Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Tent sits inside of my room and was assembled yet again by myself through single visit to used clothing store

I told you others were tested ion temperatuers. Tent is mine, but all the material(sheets and bed for one) was purchased at the store in Lodz.

This is what I was told - demonstrated under MKultra to,  and sold by used clothing shop in Lodz city(everything comes from Scandinavia and whenever I appear they display items for me to purchase them at low prices) should use to survive winter. I have a proof about here stated by even identifying gentleman inside of the store who was checking to see if  will purchase myself the right equipment for winder - he gave me green light by talking about chickens(funny house where I live with chickens - area known as Kurak/Chicken) - will post audio on...VERY VERY IMPORTANT EVIDENCE !!!

Elefant, fish, matrace inside tent. and cover(incl. pink top of tent) all sold at once :))) I love it because heats me well and remnds me of someone special involved in MKultra.

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