Saturday, December 7, 2019

Was this very queensy that she have done whatever was possible along Trump to get me out of Poland per ASAP

has nothing to "think" - either approve or disapprove in this case. I never allowed her to express her opinion about any of it. Roma individual who resided here inside of this residence(involved in MKultra) was gone to UK via Harry long time ago already...Landlors' kid in UK...neighbor's business tied to dealing sponsored by US...I spent good portion of life here. Know entire street. Neighborhood was charmed by Americans(derogatory term used on my side for decent Americans as we are foremost talking about German Americans involved in MKultra which anticipated raise of nazism across the eastern Europe - Americans tied into terrorism known also as nazism therefore Anti Americans) and they keep things in tact that would attract attention from them...

When I ask you for opinion(I never ever will because you queen is a waste of oxygen - neonazi switchboard is what you are and what British taxpayers are paying for when maintaining castles behind which walls they have no clue what goes on)....

You are OLD family of nazis fascists whose opinion just as your existence matters to me not. You caused too much evil to people as well as ruining 25 years of life via extreme torture to me personally.

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