Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Donald Trump's America very different from the one that played main role in WWII. ITS NOT NATIONALISM(white nationalism which main stream media is using doesn't even exists - as nationalist you are either a protective member of your nation which embraces entire community or someone who is attempting to exterminate good portion of one for the sake of other interests known as border-less neonazi interests) ; ITS NAZISM !!!

The question we overseas must ask our-self is if are playing our role just as Americans have(did) for us in WWII.

What real America looked like just 73 years ago and what scares Emanuel Macron today.

There really is no difference between hateful black racist and white neonazi whose main stream media calls him "white nationalist" with attempt to confuse our people on issue per who and what they are(Germany must be held responsible for WWII reparations and also for inviting so many third world foreigners to Europe with idea to tear our borders down via EU membership and for the sake of something which they already have failed in WWII).

Hatred, bigotry...lies, and total disrespect for women - destruction of anything normal(even support for KGB executions across the Eastern Europe and its why WE IN POLAND AND UKRAINE AND CZECH AND SLOVAKIA AND SO ON MUST STRIVE TOWARD OUR OWN needs independent from East and West as much as possible) in this world.

The biggest looser in this game is...

Its just a cartoon picture, but we all know its truth.

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