Monday, October 26, 2020

London Royals don't care about racial bias - no racist/neonazi ever did in fact and it doesn't get more racist than Windsors - THEY DO CARE ABOUT ONE THING DO KNOWING TRUMP LOST ELECTIONS ALREADY

Its called RUSSOPHOBIA - In this case using minorities to hide behind them is what Harry's relation is/will be used for - after advance across Poland/Ukraine is time to "stabilize"(place yourself on the seemingly right side of the history again and so it goes till time comes for next takeover - repeat Trump's cycle) situation and its exactly what whole thing will be used for. Its what Meghan Merkle was already and is and will be used for. Life lesson of super wealthy neonazi criminal who wore publicly swastika uniforms just 15 years ago don't take turn in one's life just out of blue - not because mommy passed away either as we are brainwashed on daily bases...the two brothers are born chameleons who don't mind "whatever" it takes to hide their real tendencies which in this case is plan for Moscow.

Not difficult to understand what is happening or is it

We have Morawiecki, Duda, Viktor Orban, Andrej Babis and few other hyenas hiding behind names such as Poland, Czech rep., Hungary etc. and we have AGAIN German aggression against eastern Europe(war on Russia/Belarus foremost) protected by NATO hiding behind EU where Poland/Czech rep./Slovenia are also members states so suspicion of attack(blame) can be redistributed...its a classic form of nazism/fascism we have seen in the past

MK Ultra participants long gone EX wife from 1995 to 2001 identified in Old Bohumin in Czech republic

Video can be also seen at


World as is, is coming to an end. For the difference of conflict from 75 years ago, numerous super deadly combinations for self extinction of this planet exist. Perhaps 10 + years ago when subjected to MK Ultra, someone told me that if he ordered for you Germans to be nuked out of existence in given moment, he wouldn't make mistake...I protested him whoever person was...It felt like nightmare...I warned him about reciprocal actions rest of the world would take against his nation as a sign of retaliation - he didn't backed down on my surprise. He told me either way, its just a matter of time when day like this will come as his own nation will be left with no choice AGAIN...for me it ended right there - almost....

If only I wouldn't find myself in situation your country created against me...

Joseph Fritzl just a classic German DNA - copy cat of Angela Merkel(DON'T THINK SHE LEARNED FOM HIM, BUT I WOULD AWARD HIM WITH NOBEL PRIZE ANYWAYS).

They lie and cover up even when corpses pile atop of their heads 😄 continue o lie and dig heads into the sand when streets already are covered with blood - see/hear continue to know nothing till bombs start to wake them up from XX?XX. 

A CLASSIC AND UNSEEN(totally unique) ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD HIDING ITSELF BEHIND NATO AND EUROPEAN UNION(using two as shield for MORE crime against world).

@BERLIN/WASHINGTON/LONDON: 31 years after Beijing's Tiananmen Square, WORLD IS BUYING LESS GERMAN AND MORE CHINESE cars - products and trend will continue

China still exists and so will Belarus where hopefully more Russian workers will obtain employment. 


I cite Angela Merkel, "we start in Belarus once we have Poland - once military moves across Poland" which it did as you all know....for money supplies financing Tiananmen Square #2 this time in Belarus, look no further than United Nations.

@Angela Merkel

 Soon, your "protesters" will be eating grass along cows

Possibility of United Nations running domestic terrorism(specially $$$ budget) in Belarus is great

 I do investigate that as well

French bandit from United Nations(the main one) I met in Belarus in 2017 is one of the organizers of what Angela Merkel believed will be Tiananmen Square massacre #2.

The key to Belarus protests is to cut domestic traitors from source of income - AmeroGerman "protests" in Belarus are financed from outside

Thats all that needs to be done. American machinery made agreement ahead of coup d'etat with key Belarus traitors about $$$$ distribution that will support crime against Belarus people on a long run. I KNOW SO BECAUSE I WAS TOLD SOME 10 YEARS AHEAD OF WHAT YOU SEE NOW. Research for source of income(incl. postal options), cut that away, take possession of private properties, charge with each with grand treason, and after serving sentence ensure they ever get another job - so they can go to those who paid them to kill own people. They murder on the West as you see(and even in eastern Europe already) by placing people on forced unemployment - and this people who have nothing  to do or want nothing to do with politics. Thats all - find out who financed or is even financing operation and cut that source.
Nothing to worry - they have where to go, but we who ran from West don't.