Thursday, November 29, 2018

I am somehow not impressed by Melania Trump's mentally sick taste for the style: Melania Trump defends controversial White House holiday decorations: 'I think they look fantastic'

It bothers when you know person from your own country whose father was(is) paid KGB(UDBA - YU) assassin have settled(illegally) inside of the White House(country where you gained citizenship through legal process) with idea to cause others(own people preferably) a harm. For that matter we have to thank off course to ineptitude of Donald Trump.
Know wherever you are that your wearing protective clothing(masks etc.) to hide your identities during protests is a useless thing as they use special spray(paint invisible to bare eyes, but visible to city agents who latter identify when on your way to your work and destroy you with variety of instruments) which marks your clothing...

More than just tear gas !!????? I think so and why to hide yourself when exercising the right to express open dissatisfaction with government which is most oppressive methods for the sake of the nasism/fascism !!?????
Just somehow not impressed...
If it looks crazy most likely is crazy. At least Michael was not plagiator is all I can say.


Melania Trump defends controversial White House holiday decorations: 'I think they look fantastic'

On Wednesday, the first lady engaged in a panel discussion at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Va., ranked No. 1 on a Most Conservative Colleges in America list in 2017. She was dressed in a charcoal-colored pantsuit, a black top and metallic heels. 

Melania Trump complimented the “fantastic” White House Christmas decorations after the patriotic color scheme triggered protests on social media.

“We are in 21st century, and everybody has a different taste,” Melania said. “I think they look fantastic. I hope everybody will come over and visit it. In real life, they look even more beautiful, and you are all very welcome to visit the White House, the People’s House.”

Melania was responding to the social media pandemonium on Monday after she tweeted a 57-second video of this year’s extravagant holiday decorations, including more than 40 topiary trees — many of which were dyed bright red — 72 handmade paper ornaments and the official White House Christmas tree, an 18-foot fir wrapped in 500 feet of blue velvet ribbon. 

The opulent decorations were hammered as ridiculous and a waste of money, and many said the red trees were reminiscent of bloodshed, particularly in the wake of Border Patrol agents using tear gas to disperse a group of 500 adults and children at the U.S.-Mexico border in Tijuana, Mexico, on Sunday. The White House said the attack was a response to caravan members throwing “projectiles” that hit U.S. Border Patrol officials. 

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