Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump.

Presidents of the Baltic states "traumatized" with a meeting with Trump. He confused the Baltic with the Balkans
During a meeting in the White House, and accused the leaders of the Baltic states of responsibility for the war in Yugoslavia. He also advised them to get along better with their aggressive Russian neighbor.
Poland, Ukraine, Baltic states, Czech rep. Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and others should form own military defense pact before it gets all too late. Europe is at stake because of what we see have happened is happening on world's stage.

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Details of the meeting were described by the French newspaper Le Monde. It is a visit to the presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia in April this year. According to the newspaper, three leaders - Dalia Grybauskaite, Raimonds Vejonis and Kersti Kaljulaid - were so shocked and "traumatized" with the American president that they told the French president about everything during a meeting in Paris a few days later.

"Worst of all, as they told their French host (...) there was a conversation in front of a press conference, which Trump opened up to blame them for the war in Yugoslavia." It took them a few moments to find out that "Baltic" and "Balkans" got mixed up in their minds the American president, apparently uninformed in matter by his wife Melania, who was originally from the former Yugoslavia, "writes Le Monde.

But this was only the beginning of a "traumatic" conversation. Trump, in harsh words, was to criticize the inadequate spending on NATO, despite the fact that all three countries are among those who increase their defense spending the fastest; in 2018, each country is to meet the 2 percent of GDP criterion. Then, at the end of the conversation, he demanded that they be "more agreeable to their Russian neighbor, in the name of better relations with Russia."
It is obvious(totally evident) that individual is suffering from many issues of which one is also disdain for "normal" in this world. 

Poland should along with other Eastern European nations push for greater presence of US military in this part of the of the world and also for what is known as greater transparency in dealing with one another.

It doesn't do any good to US to keep KGB idiot inside of the White House's basement.

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