Monday, December 2, 2019

Kaczynski Trump's IMMIGRATION setup to get me out of Poland

First immigration audio and very likely second one seems to have been both modified...immigration officer stopped me from answering her question on how long I am inside of the country and instead suggested own answer - taklked about that she knows not if I was not on OctoberFest in Germany and so is in Polish. Whole thing must be re-investigated to details, but this was/is obvious atempt to get me out of Poland via immigration services alone. You will also hear stamping and stuff inside of the audio recording for which mentioned immigration officer alerted me would be used to hide ceratin words - blend them with bnoise. MKultra subject alone  - YES. ITS HOW KACZYNSKI WANTED TO GET READ OF ME PER DONALD TRUMP.
Video can be also seen at

NOTE: Telephone this was recorded was bough on ebay and it took one almost month to get here from UK. Telephone is designed to drive individual insane(turns off screen, logges you out etc. as soon as phone connects, is not recording phone calls, was removing instaled applications as soon as phone would connect to computer, advertisement adds would cover entire screen and couldn't be closed - couldn't even make phone calls, telephone amptied batteries as fast as you would charge one as was used eavesdropping,  videorecorded movies were unrecoverable as was also designed for me to waste time on video repairs since those are not saved in proper video forms, and donwloads unknown applications when conected to internet). Phone was sold to me for just 15 Euros from Ebay obvioulsy by Donald Trump's team of time and money thieving experts.

Roaring about so called impeachment and new skandal will appear as a result of this video as damning proofs seen here are doomed to be covered up with attention grabbing lies.

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