Saturday, May 25, 2019

Poland thinks MKultra torture is a joke

I will teach you different Poland.

I retract anything positive I have stated about Polush police

They are nothing more than a pack of murderous hyenas along with their psychiatrists/ psychologists and I will dedicate my life for world to recognize who and what they stand for.

Show cancelled I understand(not that I would attend Russian parody on my own genocide) - I will remain sick I guess

I hope you all get back 100 x times for your bloody deeds in my case.

Never ever will I accept appology of any kind from this nation. Your hands are covered with blood and will stay this way for as long as I live.

Remote controll in hands and

I cite her, "I own you just like this".

Luckily, you can erase my year of birth from one and use it for other purposes. The biggest honor can also be biggest insult.

Not even USSR(OR NEONAZI GERMANY) didnt have murderous politics in place back then as Poland has today

Genocidal extermination politics and inside of EU.

Condition people after having them tortured via psychiatry on whom they will get married with, use radiation and sirens(lock local library) to run them to town two hours + away city(idea is for one to loose weight while radiated, so inflamated brain area arteries walls are damaged even when major weight loss takes place - its how one becomes permanent) here sanity play takes place(where again youcan run from one lib. to another which otherwise is not the case). I DONT REMEMBER THEM OR YOU...

What got me in this ordeal was faith of Polish people as a nation and Christians

"I don't remember you...I don't remember them"...and went on like this till it became too late for me.

It would be a false patriotism from my side and its why I decided to let " top secret to eat troll".

Donald Trump will replace disident Christ with Pegan/Odinism culture anyways(is also part of his agenda)...nothing to worry.

Friday, May 24, 2019

Electricity game goes on in so called immigration center.

Video can be also seen at  or

I silently stalk a beautiful wild pig family in Grotnikih(nobody is safe from me lol)

I hear their sound near me and find them just 10m away...turn on and pull somehow tablet out of backpack to video record them:)))

Second pair of jeans trousers stollen few days ago

Told to go see again owner of the building, but will instead skip nonsense step this time. Fe other things went bad as well, but really who cares. Not even I do any longer.

Build yourself statues of lunacy

not to me. The one who didnt recognized him was also not recognized at the end by him.

Life is beautiful. Is a gift from God/ not satan.