Sunday, June 16, 2019

Yes yes

there was this court house two blicks toward lake just paralel to Dolga street where police station is located. Never supisedly was in one but I can identify one for sure. Is 5 min away.

While somehow I feel any partnership is better than none

cant stop asking myself if its worth paying price for what goes on accross Eastern Europe.

The answer:

It is if you want to build second USSR.  But for return wise(socioeconomic), dont be affraid of third world. You get today more in return from Thailand than Russia.Its poor and unreliable. More than anything sickening for entire planet(dangerous for you too).

Elefants in porcelan store.

In Slovenia, Belarus, Poland, and Russia undoubtedly

silicon masks were used is certain cases. They immitated anywhere from Bush to Angela Merkel to incite in hatred/paranoia.

When I think about it over cant help to ask myself what good did this to me/you!??? The partnership with these counhtries does pay!!??? What do you get in return !!??

Zgierz police would brought me for goofing to another lication near bye polkuce headquarters...

paralel to ul. Douga a court or something(could akso where jail was/is) - 5 min away...going to 2002/2003 now...

Zgierz police compelled me in 2003 under MKultra into rape situations(started to groom me to become rapist myself). Will describe all on how was done.

Will go into very closecdetails on how and who.

Saturday, June 15, 2019

Best advice if you ever get into something simuilar

Dont belive their smiles(unless you know them really well or are children) nor believe their tears...just remain yourself no matter what. Stay focused on life because its what they want from you.

Number of irrational(emotion seeking through sickening issues) situations in Poland which I have experienced for the past 11 months was sky high. Going after every little piece of sanity that remains in one if somehow dares to pickhimself up.


I dont want to sound disappointing even like this. I have to fight to remain human being. The bigest mistake people commit is when they give into drugs, alchohol, or even cigarettes. Allow enemy to intimidate with misbehavior to the point that makes them feel as whole world is against them...turn into themselves and reject world as a place to live...

Just try to imagine

to be brought from US to location where females wear hijabs(inside immigration centers)...where mostly Arabic alike language(Chechen) is spoken...people look so different...Russians and others interract...they are assisted by Slovenian, Serbian psychiatric are taken out on streets like a dog on lish drugged up...its language(Polish) you dont understand(Polish)... you are terrorized/ life threatened on daily bases...humiliated, degraded, deprived of basic needs..this was my second life - life paralel to forced unemployment which gradually turned into psychiatric torture by ," we no longer want you in are disgrace for US dont deserve to be US citizen...we will kill you if you dont leave"...

Went on since 1995(end) to 2017...thats 23 years.

All the bikes(either bike used) are marked by GPS devices according to police

There was just few bikes for sale when buying one and out of those just two responded. One individual which wanted to remind me of his MKultra involvement and another one who sold bike.

And my crime in US !!???

What was it !!??? I have done what get this !!??? I know expression "dog life" is bad, but this !!????

Pointing flashlights with revolvers in one, demonst

demonstrating destruction of tents, jailing me inside of Zgierz police headquarters(there must be a jail department there or near bye as I can give discription of interior) where slapped/pushed, life threatened...transported to Belarus and in Kaliningrad - threatened with issues such as "if I will dare to open my mouths" when under real circumstances what will follow...