Tuesday, November 13, 2018

My head ready to explode

It's just 0130 am and I can barely write this it hurts

3 of 3 Left second phone overnight to charge and got one back this morning as seen with most likely even keylogger

I know its remotely operated with keyloggers on one because of the text which I have not written - I have never ever used in my life time word "ho".
Part 1 of 3
Video can be also seen at https://nico.ms/sm34170297

Part 2 of 3
Video can be also seen at http://sp.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm34170285?

Part 3 of 3
Video can be also seen at https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm34170339

Left this telephone to charge overnight last night and one is now even remotely operated

Video on this subject coming next...with neighbors and roommates like this, one doesn't need enemies.

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump.

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump. He confused the Baltic with the Balkans
During a meeting in the White House, and accused the leaders of the Baltic states of responsibility for the war in Yugoslavia. He also advised them to get along better with their aggressive Russian neighbor.
Poland, Ukraine, Baltic states, Czech rep. Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and others should form own military defense pact before it gets all too late. Europe is at stake because of what we see have happened is happening on world's stage.

Translated via google

MIND GAMES: What Macron and Trump have in common OR "The French army just trolled Trump for his aversion to rain and it's deliciously brutal"

They are both neonazis. Trump an open one, and Macron who also have ongoing promoted here mentioned is using Trump's openness(because Trump feels safe in his controlled world to do as pleased to those who stand for the truth) to promote issues as such https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2018/11/donald-trumps-america-very-different.html which he alone will cover in the end(Trump doesn't have top fear Macron) OF COMMON PLAN again with their common NEONAZI ideal.
French army simply trolled while entire France placed on mental test via Macron.

From yahoo.com:

The French army just trolled Trump for his aversion to rain and it's deliciously brutal

Donald Trump's America very different from the one that played main role in WWII. ITS NOT NATIONALISM(white nationalism which main stream media is using doesn't even exists - as nationalist you are either a protective member of your nation which embraces entire community or someone who is attempting to exterminate good portion of one for the sake of other interests known as border-less neonazi interests) ; ITS NAZISM !!!

The question we overseas must ask our-self is if are playing our role just as Americans have(did) for us in WWII.

What real America looked like just 73 years ago and what scares Emanuel Macron today.

While I give green light to joint EU military(I also reject Macron's idea about defense against US), I insist on Poland developing own nuclear arsenal(with NBC option).

Joint EU military can't hurt Poland for as long as one has a self reliant(INDEPENDENT AND SELF SUFFICIENT) defense mechanism(its great to have alliance on which you can count on, but always remain independent foremost never ever forget who you are - wherever you came from).
Note that from such option, Poland can only profit for as long as above specified conditions are met. Economy and security equal real independence(country's sovereignty).

Where is Slavic unity now - Putin and those who support him will burn in hell nfor what you see here

I didn't know I will live to see such news in my life time, but its not their fold. If 150 million nation doesn't know any better than to produce what you see here just 73 years after WWII in which one alone suffered enormously, then to the hell with it.

USA doesn't treat its children states like this, but exactly the opposite(how stupid - US could but refused to occupy Western Europe after WWII - instead attitude on how to rebuild one as fast as possible was used).

From apnews.com:

KIEV, Ukraine (AP) — The campers, some clad in combat fatigues, carefully aim their assault rifles. Their instructor offers advice: Don’t think of your target as a human being.

Allow enough Russians in your country and you will have this - Western Countries Condemning Separatist Vote In Eastern Ukraine

Being nice to them translates to them as your being stupid of whom advantage can and should be taken.

Warning to Russia: If you have not realized, I more and more use word Russian and KGB - no longer Putin/ Lavrov/ Medvedev....it doesn't take genius to understand why. Crimea and Eastern part of Ukraine and not yours and will never ever be. Its time for you to take action against Kremlin or become totally isolated from fellow Slavic nations whom you treat as unequal(inferior) in case you even consider yourself as Slavic. World can observe and did you complete disregard for law and justice as well(both substituted with international terrorism to which not even women and children are immune). YOU ARE COUNTER PRODUCTIVE FOR YOURSELF AND OTHERS AND ITS MY JOB(duty) TO TELL YOU THIS STRAIGHT IN YOUR FACE,
West should block Russia and Belarus totally(seal border with the two entirely) till  present apparatchiks are sentenced to prison terms. China should be aware of uncivilized Russian practices(Russian incitement in hatred known as "Russo-phobia" in targeted population via genocides, so a Russian blame and shame lie can be used for more aggression against other Eastern Europeans and even against Asiatic people of which part people of China are).

What you see here is because it can be done and not because of right/wrong...this type of mentality is uncivilized.
From rferl.org:

KYIV -- The United States, France, and Germany have condemned elections by Russia-backed separatists in eastern Ukraine as a "sham" and “illegal."

Monday, November 12, 2018

After seeing crippled gentleman with his dig the day before yesterday

Seeing and reminding myself of what girl who still teaches Russian at this center have gone thru,  I am determined to stay in Poland for better or worse <3

It's bad today(its ringing in my head even more), but I am happy because I am at peace(I know that whole thing was not for nothing, but instead best that possibly could develop from ordeal).