Wednesday, October 18, 2017

MCCAIN FINALLY TELLS THE TRUTH: USA is the best country in the world just as NAZI Germany was. Biden and McCain work together for already over 40 years...

Here is the speech case that NEONAZI John McCain prepared about(at least) 13 years ahead >>>in case<<< things would develop ugly for him and as far as they did(Johnny just as Trump and others are working according to the programs they design - presidents in US are and were two only = McCain and Biden).

NOTE TO RUSSIA AND CHINA: Don't get paranoid because of AmeroGerman John McCain's divide and conquer game...UNITE WORLD INSTEAD(not only yourself) !!! Do it now !!!

China holds a "very important historical" meeting to which American John McCain's FREE PRESS(clustered world of lies and dementia) are referring to even as historical(hysterical yeah because of AmeroGerman press, historical not as they hold one every 5 years) meeting.

What is important to note is that John McCain's NEONAZI team played extremely dirty divide and conquer game against both governments(Chinese and Russian, but specially against Russian and all on German behalf) and therefore the two must instead unite and not divide.

&CHINA....Why not to invite Russian communist delegation to Beijing and demonstrate NEONAZI West that formation of Chinese Russian alliance is just a beginning and that world is much bigger than US and Germany with few million Scandinavians(you both have over 1.5 billion people, they have nothing...a bit over 500 million - powerful military as well as technology is in your hands now) !!?????

European Union is extremely unsatisfied with what is taking place in one...situation here is boiling and is about to explode. Your alliance could prove crucial in this aspect and at this point as many European Union countries want to break free from German NEONAZI machinery, but do need guarantee of continuous economic(science) growth which the two of you can easily form(provide us with).

Its not at all even as you see on my news site....AmeroGerman
trolls click(keep clicking till desired news gets to the top) and share certain news to hype certain governments into division and may also be that certain politicians hype own governments into paranoia !!!

United, you will both(with world) win, and divided you will both(and whole world with you) lose !!!

How many white American and European Union citizens did you psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee murdered in US on behalf of Chinese communist party !!??????

Question for Chinese communist party and off course psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee....
In 2005, American and European NEONAZI psychiatrists(Putin and Medvedev demanded from me not to talk about it and keep whole thing as confidential) suggested me that "they" want me dead, I cite, "you must leave US or they will kill you"(well, I didn't have much choice in that case have I...a bit tough situation thanks to John McCain and German government when whole world wants you dead at all costs)

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Donald J. Kushner Trump is deliberately destroying(burning) American society by giving with his insane behavior a credibility to psychiatrists involved even in MKULTRA torture against American citizens.

Donald Trump's legacy to America and world is nothing short of total betrayal(I was the first one to be betrayed by this individual 9 months ago, today whole America is shaking and with America world is on toes - we got everything except what we voted for, and ultimately even what appears to be return of credibility to most violent government profession known as psychiatry). What you see above is a heavy duty racist who was involved in my abductions. Just as the case was with Lisa Murkowski, Bandy Lee told me in the face under MKULTRAS and in real time that she knows absolutely everything about me and that included her stating me per my not being racist, but that I will have to die(be destroyed) because I dared to stand up in the face of the government aggression that involved also Chinese party(yes, I was as insulting as much as possible toward parties involved in my case and this despite all terror and threats and violence against me = I haven't shown any signs of tear and wear till I almost ended on wheelchair due to amount of electroshocks). According to Bandy Lee, China deals with in-obedient people like myself in this exact most sadistic form. I was heavily discriminated against by Chinese when in US(they even burned my brain as you see together with American counterparts and other governments), but despite all my last girlfriend was Chinese.

JOHN MCCAIN: Equaling "human rights" and "free" speech with NEONAZISM !!! Provocateur Alexey Navalny appears to be the latest "victim" of Vladimir Putin according to so called "free press"...

Empire of evil(AmeroGerman axis of evil) manages to stir NEONAZI protest on Vladimir Putin's birthday as few thousand wannabe NeoNazis(useless sellouts - traitors to Russia) take to the streets on behalf of NEONUTTZEE(crazy tool in hands of real neonazis - those who are more than just motivated to erase the only obstacle to their dominance on globe = Russia and other Slavic nations unwilling to die out) Navalny with so called "human rights" issues. 

Monday, October 16, 2017

RUSSIAN DEEP STATE: The deadliest Russian weaponry - what is it !!???? Americans were and are dying to find out and so do British and Germans...

The two gizdalins(gigolos-speculants-hazardeurs) and West would love to see this as reality, but is it really like that !!???

“How about Muslim holidays in Germany?” says Thomas de Maiziere who changed his mind about placing them in gas chambers / What about Electroshocks(liquefying/burning human brain to the point when victim is placed on wheelchair due to seizures) and MKULTRA torture conducted on Slavic people !!????

German NEONAZI interior minister, Thomas de Maiziere is fantasizing about "Muslim' holidays"...

German NEONAZIS love to fantasize about illusion in which world would believe in, but everything is more than just obvious on what Germany was/is...

Putin's sister says HEIL HITLER !!! Have NEONAZI friends from Scandinavia and Germany...Berlin her second home...she will die to protect German NEONAZI scum !!!

All of the NEONAZIS involved in my case(Scandinavians and Germans) have had strong ties with what you see here. Slovenian police well acquainted with this very situation(absolutely knew all/everything about the two who were in this city on more than one occasion).

If you ever get yourself in situation as mine was/is - never ever IMMEDIATELY publish news according to MKULTRA brainwash...

Seat one on the side instead and let it seat there for a while, so you get an idea on what they wanted from you to publish and what reality is and then hit as hard as you can(consider more than anything long ran - global view and much more..who wants what wants) !!!

This is why Auser Times ;) Auser Times = MKULTRA error

Only IF KGB brings up clear charges against Putin and Medvedev per involvement in my case, I do go to Russia...

I do I do I do !!! Otherwise will be NIET NIET NIET :))))

Yes, I do care about Russia...but I care about one as Slavic human being and not some sort of sick brainwash that evolved even ideas about "Pushkin"(code name for Putin who have used "Pushkin" to brainwash on "loyalty" - "do not open your mouths and be quiet all the way into grave").

@Putin....Is your Belarus sister Dina already back from Berlin !!??? Apparently went there to guarantee Germans truly are a piece of work(worse even than what Rasputin was).