Monday, December 9, 2019

My spine is recovering okay :))))

Not its not - updated on May 14th. I wake up with numb hands, walk and go sleep(and have one in sleep) in pain - updated on May 14th, 2020

Since my run at immigration when required to submit proof of medical insurance(Nov. 29th, 2019), spine seems to have somehow adjusted(possibly aligned stretching) itself into proper position - It was doctor who denied me the right to extend temporary disability at ZUS that teached me everything I needed to know about spine on how it functions etc...according to him(this doctor was very very motivated to help me - he will "kill" me next time for writing this:))) also because of muscles which support one another and would gain strenghth when running what helps releaving pressure from disk and so on...I sure remember well about what went on.

Pain when running on that occassion was excrutiating...I felt one all the way from spine to day on my surprise- almost all gone...I lightly exercise now/walk and son on - do have pain in right hand, but nothing as was...just perhaps I pull myself out of all this mess too...have never been in such situation before.

People broke spines(almost all if not all tested had replaced discs if you understamnd meaning of what is written here - likely or including Borut Pahor now Slovenian president - they had me in Ljubljana under MKultra gesturing me that is not a big deal spine surgery related to disc replacement) when testing them for ordeal which I have passed without possibly even hurting single disc on a long run at age 47...

I am not fit for work which would involve lifting of any kind and most likely will stay this way for some time to come, but I can run and even do few pushups and other demanding execise what suggests possibility of complete spine recovery. Pain from right leg is gone for now too...

His spine surgery took place prior to here mentioned ear surgery(possibly even in secret) and I thank Mr. Pahor for keeping me so updated in respect to his health.
Nebom pozabil vasega jokeca stokeca(psiholoskega izbruha name v senci privatnosti med njaju) v zvezi tukaj omenjenega gospod Pahor :)))) veste, predno se spustite v karkoli morate dobro premisliti kaksne posledice bojo imela vasa dejanja za druge in seveda nase. Sicer pa ne mislim nic zlega z svojim komentarjem.

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