Thursday, February 28, 2019

VIDEO - Regarding knife issue at the meeting with Polish immigration(just 7 days ago) when applying second time for protection in Poland

Related to Polish border patrol officers at Lodz airport who were eager to find my pocket knife and then harass infront ladies on issue till I have tose one in a trash can infront of them

I was told(promissed by Polish auhorities) under MKultra in 2005/2006 that I will walk naked to Germany from Poland...either naked(will destroy everything to me incl. clothing) or jail as explained here.

I feel pitty for people whose only happines in this world are causing others suffering. Have never ever seen as many and as miserable people as in Poland...

German garbage was present in Poland big time. To tell truth, I don't feel like associating with this filthier than filthy neonazi filth  in any way and what was happeing as well as what is happening did/is happening with permission of one. 

Germany is just as pro Russian traitors in Warsaw in bed with Russia. It is best interets of Morawiecki/Duda, Kaczynski to collapse Poland into death via issues explained here - use me as an excuse for collapse of Poland into death which will NOT happen.

I am NOT impressed in any way. I forgive mistakes because its human to make them and I forgive because I live to love, but I am not idiot. I do not live or will live to be betrayed by ultimate evil which caused me and numerous others nothing but suffering and death/devastation.

Here is why and whom I am asking for assistance in this matter for obvious reasons, United Nations was created. Let neonazi umbrella which we see also here in Poland not swollow world yet again.

I am not Jospip Broz Tito #2 as gestured by quite a few and what Slovenian traitors Pahor alike have dreamed about would turn into(BACK OFF)...keep in mind from where and whom I have ran away from at age 23 and what my complain is all about(Tito was nothing more than a Bozo the Clown who created jail of nations on Balkans for the sake of great Serbia - thats all)...I am just a human being who will not settle for less than what one inherits when born to this world.


VIDEO - Nothing but hypocrisy and threats via which they believed would obtain my sympathy for self abuse and life in fear

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