Sunday, November 17, 2019

@Prince Andrew

You were gonna bring subject about this once underage girl(now very much grown adult woman who lives in Australia) 10+ years ago(speech was ready back then already), but due to cowardice in you, you waited till today. 

Poland is deciding about entire world at this moment

If Ukraine remains pushed against the wall(Russia rejected Ukraine as a related country in any way) and will continue to wait on European Union/US to decide about its destiny, one eventually will fall in hands of nazis.

Reject British royals on all levels

I understand somewhat that at one point and time when popular among other nations as well, they did enslaved China and India...I get it although brutal/savage procedure, but still I get it...

ABOLISH THE ROYALS(neonzi switchboard basically): Pedophilia an "act of honor" for this Royal Pedophile - Harry indifferent in his mental views on sorroundings

I am affraid in this case too, British society as seen so many times before is used again to spark outrage related to this family in all of us about which never ever anything was done via law enforcement. Thus infecting us all Europeans with notion that corruption is normal - just a part of life and acceptable as such for us to see in the same light Kaczynski and others betraying our countries.

Seeing what I have seen in this interview from Andrew, I see no difference between him and Trump. Humiliation and derision for honorably and human dignity to which I personally adhere(its why Andrew and Phillip - its why - you hate honor-ability to the point that you murder honorable people through violence just as is my case - people who pay ultimate respect to others for the price of breaking their spines must be punished severely by depriving them of human dignity/compelling them into subhuman conditions parallel to brainwash oriented toward hatred against people) and for which I have paid even for the price of crippling. They hate honorable just as anything alive out there that proves real quality vs what is depicted to us via daily TV/newspaper brainwash...
British taxpayers' money was and continues to be wasted on MKultra parties. Entire British Royal society is simply addicted to mental torture of selected victims while depicting themselves as in need of emotional support(we witnessed even racism issues lately - beyond hypocrisy) due to Diana's death and so on. 

Saturday, November 16, 2019

I am not convinced in respect to tears shed by British Royals

I think Harry remained expert con artist(have explained very well in deepest details about what one have done in Slovenia). Public incl. myself have fallen for blatant lies of manipulators. Fake tears and "The oldest tradition" of so called British Royals...

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

F-35s Belong in a Museum: Europe Has Some Wild 6th-Generation Fighter Dreams

Perhaps someone would demonstrate to Sejm this news.

Repair costs related to two parts as told by scammers worth six time value of the car

Video can be also seen at
Original audio recording in Polish language in which you can hear inspection technician(all in Polish language) suggesting value of catalytic converter exceeding value of car for twice and mechanic with whom mentioned gas station tried to set me up with for me to even leave car behind after local business hired by Trump's team caused sabotage on vehicle.

Video is now fixed


4 of 4 Destruction of car or how saved money used for crippling was used and detailed psychology of MKultra torture impersonators revealed

4 of 4 Destruction of car or how saved money used for crippling was used and detailed psychology of MKultra torture impersonators revealed

Here is what went on with car etc. I have no intention whatsoever to engage in any sorts of arguments with people who alone are in need of voice to stop whatever needs to be stopped(talking about psychiatrists in Poland which didn't like not even a bit about what went on with me under MKultra)
Video can be also seen at
Before I play you in next video "Repair costs relted to two parts as told by scammers worth six time value of the car", you can hear(if speak Polish language) in this video, how costs for which I was told will exceed 6 times amount of value of car didn't go beyond 30zl for transmission and 250zl for catalytic converter. 

Crazy stalkers on Facebook and even blogger appeared - its been going on for some time now with blogger(Facebook have seeen this before - not on this magnitude do) and its trully impressive in a negative sense

Video can be also seen at
Blogger person or people seems to be particiular motivated in ATM issues - specialised in stealing cards etc...stealing/theft of ATM cards comments started with theft of drivers license, but theft of information which pertained to login info from debit card was also implemented at Lodzka 58. Not funny stuff...