Friday, July 10, 2020

Looks like Russa too REJECTED great neonazi takeover plan of the world - Outlandish Hollandish awaited 6 long years to finally begun to blackmail one with plane crash which in my eyes also became totally questionable

For me whole thing about downed plane in which country which is trying to get South Africa in war against world is involved a suspicious matter due to timing nature. 

As I forgot(possibly also entered during my feeding cats outside) my charger two weeks ago inside of the residence, neighbor #2(above me) or someone else on his behalf as he suggested case will begot ahold of one and have destroyed one.

Left one damaged enough to charge super slowly or not charge at all.

Just like psychiatrist next door, this individual too is using a drunk couple for burglaries and possibly others as well to avoid possible(impossible as place is 24/7 monitored from inside and outside of where I am staying - its like an prison environment where previously one was tortured) criminal liabilities. This individual argued with Americans for the right to use directed energy weapon against me and have gestured that he won't even stay in Lodz area upon causing damage. Act in agreement with local STRAZ MIEJSKA which are extended hand of the police on whose behalf they would act(and police on behalf of Warsaw and so it goes) - they also were involved in MK Ultra and know all about who I am and so on.

No cats on sight today other than in the morning when I saw them eat fried chicken bones neighbor dumped them at the entrance

When I returned from shower, however, there was fur inside of the dish where I placed them food of my own. Meaning a derision for me as we f**** you(they have placed fur on several occasions to me if I did forgot something to learn on how it was destroyed during absence).

There you have it, and then "you won't have to watch Trump no more" is what Andrew stated(last little detail at pRINCE Andrew's request Trump would have to complete prior to his departure from presidential seat) - ALL DONE VIA FBI'S COVER-UP AND WAS TOLD BY FBI ON HOW I SHOULDN'T EVEN INTERFERE AS FBI DOES NOTHING TO PROTECT MEMBERS OF PUBLIC WHEN PEOPLE SUCH AS ROYALS ARE INVOLVED IN CRIME

Federal Officials Reportedly 'Worried' Epstein Associate Ghislaine Maxwell May Attempt to Kill Herself

FBI doesn't care about America nor world - head folks at FBI have other plans for agency, and America knows it.

Geraldo Rivera(KNOWS EVERY DETAIL ABOUT THIS VERY CASE) was involved in MK Ultra and took very strong stand against what went on in background. 

INTERCEPTOR: Donald Trump gestured in 2010/2012 on side he will give vaccines or whatever solution in respect to Coronavirus FIRST to Texas governor

So lets see now how that will go along as one(involved in MK Ultra big time) is according to my views Christian neonazi fanatic. Very very close friend of George W. Walker Bush. He appears to deliberately jam his government associates that belong to minority status and are related to COVID 19 issues.

Cats appear to belong man next door - he fad them with fried bones only do

They seems to got food today elsewhere, so I will skip cat meals from now on. 

Final scenario for cats was like this:

Thursday, July 9, 2020

Learn Slovenian(native) or English from multilingual speaker for as low as 10 Euros(US Dollars) per hour - see you on Skype


No one used services of Ghislaine Maxwell more frequent than Prince Andrew - I have noooo idea on how Lucifer possibly can/could condemn one

She was SUPER accepted in circles of Donald Trump and Andrew. In circle of all US politicians that count. At her house you see on photo exclusively, Ghislaine Maxwell appeared to me as nice(really strange as she was plain nasty on quite a few other locations/occasions - extremely unpleasant to be next to her and others drugged up) for perhaps even what was last time she have seen me in real time. I refused to want to have anything even to do with her at first on that occasion due to her past(in what I think was 2012/2013 or perhaps even 2015), but was talked into it by others...she was several times intimate with Prince Andrew, so I have nooo idea how he can possibly condemn her. 

Why also my case...

Yet another location where MK Ultra test subjects lodged - this was just for few members and I recall foremost Ukrainians involved in MK Ultra that would stay in here

2008 if not even 2005/2006 - Presented to me under MK Ultra as reward location. Something not given to test subjects, but would be given to me in case I would begun to "fail"(imagione to be brought inside of the location where brought for torture for no less than 21 years - location is without toilet, w/o stove, w/o sink and loaded with past which is complemented via main stream media with issues of those involved in torture from the past - yeah, can't but other than blame myself for failiure specially after some 1000 job application submitted were turned down and so on)

UN can't be hosted in a country even considering to allow individual as Donald Trump is - to engage in second round of presidential elections(man should be behind bars already and world is unwilling to settle for the same as US is trying to suggest one as acceptable via second election FRAUD)

Latest title little Trump earned is a war criminal - a terrorist. 

And since it is for racism and all other qualities that US president posses, UN should with 100% certainty(not 91%) consider relocation from US to a country where its representatives would feel safe enough to at least operate independent.