Wednesday, November 7, 2018

It's over with bestial trip to Poland for me

The day when I am incapable to study Polish language in Poland due to pain in my head and(same day) when told that I should meet after explaining to bureau individual the situation this morning about which there is nothing he can do(I should go to Warszaw on my own expenses), is the day when I no longer am interested in pursuing suffering along Russo Muslim terrorists controlled by Putanowich Putanowich(Kadirov garbage who murdered only God knows how many journalists) in here.
Neonazi Donald Trump and Putin dreamed of my converting into Islam...Borut Pahor had female whose name I will not mention even select Chechen females for me(what would appeal to me - beyond disgusting and sickening).

Above is a path to Linda lake in Grotnikih. Name of the path is a "Linda" path because(it's what I was brainwashed under MKultra), Borut Pahor would hang there every day(had me with him very often as well except that I was tortured - exposed to total retarded on sun while criminal would enjoy with company and take occasional swims).

Tomorrow library is closed replacement for librarian whatsoever...

If you want cheap body parts(incl. Kidneys), go to Israel...if you want to murder someone just convince him to express interest in Eastern Europe and they will complete job for you. Will not head to Germany and nor to US either...
Here is my reply to Chechen who believes how he should use my site(was told time and again the same thing and knows am Christian, but that doesn't matter to any of them and even less to KGB which organized this nightmare in Poland through currupt Polish system). Polish politicians had very serious thought on even selling me as proven case to Islam...

Verdict: I love you Polish people for your willingness to help me in this matter. You expressed concerns and arrived to rescue, but it's too bad(just as myself) that you didn't know how this is just another dead end street created by criminals who seat in to government seats.

I wouldn't want to live in country where regulated with hatred and where things like this are happening...wouldn't want to live in a country where belief(and human will - value of human life) in God is punished with such a high degree of scorn for one.

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