Tuesday, March 17, 2020

MKULTRA British gentleman identified at Fujitsu in Lodz, Poland

Video can be also seen at https://video.fc2.com/content/20200318uRqFxBWg

This is the MAC-DADDY of Fujitsu in Poland. Audio needs to be repaired and will be(I lost three days trying to repair one - is not easy, but will be), but I prove to know what exactly I am talking about. Yes it is audio recorded on this audio what I stated and one already is online(uploaded to internet as file). THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR THIS ONE MR. JOHN !!!

Yes, they wanted me to feel alike nobody and even eat leftovers from floor as a sign of gratitude for what was done to me per MKultra - but its not like this. 

I explain in details who did what and who got what/why/how.

Kazan is just one of the cities across the Russia where I was..
They got contract with Fujitsu under condition to help me out - literately.

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