Wednesday, April 17, 2019

They talked something about injecting into

Bone area...besideccancer theory they suggested it would be same injury as vitamin deficiency or injury which would grow into bone deformation...

Fact is that they never gave exact diagnosis of what they created, but have instead highly gestured all types of possible scenarios to irrate and make one state things that would self discredit him...

Atvthge same time no right to physicians/examinations is ever offered and those are instead used for terror related to psychiatry...I am still half blind as we speak...

Off course this is insane...but who is insane here !!!????? Who created and is doing all this !!????

Donald Trump also dreamed about causing me bone cancer under MKultra which I possibly even have now

Have brought me to American physicians who conducted tests on me for whatever reason...his explanation was, " we found out they will cause you bone cancer which will be first evident on knee"...

From Polish(if from Polish and not Russian on the first place + beast Kaczynsk is worse than any Kremlin lunatic, so you don't need Russian side in this case) side they gestured I cite " it will make them really nervous but will only be a test"....

If you see my knee today which seems is bone deformation, sure you would all get nervous about it became deformed like this already 4 months ago, but I first ignored one totally as I thought it would go away and once in this room which is bright, knee deformation became very very evident...this is not a poker game guys...its real. Will release video

I worked hard and got to the point for which I was told by UN people who watched ordeal that one will be stopped as no longer made any sense

More stores identified...I did enough to close deal and according to words of some officials from UN who watched ordeal, its where whole thing ends....Russians ruined in 2017 whole MKultra by creating unprecedented net of lies(total cluster supported by electroshocks and so on).

Despite here stated, I did very very well...very very well is when you demonstrate certainty(drive) throughout the case despite cluster and manage to hit certain details with precission as I did.

Donald Trump violated Poles as well as myself. Russians didn't do dirty stuff as they gestured to possibly protect him and his yelling(what I was told he did on Poles in Zgierz once he learned about Russian interference in 2017 as Russians were allowed to brainwash inside of stores where owners tried to help me along Americans) was a lie translated to me via various channels...Donald Trump was and is in bed with Russians....brainwash vwas used to yet again split me - push me from Poland...fact is that Donald Trump had American Russians guiding me under Mm Kultra to Russia and Belarus...fact is that you have Americans which stayed in Belaruys and Russia today...fact is that when in Belarus during 2017, Americans were used from Donald Trump team to engage in malicious wrongdoings so I would turn as much as possible against US...fact is that some Poles paid dearly for supporting me under MKultra...fact is that Trump drwamede and more about getting me one way or another from Poland because he feared world would found out who he is(if I do listen his advice's, I be out of here already 3 months ago....I cite '"if you see nothing happens and MR Kaczynski can do this and that to you blah blah")....videos are coming as there is plenty material and I truly hope for UN assistance...

Donald Trump = deeply in bed with Kremlin...and I can't judge nation according to his filthy can you judge anyone if you take away from him or her the right to judgment !!???? What were they supposed to do...on one side You(Russian agent) Trump and on other what/ pitch what !!??? Pathological liar...a low life friminal for whom I hope will be seated on electric chair. Traitor to US and world.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Historical MKultra clothing on sale

If willing to purchase via Ebay/Amazon, we can make an arraingement to do so(contact me via email and I will offer item on ebay for sale)...if considering paypal transaction, buyer covers conversion fees...items will be sold in a state as they are(about same for both items) without any warranties. Personal pickup and prior inspection are welcome. Items will stay on sale for about month on what they will be destroyed if not sold. Thank you for considering much more than purchase.

It is authentic and each is on sale for less than 10% of the price(€300.000) for recently sold tuna in Japan...

Handpicked by Borut Pahor(student favorite of Pahor), Slovenian Stasi/KGB/UDBA assassin Marjan Šarec not happy with European Commission - I cite Šarec, "We need a Commission that obeys rule of law"

Goes same as for Orban - you no longer are needed.
@Marjan Šarec...As far as Brexit only that it is you who ran entire European Union insane with your non human Nazi KGB Stasi policies(just look what you have done out of my life since you mentioned European commission), so it was time for British to reconsider the whole either stay in club which became over time KGB stall or you move out of one to preserve sanity. 

Slovenian ministry replied to the Hungarians by saying that "[we] strictly respect the freedom of speech and freedom of the press and would never interfere in any of the media's editorial policy," you got what you were asking for😁😂😂
Slovenia(Kaliningrad#2) and freedom of the speech are two different things as seen from example of my own, but some get it only after they taste reality on own skin(example of my own didn't bother Orban in 2017 even a bit). What goes arround comes arround. 

Monday, April 15, 2019

RELATED TO DESTRUCTION OF MY DATA AND ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT: Slovenia(KALININGRAD#2) sends terror letter related to what went on(destruction of data from pendrives as well as lock/erase button guided by bluetooth/wifi on tablet)

ILetter delivered on Friday April 12th, 2019(in the middle of the above stated terror) states that individual who sold me computer as renewed didn't violate any laws.

After destroying me two computers in Slovenia, it was time for me topurchase third one for 400 was planted as renewd by Slovenian state via seller who lied(all audio recorded and avail. on video) about product - Lenovo even explained that computer was already year old and had nothing to do with program known as renew, Slovenian police to whom I have made report have required computer as a proof on what one have confiscated one from me by sending me instead again psychitrists at home(kept one for month two at police station - never nothing happened, but this is the same situation as was with money for car parts ordered from Germany) and forced me with such action to run from country yet again. Insane...yeah beyond insane and related to my situation when I should report crime to police station(submit them tablet as proof am sure). Two other androids destroyed as you know and so on...

MKULTRA - RECOGNIZED LIFE STORY OF MAN IN THE MIDDLE OF NEAR FOREST DEBAK WARSZAW(one of the first MKultra proofs which must stay visible - was uploaded today to multiple sites).

In case you have forgotten, I have even recognized pensioner's life story from USSR times(not only him). I never ever was suposedly in Europe between 1005 and till mid 2006...I never ever was in Poland till 2018 when I applied for political asylum other than for a half day truck ride to Warsaw in 2007 via Krka farmaceutical...

Knowing cities and random people in Poland was not and is not a coincidence.

Video was previously uploaded to only one Japanese site due to internet issues, however, one deserves very serious attention.

You be running on foot between cities as I do and expose your sanity(audio recordings that you somehow manage to obtain) at will of the Russian terrorists at your home

you do have issues to deal with too. Related to

Nope, you didn't go too far because those who didn't go anywhere in life(have tries ZERO POINT NOTHING) know not what/where too far is.

Just to make myself clear

Immigration Center
Two pen drives wipped out(ZERO INFORMATION RECOVERED). = only essential life saving 25gb files

Other two pendrives loaded and locked by antivirus in library as soon as I returtned from one with virises at local print shop(32 gb locked and possibly destroyed).

Grotniki Library Hard drive partition(about 50/60gb size of data) disapperead from one TB external hard drive when visiting library in Grotnikih as well.

And android can be locked and data erased from one at any time.

Thats all.