Friday, September 24, 2021

@psychiatric hospital Ljubljana and Slovenian police

 You are just a prison guards with 24/7 surveillance who steal sleep at any time convenient. For 27 years now. Just want you to understand I see through you - understand who you are beasts. Same shit as cows inside of the barn where from one side food is pushed in their mouths and under belly connected pumps pump milk out of them. Since its founding in 1991, Slovenia is a regular stall - not about politicians that much, but more about where country headed and is at since day 1.

I am asking US main stream media to refer to RESIDENT ALIEN Harry Mountbatten-Windsor as one became when he applied for US residency via marriage to US citizen properly per US Immigration protocol - not as prince etc....


VATICAN AND BRITISH ACKNOWLEDGE LONDON BERLIN PLAY: Very reasonable Pope Francis tells Slovakian Jesuit is I cite, "Still alive, even though some people wanted me to die.” - just two days latter 'Harry Potter' star Tom Felton very much look alike Pope Francis collapses while playing in Ryder Cup celebrity golf tournament

Rather than to lock himself into self isolated world of mental suffering prior to silent departure(Pope John Paul II did), Pope Francis sends message of his purpose to this world - remains strong/determined toward his legacy to bring word of God to everyone regardless of his racial/ethnic background and is asking you for support by your acknowledging his front line fight for you. 

Andddd for what it appears to me personally in his message as warning alike for something very nasty heading my way - his message was released night prior to my experience for what media states was on 21st. 

Upon return from Gorjanci(Sveta Gera) same day, I got immediate taste for reality even after moving to a room next to mine

From one room to the other makes no difference, but I did avoided what otherwise became new normal. Video can be also at 

We don't even heat house yet. I avoided pain, however, by moving into this room yesterday.

Thursday, September 23, 2021

@Britney Spears

 Since 2010 when Kanye delivered me from airport, things headed for the worst. I have no idea what London paid for all other stuff, but people have the right to know I was mistreated badly. From death threats to regular beatings on the side(not inside of your house only, but also in restaurants and on vacations abroad) - was all normal. Kids know very well about what went on - you alone asked me not to release seen here for the sake of your career till you finish one. Really thank you anyways.

My sister(whose daughter and her husband insisted me under MK Ultra should throw myself over the bridge to liberate myself from brain implants - at the tip of persecution) also made sure to prepare at the night of extreme attack by dumping over cream cheese cakes

 Related to 

Cream cheese cakes go along donuts very deliciously along insisted me like insane about cream cheese since my return yesterday evening and again this morning :))) golden mamma. 

Mother advised about my cooking NO LONGER

I will not go into extreme of curing my depression with sweets next to home cooking, so someone can use on me sleep deprivation what turned into pain causing radiation. Mother told me at the beginning few days ago that cooking can be also done and brought from hospital SO BE IT. Despite "undefined dementia" as they refer to one as, father has excellent ability to tie fish knots and land pikes even from shore in almost impossible to fish conditions at age 90.
No more grills(yesterday), special soups, steaks etc. Happy mother fucker day lets be fucking animals craving to be judged by filth.

Norway pledged me in 1997

2 billion Dollars for this MK Ultra project if I would manage to prove one.

Norway handled this case entirely up to 1998 as far as $$$ and potential matrimony(Britain was used as a main transporter to Europe), but one became far to lucrative important for Germany and Britain. Fight broke out between Sweden, Norway and Great Britain(Swedish and Norwegian royals pledged retaliation against London for London's thief/mischief tactics used against me and them) in respect to this case in 1998 for the sake of ownership of one and EVERYTHING went down the hellhole for me since.

@Lojze Peterle, Janez Janša, Kacin and other traitors - Gospod Janez Janša je udbovec ki je popeljal Slovenijo na pot samouničenja

 You think you will continue to play war through me with Berlin and Moscow/Berlin !!???? Its over with Slovenia too as far as I am concerned. Mam poln kurac gledanja petoklasnih lesenih politikov nihčetov kako se rinejo v življenu naprej preko mojega trpljenja.

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

2 of 2 Happy fucking psychiatry day - torture is good long live the torture

Video can be also seen at 
Not Van der Linde, but Ursula von der Leyen

Amnesty International is a Russian instrument of ethnic cleansing supported by the West.