Friday, December 20, 2019

Pleased to announce my return to Slovenia on either 25/28th of this month

I believe to have seen enough concerning Poland. Poles offered more additional problems against me to Donald Trump($$$), so I concluded at this point a return to Slovenia as the best solution to past and present issues in Poland. 

With what appears is permanent brain damage(have now blood pressure sound permanently blasting through my brain for already year and half) and half crippled(with severe pain in palm and pain extending all the way to toes on right leg(herniated disc most likely pressuring nerve in spine), I hope to have paid my dues to this great Slavic nation which declined to confess about crimes against me, but did provided with clues about what went on here for no less than 21 years.

There was some threats that is doing such thing, one would have consequences for the cost of life(female individual suggested to have arraigned with Pahor my destruction upon return to Slovenia in case I would take such step), but I am not so much concerned about them as I plan on searching for Pahor alone. Not to discuss any matters with him as he suggested case would be(he anticipated destroying me in Poland and would use Slovenia to negotiate Poland and only if I would agree to his conditions, I would be kept alive - even that whole case would come out) to make myself clear, but to instead determine what special privileges one has to murder Slovenian natives in forms as demonstrated on my news site(I want to bury him alive to make myself clear - its the only deal he will ever get from me)

This Slavic pride was a sad started with age 6 in country still known as Yugoslavia when brought to elementary school where I would be confronted physically on daily bases by 10 to 15 kids on a daily bases - incited in physical violence against me by teachers...didn't stop there and have continued upon graduation in independent Slovenia on job market where compelled to work even for 1/4 what my schoolmates earned. Escaping from system to US at age 23(told in Slovenia by physicians which conducted medical examination for work aboard cruisline ships will be acknowledged as insane if immigrating to US), just to found myself across the pond in hands of pedophiles and KGB criminals. Acknowledged due to strong stands for the sake of independent Slovenia(have proudly served in first/second generation independent Slovenian military upon her independence during which I was forced to physically countered remained from Yugoslavia Serbian new Slovenian general) as traitor, separatist, crime and betrayal against me have mounted to unbearable highs. Have become known in Poland as human slave doll - free Trump/Bush's Buckingham palace entertainment(real alive human being to whom you can do anything as pleased - observe him suffer worry free while spitting at him, punching him, discriminating him, and so on) for Western elites which were interested in trade with Eastern Europe :))))

Kaczynski who is guilty for everything (incl. media), is a worry free individual assisted foremost bye what is referred to as opposition.

I remember warehouses in Lodz where young American guys would stay to sell their products and save on rent and so on...will not go there and will instead avoid mentioned as serves me no purpose at all. This is not how you handle apologee(anger and even cripple individual whom you have abused for 20 years under MKultra while giving one clues about what went on) to someone whom you have stolen 25 years of life via forced unemployment abroad and have corrupt even psychiatric institutions/police in foreign country to have it your w$y.

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