Thursday, December 26, 2019

Talking about Soviet Union and "president" Trump who had his henchmen along Buckingham palace torturing in Poland :))))

Don't know whether Russians see in Putin a small Stalin or Tsar, but am certain that similarities between him and Stalin are in fact quite big(not wallet wise as he is a thief/thug compared to Stalin, but Putin wants to be seen like tsar while using Stalin's methods which he undeniably does). Not only because of my case, but because of great similarities of one with what you see is happening across Russia against Russian people alone and in neighboring Russian states like Poland(even in far distanced Slovenia believe it or not from where I am) etc. to those willing to stand for their people. 

Yes, some were pronounced simply as insane and others are sent to special locations for the purpose of rehabilitation into more role citizens. Funny 23 years old Russian found himself in such situation since Putin(obviously dude is fascistoid who used even German money from oil exports for attack on Ukraine - never mind 23 years old Russian) accused Poland today of colluding with Hitler in WWII(putin-poland-hitler-nazis-antisemitism-second-world-war and because I saw today American trucks and other military equipment left in Syria behind by American troops on the run - all "confiscated"(I told you Americans keep leaving Russian troops free gifts from which Russia learns how to build close to real weapons and HUMVEES us-military-outpost-syria/) by Russian military personnel. 

Global neonazi plan thanks to Putin(NOTHING WOULD BE AS IS WITHOUT THIS HITLEROID) is alive and well. I told you.

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