Wednesday, November 7, 2018

I no longer will enter immigration center in Grotnikih for other than food/wash/shower - not even for sleep I will go in there

I use one only to get food, clean my clothying by hands, to shower, and sleep. Other than that am not there. They use directed energy weapons to cause severe problems(needed about 5 hours to get myself together today - total confusion) and to plunder equipment when asleep. You dopn't even know whats goiung on when you are hit with this only get to see roomate walking back and forth in the room all night long(he gets to sleep all day long - you don't).

Its a process of destruction of an individual and I rather live like rabitt in the forest if neccesary. This is not protection, but instead exposure to enemey elements so those can do with you as pleased. 

I got same treatment in Slovenia as well and brain cancer is not a joke for others than those who cause one.

Either private location approval or transfer to another location. I am pondering also other possibilities. I didn't come to Poland to die.

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