Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Scenarios I was suggested will be my future upon end of MKultra case

Emilia is a great friend of prince Charles. Off course she participated in MKultra before Game of Thrones even started - role was given to her by Charles alone. 2017 I knew all about her future brain surgery. Cancer, brain problems etc...thank you to yahoo for reming me of all beautiful scenarios awaiting me. Regardless, I will be more than pleased with whatever will follow with me as long as Poland gets her part. No worries ;) No, I am not suicidal even a bit(despite all) and I don't belive the two took their lives on their own. However, that it took them entire 25 years to get statement from me as the one I left few days ago on one of my videos is also a bit ugly picture about whom we are dealing with. Sad.

They used Poland as an excuse for their >>whatever<< you want to even call them(I don't have words for Buckingham palace really even less for Berlin which gestured that if I will cross the whole MKultra operation into area of prohibited with mentioned psychologist, I will screw Germany with my conduct to infinity) and am glad Poland took advantage of it.

@Germany - sorry to be source of your pain.

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