Thursday, September 12, 2019

He is you and you are him - two NEONAZI bogaboos arguing about who is what is

The two were in bed with one another. In Poland and in Moscow with one another. Schwarzenegger heavily involved in my my MKultra case as I already explained already in Slovenia and in super details.

I cite Trump, "I will be replaced only by the one who will cover my ass and as a president I get the right to even chose on who that will be".

😁looks like two are replacing one another for already quite some time...

I was in Ukraine many many times

I knew locations of coworkers...their homes how those looked like(even on inside) and cities and so on...its how foreign investements arrived and have proofs for here stated.


Lodz Auchan sale - several int. MKultra staffers present

Are according to MKultra employed also in Lodz - they come and go international connection for poland(possible even Auchan distribution int dpt. or Auchan supliers).

Italian girl which stood next to me in area with kitchen appliances(pans) was according Italian gov. a daughter of Italian industrialist - pan maker. American British couple(girl Brit.) in their early 40s and German guy(black beard) for whom I assumed was Turkish under MKultra with his little daughter(probably 4 years old now) were present...

Sunday, September 8, 2019

International MKultra folks started to re appear :)))

 in support. Met Italian doughter of pan maker, German guy, and Brit Amer couple in Carfour the other day :)))

Thank you for that matter. Poland just as any other country needs good people which will love one as is and help to their best abilities to our people to catch step with developped world.

I most strictly condemn Russian American neonazi views on Poland as seen here


Vladimir Zhirinovsky, veteran lawmaker: 
— “All textbooks need to specify once and for all: Poland is the main culprit of the start of World War II.” 
— “It was Europe that nurtured Hitler against the U.S.S.R. and Poland was among those who applauded Hitler. It shot itself in the foot.”
Zhirinovsky was involved in MKultra and is a German spy - I remember one even obtained either a bank loan or so via German involvement. There is a social engineering taking plkace against Russians today in Russia. Racism nazism division hatred at all time peek high and I condemn one as much as one can be condemned. Zhirinovsky has a strong connection with Donald Trump as both exhtorted Poland with thgeir views on WW2. Zhirinovsky gestured would release such news when I would release video(was twice deleted from Facebook by whoever) in respect to 2007 car assasination plot in Slovenia on which parts seller with Polish last and first name appeared on German internet - the only one which offered parts for US made Mazda market. One collected money for parts(over 500$) and begun to exhtort even Austrian aunt and ucle who was on dead bed at the time for more money. 
My mothers first words when seeing her in person after 11.5 were I cite, "you are American spy...give me your American passport now" (year 2006). Poland doesnt hate Americans - we all know who does.
I call ALL REAL Americans to condemn White House's neonazi treaitor and salute Polish unwillingness to give in into hatred which burned Europe70 something years ago.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Moving to next location where people were already identified(week ago) with proofs

Location is right next to beautiful forest. Was told under MKultra to place online this photo when doing so...
Zagajnikowa 24☺

This is where things will get interesting in my opinion as well. Was also brainwashed under MKultra that old railtracks mean my departure from Poland - not so in my opinion as I am still eager to stay(extensive brainwash with listing me million reasons was presented to me on why on other side of Oder river is better incl old car purchasing)..

They knew about my fixing old laptop for last few days

they listen/watch what I do inside the room. These are provocations which intention is to dusturb individual. And damage his property as well from time to time to remind him whats all about.

I no longer visit Zgierzan police to report on whatever as I feel would be same as complaining to build. manager about vandalised/stolen property after one mugged you and had your propert vandalised/stolen. Why to bail them out of own dilemmas...crimes will be eventualy handed over to international authorities and will go from there. Polish 911 is burglar online.

16mm lock was britched this places like this one is stupid to own even a lock. Guess why so...

Animals hired by Zgierzan police at Lodzka 58 prove to have acces to my locks which I bought

They disconnected internal hard drive on laptop during my absence which was locked inside of the backpack(hostel room) to prove me mentioned fact.

Stolen bike in Grotnikih and so on...they had and have keys. Nice place.

Saturday, August 31, 2019

TOP MKULTRA LIES RELATED TO PSYCHOLOGIST: How far did sci fi b.s. go in respect to psychologist girl

According to MKultra would only be with me if I would manage to subdue Russians - well, till she would hurt me.

Would get with me in bed just to become my blog/video editor.

Told by bunch of Femi Polish women(yeah right😂😂) whom she commanded that I am p*** of s*** whom will marry on what I will be systematically destroyed. In fact that she will replace me once I succeed because they want someone to represent them on global stage that looks and feels Polish(ended with me being s***😂😂 good for nothing who has to serve her purpose).

Forced into impossible circumstances sorrounded by sexy females and fired by her for a single look of those only if "if" would appear anywhere(😂😂sure did Polish babes spread their legs wide everywhere in public for last 3 weeks - there were sites at postal office as well as elsewhere that would turn even heads arround/forget eyes😂😂😂).

For individual which attempted to intimidate physically, Zgierzan police insisted is related to Ukrainian extremists

Truth facts: Individual is Rusky.

Zgierzan police insisted in their MKultra blunder even on how I will be judged upon according to him in case I would affiliate with Ukrainian extremist - will be a test only they claimed😂😂😂