward its black population is indifferent from abusive psychiatrist and his patient

Life long relationship based on fear, anger, abuse, and other issues passed on from one generation onto another...

My computer is scanned, files changed/replaced thus impossible to be used by either program to obtain important audio files and place them online - same as thye ase was with writing resume letters topotential employers

I have already demonstrated what this looks like. This is a matter for police, but I am in a country known as Poland and human rights/ laws/ treaties are under attack as you know. Terrorism became a new normal in our daily life.

In Poland(in a Fort Trump state), they know nothing about situation in US - nazi gold news surfaced instead and politicians have a good time

They know nothing about what goes on in US. Asking for solidarity(😅😆😆yeah famous "solidarity" you know) would be too much from completely flagrant to foreign and domestic issues Polish state. Whichever way wind blows and thats the way it should be. History repeats.

Fort Trump removing US troops for Germany makes Poland happy again - all will be good now

Seems dream of two nations is becoming new reality :)))
News is accompanied by another great news "walk on red carpet" news via Morawiecki/ Merkel

Answer to Katowice's major for his show of power(discrimination reminder) during my short visit

Last Polish automaker POLONEZ was kicked out of Egypt in 2000/2001 because of this very case as Egyptians alone for the cost of jobs no longer could see themselves on Picture with extremely(increasingly) uncivilized and hateful Polish bigots(hijackers - terrorists who brought me against my will from US to Poland for business purposes and took me as hostage also to other countries) during out visits to Egypt who displayed acts of hatred against individual through whom(just as the case was with Skoda) company obtained high quality engine from Japan for production in Egypt.

@Spain/France - WARNING

Its not coincidence Renault slashed jobs in both of your countries. Macron who announced change demands neonazism across the Europe is why. 

Friday, June 5, 2020

Black lives matter indeed !!!

@Dwayne - if you run for president, I will give you my 100% support.

Photo seen here was first time taken several days ago(two days prior to my departure the day before yesterday - on 3rd, 2020)

According to landlord under MK Ultra, I and psychiatrist next door should get along really well as he alone took care for stuff as seen here not to repeat. Individual who did this for his sake(because I and psychiatrist should get along really well) in shared showers area, was an old time resident here who drank a bit too much alcohol and situation got a bit to often a bit too much out of hand. Its what led him into seen here and what I have not even taken photos of - nasty toilet/shower area and so on...its when psychiatrist demanded(sometimes in 2002/2003 I estimate) shower inside of his own place for him and his wife. 

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Went 24 hours without pressure sound in head

you have no idea what that feels like after it makes no longer sense to complain about... happens each time I stay on my own away from controlled residences.