Saturday, December 21, 2019


Had discussion with individual from Zgierz involved in MKultra. Referring himself as communist, he dislikes Maoism...condemns strictly and gestures Stalin to be not such a bad man when compared to Mao.

Here is my public take on China - both above mentioned murdered millions, however, Stalin just for Russia to face total failure some 50 years latter and China to become what one eventually became - stronger country that US alone despite what Americans referred to one s "free labor state"(its where we get free labor).

Hated by Buckingham palace to withstand opium slavery(nobody wants to know anything about how many millions were murdered via one in China and what was done to people in India), China is the one and only hope for humanity if one is to survive against nazism leaned West.

China demonstrated that it is possible to break away not only from opium addiction, but also from what Slavic cultures are displaying nowadays - total technological dependence on West for which are ready to even spill human blood between one another(Ukraine and Balkans).

From Africa where billion people were already murdered by variety of viruses produced in Western labs(its where free minerals are located) to South America, MidEast, and South America - people look to a new global player - hope bringer/friend of humanity. CIA man ran over by Chinese tank on Tiananmen Square was never forgotten in hearts of those who have instead of complying with nazi destruction of country pledged their hearts/souls to their Chinese homeland to become what is today instead with continuation of work inside of the factories. 

I am NOT a communist. In fact, during harshest times in life and even without single dime in pocket, I have demonstrated(and told off to this very individual) to adhere most strict rules of capitalism(not Buckingham palace swindlers/clowns freeloaders thieves/thugs hiding behind walls at average British taxpayers' expense, but those who carry on with head upwards despite - those who never bag despite - those who never regret despite).

 However, I deem communism is okay option for those who are capable to adhere to discipline(ethics) such as is oriental one. I deem must remain an option in every political system, so lets say times of Romanovs when millions of workers were starved to death wouldn't repeat. Equality must be for elderly, women, children - for other, men must compete(competition is what moves world forward, but communism should always be reserved as people's right in case competition grows into counter productive corruption) for their place on earth. Communist at heart yes ;)

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