Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Polish police "mistakenly"(I think they have most likely send proper signal to public as docket is now open in respect to nazi Issue in Poland which will not be tolerated;however, there may be stuff we don't know about but Polish authorities do) gets journalist who exposed(went undercover) private Hitler's party held in forest

One thing I will make myself clear about, there shouldn't be NO place for neo nazi hatred in Poland and those who tend to push one forward, should have their passports taken away, brought to nearest state border crossing, and let go wherever grass is greener for them.
What truly took place(was perhaps he uncovered and have released "uncovered" clips as preemptive safety mechanism) leaves me sceptical in this case as Poland is the state as one should be. Polish police most likely would not go against someone who did a favor to public. Poland strives toward higher that European union standards and is against hatred of any kind. Poland remembers its WWII past and is committed to its future through commemoration of one. 

I disbelieve(NO WAY) on how Polish police would go after someone that would do favor to public in respect to nazism, but possibility of many other issues as as stated above exists. 

Finally, we don't even know what this US(Donald Trump's Fort Trump media) network which is stationed in Poland stands for in reality AND so called main stream media(zionazi media which supports both elements) is a media of lies.


For now from reuters.com:

Poland is intimidating our journalists: U.S.-owned Polish broadcaster

WARSAW (Reuters) - U.S.-owned private Polish broadcaster TVN said it was facing intimidation after members of Poland’s internal security agency entered a TVN cameraman’s house and called him to a hearing over accusations he propagated Nazi propaganda.
The camera operator, Piotr Wacowski, went undercover to film a neo-nazi group for a report broadcast in January by the network, which is controlled by U.S. entertainment firm Discovery Inc..

Poland’s National Prosecutor’s Office said on Sunday it was premature to accuse Wacowski and it had referred the case to a regional prosecutor’s office for further examination, Polish state-news agency PAP reported.

A spokesman for Poland’s internal security agency declined to comment. A government spokeswoman did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Earlier this week, U.S. ambassador to Poland Georgette Mosbacher told Polish lawmakers that U.S. Congress could withdraw support for Poland if the free press faced attacks, Polish news website Polska Times reported.

The U.S. embassy in Poland did not immediately respond to requests for comment about the TVN cameraman.

TVN24 is the most widely watched independent channel in Poland and the network has had run-ins before with the ruling Law and Justice (PiS) party, which has been accused by Brussels of trying to muzzle free media.

“We are treating this as an attempt to intimidate journalists,” TVN said in a statement late on Saturday. “The authors of the report acted in accordance with the standards of investigative journalism.”

The TVN footage showed members of a far-right group dressed in Nazi uniforms, burning a wooden swastika, making Nazi salutes and sharing a cake with a symbol of a swastika made of chocolate cookies.

Poland’s broadcasting regulator KRRiT fined TVN last year over its coverage of protests in Poland’s parliament, saying it was “promoting illegal activities and encouraging behavior that threatens security”.

The U.S. government said the regulator’s actions undermined press freedom and KRRiT reversed the decision in January.

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