Friday, December 6, 2019

Saw on photo Morawiecki in Auschwitz

Sir - you had multiple scenarios going with Duda and Kaczynski - IT COULD BE LIKE THIS AND IT COULD BE LIKE THAT. Nothing in this world, however, you haven't done to break bond between myself and mentioned psychologist. Nothing in the world you haven't done to get from me as known "one more time"(you anticipated to boost hatred in me via Grotniki and even to disturb me to the point I would leave Poland - all via extreme forms of violence) to again position yourself as you demonstrate us with merkel right now. You are a fascist indifferent from Kaczynski/Duda.

You can't and I will no longer allow you to be on both sides. Your side is clear to the people and more than to anyone to myself.

From first day I met you whjen subjected to MKultra, it was one thing on your mind - money and to Kaczynski power...power money power money. Holly trio of righteous bandits which most of the time carried Fort Trump's swastika and would like to blend themselves again with normal society. Its not like that and I never ever made an agreement with neonazis about silence pact which I was suggested people on both sides did in 2013 or so...

There is only one way with nazis as far as I know...was demonstrated to all of us 70 years ago how its done !!!

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