Saturday, December 21, 2019

MKultra evidence for Lodz businesses flea markets gas station December 17th 2019

Video 1 of 3 can be also seen at 

Video 2 of 3 can be also seen at 

Video 3 of 3 can be also seen at 

Recognized not only people(some recognized me and Americans as well), but also their previous business locations...
While recording video part 1 of 3, I was warned by cleaning lady about my "loud" talk even outside of the library on a hallway up on building's first floor...not supposed to seat on sofa in library nor video record or talk loud, use toilet paper or public toilet in library alone...was accused of stealing toilet paper, accused of leaving dirty toilet behind, and have caught main librarian leaving dirty toilet behind with idea to plant me with lies(was on a way to use toilet, but she entered infront of me on what she left toilet dirty with idea to chide me - all video and audio recorded as I confronted her. Librarians which often times have expressed loudly unsatisfaction with me even if whispering with others were also audio recorded on numerous occasions engaging in what is known as mobbing - loudly entertaining each other disregarding own rules in place for me while pulling out also all sorts of MKultra tricks as described).

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