Thursday, December 26, 2019

'Baby It's Warm Outside' / Jlo

The thing is that fter the two of you were done, your impersonators popped up on scene(yours J.Lo and psychologist's doppelgangers). Do you know what followed !!??? Abduction threats to Russia. 

Psychologist, "When you see news like this make sure you go for a walk so we can meet" /Jennifer, "I will do that for you".

Then different scenarios followed with different individuals on picture. First same repeated on what question appeared supposedly from Jennifer as per "why" and "do you really want to help this guy"....answered followed from psychologist's impersonator, "naahhh, its just the way to get him to Russia...I have to do this and that - get him out of here")...

Psychologist and whoever associated with her were super closely monitored and their habits super closely studied. Once psychologist trolled me with angel at Manufactura's shopping mall - she liked idea of being my angel in humorous sense - sure enough they followed with total lunacy scenario at local library(they had angels competition AND again this yer to remind me of their lunacy scenario) where scenario changed from doing all for her to doing it for those that place money on table - Royals basically.

Psychologist shortly lived inside of this very home as well first with her Russian hubby and then once even as family with her tinny daughter.

Back in 2003 or so, her Russian husband who would wondered local forest on and on was deemed as insane by locals and all involved in MKultra. They begun to confront/ask him why is he wondering forest on and on...what is going on. He just felt nothing wrong by doing so - told he have to keep himself in shape to be of use at all as this place was super depressive to him at no wonder. Russian KGB(Valerio among others) begun to threaten one to get serious and clean house or will have serious problems to deal with. 

Sometimes in 2005 or so, trip to Moscow for the couple's relationship(first crises)  ended in serious jeopardy. Russian KGBs took too far relationship with her by impressing her via humiliating her hubby in variety of ways infront of her - he no longer took pro Russian stand as in the past as KGB's hooliganism didn't appeal to him any longer either(he came on my side and have switched tables).

You no longer are hit in Russia I must disappoint you. Putin no longer want to see you on picture as you represent opposite(you are international student promoter - friend and he is running totally other business as explained on my news site - you and Lopes are just not a nazi material) interests of his Russia. You are also not fit according to him for the right role in this case. He found several blondes for me and in case I would really feel something for you, exact girl bellow. Is it possible for me to remember via MKultra all these details - you know its a fact undeniable. Yes.

You have 4 days left to answer :(((

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