Sunday, August 19, 2018

2 of 2 PRUSZKOW 14 years after MKULTRA

Hard core evidences are demonstrating facts about MKULTRA torture on me in 2005.

Role of today's Poland and Kaczyński - Trump/Bush and so on...

I explain proper direction for Poland, role of Kaczyński in one up to date, and what Polish politicians should ask(and why) from American(Western colleagues). Kaczyński took Poland forward economically and spiritually, but its far from enough...much much more must be done.

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Have lost about 5 hours just transferring files from android to laptop

Impossible to explain what I am compelled into in respect to electronic equipment. Slow internet and so on...

Video - 1 of 2 PRUSZKOW CITY 14 years after MKULTRA

What MKULTRA thought me 13/14 years ago in city of are proofs about one.

Regarding Gora Kalwaria location(immigrants center)

Head toward Vistula river and then some 500/1000 meters in direction of Warsaw - there should be soccer field size recreational area(stadium).

To get to Vistula river it is necessary to cross residential area(mid size high rise buildings).

I am still in Debak and have not used Google maps/street option in respect to this location...

Video coming today(within some 4/5 hours) with more than enough proofs about MKULTRA

Piece of cake if you ask me...tomorrow Nowy Torg and Zakopani...<3 Polska

No way to deny anything in respect to my case...I remember even building signs and more(smallest tiniest details)...people from the city - 4 sure.

Regarding young single mom mentioned in video

Just that she is 1000 times better option than Netanyahu's niece even that she was meant to be used to prove the opposite by Netanyahu(same as situation was in Belarus, Norway etc. etc.)...she deserves the best of the best and nobody in this world deserves Netanyahu's niece.

I like her and hope she listens to her real inner instincts.

Why I picked lately on Netanyahu's niece(not my sport to pick on women, but she represented and represents the worst options in the world)...

While I can understand how life is tough and help from above needed, your real inside should stay your guide for life...

Friday, August 17, 2018

Gora - Kalwaria

I have more than enough material now to complete whole project...a Russian couple departed today to Gora - Kalwaria center for foreigners...all I can say is that Gora - Kalwaria center has nothing compared to Debak(according to my neighbor from Slovenia Kolenc, niece's husband Veber, Pahor - they were all disappointed, but we are talking about small girls here and not grown up men - they complained and complained about it in 2005) forest wise, but one is located along the Vistula river(clean part of  Vistula river) and has a polygon(I think size of decent soccer field /stadium where one can exercise - incl. climbing) not too far from immigrant center...what you read here is again straight from my memory - how would I know all this if I wouldn't be there already...

Long but productive day

Didn't know how to start one(project properly) and it finally got to me this morning...