Friday, February 28, 2020

I don't remember Turkey ever being enemy with US - not because of what was organised in one via US/German intelligence to destroy those who would potentially rebel and with idea to get Russia on ice

They succeeded too. I kept quiet because Putin's politic is too expensive for me. Its expensive for average Russian too, but they yet have to realize - no worries. Related to

Максим(ok) и я здороваюсь

They are not angy as they look - they are nice young people(younger generation). Most important good young people who will replace legacy of their parents/grandparents - young people thanks to whom world will be safe place for all. They are from all backgrounds and sharing common destiny for the sake of one another is their legacy.

Thursday, February 27, 2020

AWESOME SIDES OF CORONAVIRUS DEATH: #1 virus will not kill good people - only bad !!! #2 Under Coronavirus(Trump's presidency) economy will improve tremendoulsy

Survivers(good people):
TRUMP FAMILY(Yvanka, Ehrlcih und Junior), BUCKINGHAM PALACE(William yeah - Harry may be even forced into hiding known as afterlife), DUDAS/MORAWIECKIES, Barbara/Jenna Bush etc...

Imagine demand for filed of employement after virus for which some estimate well - just as Philip stated would...the prospect is enormous(virus will even end your endless job search and give zou a relief in case of economic struggle and death becomes instead a relief as I alone was told will be with my job search in 2008 when in Minneapolis, USA) !!! BEST EVER !!!

China to Russia: End discriminatory coronavirus measures against Chinese

Racial discrimination(RACIAL FASCISM against Russians with slightest presence of Asian DNA) not new factor in Russia, but under Putin one went into 5th gear - took off insanely as Russia no longer is homeland for numerous Russians(at least 90% of Russians are seen as nonwhite in Russia according to German standards obayed by Vladimir Putin and paid in for much from Trump's administration - continuation of free military arsenal and German oil purchasing for the sake of the war against Ukraine and domestic population alone). Latest racial Coronovirus scapegoating of Chinese by Trumpet's administration not a concidence even in Russia...

Putin reveals plan to use body double

I can confirm this as authentic(truth) news because he pulled fithy tricks during my stay in Poland via public news networks with hope to turn me against Poland - MKultra brainwash takes place on what subject can be reminded of extremelly abusive scenarios even(THE HIGHEST MKULTRA PROFILE EVER) via someone like Putin/Trumpet....

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

"Likely" is now a few camera shots and release of imported deadly viruses from USA - Sanders and others who know EVERYTHING about here stated kept and keep silent

and that tells me something little about US politics.

I would urge China, India, Japan, as well as North/South Koreas to work together rather than one against another. You are much closer to one another than to one who is supposedly "protecting" you. 

Andrzej Duda(Kaczynski/Morawiecki) have elections coming(10 May 2020, but almost all will be decided bye March 23), so he needs to prove his loyalty to Poland with more violence/crime against me - will be a busy month

My car is already listed for theft(will be stolen by city one of these days or whatever scenario they will follow up on) at this point and I will not even go into other stuff done - not affordable to report one at this point.

White House paranoid now hires as top aid a 23 years old student

is now completelly in world of his own. His own associates present threat to one and cant be trusted

Donald Trump, Coronavirus, and Ebola and Ukraine and everything else you see that went on for his sake

@Andrzej Duda & Kaczynski....and who anticipated Coronavirus would even made to Lodz and gestured this very hostel as danger some 10/7 years ahead of what we have going on today !!??? Insisted me that I shoulndt stay in big city or in its vicinity - move instead out on a country side till one is gone.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bloomberg starts to remind of secret Orwelian agreement between republicans and democrates in respect to my case

Related to

And as agreed with Warren/Trump, stops talking about one as soon as Warren reminds public about world of his own affairs(script prepared ahead to remind people to keep mouth shut at all costs despite to what those see on this very site since rep. and dem. are on same page of one).