Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Poland has a voice

Now Poland truly has voice. The question, however, remains what Poland will do with its voice. Related to

AUDIO RECORDINGS ARE ALL READY: Here(more of LODZ CITY) is what was identified today and I call Polish population of Lodz/Zgierz as well as Warsaw and other parts of Poland(incl. Gdansk, Lublin and everybody in Poland and Ukraine acquainted with my MKultra case) to immediatelly come forward with case to help me and what foremost is becoming a tragedy in US where

Decent Americans are fighting for Poland and Ukraine to stay alive. 

Many decent people you won't get to see no more(are gone for good) - its too late for them !!! I told you all about already(some I didn't mentioned) !!!

Many are throwing themselves under the bus for the sake of Poland  right now - TODAY !!! 

Will Poland come to their rescue !!??? 

Certainly we will soon know what kinds of country is this it Fort Trump(Hail Hitler) state or land of brave and free that resisted Hitler 70 years ago when Warsaw ended burned to the ground !!!

I went beyond to prove case which I plan on using to save world from beasts that burned one 70 years ago - including beautiful Poland. Will you help me...I have plentiful of audio recordings and some videos to prove everything stated under this news as well as all other news I posted. 

Regarding St. Petersburg(Russia) news posted the other day only that I have memory to prove what buildings looked on inside even before renovations took place and what business were inside for shorter periods...St. Petersburg(Russia) will not let go. Facts are facts. Was there and have recognized city beyond doubts.

Lodz city today - greater area.

Monday, November 18, 2019

German and Scandinavian social engineers had along discouraging brainwash via Trump's Americans play repeatedly "All That She Wants"

CRIPPLING WAS WELL PLANNED: I asked questions today at ZUS which answers, however, I knew already few days earlier

The moment I called on Friday ZUS, I recognized melody that was same melody played already in 2013. Call at ZUS was made from public library in Zgierz...

ZUS - The Social Insurance Institution is a Polish state organization responsible for social insurance matters, operating since 1934. ZUS is supervised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy

Why ZUS for me !?!???

Because of lack of employment due to being half crippled, I was compelled into asking for social assistance a Polish state - ZUS.

At doctors office today, I met yet another very interesting person involved in MKultra - VENOL included

I was nothing else than flirt when subjected to MKultra. Resented for that role by someone very important to me today for the role of which I wasn't aware because I didn't dare to even think something real between the two of us could ever become even possible...she knows who I am talking about(left many MKultra sessions giving her "yes" as promise, but was hurt inside of me because I was certain something like this could never come to false promises for which I wished for and leaving each time with pain in heart...I did what hurt most repeatedly for years).

One of the ladies whomI met earlier today(I have proofs for here stated), and whith whom I have also flirted when subjected to MKultra was identified some 10/15 minutes after leaving hospital TODAY- right in front of library in Zgierz it came to me her exact apartment location in Zgierz. 

We somehow bumbed at her infront of this very doctoral office when brought there under MKultra... Begun to flirt her and eventually became interesting to her enough to reveal me entire background about herself. Incl. her apartment location. It happened sometimes in 2010, I estimate...perhaps even latter. So there you have it - yet another MKultra proof...
When people got involved in case, their neighbors wanted to help s well...its this city Zgierz that adapted me as own child...I think they wished for me to get completely lost in this life just so I would land here for good:)) 

Sunday, November 17, 2019

If I were you - consider fact that British royals are

worthless good for nothing parasites of British taxpayers. They are sometimes good for people of highest financial and political rankings. And while they live to betray(literately to sell those who were or are loyal to them with idea to destroy them after collecting from them interests) , even those mentioned here at some point and time in their lives find themselves on their menu list.

Very strange - crazy uncles this British "royals"

From grandfather onto his son and grandsons...legacy of lunacy. Feel for Britain - understand Scotland and Ireland.

@Prince Andrew

You were gonna bring subject about this once underage girl(now very much grown adult woman who lives in Australia) 10+ years ago(speech was ready back then already), but due to cowardice in you, you waited till today. 

Poland is deciding about entire world at this moment

If Ukraine remains pushed against the wall(Russia rejected Ukraine as a related country in any way) and will continue to wait on European Union/US to decide about its destiny, one eventually will fall in hands of nazis.

Reject British royals on all levels

I understand somewhat that at one point and time when popular among other nations as well, they did enslaved China and India...I get it although brutal/savage procedure, but still I get it...