Thursday, November 26, 2020

Quick fix - about Putin's bodyguard(one of his bodyguards) in Slovenia

I was wrong when initialy suggesting "drinking coffee(next to Putin) from his hands was a Russian roulette - chances for survival depend on his boss Vladimir Putin"....

This individual and NOOOO OTHER INDIVIDUAL(Shoigu was actually really good man in contrast to Putin) was the only individual whom you were able to relax - joke with. He was soft and nice while his partner was scary one - he, however, as he told me too would do if ordered(they were two - team and there were others)

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

About Chinese communist party and its leadership

 They were horrified/terrified(CONCERNED) about what went on with me in Slovenia and have even prayed for me - they also pushed down the throats of eastern European politicians a MUST TO HELP ME attitude. This probably explains how things were and are in here.

Vtis katerega so nameravali narediti name je ničen sploh pa me politika nikdar in nikoli ni zanimala

Človeka ki je delaven zanima delo, dom, družina - politikantske gnoje pa laži, prevare, pa tudi pobijanja.

Americans insisted for my publishing what took place, I would either have to leave Slovenia or die according to them(its not that all this took place because I was brought for torture from USA to Slovenia for no less than 13 years) - Borut Pahor didn't get passed his poisoning cancerous threats

 If you will go to work then your launch box - Borut Pahor told me in 2006(bashed about it during MK Ultra) that no one in his family has cancer except for an aunt. In 2012 that he expended cycle within family. Claimed that he had to get read off even national assembly(Državni zbor) employees - parliamentarians. After 2005/2006, column cancer pill was expanded to new cancerous possibilities. 

By CIA appointed Tigrayan separatist who assisted his Eritrean mentor Afwerki in a war against Ethiopia even across the border NOT supporting new war

But in 2008(if not even 2006) Tedros Adhanom Ghebre Jesus did brought me drugged up along CIA to Mek'ele where we met Debretsion Gebremichael. I can describe whole incident with total details as per where and how. They had their people on border and whole thing was a smooth ride as soon as they made shift swap. 

In 2004 - Putin was gone from public, but still would randomly return to Novo mesto(did each time they hijacked me to meet with foreign politicians outside of Russia) - In 2008, however, it was over for eternity is what KGB individual claimed me as they feared for his safety

 Local people begun to organize assassination of one. They caught two locals attempting to whack one due to death he brought and it was over. This didn't prevent his right hand security associate who would frequently mix pills into people's coffee to promise me in 2008 that he if needed will give pill to a local collaborator who will do it for him. This is the way it was with Putin and city of Novo mesto which hosted one for almost decade - half of which city was his second home.

MK Ultra in 2017 when brought from Belarus to Poland was extensive

 Medical procedure was done in Ljubljana - its where they threw me on operation table and performed whatever they performed prior too or after taking me even to United States of America where Borut Pahor had me pose next to Rudy Giuliani who attempted to claim infront of cameras to assume responsibility for stated here. Trump's administration just as Buckingham palace don't mind assuming responsibility for whatever takes against whomever abroad and they all did so on behalf of Vladimir Putin - not Lukashenko.

Dental procedure, however, was done to me in Poland.

Rudy Giuliani attempted to "remind me" lately once  published news about my health situation(next day) that it was American administration who did this, but he was briefed infront of me about medical procedure against me prior to his verbal bullshit in which he insisted they demanded. Rudy Giuliani was New York City's new police commissioner believe it or not.

Don't know if I did mentioned or not, but my Belarus friend Sergei had surgery in Novo mesto

Situation was I understand even life threatening as they removed something from his body - probably cancer related. I can only speculate on lymph nodes I stated speculate.

Would also like to have option such as "Other please specify" added to American Equal Employment Opportunity questionnaire in US

 This would work for me just fine and I bet for many others as we Slavs don't see ourselves in so called "White" no more.

Its like a Brexit if you know what I mean...



Don't lock them on long term. Get them arrested, process their information once arrested, charge them with crime - issue them tickets with financial penalties($$$) on them, and have them released immediately.

Then have police visit their homes via collection agents(follow up with debt agencies) in case they don't pay financial dues ON TIME and auction if necessary their homes to get compensated for state costs to stop Berlin's aggression. 

Do it American way - democratic.