Friday, January 22, 2021

Trump's golf course in beautiful Scotland because

 Royals deemed South of Scotland to be just a ugly dirty shithall. Pardon my words, but conscious of dramatic sexual escapades royals have made since begging of 1995 when I first participated in their private circles(they wouldn't even vacation south of Scotland), wouldn't forgive me. Prince William struggled with wife search till he encountered Kate and William was according to Queen Elizabeth a sacrifice to me da goat - she blamed me for it ;) 

Psychologists Daniel Smith's code name was Rex

 Its name he used on his MK Ultra missions. I have forgotten to mention this earlier somehow.

US Government should implement law concerning job application as for employers' requirement to submit competed application confirmation upon submission of one

 Its an utter abuse to spent time on job applications upon which no confirmation is ever delivered to your email for completing one. Not only such jobs don't exist from my experience, but insanity is returned for the cost of stolen time from job applicant as one have no actual proof on how he/she searched for job. 

Sending out resumes for purpose of employment was a hell too

Video can also be seen at

Thursday, January 21, 2021

BERLIN'S NEONAZISM MARCHES ON WITH OR WITHOUT TRUMP: EU Court for Human Rights expresses TOTAL DISDAIN for lives of Georgians destroyed in Putin/Bush'S neonazi pact prior to 2008 war with Georgia

European Court for Human Rights orders a payout $6.600 per victim of which only 1500 are considered. We are talking about not only Christian state here against which Russia commenced ethnic cleansing, but also state in which 700.000(of which 350.00 have died on front lines defending both homelands from nazi evil enlisted themselves into lines of Red Army during German invasion on Russia. It became evident for European Court for Human Rights to be nothing more than institution global political lobby of Berlin and more than willing to kill for political interests.

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Some of us may never cross that bridge/river, but for mentioned cost many will - my personal thoughts dedicated to Whitney Houston(relentlessly believed in me) who was involved in this case and consequently lost life

I don't know if I will ever cross one, but I know I live and have lived up to the bridge/river she is singing about.

MK ULTRA - Vladimir Putin is using porn actors for his missions - purposes(will use them to seduce foreign or domestic diplomats or even enemies who can afterwards endup drugged up under MK Ultra or even poisoned - used to spread misinformation to the world about state itself).

Aleksandar Vucic does THE same. Think twice before you climb in bed with any of these guys as life may change for you afterwards totally. Goes same for Putin's girls. Dudes like these are used to drug also local women up - prepare them for MK Ultra on what grandpa Putin would stick his penis in it as well - many often times don't even know whose children they carry or feed. Its same all over Great Britain(what prince Andrew greatly in charged himself for while Charles stayed in shadow - more discrete, but also had his rounds) and US(Hollyhookerpimpwood not Hollywood) or Scandinavia Berlinia where these types of practices are tradition. Its not about locking doors(keep them secured) only...
I remember Mulatto guy since day 1 in Moscow where he first arrived to start his new life(white guy landed porn business after completing his degree). EVERYTHING. Same with other individual who was observed as talented with his penis individual and assigned by Putin such role....not only single, but also wives go down like this and along with them murdered husbands(not saying these two are directly killing, but two know very very well what I am talking about).


 The one who hated you more than Muslims which they imported is the one who imported from North Scots(Royals already bragged me about extremely successful wipe-out of English in primarily BANKING/INVESTMENT/CAPITAL ventures which traditionally were owned/operated by English). These are those who had to marry half white and selected English for the sake of their crown. Related to what caused ethnic mixing and why you are hated so much by Battenbergers(Mountbattens). You owe to yourself FREEDOM just as to those who have fallen them a pray for the sake of ethnic genocide against you alone in  your beautiful Britain.

The bigger you are(the best of the best), the bigger your liability even for existence of your race can be become

 Related to watch what you do as your actions don't carry implications for your deals only, but possibly for much much more in fast changing and super challenging world in which many don't know if tomorrow will even exist for them and their families.

THERE NEVER EVER WAS REVERSE DISCRIMINATION IN MY CASE EVER: What means be subjected to MK Ultra - well, its not only implanting you with cancer and latter poisoning you for one to explode or brainwashing you after 15 years of forced unemployment to break your own spine via work you are compelled too

Its more and for that matter I do like to thank Ms Paris Hilton who participated in it also since early days. Sheldons, Hiltons, and many others off course
@Paris Hilton - thank you very much for reminding of just what you will do to express your disdain for my life - not only human decency. Nah, its never personal for me with mentally ill people, but it explains what older billionaires are made off.