Sunday, February 17, 2019

Democrats DELIBERATELY argued with state immigration process

They argued with plane logic(legal immigration) just as Obama and his Black lives matter argued with laws to produce Trump...

Real America needs to wake up as is really is driven insane and if people wont stand for justice/truth, it will be too late any moment is dyeing before our eyes.
World is collapsing just as this very towers begun to collapse in 2001...can it be stopped !!????


I cite fascistoid(little 911 Hitler which is becoming real threat to US and world) in progress, "Ann Coulter. I don't know her. I hardly know her. I haven't spoken to her in way over a year but the press loves saying Ann Coulter, probably if I did speak to her, she would be very nice,"

Lets see...ZioNazi google gestures 30+ million personal google + had over 10 million views in 2011. Google kept me at number 200.000 for no less than 8 years. If you multiply 30 with at least 10 is what real numbers would indicate for her...
Little Hitler Kaczynski have something over 3 millions...why not ask Trump if he ever heard for him...

FAKE REPORTER AND FAKE YAHOO NEWS: Reporter glorified for wrong reasons allows to be treated like trash

As an reporter when given the opportunity by the White house via press conference, you have same rights(DUTIES ACTUALLY AS AN REPORTER TO MAKE MYSELF CLEAR) as White House representative for as long as you respect code of comunication ethics of civilised world, to ask questions in a same form as all other human beings have....YOU DO NOT ALLOW AGRESSIVENES FROM THE OTHER SIDE AS THE CASE WAS YET AGAIN WITH DONALD TRUMP WHO AGRESSIVELY HAVE REPEATEDLY INTERRUPTED YOU AND THEN YET AGAIN ORDER FOR YOU TO SEAT LIKE A DOG(USED OVER AND OVER AGAIN)...YAHOO SHOULD KNOW BETTER AS WELL BECAUSE EVERYTHING BUT CONFRONT IS WHAT THIS REPORTER DID...reporter and news were both used to brainwash other reporters to comply with unseen US abuse/disrespect of democracy(journalism).This is how reporters were treated in USSR and its time for someone to explain this(such journalist doesnt get to parcitipate on WH conference do as is all staged) very fact into Trump's face. DISGRACE FOR JOURNALISM - both of you.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

If I had a lots lots of money


As an first investement...who agrees with me !!??? Jeff ;)) anyone ??

Jeff "Bozo" leaves "great chief commander" in dust within a single year - Amazon will pay $0 in taxes on $11,200,000,000 in profit for 2018

Here is what Jeff made within a single year and what Trumpet at age 72 is worth
Seems like strategy on treating life time partner equaly rather than being burdained in advance with divorce issues works OK for some...congrats to Amazon chief.

Anybody can have great interpersonal skills but very few can survive dehumanisation methods used to deprive individual from them

Video can be also seen at
This was also one of the core issues I was faced with in this very process(gestured with scorn about writings on my resume whenever I dared to expose or confront hypocrisy), but didn't give in even millimeter and never ever will...interpersonal skills are most important part of life and one must fight for their recognition by also taking credit for them regardless of ups and downs which we all have.

I am proud about it all and stand tall.

How far did Polish immigration process arrived in ordeal against me

Filmed in uniform ONLY because I am in the will not see me elsewhere in durable uniform other than in forest or if cleaning arround the house LOL...just want to ensure you all understand this issue.
Video can be seen also at

Not priest but instead old time terrorist who even life threatened Poroshenko

Poroshenko a real heroe. My favorite of all times. Someone to admire. Man who made nation out of scratch.

What Eric trump looked like in 2004/2005(when MKultra almost already ended). For that too I was guilty...Trump gestured others in my presence that he would love to strangle me.
Donald Jr. was obedient(both were MKultra tested) and wouldnt resist, but Eric did...his own daddy was willing to whack him for that matter according to own words...HOW IS MY MEMORY DOING DONNIE !!??? You claimed others on how you want to have a proof of one, so I hope you got instead a great taste of one.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Russia not enough funny to vote for commedian on newest Ukrainian elections - Poroshenko did outstanding job in the background of the political arena

Russian fascists(G(K)REMLINS) hate him for a reason. He is fearless and have shown real virtues from which other politicians could learn.
Gets international attention in respect to Russian terrorism in Ukraine !!! The one you need !!!

I was in Lodz and still am here

She is not a very decent crowd of people arround herself(lots of people love her)...Lodz is her city, Poland her country. No way out of this one I admit.

Appointment with immgration schduled for 21st at 9am.

Bostjan is on a dead bed heart broken

Revolt against this particiular psychologist didn't last not even 14 hours....I am under her spell in Poland as she was along all the time everywhere. Inloved like 16 years old. God help.

@J....If I dont see you soon my mind will go blank. I miss you :(((((