Saturday, July 21, 2018

Message to London

Do not despair...see how much you can cash for Buckingham palace, Windsor castle and so on...if things get really bad, you can still sell Canada or Australia and then even your Range Rover(I really don't care - this was your verbal agreement and court will decide how much one is worth under circumstances you placed me in)...

Nagrada za video/audio posnetke(dokaze) o spodaj opisanemu(MKULTRI) izživljanju znaša dva miljona Evrov - Reward for your audio/video recordings of MKULTRA torture is 2 million Euros

Not as so called Slovenian communists gestured(Miroslav Berger's colleagues - just give us at least 50/60.000 Euros and you got it), but instead two million Euros.

This case is already at ICC and will be filed also with other courts. As soon as my case is admitted and I receive settlement, two million Euros are yours.

#1 - I will never pay even a dime to the one who was involved against me for the sake of something that ruined my life in my country and what I ran away from...

People warn me that Slovenian state(Borut Pahor/Šarec and his parliament) attempts to either murder me via artificial lighting or simply remove me from process(violent afterlife butchery)

Individual from this very place(owner) sends me message from Buckingham palace which is "100% will not happen because of too high price which am asking"(his message fits exact description of MKULTRA codes given to me on how we would communicate).
Owner from this palace(mini castle) where Americans and Russians have also lodged and to whom I was forced to even sign contract in respect to audio/video proofs under MKULTRA, now gestures on how he knows nothing in respect to my case...well, I even know room where I signed contract and officially this would be my first arrival to this place...

NO COMMENT NEWS(message from last 9/11 survivor who went to hell and back to demonstrate and prove world what you see here are plain facts): Will Americans hang terrorist neonazi beast from Trump Towers before one destroys them and world !!????

It all started with this this very individual and like this...

ITS JUST A GAME: Would you like to play Russo NATO game known as "liberators"(you can help "liberate" any country worldwide and you can choose to lead either Russian or NATO military units when doing so). Natives of bombarded country will even love you for doing so...

Lets take as an example can pick South America or Africa do(any location) and Asia...

1.5 million Poles deported to Siberia, not “hundreds of thousands”

Throw this Russian red coated neonazi garbage on junkyard as far as am concerned...and foremost commence implementation of control on your Polish territory as one is saturated with KGB infiltrators(Moscow terrorists - same laws should apply to Russians for entry into EU and US as are applying to us for entry to Russia). Country like Russia is today, doesn't deserve any kind of credibility and should be matched(ranked) with ISIS(Al-Qaeda) and neonazi Germany.

Its over between me and Netanyahu's niece

Never was really much that went on anyways. Netanyahu is a pigeon that shits all over the chessboard. It was first that he shitted with his daughter Noa Netanyahu(he was involved against me from day A upon arrival to US) and it then turned into niece's issue. Both were used to deter females interested in me and to give(its what they have seen as - I never ever did) foreign governments the right to claim(LIE) how we have something going on. This news was expected, but not in a way I have announced one. 

Friday, July 20, 2018

Where tapes are

All over the Europe + numerous houses in vicinity have them.

When things get tough for me, I only tighten belt and move on. I do rather starve to death than accept any form of help from Russians or Serbs(Vucic/Pahor game is a dead end game and their game ended before one even begun - I am not a thug/thief/gangster or a small and non demanding person, but know exactly how much am worth when it comes to issues like this).

I have worked very hard past two days with idea to obtain physical audio/video recordings in respect to my MKULTRA

Just want to say that I will NOT accept them either from family(neighbor Kolenc even suggested that would offer them via father - same will not be accepted also from my cousin from Austria who was involved often times), will NOT accept them from anyone affiliated to ex communist party or who has any sort of ideas(appetites) about return of Yugoslavia - this is because communists involved in the case did nothing but assist in torture and have in the end of MKULTRA even came up with idea to suggest on how they would get me those proofs for less money than what I would pay local individual who built himself a castle(I see this as ultimate corruption and total betrayal - heaviest insult possible). I will NOT accept them from any politician either if one was involved in ordeal(Andrej Šiško gestured that I would be placed in mental hospital and conditioned with tapes - I do NOT want them).

I will also NOT accept them from any Serb or Russian national and I bet you understand why.

Great Putan Putanowich's plan for new USSR(this time it would be tsarist USSR) and Yugoslavia

Here is plan which great Russian Hitler have discussed with AmeroGerman allies(off course also imperial Buckingham palace) and its why they sponsored and continue to sponsor evil. 
Its not Poles or Ukrainians that slaughtered 15 million Russians, but instead the opposite despite fact that you don't get to read in main stream media other than lies about Poles and Ukrainians.