Saturday, June 23, 2018

Budale so delale račune brez krčmarja

Sami sebi so govorili(toliko o MKULTRI) in po propadli Jugi zapili še tisto kar je bilo.

Grdo neurje se bliža vzhodni Evropi(toča in soloviti vetri)...

Srbi(kakor nacistična Nemčija) in njihovi Slovenski kolegi bi Slovenski narod pobili in ne samo iz Slovenije ampak iz Evrope

Je tako banda četniška nacistična fašistična rdečozvezdniška ali ni !!?????

Govori Vućiću-Pahor(majku da ti j**** fašistično nacistično četniško) !!!

Izdajalci v Sloveniji so zmeraj bili in bojo vendar ni potrebe po razlikovanju med tistimi kolaboranti ki so sodelovali z nacistično Nemčijo in tistimi ki so sodelovali in sodelujejo z FAŠISTIČNO NACISTIČNO VELIKOSRBIJO kjer se sovraštvo skriva za rdečo zvezdo)

Nobene razlike ni med tistimi ki so morili in morijo Slovence(sonarodnjake) za Hitlerja ali pa Vučiča(Miloševiča, Šešlja in tako naprej). Isto sranje - drugče pakovanje.

Izdajalec je izdajalec in ve se kako in kaj z njimi. Če ne verjamete GLEDE RAZLIKE pa vprašajte tiste Slovence katere so pobili(IZDALI) eni in drugi.

Even Slovenians in USA know that Janez Janša is a Belgrade agent >>>Poroshenko number TWO<<< - Celo Ameriški Slovenci vedo kdo je Janez Janša

I do not know much about Andrej Šiško and therefore can't say much - I contacted him, but he never contacted me back even that he knew and knows about my case very very well(his movement is 14 and few extra years old if you get my point - he had me in Ptuj one time under MKULTRA and acted extremely arogant/insulting/dismissive).

Anyhow, here is what Dr.  Leo Vovk has to say in Slovenian language.

Clinton finally regains sanity and enough courage to face murderous Kremlin's lunatic face to face: Hillary Clinton attacks Vladimir Putin as leader of 'white supremacist and xenophobic movement'

A single phone call from Kremlin would end Serbian massacre in Croatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, and on Kosovo. But not...Kremlin rather played stupid and saw/heard/knew nothing about what wen on on territory of ex Yugoslavia for NO LESS THAN 8 YEARS(its how long Serbs have massacred other nations on Balkans on what NATO finally stepped in) !!! Even with bombardment of Serbia, Serbs didn't stop...after capitulation to NATO, Serbs begun to appeal to the world via Russia as victims of NATO aggression and have even suggested law suit against NATO. And its so because red coated gestapo in Slovenia have paid Serbs even for aggression on Slovenia, on Croatia, on Bosnia, and on Kosovo(over 40 billion USD were stolen from Slovenian taxpayers and transferred to Serbia via Slovenian parliament) and because Russia didn't admit its fold in Balkan's is easier to blame for others than to admit own I right !!??????
Clintons seems to have learned via my own case just how dangerous Putin and his Kremlin are....because it doesn't matter what they got from you through to you - what matters is that one they deal with must be screwed in the end(I should say all the way to the end as this was case of my own). Clintons are on that same list with me and they know it....

You Janez Ogulin are going into jail for life time

That I guarantee you personally. The daylight you will see will be from jail cell only.

Regarding Slovenian(NOVO MESTO) police harassment under MKULTRA which suspected on how I will go out with fliers to meet people

2005/2006 - Locations were in  Novo mesto city center(they would have individual who handed people fliers and next to whom I was forced to stand stalk by park-meter employee).
Qlandia shopping center - police organized total humiliation - have presented me to locals as mentally incapacitated and have handed local fliers with nazi propaganda which they created to ridicule me.

Ljubljana - Zmajski most...memory kicked in and I clearly remember that Borut Pahor insisted as well on Ljubljana and continually asked me where is a lots of people that passes bye each day in Ljubljana, on what he asserted answer, "Zmajski most"(dragon bridge) - so they had me stand next to another individual also there for hours(WE ARE TALKING ABOUT SUPER EXTENSIVE GUANATANAMO ALIKE TORTURE UNDER MKULTRA)...

Whatever was written on thios papers was enough provocative to push people into political schizophrenia - lies that made people explode(anger them) and turn almost into assoultive situations. Assoults never happened as police ensured that always was police officer or two present during such MKULTRA procedures.

Do you see the flag in the middle !!??? It is in my room next to Ukrainian, Polish, American...

RED GESTAPO WAS ANGRY WITH THIS FLAG UNDER MKULTRA - Everyone brought own flag, so Swedes brought along with them their own...I happened to liked Swedish flag and red coated gestapo which equaled one with nazi German flag acted immediately by yelling/screaming at me and Swedish guy who delayed flag in my thing, they involved my father and local Nov mesto police  - they threatened me on how I will be thrown out in the future if I would ever dare to have one in the room...
So come and get it :)))))

Instead of much wanted Kremlin's "pardon procedure", Putan Putanwich gets middle finger in his face from abducted Ukrainian prisoner who prefers death over murderous regime that have murdered already tens of millions of Ukrainians in most horrific ways imaginable

Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov's kidneys and heart are failing, but spirit (mind) not.
Economic sanctions against Russia must be intensified, so Crimea and Donetsk are returned back under Ukrainian state. No place for fascism/nazism(HIDING BEHIND RED STAR - RED COATED KREMLIN'S GESTAPO) from which Russian state is suffering today because of Kremlin. Europe must not give in the new Soviet past. Those in Western Europe and USA who support current Russian regime, should be charged with espionage and jailed(IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOUR LAST NAME IS TRUMP, BUSH. OR MCCAIN - TRAITOR IS A TRAITOR).

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