Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The reward is also valid for Poland and other parts of Europe - anyone in Poland is welcome to come forward

Any physical proof of my presence in Europe between 1996 and mid 2006(July of 2006 included) - audio/video recordings will be awarded(2 million Euros). Watch video for details

What Kaczynski created out of Poland - Part 2

I cite Sarah Netanyahu, "because you disliked our people, I have also asked them to use directed energy attacks on you so you can relate to us more closely"...

I cite Netanyahu's niece, "because you disliked our people, I agreed with them to use directed energy attacks on you"...

What Kaczynski created out of Poland - Part 1

All you need to know to understand where Poland(with Ukraine, Czech rep., Slovakia etc.) is heading if Kaczynski's trend will continue.

Netanyahu is a regular low life terrorist...a gangster predator who went as far as creating and assisting along with Putin other politicians in genocide against me personally.

You ask why criminal did so...because he needed decent person(clean and normal person - myself) covered with dirt(rated as insane and denied justice on international level), so this very person could be used to clean net of lies and criminality which Jews have created against other nations for the sake of the Israel....

Sunday, August 12, 2018

KGB(now known also as FSB) works hand in hand with Mossad

It became obvious when in Belarus and again here in Poland...their hands are free to operate as pleased which however is not too cool for Europeans.

I don't like feeling of being stalked by either of the two and do not buy lies on how they just need to monitor migration points to know what is happening in Eastern Europe...

I am not Russian nor a Jew and am even less interested in becoming one...let's keep terrorism out of Europe.

Just several houses from here Israeli involved in MKultra has house

Employees are for the most part same as were in 2005/2006 - I can easily confirm stated facts to police.

KGB and Mossad ensured safe ride to Poland for me via auto stop...

Mr. Kaczynsky....you are totally in bed with Moscow. I was 100 percent correct about it all.

Zeman Milos, Kaczynsky and so on...one word only and that is KGB

There are two things at center for foreigners in Naderzyn(Podkowa Lesna - Debak) Poland

First one is KGB and second one is Mossad.

This place is siturated with both. For detailed info. on how/why, turn to Mr. Kaczynsky.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Arrived to Poland - Nowy Targ

Went today also to Zakopany due to specific reasons and then back to Nowy Targ where I will file for political asylum.

Regarding "specific reasons" only that I can tell for every house in both towns(in certain areas - I obtained video proofs of what also went on in Poland) as per when those were built...governments which are observing the situation know that written here is a fact...

How would you know such information's about tiny towns in a countries and towns where you supposedly you never were...that's all for now...laptop adapter didn't function single day on road and android charger was stolen yesterday. Ran out of internet data and so on...lots of rain here in beautiful Poland, but that's good too because sun always come out after rain.

Heading to Nowy Targ police station to file political asylum in Poland.

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Will take day or two off to wash and dry my clothing along some lake/river

I hope I can still save them - they wouldn't allow me to even wash my clothing...

Water(swimming) is also good to clear head. Don't know where to go next to tell you the truth...standing up for Slavs or truth in Slavic world can be painful 100% of the time.

What(DISGRACE) went on in Slovakia and why

As as member of Slavic ethnicity, one must be capable to deal with more than communism and nazism...disgrace/shame(world have not seen anything like this yet) is yest another issue I have not talked about enough... 

Is it why they wanted to keep Slovenian passport !!????? Are they so much ashamed that they feel as my not being part of Slavic ethnic group !!?????

Compelling person to become enemy with everybody(all Euro countries) and then open him gate to Israel won't work either

Good luck to state of Israel and to my EX favorite female person of MKultra choice...


I am not for sale either.

MKultra didn't have almost any influence on love issues...perhaps seen as dummy...dummy because I always cared deeply for woman's soul and have always opened myself to give second chance to almost anyone that I felt needed one.Some interpretated such personality as naive, but I think it is gift from God - a real strenghth...will never ever change any part of my mental strenghth.