Sunday, December 8, 2019

Yesterday we had this going on - Merkel tries to bail Kaczynski and Kaczynski is bailing Merkel out of "one more time" conundrum(all are in own s*** up to their necks) - more lies to public

Today banker(the one who ripped Polish taxpayers with property theft yeah) Morawiecki, lawyers(two liars) Duda and Kaczynski see situation differently

Things change fast in Poland specially when they entourage German Merkel inside of the Auschwitz today....bizarre.

The doll is called "never again" and I myself told under MKultra that will feel like doll which was beaten up(by the way mentally sick gestures in which public engaging - real self degradation of Polish nation thanks to Kaczynski) as seen above....

Don't ask me whom did Kaczynski/Duda's clansmen compared to me under MKultra with as "Jewish witch" and threatened on how I will be exported with her to Israel if not finding myself "real" Polish is this not nazism/fascism !!????

Off course not children's fold. but you can see degree of mental sickness Kaczynski is using against his own even nazi bailing nazi out of own conundrum inside of the Auschwitz :))))

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