Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Here is what laughingly(JOYOUS) president Zemena, Kaczynsky, Bporut Pahor and whoever else was present had to say about my future situation under MKultra

Slovenian Serbochetnik Borut Pahor was the one most excited about here mentioned prospect, "I kill for him, he kill for me and..."

Kaczynski, "we will get money one way or the other"...


@Kaczynski....You will get the money one way or the other, but you will never ever touch my brain.

Jesus' pain and illness miracles healings while big communist cat is snorkling in private pool and treat himself with caviar is not for me and it shouldn't be for any normal person.

This is derision for God and human being as human being foremost...a hypocricy and a lunacy which civilised world shouldn't allow to afford itself.

Poland is extremelly questionable country as its practical principles adhere those of USSR.

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