Wednesday, December 25, 2019

This also is my last Christmas like this

If mentioned female psychologies doesn't find her way to my life before New Year's day, she never will.

Nobody from the past will ever again enter my future. All babes from politicians(daughters) are thing of the past. Once you are out or called out, you are gone from picture for good is simple as that as are too many super powerful lobbies out there that love nothing more than play with human lives.

Reason: I have found(met) along the way within one year and half some 100 + females or so whom I have courted when subjected to MKultra(they were injected back on post MKultra picture with reason XX???XX). Many on these females on my surprise(surprise since I was a total wrack when subjected to MKultra) were more than just interested in real relationship with me - quite a few ended on my surprise single. I continued to ignore them because of here mentioned individual. 

Ignored not for the sake of super nasty coughing which public bombarded me with wherever I went, but because I even deemed(beside her misdeed in life, beside decision to do something very Polish for Poland - totally rejecting German brainwash, beside remembering her happy moments when around me, beside wanting to reward women on general by giving example on how men should see single mothers in extremely otherwise contradictory circumstances - basically give them idea of just how much they are worth as a human beings) that coughing alone was used to push me away from her(told under MKultra over and over again that she ONLY will cure me of false allegations related to psychiatric abuse - possibly not even her idea, but instead yet another scam) and its why I continue to publicly reject her involvement in my personal matter just as the case was in Grotnikih(you don't need to be savior - I asked what normal males ask for nothing more) - sure is nice that Poland revealed all blunder in which one have involved herself and me personally(ruining me 25 years of my life and turned me along Putin/Pahor even into enemy of own people - this was well compensated from outside as well), but there is no need for me to demonstrate to anyone in Poland INCLUDING HER ALONE absolutely anything beyond my MKultra claim. It is simple - Poland owes me; I don't owe to anyone absolutely anything in this world. The whole case if anyone wanted to help(NO ONE DID IS A SIMPLE FACT) would spare me a lots of suffering if reported and escalated to proper authorities on time. Instead bet$$$ for my bare life have fallen on table(you bet with my life which right none of you ever had) - it was time for a game rather than saving me and its how it went - I against whole world for no less than 22 years. Lived double life and supposedly in other part of Europe a girl psychologist did too...she was on MKultra picture for the longest time and gave many useful advises - have even chosen clothing for me which I purchased in used clothing store in Lodz(all from MKultra and all fit to last millimeter for my size). It appeared to have wished for the best and I am certain she deserves the best of the best. 

Very shortly after meeting her in Grotnikah in 2018, she even signaled me Trump(old man she met in Torun) - tried me to see if I really remember her(perhaps even felt not good enough or so - she is modest) and then simply blocked me on Facebook after suggesting me buggy scenario from MKultra she came up with(brainwash situation related to mental hospital in Poland where she was with me and repeated from MKultra to see if I would go against her - didn't when subjected to MKultra in this particular situation and never would)

Negative stuff even if one was real, I have deliberately never attributed to her in my post MKultra period. I consciously blocked one because none of us is perfect and she did appeared to be guardian angel all along. She went on to signal me honesty beyond honesty.

Referred to me in US by minorities alone as Maria and myself as Jesus sinner, the two of us became strangest couple known to man kind....People talked and laughed - others were puzzled...

Fact here is that even angels need intimacy - I on the other hand need to know why second Christmas in Poland again all by myself and at age 48...why so many females on post MKultra picture and not a single trace of you.

From totally indecent street exposures, coughing(have no clue why coughing since I have done whole thing which should never be a case on the first place by myself) to reminding me of all MKultra blunders concerning females WHICH GOVERNMENTS CREATED and for which(who knows if it was you and even if it was it doesn't matter - possibly) you have suggested I cheated with(women did exposed naked and some even encouraged to touch them and more, but I never had a real single sexual relationship with any of them and this as much as I wanted - not hiding - it just never ever happened and it angers me also as per WHY NOT since all incl. yourself have had sexual lives - something I never ever was jealous off, but exactly the opposite)

Someone if not you also gestured me I would send this via facebook, but will dare to post right here for world to see(heard quickening outside as was case under MKultra - they replicate absolutely everything knowing very well via possible key-loggers of cameras what exactly I write)

Post can be responded till new years' day - then you can just disregard one. I( and clowns from Buckingham love it just like that:) am used to not getting answers anyways. 

Hate writing weird stuff like this. Reminds me all to much of old Irish American psychologist brain washer in whose shoes Trump made me walk...

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