Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Spent till 0230am at police station just to meet two police officers today which had idea for me to give them my Lenovo tablet

They wanted physical inspection of aparat with which photos were taken of individual who arrived with my stolen wallet at immigration center according to the two.

Monday, June 24, 2019

They first traumatized with directed energy weapons

language lessons to thge point I would become scared to even study Pokush language...then the other day I found myself scared of going even in bed to sleep because I knew what will happen yet again...even 3 hours of sleep couldnt convince me to go and sleep. I eventually did same as Americans did - bought stupid tent with hope to catch some sleep in between when away from camp...

I am told about Polish police that are criminals who

dont care just as tge case wad with my wallet/bike. Told by people that it would be best to just pay money to thug and get documents vs wasting time at police and even paying afterwards 10 x times more money to get documents.


IMPROVED AND ANSWERED: I never quitted voulunteraly from persuing the right to use political asylum option in Poland as it states on letter received from refugee board(Rada do Spraw Uchodzcow).

Now sent to Rada do Spraw Uchodźców and to Wojewódki Sąd Administracyjny. Related to 

Next will be sent to United Nations, Amnesty Int., EU Court for Human Rights and so on.

Letter from Polish Immigration Refugee Board given to me on this Tuesday

Never ever have I agreed to resign from persuing the right to obtain work permit in Poland via political asylum option for which I have filed year ago.
 It is also written in blue on how I am allowed to stay in center till July 2nd, 2019.

Sunday, June 23, 2019

Would love nothing more than to marry Polish psychologist Justinka.

I have no idea how all this will end, but I think she is the greatest catch. No one has more to offer to Poland than what she does. I see fakes everywhere I turn, but no such thing in her. Amazing lady which for the difference of others even wanted to look bad...

She was abused, used, often times discriminated against, and left in the middle of the lies. She survived all and continued to fight for me. Nothing like you in this world.

Iran will with its insane politic soon learn about Kremlin's imaginary friend as

no one more eager to wipe one of earth than Putan Putanowich. Syria will repeat soon.

Immigration center owner changed with franzy Sunday Saturday work even courtains inside of the room

Have washed building, painted one on inside - painted rooms and hallways, replaced doors from units and even doors of toilets/shower areas...have even istalled TVs in every tvs cable just two days ago...what happened !!???

Warsaw with insane Fort Trump ussues the most serious threat to civilised world and to Polish nation alone.

Racism, nazism, hatred, lies, thuggery, bigotry, viollence, torture, crime and so on hiding behind EU chapter/articler 24...TIME TO STOP KREMLIN'S DEJAVOU IN WHITE HOUSE and inside of the EU.