Monday, December 23, 2019

MKultra torture and 3 months of life inside of the refrigerator - what/how was expected of me to see abuse as according to MKultra

Here is what third location(4th in Poland if I excuse 3 days of life in local forest) was about. Note that I never ever used toilet as toilet, but kept top tied on rope just as was given to me. For everything stated, I have audio recordings to prove facts !!!

Grand genocide plan of Donald Trump, Buckingham palace, Putin, and their Polish host - servant Kaczynski/Duda/ Morawiecki demonstrated.
Video can be also

Video can be also

Borut Pahor I was brainwashed under MKultra suggested was searching for this "Ukrainian" with idea to beat him up...was told that they barely stop him from beating him up...Pahor got in my face and gestured repeatedly "this is why we will f**** them"...

The fact is that Ukrainian government which knew very well for this location would never ever allow Ukrainian individual to bully future Slovenian president. Putin who hired individual along with Buckingham palace/Trump, however, believed abuse would convince me in opposite. Traitor to Ukraine at his best. Not alone in Zgierz/Lodz area.

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