Monday, August 20, 2018

VIDEO - My Mossad and KGB roommates in Dębak(Warsaw - Poland) know one another and became even 15 years younger

Will release video on this subject tonight

Not too cool ;)

My Mossad and KGB roommates in Dębak(Warsaw suburbs - Centres for Foreigners) claim to be young(37 years old min. claim to have 25/22 years old - also admit to know one another).

These people were involved in abductions in the past and I just happen to have original audio recording of stated here.

About same situation as one was in Belarus no !!??????

(t)sar Putan Putanowich readies army for invasion on Ukraine - invasion on country twice size of Germany now called by main stream media a "war games"

What is here to say...

The Invasion of Czechoslovakia Through Women's Eyes

I like it when I see solidarity against insanity among Slavic nations !!! We are all in it together and what Putin(divider of Slavic world) have created, should be healed with our unity(mutual assistance for one another). SOLIDARITY(all for one and one for all) IN THE NAME OF DEMOCRACY KILLS THE EVIL LIKE THE ONE WE SEE IN KREMLIN FOR THE PAST 20 YEARS !!!

Article is from Ukrainian newspaper...

Independent CHETNIK state threatens entire Balkan region with war - tiny Montenegro is ready to defend itself from increasingly aggressive Serbian state

Nobody used to love Serbia more than good hearted Montenegro people...tiny nation of just 600.000 would do just about anything for their Serbian brothers and sisters, but Serbia went mad...totally mad...who is afraid !!???? Beside 6 nations which escaped from Serboslavia upon fall of so called Yugoslavia, everyone on Balkans is afraid - incl. Bulgaria, Romania, Hungary, and Greece...its not a secret about what two meters tall giant(a real primitive - brtain size of the chicken) is asking for from his mentor tsar Putan Putanowich....

Is Silicon Valley heading to Poland !!???? Polish-Australians should consider return to Poland: president Andrzej Duda

I couldn't think of better location for one - it wouldn't only contribute to technology, but also stability(peace) in Europe and world...

In Poland(within EU and Schengen area as well), you are subject to Polish laws and Poland has the right to use laws of organisations/treaties of which member is(it really doesn't matter if you are Ukrainian or from Zimbabwe/moon - you are to obay laws).

Poland is not as fragile as Berlin and Moscow believe don't pass easily here....
"Activist" Lyudmyla Kozlovska, and her Polish husband Bartosz Kramek should make stop instead in fourt Reich if so much interested in promotion of neonazism...

What city in Poland did Israel invested the most

Krakow - they evaluated area as most desirable for investments(vicinity of Czech rep., Slovakia, and even Ukraine and beautiful Tatra mountains).
Source - Benjamin Netanyahu(2005/2006).

If they haven't bought whole city, they sure did invested in one heavily and thats a fact.

Poland is my new homeland.

Ukraine and Poland(Czech rep., Slovakia) is my life now and I think the two are the most beautiful parts of the world.

For my personal taste, most beautiful women are here...I am very happy to be here.