Friday, December 6, 2019

About "WHITE" South African farmers in Eastern Europe

None anywhere in Eastern Europe till brought here through myself - South African neonazi group AWB was the first one to contact me in Miami - 1995. Their crying about genocide turned into my loosing 25 years of my life and Easten Europe alone becoming hotbed for nazism.

Each and every one of them(FARMERS) needs to make a public statement condemning their own neonazi apartheid leadership which made more often than not a tragedies out of their own lives(they alone organized often times crimes against own people to talk about "white genocide") for the sake of NEONAZISM promotion or be simply repatriated to wherever they came from.

None of us eastern Europeans deserved any of what was done to me by these beasts and none of us should allow existence on our floors any kind of indoctrination that killed over 40 million Slavs alone just 70 years ago !!!

Terrorist you see on this photo had already assembled his own kill list of Eastern European people(not even politicians - come as WHITE refugees and turn into something else within no time) when the right time comes...

They pissed Russians and myself to piss KGB in the face under MKultra right here in Poland(Zgierz area - 2003) where I brought(hijacked from own bed) from Miami and begun to threaten Russians with release of news about me when those tortured me inside of the Polish mental hospital - cite Musk, "we are fighting for your release...doing everything to help you out"...I tell you boy. ANIMALS(asking real animals for forgiveness here as I meant beasts) ; NOT HUMAN BEINGS !!!

Here to help us :)))) And what is the definition of the terrorist !!????

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